Selig Has Not Set a Timeframe on Solving the Epstein Compensation Issue

Bud Selig addressed the Theo Epstein compensation issue Friday evening during White Sox Fest and said there is not timetable set for when he will make his decision.

The two teams reportedly turned to the commissioner to settle the issue at some point last month at the request of Boston’s President and CEO Larry Lucchino.

Selig told reporters, “I’d like to get it done as expeditiously as possible. The clubs tried to settle it themselves. I have a lot of patience because everything controversial generally winds up on my desk. In this case, I did give the clubs more latitude and hoped they could come to some conclusion. But they didn’t and it’s my case.”

The Cubs and Red Sox have submitted written proposals according to the Tribune and the proposals are thought to include names of players.

When the two sides could not agree on a compensation package for Theo Epstein in October, Bud Selig intervened because the news of Epstein possibly leaving Boston for Chicago was overshadowing the World Series. In order for the Red Sox to allow Epstein to leave before the compensation issue was resolved, the two teams agreed that Boston would receive appropriate compensation in the near term … reportedly within 10 days.

Theo Epstein resigned as General Manager of the Boston Red Sox on October 21 and took over as the President of Baseball Operations for the Chicago Cubs.

Epstein and Ben Cherington have reportedly tried to work out a suitable package for Epstein leaving with a year remaining on his contract. Cherington and Epstein downplayed the issue in public for several weeks before Larry Lucchino went to Bud Selig.

The only precedent for compensation a team should receive for a General Manager leaving his current team to take a higher position with another organization also involves the Chicago Cubs.

The Minnesota Twins received $200,000 and Class-A pitcher Hector Trinidad as compensation for Andy MacPhail becoming the President of the Cubs.

The Cubs are also expected to send the Padres compensation for letting Jed Hoyer and Jason McLeod out of their contracts … and that issue has not been resolved.

Stay Tuned …

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  • Jon Jon

    I hope they get next to nothing from the Cubs…Maybe we can give them Soriano and his contract!

  • Ripsnorter1

    Neil wrote: “The only precedent for compensation a team should receive for a General Manager leaving his current team to take a higher position with another organization also involves the Chicago Cubs.
    The Minnesota Twins received $200,000 and Class-A pitcher Hector Trinidad as compensation for Andy MacPhail becoming the President of the Cubs.”

    That settles it: give them Hector Trinidad. And even then I’m not too sure about who would get the better end of this deal.

    • J Daniel


      At some point the well will dry up and will be a disaster for mlb across the board.  The salaries are way out of hand.  Teams with a sound long term financial plan will survive and the key is developing a lot of good young players and keep a steady supply of them coming.  

  • Ripsnorter1

    Just a little notice here that MLB has some REAL messes on its hands:

    The Dodgers. The Mets. 

    Want to turn your stomach inside out? Read these two articles on how the Mets are almost certainly going to go bankrupt.



    Read especially #2. IN-CRED-IBLE!

    How does this relate to the Cubs?

    Mr. P.K. Ricketts is making moves now to preclude such a diaster by assembling a AAA team and cutting payroll. 

    • Tony_Hall

      Comparing the Rickets to the Wilpons is just wrong and honestly irresponsible for you to post.

      Wilpons were invested in a criminal ponzi scheme and they are having to possibly pay back millions of dollars that they received in payments from the fraudulent fund. (I really do not want to get into a discussion on Madoff or the Wilpons involvement)

      You know as well as I do, that the Cubs are not slashing overall team spending to not spend money, but to clean house and rebuild, so why do you make such an accusation, that  they are cutting payroll, due to preclude a disaster?

      They just spent $20M to buy property next door.  

      Does that sound like a family in financial trouble?

      They have a $20M payment on the Cubs, that’s no where near a bad situation for a MLB team that has a baseball operations budget of $200M.

      And the Dodgers are about to be bought, and start spending money on players over the next few years.  

      MLB is doing very well…did you see Pujol’s and Fielder’s contracts…the teams in major markets are going to do very well moving forward, with the local TV rights money shooting threw the roof.

      • cubs1967

        the Cubs also made their scouts who attended the Convention take the L to the hotel with their luggage instead of cabs; in fact cabs would not be expensed.
        HUH??…….ya just cut payroll 25M; to buy McDonald’s, and scouts have to take the train and room together?

        does that sound like a team in trouble……

        maybe not………but cheap it is!

        • Tony_Hall

          Why do you keep posting false information?

          They didn’t cut payroll to buy the McDonalds. As you know, they personally bought the land and building.  Please provide proof that they took money out of the Cubs to buy this property, as that is not how it has been reported.  It has been reported and recorded as bought by them personally.

          Theo could have come in and spent all the money he could on the major league team, to go for it, just like Jim Hendry, he didn’t.  He is getting rid of the old players and rebuilding. So why would he go out and spend money on overpriced, aging free agents, to fill the roster.  Just to say they spent payroll dollars…like Jim Hendry. Anyone can spend money, there are many players willing to sign contracts, for more than they are worth (Ex. Soriano, Bradley…)

          As far as the cabs, the L, and their rooms, who knows, who or why did that, and honestly, who cares.  I really don’t care about their travel policies for their scouts.  Baseball, as an industry, is not very glamorous at the lower levels.  I work with someone, who worked in minor league baseball.  The pay was $6000 for the season, included a room and food. I don’t remember his title, but that was the best part of it. (Disclaimer this was 20 years ago). The room was the clubhouse, and the food was the concession stand.  He did this for 2 seasons, before he decided, he didn’t want to do this, to make in baseball operations.  Many of the people in baseball that make it in the front office, started with poor to no pay, lousy travel arrangements, and  not a very good job.

          • WidespreadHisPanic

            Thank you for the facts, Tony.

            Well done.

          • cubtex

            Anyone can spend money? Yes, and anyone can rebuild IF they have an owner in a big market city like Chicago letting a gm do it. Let’s be fair. Many GM’s wouldn’t allow this in a big market.

          • cubtex

            I meant many owners

          • Tony_Hall

            We have talked about this before, all of the other President of baseball operations, VP of baseball operations, GM’s, etc, are all jealous of Theo, and the opportunity to build a franchise , in a major market, from the ground up. 

            They will be able to have the same system results, as the Twins and Ray, BUT, will be able to afford to keep their star players, unlike those franchises.

          • cubtex

            My point….again….is that this is NOT a GM decision…..BUT…an owner decision. I think you need to be fair instead of always saying Hendry always went for it with high priced free agents while Theo is doing it this way. Theo did it the same way Hendry did it in Boston. The only difference is he was given free reign to spend more money to rectify the mistakes he made for his bad signings.

          • Tony_Hall

            Of course it is an owner decision.  If the owner wanted to win now and didn’t care about being competitive year after year, you would see JH moves.  JH made far too many decsions that showed he didn’t care about next year, and he said it often when he said he will worry about next year, next year.  That was his style.

            But Theo came here and he did so knowing that Ricketts wanted this team built for the long haul and he wasn’t interested in a short term solution.  Just like Theo is following the directive from his superior here, he did so in Boston.  It’s how they do it that tells us more about their style.

          • John_CC

            Right, Hendry and Theo are basically the same…right. You’re forgetting an important detail.  While Epstein and Hendry were both doing the same thing, Epstein “bought” two championships while Hendry  bought a lemon.

          • cubtex

            Thanks for chiming in “TEAM THEO”

          • cubs1967

            Then where is the 25M for payroll?
            Don’t see the tix prices lowered for this 100 loss team
            Do we Tommyboy!

          • daverj

            Economics 101.  If tickets don’t sell, the prices for tix will go down.  Prices are unrelated to payroll … prices are based on the supply and demand for tix.

          • cubs1967

            really….so the attendance has dropped every year the PK Ricketts family has owned it; yet tix prices have not.
            you might want to look up the ACTUAL definition of supply & demand.

          • Tony_Hall

            I believe Brian already gave you the facts on the ticket prices and how they have not gone up, and some actually have gone down.  

            It is the very principle of supply and demand that is moving the ticket prices.

            The ones in more demand are going up in price and the ones with less demand are coming down in price.  Here are the attendance numbers.201139,610/game201037,814/game200939,610/game In 2009 only 2 teams had a higher % of tickets sold than the Cubs.2010 – 3 teams2011 – 4 teamsThe Cubs have held up well in comparison to other teams in attendance. I can tell you many of these fans were revolting against JH, just like I was doing.  It had nothing to do with Ricketts, but with not wanting to support the team until JH was gone.I believe attendance will go up this year.

          • Teluton

             I’ve been a fan since ’67  when I arrived from the U.K..As a young man. I joined a group of  Iowa teachers to travel to a game or so.(they sucked me into becoming a fan..! Ugh.Lots off pain and disappointment.

            2 years ago my son and I took in an August game with the Pirates.. walked out after the 5th inning– I much prefer tv. Yes I’m optimistic about the new
            regime, but there are few reasons to
            pay to see the recent mediocrity.

            There many poor seats and getting stuck behind one of the posts, looking through the beer man, idiots on their call phones.and having my ears bombarded by the inevitable inane fan’s commentary, ( yes, common in every sport) price of ticket and parking, and a crap product makes home viewing much more appealing…

            I  record the game and watch it within an hour,at my convenience,where the beer and bathroom  are closer. 

            Thanks for allowing me to rant and enjoy so much of current discussion
            What a great site!

          • Tony_Hall

            I agree on many of your thoughts.  I haven’t gone to a game in 3 or 4 years, as I just couldn’t support the Jim Hendry era anymore.  I am planning on going this year.

          • daverj

            Agreed.  I used to go to 10-15 games a year … now I’m down to 2 or 3.  I much prefer my living room tv and my bathroom to the troughs.  Plus, the hot dogs are a lot cheaper in my kitchen!

        • Anthony

          an annual subscription to the “jelly of the month club”

      • Ripsnorter1


        Re-read my post. I never, ever charged Ricketts with being involved with Madoff. I simply said that the Met’s FA mess is being precluded by Ricketts not signing Fielder, Pujols, Peavy, etc and assembling a AAA roster.

        Just re-read it, and you’ll see.

        • Tony_Hall

          Here is the only part that connects the Cubs in your post.

          “How does this relate to the Cubs?

          Mr. P.K. Ricketts is making moves now to preclude such a diaster by assembling a AAA team and cutting payroll.”
          I never said you said they were in on Madoff.  But, you are suggesting that they have to reduce payroll because they can’t afford the payroll and that they have a disaster on the way.

           Not true at all.  

          They aren’t signing any big dollar players right now because it doesn’t make any sense to bring them in right now.  Nor do they want any of the guys at the prices they received.  Look at the last post on this thread, and please reply to Dave with which deals you would like to the Cubs to have.

          Also, how do you figure this is a AAA roster?  

          C – Soto 
          1B – Lahair
          2B – Barney
          SS – Castro
          3B – Stewart
          OF – Soriano, Byrd, DeJesus

          The only minor league player is Lahair and I believe he has earned his shot.

          Baker & Dewitt
          R Johnson & T Campana

          Now I don’t like all of these players, but that is the worst the bench will look and the 4 IF/OF options have all been playing MLB.  The backup catcher I like being a younger guy.

          Garza, Dempster, Maholm, Volstad, Wood

          is the most likely rotation, and they are all MLB players.

          Marmol – Closer

          Set-up – Wood, Samardzija, Russell

          Middle Relief – Beliveau, Mateo, Wells, Carpenter, Castillo, Dolis, Gaub, Maine

          Middle relief should be guys from the minors.

          So please tell me how this is a AAA roster.  

          As far as our AAA roster, it is looking to be stacked and should run away with their league.  I will go over that with you later.

  • Anthony

    4 Tickets $200
    Parking $15
    Concessions for 4 $60
    Commute $25

    On average, to attend a MLB game for a family of 4-$300

    The economy is NO BETTER than it was 2 years ago.

    No interest in getting into a debate about $5.00 hot dogs
    and $8 beers, just remember how ridiculous that sounds.

    I only attend a MLB game if I get comped, FREE tickets, hence,
    go to minor league games and college games.

    As far as the Theo drama, you can bet Lucky Luciano is asking
    for top prospects and draft choices because he is a woMAN scorned
    and wants blood, and the Cubs want to send a bag’o’balls.

    Just the mere fact they can’t settle means they are worlds apart.

    Just a reminder. My chats with former MLB players about bonus’ paid to kids and IFA’s were their biggest complaint. They were fed up with thie own getting screwed because of crazy monies awarded prospects who never played one inning of Pro baseball.

    They got their wish, the new CBA is a hard slot, disguised in a creative fashion, and I like it. Earn your way to a payday at the big league level, and this is my main gripe about this Centipede stuff and all IFA’s, but the fault lies with Owners’ and front office people who really feel the need to spend versus taking a chance on a guy already in their system.

    No matter how you look at it, the fanbase pays, either directly by attending games, purchasing the TV packages, and in the retail cost of products that are sold by the Companies taking the Ads out.

    Whomever wants to continue driving the machine, go for it. This isn’t about winning games.

    This about winning fans, Paying Fans

    • Tony_Hall

      It seems that out of the $300 estimate you make, that the $60 for concessions bugs you the most.

      Concession are operated by companies who pay a fee to the major league club.  The normal fee is 50% of sales.  So out of that $60, the Cubs would receive $30 and the concession company would receive $30.  If you take the price of any of the concessions and cut them in half, they are about in-line with what you would expect.  I have always considered the other 50%, to be part of supporting the team.  

      And yes the business end of teams is about bringing in money…what business isn’t about that.  But the baseball operations side, those people are trying to win, with the situation they have been dealt.  Some GM’s know they have a harder time than others, but they are all trying to find a way to have their team win more games, and have a shot at winning a World Series.

      • Anthony

        wrong, all 300 does

        • Cory

          Comcast and WGN both have great HD feeds

        • Tony_Hall

          So the Cubs have found a way to make all the money from the parking and our commute.  I didn’t know they owned all the parking in the area and all the gas stations, L and buses.  

          Concessions for the Cubs is how I stated.

        • Tony_Hall

          So the Cubs have found a way to make all the money from the parking and our commute.  I didn’t know they owned all the parking in the area and all the gas stations, L and buses.  

          Concessions for the Cubs is how I stated.

      • Anthony

        the business, and baseball side has allowed professional baseball economics to spiral out of control. Frankly Tony, I don’t really care who earns the revenue from concession, parking, and other sundries, because the fans incur the costs, period. Fans are the end-users, the end-payers.

        the issue, is a an out-of-control entertainment industry that has continually exceeded the rate of inflation, and in general, much higher increases over most consumer products and commodities.

        It starts, and mostly ends with payroll.

        You can buy a 10 pack of hot dogs, quality mind you for $4 bucks, or 40 cents each, add in overhead, bun, and vendor commission and still way under $1 cost per unit. A decent bottle of beer is a buck, but at the Park, you pay 6 times that, and if from a keg, the gross profit increases much more. A typical 1/2 keg yields 192 10 ounce servings, so at 12 ounces, do the math, 160 beers, say at $5, $800 revenue and a cost of $100 on average.

        Those are pretty accurate numbers, and fans get fleeced, can’t dispute that. The margin is even higher for soft drinks.

        Fielder became one of the highest players recently. He is a short fat guy who can hit a baseball, and the mere thought of paying him $32,000 per plate appearanceis about the easiest way to show how ridiculous this has become.

        After 16 plate appearances, he already made the league minimum.

        Go buy a ticket!

        • Tony_Hall

          Yes the players make a lot of money, but so do the owners.  Supply and Demand.  As long as tickets get sold the price will go up.  As long as advertisers feel they get a good ROI on their ads, they will keep advertising, even as the rates go up.  

          And as far as food costs go, yes basic hot dogs are not that expensive, but operating a business is expensive.  Most food operations operate around 30-35% food cost, so when you take half of the price of a hot dog at a game (half goes to the team) then figure 1/3 of that price is about right for their cost for serving that hot dog.  As with all business’s from the outside they look like they are all profit, but people who don’t operate a business, don’t figure in all of the other operating expenses. 

          Your beer example take the $800 and divide by 2, Cubs get $400 and the concession company gets $400, leaving them with a product cost (plus cup) of 25-30%.  

          And I will say it once again, since you hate every part of major league baseball, why do you spend so much time on a fan site, for Cub  fans?

  • Raymond Robert Koenig

    Give them a Class-A pitcher and money.

  • David Swoophorse Piotrowski

    This will be a good test for Pud Selig.’ boy has his behind been smooched lately.
    Let’s see what team he wants to win. My guess is he’ll favor the Red Sox.

    • paulcatanese

      Also my guess that he favors the Red Sox.

  • paulcatanese

    Interesing take on MLB.Com this morning.
    Seems they are pushing the DH for the National League to keep top players from going over to the AL.

    Really pushing Votto to be extended now and he’s the next 200 mil. player.

    Earlier in the week proclaimed the Cubs the “worst team in Baseball”, and the Pirates a good chance to win it this year, and an extended interview with the GM this AM.

    • cubs1967

      the plan this year is to go for the number 1 pick and take mark prior clone from stanford; mark cappel.
      2nd, the pujols & fielder signings shouldextended uncle bud off his lazy 15M per yer ass and either get rid of the DH or put it in both leagues; since the owners cannot police themselves from 7 to 10 yr contracts; all the “premier” players like phat albert, fan prince, and soon votto will go to the AL since their last 3 yrs of any bad deal can be used as a DH. doesn’t make the money right, but think if the NL had a DH, Sori hitting 28/88 isn’t that bad as a DH. as a LF; ugh

      • Anthony

        the 2012 draft is considered weak, at best

      • Tony_Hall

        I have changed my opinion on the DH, and agree with you it should be all or none. And since the AL (and the players union) will never agree to get rid of the DH, I am all in favor of it in the NL.  The NL is at such a disadvantage when going after players, and in the World Series, that it is just not fair.

  • Jeff in Az

    I already had a hunch, but after reading this thread I am convinced that Tony is an employee of the chicago cubs. Im an optimisti fan, but I don’t think tony has disagreed with anything the cubs have done all year.

    If they announced today that they were going to tear down Wrigley he would just agree and tell us all that it iss old anyway.

    Take us to your leader tony! Who do you work for? I think the cubs have added another office position…blog influencer.

    • paulcatanese

      Either an employee or in on the loop, he is very well informed.
      He has come up with things that lead one to believe that he is.

      I for one welcome his posts, for his insights rarely are against what others have put out there.

      Just as you are optimistic, I am the opposite, and he always calms me down and asks me to look at the positive side.

      But what you say is intriguing to me, and he is very good at what he does. Smart guy and is on top of it.

      • Tony_Hall

        Thanks Paul…I always enjoy talking you off of the ledge :)

    • cubtex

      ha! It is pretty obvious isn’t it :)

    • Tony_Hall

      Wrigley is old, and how did that rumor leak already…

      I agree with the direction the team is headed, compared to the direction that Jim Hendry was taking it.   

      Don’t you agree?

      I do not agree with every move, in the sense that I would have done the exact same moves.  

      I have said all of this before, I liked Headley over Stewart, and quite possibly would have used an internal option over Stewart.  

      I never would have picked DeJesus out of the FA pile and said go get him.  

      I like Sean Marshall, didn’t want to see him go.

      But just because it is not exactly how I would have done it, doesn’t mean that I am against it.

      I am in favor of the overall direction they are moving in.

      By the way, if Tommy Boy would like to send me a check, I would be in favor of that as well.

  • daverj

    So many fans are upset that the Cubs didn’t sign any big name free agents.  Which free agent would you have liked the Cubs to sign?

    Pujols for $254 million?
    Fielder for $214 million?
    Darvish for $110 million?
    Reyes for $106 million?
    Wilson for $77.5 million?

    If you wanted the Cubs to sign one of those guys, then you must still like the Soriano contract because those deals will look as bad as Soriano’s deal in a few years.

    • cubtex

      Give me Grady Sizemore over DeJesus!

      • Tony_Hall

        I would like Sizemore too, but he resigned with the Indians, so I get the feeling he was just testing the waters to see if anyone would overpay him.

    • John_CC

      Nice try Dave. I’ve asked this exact question at least 5 times.
      And I’m still waiting for an answer.  It is a very simple question, you’d think the answer would be too.