Cubs Invite 21 Non-Roster Players to Camp

The Cubs released the full list of non-roster invitees to camp Monday afternoon. Dale Sveum will have a total of 61 players (40-man big league roster and 21 non-roster invitees) in big league camp when it begins in 19 days.

Pitchers and catchers report to Fitch Park on February 18, position players report on February 23 with the first full squad workout on February 24.

Brett Jackson, Trey McNutt, Jae-Hoon Ha, Chris Rusin and Dae-Eun Rhee are among the top prospects in the organization that received invites to camp and the Cubs officially announced the signings of Matt Tolbert and Trever Miller.

The Cubs invited a total of 21 players not on their current 40-man roster to camp … nine pitchers, three catchers, five infielders and four outfielders.


  • Marco Carrillo, RHP
  • Manny Corpas, RHP
  • Jay Jackson, RHP
  • Rodrigo Lopez, RHP
  • Trey McNutt, RHP
  • Trever Miller, LHP
  • Blake Parker, RHP
  • Dae-Eun Rhee, RHP
  • Chris Rusin, LHP


  • Michael Brenly
  • Jason Jaramillo
  • Blake Lalli


  • Alfredo Amezaga
  • Edgar Gonzalez
  • Jonathan Mota
  • Bobby Scales
  • Matt Tolbert


  • James Adduci
  • Jae-Hoon Ha
  • Brett Jackson
  • Joe Mather

The Cubs released the details on the minor league contracts Manny Corpas, Trever Miller and Alfredo Amezaga signed.

The Cubs have until March 28 to add Trever Miller to the 40-man roster or he can request his release. Miller could earn a base salary of $800,000 if he pitches for the Cubs during the upcoming season, plus another $350,000 in performance bonuses. Miller can earn an additional $50,000 for 50 and 55 appearances, $75,000 each for 60 and 65 appearances and $100,000 if he reaches 70 appearances. Miller has reached the 70-game plateau four times in his career (2003, 2006, 2007 and 2009)

Alfredo Amezaga can request his release if he is not with the big league team by June 1. Amezaga could be paid a base salary of $750,000 if he plays in the majors plus $50,000 each for reaching 80 and 110 games played as well as 250, 300 and 350 plate appearances.

Manny Corpas signed a split contract that would pay him $200,000 salary in the minors and $1 million in the majors $200,000 of the $1 million base in the majors is guaranteed. He would earn another $50,000 each for 50 and 55 games, $100,000 each for 60 and 65 games, $100,000 for 35 games finished, $150,000 for 40 games finished, $150,000 for 45 games finished, and $200,000 each for 50, 55 and 60 games finished. Corpas would also get $175,000 for spending each of 100, 120,140 and 160 days on the big league roster.

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  • GaryLeeT

    I don’t have a problem so much with Trever Miller being signed to a minor league contract, and getting a NRI to spring training, but for 800K??? That’s just way too much for a guy who had a 1.74 whip last year. At this point in his career, Miller probably would have just shown up with an invite to spring training, and a chance to earn an incentive laden MLB contract. With Miller finishing up last year in Boston, this has the appearance of Theo taking care of his buddies.

    • Tony_Hall

      You don’t see vets under $1M very often.  His chance of making the team are pretty small.

      • GaryLeeT

        I agree. I know 800K may be a drop in the bucket in terns of contracts, but I would rather have seen that money go towards a Garza extension, or a Soler signing.

        • Tony_Hall

          It’s not guaranteed and very small chance he makes the team and gets paid this contract.

          • GaryLeeT

             I guess if I had read Neil’s report all the way through, I would have known that. Lesson learned.

  • DieHardCubsFan94

    Is Rizzo not going to be at spring training?

    • Cory

      Rizzo is on the 40 man roster

  • Tom U

    Congratulations to Blake Lalli for his non-roster invite. Lalli will be 29 in May and has never been above the Double-A level. He is very well respected by his teammates, and often viewed as a coach on the field. 

  • Ripsnorter1

    Left handed relief pitchers in Camp:

    Trevor Miller….age 39…21 IP in 48 games…12 BB…12 K…25 Hits. HE’S AWFUL.  Tony, he’s AAA quality, at best.

    Belliveau….age 25..1.89 ERA in AA….57 IP…37 H…Why wouldn’t he get a chance?
    Gaub: release this bust! Oh, he’s being kept around to justify the DeRosa trade. 27 yrs old, 1.482 WHIP in AAA. Terrible.

    Scott Maine: 27 yrs old…58 IP….37 H….give him a chance.James Russell: better than Marshall last year if you just look at his relief stats…2.19 ERA as a reliever in 59 games.

    Rusin: 62 IP in AAA Iowa…70 H….what more to say?

    • cubs1967

      see Miller was signed becuz Tony kept saying “there aren’t any AAA” players on the team…….

      whatever……….other than Rizzo  this whole “ rebuilding” offseason has been about throwing mud at the wall and seeing what sticks…….like Maholm or ZERO homer Stewart replacing the NL3b Silver Slugger winner OR trade the best LHRP Marshall for Shawn Estes Jr a/k/a Travis Wood.

      other than Garza-Castro-KWood-BJax-Rizzo there ain’t a damn thing to watch this ST or season.

      • Anthony

        your post is difficult to respond to, and sorry about your frustrations with the Cubs.

        the only thing worth saying is that if you could spend a day with each of the “scrubs-losers-mud” players and see how truly talented each is, from rookie ball to AAA, you may get a better perspective

        the 4 players you mentioned?

        Garza has proven his worth and ability at the highest level

        Castro has shown he can hit, ONLY

        Rizzo has proven that he can take advantage of things, but needs mental refinement(young), and reduce his uppercut

        KWood, what a pitcher, and the poster boy of max effort, so don’t hang your hat, this was a goodwill signing, that’s why it took so long, and will end with no blood on Epstein’s hands. Enjoy

        JH Ha, wow, run with it kid!

        • cubs1967

          so your piont……….the team is worse than thought if Garza and Castro suck.  oh god no!

          i’ll just wait for who YOU want to watch this season if none of them are it….perhaps Soriano??

          that was a lame response and really not needed….it had no point.

          • Tony_Hall

            Something we agree, he normally doesn’t have a point.

          • Anthony

            Tony, this mancrush with castro doesn’t help your credibilty, he is a defensive hack, sorry

          • Tony_Hall

            You are clueless Phil!

            You have some great posts, that are really good to read, yet you ruin your credibility with your non-stop bashing of Castro.

            Can’t you move on and agree to disagree with everyone on this site.

          • Anthony

            confirmation, yikes dude, move on

            you drag me into the gutter, Castro’s bat will do well, in LF soon enough

          • Anthony

            have another brewski, da bulls, da bears

          • Tony_Hall

            Another comment that is pointless and uncalled for.

            You make 5 pointless comments for every comment that is worth reading.  

      • Jonmeyer34

        Well, then don’t watch. I don’t think you will be hurting any one’s feelings.

        • cubs1967

          ummmmmm…..I can watch if I want to….I can want a World Series if I want to…..I can complain after 104 yrs of futility If I want to…I can get mad after 44 yrs of watching this crappy team if I want to….BUT wtf was your point?………you like the Maholm signing….just wondering……..cuz the 12 yr old about sticks and stones….was lame.

          • GaryLeeT

             We can dance if you want to., or leave your friends behind….

          • John_CC


      • Tony_Hall

        Actually, if you are going to quote me, quote me accurately.

        I was responding to people, like you, who have been saying ignorant things like this is a AAA team.  FYI – our real AAA team, you know, the team below our major league team, is going to be very good this year and should do very well in the PCL.  

        This team, like most teams, will have a couple of players, in the right spots of the roster, that played at AAA last year.  

        Big difference from saying this is a AAA team and “aren’t any AAA players on this team”

    • Tony_Hall

      You guys go nuts over every little move.

      Didn’t you just tell me yesterday, that there is no 25 man roster currently?

      Trevor Miller has not made the team.  His chance of making the team is pretty small as well.  He has a past with Theo and this could be just a favor to let him come to camp and get his work in and have a better chance for 1 more season, with the Cubs if he looks good in ST or with another team that sees him still out there.  There are lots of guys all over ST, that are given this favor.

      As you outline, we have LH reliever options.

      • cubs1967

        the point is why?….
        the point was why sign Maholm?
        why trade Marshall…..’cuz we can’t afford his 4M salary next year when 40M comes off the books??or that good lefthanders seem to pitch till they are 40…jesse orosco

        we are quitting….er rebuilding…so rebuild with beliveau or gaub or russell or whoever…dolis..carpenter…but don’t go quade on me and throw in the vet….Koyie hill…er jason jamarillo….the team is full of AAA players…so let them prove they are MLB players….

        what is the point…. if we only lose 93 games this year instead of 100 or if we lose 90 instead of last year’s 91 will mean what??……..

        PLAY THE DAMN KIDS………its called rebuidling and stop bringing in these washed-up vets to prove what…….??

        you don’t wonder on some of these moves??… really??…who cares if we lose 115…….there ain’t any points for only losing 90….play the kids….rebuild…play some more in 2013….lose less I hope….play more again in 2014…hope we are .500…then spend for 2015…..I thought we were rebuilding……not re-washing old guys for NO reason.

        • Tony_Hall

          Can you at least wait until you see who makes the team first?

          I still think there will be more trades.  I don’t think they want Soriano or Byrd around by opening day, but may have to wait til mid-season to find someone to take them.  

          Our SP in our system are not ready, that’s why they signed Maholm and others.  Short term stop gaps that they can trade if they need to open up a spot on the team. 

          With some of these guys, it’s just options for ST.  What if they decide Clevenger isn’t ready or never will be ready and that they want Castillo to play everyday, they need a Jaramillo, which sure beats K Hill…anything is better than K Hill.  

          I just say relax a little and realize that 61 guys in camp, only 25 make the team.  Depending on any trades they make, they may need some options.  The kids are coming and we have very few players, that will block them from playing everyday.

  • Anthony

    Ha Ha Ha

    kind of a surprise, only from a internet rag standpoint, but from a baseball one, good choice, and Adduci gets a look also, and when fully healthy, a pretty good player

    Ha getting the nod tells me they type of OF they like and want to keep an eye on.

    So its OK to be a tweener with solid defense.

    Possibly an early entrance to feel the MLB experience in ST for when they deal DeJesus, and his tidy contract at the break, maybe the same for Adduci, who is also a CF profile, and these 2 moves may be anticipatory to changes at the CF position, and Jackson really profiling as a corner OF.

    Just thinking outside the box, holes to plug, etc etc

    CF, Campana has that dang utility label, Ha and/or Adduci can handle CF on defense, Byrd will be moved at some point, or his contract expires, and Szczur is not bat ready.

  • SuzyS

    Just read the little blurb from BA…
    Our World Series this year will come early…with draft day.
    According to Jim Callis/BA…The Cubs will have the 6th pick in the first round.
    Supplemental picks after the first round:
    (43) for Aram
    (54) for Pena

    • cubs1967

      NO…..the World Series will be in 2013……..when we have the 1st pick……..that’s the 2012 goal……….Baseball is better….if we get the 1st pick. (the new marketing tagline just leaves out the last part)!

      • Anthony

        2012 Draft is weak

      • RynoTiger

        Cubs1967…what are you doing back here? I thought you had went on vacation for this baseball season and would only return once October came around and the Cubs were home for the holidays since the team is worth sh** to you. 

        there’s no need for you to watch it or post about it. you don’t need the stress and frustration.  just take it easy the next 9 months and we’ll see you back here then.

        take up fishing or wood working to help pass the time. maybe travel a little too. 

        see you in October.

  • Tom U

    Congratulations to Leones del Escogido, winners of the Dominican Winter League.

    • Dorasaga

      So now all the Caribbean postseasons ended. How are the Cubbies doing with the Puerto Rican league champs?

  • Preston Price

    Just thought I would share some info with all of you theo haters…
    Many of you have stated that andrew friedman of the rays would have been the better choice, however if you look at the draft class from 05-07 you can see that the Rays are on the low end of the totem pole with players that have reached the big leagues while the red sox are in the top ten

    Cardinals24Colby Rasmus (No. 28, 2005)Padres22Chase Headley (2nd round, 2005)Marlins21Mike Stanton (2nd round, 2007)Tigers18Matt Joyce (12th round, 2005)Diamondbacks17Justin Upton (No. 1, 2005)Reds17Jay Bruce (No. 12, 2005)Yankees17Brett Gardner (3rd round, 2005)Giants14Tim Lincecum (No. 10, 2006)Rangers14Tommy Hunter (supp. 1st round, 2007)Red Sox14Jacoby Ellsbury (No. 23, 2005)Brewers13Ryan Braun (No. 5, 2005)Mets13Mike Pelfrey (No. 9, 2005)Twins13Matt Garza (No. 25, 2005)Angels12Peter Bourjos (10th round, 2005)Athletics12Trevor Cahill (2nd round, 2006)Orioles12Matt Wieters (No. 5, 2007)Blue Jays11Ricky Romero (No. 6, 2005)Braves11Yunel Escobar (2nd round, 2005)Mariners11Doug Fister (7th round, 2006)Phillies11Josh Outman (10th round, 2005)Indians10Josh Tomlin (19th round, 2006)Nationals10Ryan Zimmerman (No. 4, 2005)White Sox10Clayton Richard (8th round, 2005)Pirates9Andrew McCutchen (No. 11, 2005)Cubs8Darwin Barney (4th round, 2007)Royals8Alex Gordon (No. 2, 2005)Rays7Evan Longoria (No. 3, 2006)Dodgers6Clayton Kershaw (No. 6, 2006)Rockies6Troy Tulowitzki (No. 7, 2005)Astros4Bud Norris (6th round, 2006)
    Keep in mind that sometime quality is better than quantity BUT I think the Rays just had numerous top picks while the red sox were constantly in the playoffs. Just goes to show how good THEO really is…

    • Anthony

      Jason Who?

      You watch Peyton PLACE?


    • cubtex

      You are comparing the draft class from 05-07? That is a pretty small sample size don’t you think?

      • Anthony

        not when you PLACE it in perspective

  • EqDoc

    I was listening to MLB XM tonight and several of the commentators believe Vitters will be the compensation for Theo.

    They said if you break Theo’s contract up that is 4 million per year.  Therefor a good to top prospect is in order, someone who will be a good player but not a star.

    I wish they would just get it over with so we can move on…