From the Wire … Cubs Avoid Arbitration with Geovany Soto

According to a report from Jon Heyman, the Cubs avoided arbitration with Geovany Soto by agreeing to a one-year deal worth $4.3 million … up from the $3 million he was paid last season.

The Cubs have a total of seven arbitration eligible players (3-6 years of service time) for the upcoming season.

Jeff Baker ($1.175 million in 2011), Blake DeWitt ($460,000 in 2011), Matt Garza ($5.95 million in 2011), Geovany Soto ($3 million in 2011), Ian Stewart ($2.228 million in 2011), Chris Volstad ($445,000 in 2011) and Randy Wells ($445,000 in 2011) will receive a bump in pay for the 2012 season … and in Soto’s case, he already did. This year is the first arbitration eligible season for Blake DeWitt, Chris Volstad and Randy Wells.

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  • Neil

    From the Sun-Times: Source confirms Soto agrees to 4.3m ’12 contract, avoids arb. Many of 6 other arb players also closing in on deals.

  • paulcatanese

    Boy, the price for success keeps going up.

    • Dorasaga

      Well, the clubs were paying Mays and Robinson in $10,000s back in the days when you could feed with pennies.

  • Gramps

    Soto hit .228, 17 homers and 54 RBI. This gets him a raise of $1.3 million dollars? All I have to say is WOW!!!!!!

    • Tony_Hall

      Now do you understand why I have wanted to trade him, and why I have the approach to catchers that I do.

      $4.3M to hit 230…

  • gocubs

    Soto had a bad 2011, but he is still an extremely valuable catcher.  He seems to be great or OK on alternating years, so hopefully hes great this yr.  Really though, 2 of his 4 yrs have been Monster seasons and the other 2 have been about average for a catcher. 

    • Tony_Hall

      We have completely different ideas of what a “Monster Season” look like, because I have never thought to use those terms with Soto’s seasons.

      • Agustinrexach

        Tony, he did win the rookie of the year award beating out Joey Votto with a monster season, after that the magic vanished. [even though I think the experts got it wrong but they gave weight to the fact that he handled a complicated pitching staff very nicely]Also; his september call up the year before got him a playoffspot and was actually one of the best players for the cubs back then. Atleast the one that didn’t choke…so the talent is there somewhere and for a catcher he is very valuable.  Now I’m not saying he is the answer but he is not that bad either. I have a feeling that he will emerge as a true leader now that Zambrano is gone. [Z is that type of guy that takes away the leadership from you but does not lead either]

        • Tony_Hall

          Take a look at that Rookie of the Year voting

          Soto beat out 


          All I would take over Soto (not Volquez, only due to injuries).

          Oh yeah, next on the list Fukudome.

          Soto has had 2 good years and 2 bad years…I hope he can have a good 1st half, so they can trade him and get some prospects back.

    • notcubbiewubbie

      monster seasons?  i heard johnny bench was getting jealous of his monster seasons

  • Neil

    Craig Counsell said he
    turned down an offer by new Cubs manager Dale Sveum to be the first base
    coach. “The timing wasn’t right.”

    • Anthony

      like this banjo hitter is a prized catch and coaching guru……….funny, what’s he waiting for?

      • GaryLeeT

         A front office job with the Brewers, like his daddy had.

  • Anthony

    my take on the latest Silverstein rumor on the Centipede possibly coming to ChiC:

    1. Theo and hid band know more than I do
    2. It ain’t my money
    3. Big Fish in Little Pond comes to Chicago

    as Goldblum stated in his Tweetie, or Miami(little habana)

    Would be a better cultural fit, hangin with the homies, similar climate, less shock to the system, bet that is there selling point, GOOD

    Will he enter Wrigley on a Burro laced in gold, rose petals strewn at his feet, adored by all?

    Just seeing the pompous video, and clips of disrespect when hitting a bomb, that type of arrogance mixed in with a little night life is a recipe that doesn’t match the Theo choir boys proclamation.

    Whatever, go Miami, pay the man.

  • John G

    I hope Theo/Hoyer is on the phone right now with Dave Dombrowski.|topnews|text|FRONTPAGE

    This is a perfect place for Soriano to go. And now they need him so the price could be right.

    • John_CC

      Wow, that’s too bad (because I pull for the Tigers in the AL). That’s a huge blow to Tigers, and really good news for Carlos Pena. 

      Dombrowski could get crazy and make a run at Prince. He and Miggy could split 1B/DH.  That would be a flat out awesome 3/4. 

      Or add Soriano to the Garza package.

  • Neil

    According to Jon Heyman, Matt Garza and the Cubs have exchanged arbitration numbers:Garza files at $10.225M, Cubs at $7.95M

    • Tony_Hall

      That’s a big gap.  I hope they just do an extension, and be done with it.

    • Anthony

      Hey Man, the phone is ringin

  • woody34

    Mark Teahen was just released by Toronto.  Toronto on the hook for his salary – if he doesn’t find a Major league job is he worth a minor league contract? 

    • John_CC


  • Neil

    DeWitt signed for $1.1 million; Soto $4.3
    million; Stewart $2.237 mill; Baker $1.375 mill; Wells $2.705; Volstad $2.655

    • Anthony

      6 players salaries don’t even come close to what Fielder is asking for AAV


  • Neil

    DeWitt signed for $1.1 million; Soto $4.3
    million; Stewart $2.237 mill; Baker $1.375 mill; Wells $2.705; Volstad $2.655

  • Anthony

    gotta feel it some for Vic Martinez……nice guy ballplayer

    Dombro has options, he said internal, or FA/Trade

    BUT, he has the division to deal with, then the AL which is tough

    He can’t cheap out

    Do they spend the dollars on a Pena type?

    Do they go all in, as Soriano would be cheaper(as reported), and pull the Garza trigger?

    DET could be the blockbuster now, more than ever, but I still say some MLB talent is required by the Cubs.

    Could there be another Fielder in DET, like daddy was?

    Interesting on how one off the radar hingepin can change the dynamics or deals.

    Just that opening(Martinez) bodes well for Fielder as additional leverage, so expect the rumors to fly while Texas spends a bankroll on YU, the man

  • cubs1967

    too bad baseball does not have a real commish.!!

    arbirtartion is 10 times worse than free agency.

    how does stewart get a raise after hitting .151/0 homers?
    same for wells going to 2,7M from 450K………
    and we the fans pay for this shi**!!

    on another note; why did we lamaheiu who could be had for 450K and dewitt is making 1.1M?(or keep bianchi?)

    and this is what happens when you attempt to trade a player like garza……….his agent just starts adding zeros to the arb number as payback………way too big of a spread. either extend him or trade him….but leverage was lost now as everyone thought 8M would be his salary……not 10M…….

    selig (since he knew he was staying) should of ended arb or moved it out to at least 5 yrs…….


    • daverj

      How is arbitration worse than free agency? A team can always nontender a player and make the player a free agent instead of going to arbitration. Arbitration gives the team an option … It’s better for the teams thanpure free agency.

  • Ripken Boy

    Prediction: Soto and Garza to Tigers for Porcello, Turner and a bunch of other prospects. Then Cubs sign Varitek to back-up Wellington Castillo

    Now that VMart is out for year, Tigers really are desperate for a catcher and pitching, now is the time to pounce.

    • daverj

      Why would the tigers be desperate for a catcher? VMart is their DH. Avila is their catcher … And a very good one … Better than soto. Tigers would have no interest in soto … They need a DH.