Selig Has Not Set a Timeframe on Solving the Epstein Compensation Issue

Bud Selig addressed the Theo Epstein compensation issue Friday evening during White Sox Fest and said there is not timetable set for when he will make his decision.

The two teams reportedly turned to the commissioner to settle the issue at some point last month at the request of Boston’s President and CEO Larry Lucchino.

Selig told reporters, “I’d like to get it done as expeditiously as possible. The clubs tried to settle it themselves. I have a lot of patience because everything controversial generally winds up on my desk. In this case, I did give the clubs more latitude and hoped they could come to some conclusion. But they didn’t and it’s my case.”

The Cubs and Red Sox have submitted written proposals according to the Tribune and the proposals are thought to include names of players.

When the two sides could not agree on a compensation package for Theo Epstein in October, Bud Selig intervened because the news of Epstein possibly leaving Boston for Chicago was overshadowing the World Series. In order for the Red Sox to allow Epstein to leave before the compensation issue was resolved, the two teams agreed that Boston would receive appropriate compensation in the near term … reportedly within 10 days.

Theo Epstein resigned as General Manager of the Boston Red Sox on October 21 and took over as the President of Baseball Operations for the Chicago Cubs.

Epstein and Ben Cherington have reportedly tried to work out a suitable package for Epstein leaving with a year remaining on his contract. Cherington and Epstein downplayed the issue in public for several weeks before Larry Lucchino went to Bud Selig.

The only precedent for compensation a team should receive for a General Manager leaving his current team to take a higher position with another organization also involves the Chicago Cubs.

The Minnesota Twins received $200,000 and Class-A pitcher Hector Trinidad as compensation for Andy MacPhail becoming the President of the Cubs.

The Cubs are also expected to send the Padres compensation for letting Jed Hoyer and Jason McLeod out of their contracts … and that issue has not been resolved.

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