From the Wire … Cubs Agreed to One-Year Deals with Six of Seven Arbitration Eligible Players, Exchanged Figures with Matt Garza

According to multiple reports, the Cubs avoided salary arbitration (three-six years of service) with six of the seven players eligible for the upcoming season.

Jeff Baker, Blake DeWitt, Geovany Soto, Ian Stewart, Chris Volstad and Randy Wells all agreed to one year deals. The Cubs did not agree to a contract with Matt Garza for 2012 … but did exchange arbitration numbers. Garza filed a $10.255 arbitration number and the Cubs countered with $7.95 million.

Jeff Baker will be paid $1.375 million after making $1.175 million last season. In his first year of arbitration eligibility, Blake DeWitt will make $1.1 million after being paid $460,000 last season. Geovany Soto received a healthy raise to $4.3 million from the $3 million in 2011. Ian Stewart will be paid $2.3755 million in his first year in a Cubs’ uniform after the Rockies paid him $2.228 million last season.

Chris Volstad and Randy Wells were arbitration eligible for the first time. Wells will make $2.705 million after $445,000 last year and Volstad will be paid $2.655 million after $445,000 in 2011.

By agreeing to terms with Volstad, that means the Cubs will send $15.345 million to the Marlins to complete the trade for Carlos Zambrano.

Will update if additional information becomes available …

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  • paulcatanese

    Read it and weep, there Baaaaaaaaack.

    • Tony_Hall

      Not necessarily, they can still be cut before the end of ST…

  • RynoTiger

    Ian Stewart…hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…got a raise…hahahahahahahahahahaha…after hitting .156 with 0 HRs…ahahahahahahahahahahaaha…and he’ll make $2.3 million…ahahahahahahahahaha…holy hell that’s funny sh**. 

    damn, makes me think I’m getting underpaid in my job.

  • Anthony

    boy, everybodys prsopects must be shiiit

  • Tony_Hall

    Let’s see how how their projected arbitration numbers compare with what they agreed to:

    Projected – Signed 
    Soto $4M – $4.3M
    Wells $2.2M – $2.705M
    Volstad $2.75M – $2.655M
    Stewart $2M – $2.3755M
    Dewitt $1.2M – $1.1M
    Baker $1.4M – $1.375M

    All in all the projected arb #’s are right on.  Honestly at these dollar amounts, it’s not worth arguing about, except I think I would have taken Soto, Wells, Volstad, and Stewart (all who got more than expected to arbitration), as they all received more than they should have.

    Garza was projected at $8.7M, so his asking for $10.225M means, he is likely to try and settle, as the Cubs # is more inline with reality at $7.95M.  This could be leverage on the Cubs part to get an extension done.  I would offer him a 4 or 5 year deal, at slightly below his projected numbers, and then add a club option year, in exchange for getting more of the money up front in a signing bonus, versus having to wait for it year by year ($10M of his total money in a signing bonus, since we have money to spend this year.

    • Anthony

      who cares, it ain’ your money

      move on, and expand your horizons

      • Tony_Hall

        Why do you care enough to reply?

        Not sure how you know what my horizons cover either.

        • Anthony

          Sorry Theo

  • Anthony

    Wow, everything is in BOLD type

    We, are not the GM’s, nor decision-makers

    Stop with this salary analysis, and seeking some great deal that provides a Cubs miracle.

    For Holy Cheezes, you can have your Fielder, Centipede, Soler, the next Griffey JR. according to some, and every other available baseball great on the 2012 Cubs, and you will still probably LOSE, even with Roy Hobbs.

    Baseball is designed on the law of averages, tons of luck, timing, career years, the way the ball bounces, the chemistry, and tons of luck in the grand crapshoot of all.

    Micro-analyze all you want, throw craaaap out there like WAR, and all the other Saber craaap, you don’t get it………..still

    For holy cripes

    STOP the Insanity

    A WS winner will change nothing in your lives.

    Open those myopic minds and enjoy the dang ride


    these kids don’t get it!!

    I would only sign the Prince at 5 years, maybe 6, he is fat, Oh, a DH, OH, but he can hit, OH, 25M, we can do that, Ricketts is rich………….lol lol lol lol

    • Tony_Hall

      So how does all of your “ramblings’ change your life?

      Since you seem to dislike everyone’s thoughts, why do you post non-stop all day.

      • Anthony

        because I can afford to

        • Tony_Hall

          This is a free site…doesn’t cost anything to post.

    • RynoTiger

      “A WS winner will change nothing in your lives”..

      Actually I strongly disagree. A WS win would be quite an emotional experience for so many die hard Cubs fans…perhaps an experience of a life time. 

      Perhaps you’re just not as invested as some of us?

    • John_CC

      Wow, you’re an addict. You hate everything here, yet can’t stop from coming back, and then you hate yourself for coming back.  Take a rest, man. I mean, what’s the point? It’s a blog about a baseball team.

  • matthew8510

    Cespedes: Cubs Are Leading Suitors
    By Ben Nicholson-Smith [January 17 at 9:20pm CST]

    Cuban outfielder Yoenis Cespedes says the Cubs are his most serious suitor, according to Dionisio Soldevila of the Associated Press (link via The free agent outfielder isn’t yet a free agent, but he’s playing Winter Ball in the Dominican Republic and MLB teams continue eyeing him.

    “Of all the teams who have come, the Chicago Cubs have been most interested in me,” Cespedes said.

  • Demitri

    Cespedes seems like the new Fukudome to me.. But im no scout so i dont know. I always preferred Soler but whatever management thinks is best

  • paulcatanese

    Thats an unfortunate situation to have Selig handle the compensation for Theo coming over to the Cubs.
    The way it’s comming down indicates that the Red Sox and Cubs will have quite a gap between them.
    I would have hoped this was settled before now as with Selig handling it both sides may end up dislikeing the exchange.

    • RynoTiger

      Paul, no need to worry.  My contacts in Selig’s office have informed me that they are confident Selig has determined the compensation will only be Blake DeWitt and a damaged Gatorade machine. 

      • paulcatanese

        That would be my fondest wish. But that gatorade machine was sent to Florida along with Z.