From the Wire … Carlos Zambrano for Chris Volstad Deal Official

Thursday marked Z end of an era for the Chicago Cubs when the trade of Carlos Zambrano to the Miami Marlins was officially announced. The Cubs will send at least $15 million along with Zambrano to Miami for Chris Volstad. The total amount the Marlins will receive depends on how much Chris Volstad makes for his first year of arbitration eligibility, which is expected to be between $2.5 and $3 million.

The Cubs also announced they settled the grievance with Zambrano from last year’s suspension. Zambrano will receive $2.4 million for 24 of the 30 days he was on the disqualified list.

Carlos Zambrano waived his no-trade clause as well as the $19.25 million vesting option for 2013 in order for the deal to go through … a $100,000 bonus was added to Zambrano’s contract in the event he wins the comeback player of the year award for the upcoming season.

Carlos Zambrano will be a free agent following the 2012 season.

Theo Epstein is expected to discuss the trade on Thursday afternoon.

Stay Tuned …

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  • Neil

    From Sun-Times: Said Ozzie pitched possibility since end of season. Marlins started talking with Cubs in November about deal.

  • Jeff in Az


    • cmschube


      • Jeff in AZ


  • brent carmona

    in a nutshell: 2002-2011 only 6 pitchers have a higher rWAR than z, 10th in pitching wins, and he has the most WAR out of any cubs pitcher.

    1950-2011 (started 85% of games and min 1200 IP): 122 ERA+ ranks 14th among pitchers, BAA is 11th best, among cubs players w 800 IP he has the best ERA+ and BAA

    1876-2011: ERA+ ranks 37th in baseball history, only 118 pitchers had a better rWAR than him..out of cubs pitchers, 9th inERA+/Win%/rWAR

    He was tied with Kerry wood as my favorite cubs player, and yes he has thrown his tantrums however the hack jobs in the media always feasted on Z and made him look like a piece a caca, so if you are one of those fans who agrees with them I suggest you check yourself.

    Heck I wouldve blown up too if I was surrounded by the recent teams the past couple of years. He wanted to win and so what if he wore his emotions on his sleeve. I wish Z luck in Miami, Im sure he can post a 3.8 ERA and 14 wins again this upcoming year.

    • Calicub

      i would have been upset too but a grown up, no less a professional should be able to conduct him/herself with dignity.

      that being said i too was a fan of Big Z. He was great at times and not so much at others but i feel more often than not he had his game going, it iwas just those times he didnt, he made it so apparent that thoes are the occasions that stick out in most of our minds. I’m glad he’s gone but fiften million in cash for a guy who has fire when he is mental pleased, which he will be with Ozzie fueling it. And all the Cubs got was another clog?


      I remember watching his no hitter on WgN America! what a memory.

    • cc002600

      Are you kidding me ???

      I tell you what.
      How about this?   I’m upset, as a fan, for having to pay ridiculous ticket prices in order to pay his insane 19M / yr salary to watch him stink up the joint for the last 2 years.

      I think I will go down to Wrigley Field and throw a temper tantrum in Rickets office, like a 14 year old girl, because I want to wear my emotions on my sleeve.  WTF.

      I think you need to check YOURSELF.

      Good riddance to this cancer.

      • brent carmona

        Okay, maybe I got a little carried away, point Im trying to make is, all the douchebag writers out there try and make him look like a freak and ignore that he was one of the greatest pitchers in cubs history. That and fans actually buy into it and do not see his overall contributions to the club.

        I accept the fact that once he quit on the team he had to go, thats something that nobody can do.

        As far as stinkning up the joint the past two years, do you understand he transformed himself into a different pitcher? He used to throw 95-96 and blow hitters away, when he realized he couldnt do that no more he made due with what he had (89-92) and was still serviceable. To me thats pretty damn cool.

        • cc002600

          He transformed himself ?  into what ? a bad pitcher ?  He averaged 10 wins / year for the last 3 years while being paid 18M / year, while acting like a 6 year old baby and disrupting the clubhouse, blaming everyone else but himself.

          What am I missing ????

          You are getting carried away with the fact that he was once a good pitcher for the cubs, but that was a long time ago. It’s time to move on. He is NOT a good pitcher anymore, but he was paid like it. 

          And you say the media made him look like a freak. Not sure I understand.

          Are you telling me that he wasn’t the guy who punched Barret in the face ??  Or the guy who blamed D Lee for not trying hard enough on that groundball ?  Or the guy who beat the crap out the gatorade cooler ?  Or the guy who quit on his team last year ?   Gee, I guess I need to get a new TV, because I swore that was him.  oh well.

          he needed to go. 

          • brent carmona

            Maybe transform is the wrong word to use, all I’m saying is he changed his approach as far as pitching goes. He did not have the velocity he once had, he knew it we all knew it. But he was still able to be serviceable, like enough to be a 4/5th starter. Remember he had that second half when he had a ERA below 2? He found a way to be successful while knowing he was not the same pitcher in the past. I realize the past few years he was getting paid alot and not pitching up to those standards. But how can you not have respect for the guy who made adjustments after losing 6mph off his heater?

            As far as the media (not everybody) they always feasted on Z and made him the enemy. Rogers and Sullivan of the tribune for example, even rosenbloom, heck even kaplan rides the bash z wagon. I was hoping to enlighten the few that might have had some dislike/hate towards Z and ignored what he has done for the cubs this past decade.

            Would you agree though Z did care about winning? Yeah he was emotional, but he also was very passionate about winning, probably the most out all the cubs teams he played on. you could say ‘well if he cared so much he shouldnt have flipped out’, which is true but you cannot deny his passion for winning in baseball.

          • Tony_Hall

            I think you have painted yourself into a corner.  

          • brent carmona

            Yeah I should just let it go. Just wanted to get a point or two across and bid Z farewell :

          • Tony_Hall

            I agree that he was a great pitcher for xx amount of years, and wish him well.  

          • cc002600

            Let me ask you this.
            DId you see that same “passion and fire” when he wasn’t pitching ? Hardly.  He was about himself, not the team.  You say he cared about “winning baseball”. Yes, I agree, when HE was on the mound, not when anyone else was.

            Sorry, but I disagree you. Yes, he was a good pitcher for the cubs for quite a few years, but he was a disruption in the clubhouse and NOT a good teammate. It is NOT a good thing to have a player on your team that every other player despised.  When he was suspended last year, did you see any of them come to his defense ?  Of course not.

            It’s time to move on. He wore out his welcome a long time ago.

            and call me crazy, but maybe the media disliked him, because I don’t know, he was a complete jackass ?  Just a wild guess.

            He was a cancer.

          • brent carmona

            lets see if we can meet in the middle here.

            agreed he was not the greatest teammate. as far as passion for the team and not himself its hard to argue that bc I dont really have any evidence. I mean did you want him acting like garza in between his starts, always cheering his team on from the steps? At least Z was not downing chicken and beer on his days off. When the dlee incident happened Z’s argument was based more on him calling out the team and not bc lee didnt get that one ground ball. I was happy to see that, as in 2010 and especially 2011 we needed somebody to give the team a wake up call and I thought Z was trying to do that for the TEAM and not HIMSELF.

             We all talked about here how the team was going through the motions, and it drove us crazy. If you were as passionate as Z was and had to see what the team was like firsthand, wouldnt you go insane (not literally of course)? I am not saying just because the team lacked desire to win it was okay for Z to walk out or have his outbursts. You make a good point nobody defended him last season, which does say something. But the team did not even give a damn about their own manager, that says something about the state of the team. I bet the players were fed up with Z, cannot argue there. I am just trying to prove my previous paragraph that he did care about the team winning more than himself.
            I disagree on the jackass part. Here are some things about him just for kicks: didnt Z participate in charities more so than the average ballplayer? AZ phil from thecubreporter said Z was one of the nicest guys he ever met and said he organizes games himself with other MLB/MILB players there in the offseason. And he adopted a kid from Venezuela (okay i had to throw that one in there).
            Sorry if my thoughts are choppy, been at work and trying to write this quickly.
            Its cool we dont have to agree, I enjoy the debate. But just answer me this, after our conversation, did your respect for Z increase the littlest of bits, at least from his career stats and where he ranks in cubs history? 

        • John_CC

          Serviceable?  Z stunk last year. Brent, I wished so badly that he could have learned to control himself, learned to pitch and play like a pitcher, not a power forward. But after 2009, it was overly clear that we were all holding out hope for the impossible. Z does not have the mental capacity to change how he plays. It’s sad, because even though the career numbers can be put up and can claim him to be one of the top 40 or whatever pitchers of a century, we know that is crap. We watched him melt down over and over. Not perform when he was needed to, when the pressure was on, more often that not he imploded.

          There are ways to be an emotional pitcher and not self-destruct or isolate your teammates. Chris Carpenter, Randy Johnson, Ryan, Clemens (before the ‘roid rage)…Z could not, and never will, harness it for good. :)

  • Brotank Cubs

    Brent…I understand your comments.  Big Z is a competitor and was a good pitcher.  At times he showed glimpses of his past self but there is more to a player than just talent.  His attitude is unacceptable.  Any time you quit on your teammates it’s bad and he did it on more than one occasion.  If I was in that locker room I wouldn’t respect him as a teammate.  Once you forgive twice your forget.  And it’s time to forget him.  Good solid pitcher but bad teammate and not a player who has the mind and focus to be a focal point on a championship team.  I hope he does well but this is definitely not a bad trade.  We receive a 25 year old with some potential that will give you innings at the back of our rotation.  We almost cut him for nothing so getting something back is okay with me.  Obviously it’s not a trade that takes your breathe away but it’s more than solid enough to help us.  I’d rather take a pitcher who gives me innings then a pitcher we have to pay on the disqualified list.

  • Anthony

    Well, this is old news now, so shifting focus back to the Farm until Theo makes his next move.

    Tom, starting some research leading into ST, and you may find this piece of history interesting. Look at the names on this 2007 list, some Cubs prospects from almost 5 years ago in high school.

    Several on the list already making MLB contributions, and others that warrant a story going from point A to B.

    Enjoy the link

    • Anthony

      Hoping two on that list man the corner OF spots in 2012 with Daytona. College guys.

      The list in really neat when you see Heyward and Stanton, as well as DJL and Vitters, and a few more solid names.

    • Tom U

      Sorry Anthony, I work late on Thursdays. 

      Thanks for the link, it was very interesting. For those who have concerns over the Cubs’ farm system or Tim Wilken’s abilities, its a must read. Maybe all of those fans bashing the previous GM are right.

  • David Swoophorse Piotrowski

    I for one am very pleased. In Chris Volstad we got more than a bag of balls. Who knows, we may catch lightning in a bottle. With Big Z we had lightning ready to strike at any time.Now if Theo can rid us of dogman Soriano he could go down as the greatest Cub executive ever.

  • PleaseStopLosing

    When the Cubs-Astro game got moved to Milwaukee due to Katrina I called in sick to work, drove up there and sat 2nd row on the 3rd base line for Z’s no hitter! Easily my favorite Cub memory of all time!! Thanks for that Z.

    However, I do feel like his time had come and gone in Cubbie Blue due to all the blow ups of late though… Glad we got at least something in return for him.

    • John_CC


  • Neil

    The list of players for the convention is starting to surface.

    Starlin Castro, David DeJesus, Ian Stewart, Travis Wood, Chris Volstad, Brett Jackson, Matt Szczur and Josh Vitters so far … also Shawon Dunston, Jr. said he would be there. The Down on the Farm session should be very interesting.

    • Neil

      And here’s more …

      Shawon Dunston, Ryan Dempster, Mrlon Byrd, Carlos Marmol, and Darwin Barney also on the schedule.

      • Neil

        More on the convention … “Down on the Farm,” which highlights each team in the minor league
        system with minor leaguers Jeff Beliveau, Brett Jackson, Junior Lake,
        Matt Szczur and Josh Vitters

        • Anthony

          sponsored by Bob Evans

      • 43hopping

        A little off topic but did anyone else see Kerry Wood on ABC talking about his charity function coming up? Epstein is going to be a part of the event.

        When asked about the Z trade Kerry said “I think it is good for Z and us” then with a smile said ” I mean the Cubs.” He was also smiling and joking about a contract.

      • Anthony

        unless they are traded

  • cubtex

    Does anyone know if Volstad has any minor league options left? I just looked at his starts last year and he was pathetic. He had a 5.48 ERA on August 31st. He had to rally in September to get his ERA down to 4.89.
    If Volstad has a poor spring training and Shark and Cashner look good…I am wondering if they could start Volstad in AAA?
    Does anyone know?

    • Neil

      I think he has two minor league options remaining. I will verify when I update the 40-man roster.

      • cubtex

        thanks Neil!

    • Tony_Hall

      Good thoughts.  

      Sounds like he figured things out and finished strong :)

      • cubtex

        Well they will certainly have alot of competition for that 4 and 5 spot. Wells, Volstad, Cashner, Shark, Coleman, Sonnanstine and more to come :) I didn’t mention Wood because I think he our #3 as it currently stands.

        • Tony_Hall

          Outside of Garza their rotation will be all 4’s and 5’s, just like the last few years.

          • cubtex

            Dempster and Z were not 4’s and 5’s

          • Tony_Hall

            What year are you talking about?  

            Last year they were 4’s and 5’s, paid like front end guys.

            4.80 ERA
            1.45 WHIP

            4.82 ERA
            1.44 WHIP

            That looks like 4’s and 5’s, maybe just 5’s.

          • cubtex

            You said the last few years. 2010… Dempster had a very good year!

          • Tony_Hall

            Dempster had some very good years for the Cubs, but it all stopped in 2010.

            1st half
            3.61 ERA
            1.19 WHIP

            2nd half 
            4.15 ERA
            1.47 WHIP

      • Ripsnorter1

        Remember the rule: 

        Don’t evaluate a player’s talents based on September stats.

        Remember Soriano’s 14 September HRs?

        • cubtex

          True. All I can say is remember Casey Coleman in 2010.

          • Anthony


          • cubtex

            Posters were ready to put him in the hall of fame after a handful of starts. Myself…having seen him pitch many times in the minors knew that wasn’t the case.

          • Tony_Hall

            I would say people were willing to have him be the 5th starter, not quite the HOF.

          • cubtex

            I believe you were one on the Casey Coleman bandwagon. We also went back and forth on him many times :)

          • Tony_Hall

            I was, I thought he pitched well enough in his time in 2010, to be given a shot in 2011, since we weren’t going to be a true contender anyway.

        • Anthony

          there are guys in MLB who would love 14 HR’s for the entire season

          • Ripsnorter1

            There sure are. 

            But Soriano had just received $138 million dollar contract to hit HR’s, and he had hit only 18 all year, until that big offensive burst in September.

            Ironically, that was his last hurrah. He hasn’t really performed well from a power point of view since.

          • Anthony

            I didn’t sign him, I prefer baseball players

        • Tony_Hall

          I have no expectations for Volstad, other than if he makes the rotation, he will take the ball every 5th day, get lots of ground ball outs, and if they hit fly ball it will leave the park.

    • Ripsnorter1

      Two minor league options means the Cubs got more than a bag of balls.


      • Anthony

        were they Titleist?

  • jw

    I thought it was a particularly bitter pill to swallow that apparently, in order for Carlos to agree to the trade the Cubs had to pay him 2.4 million from last year when he was on the disqualified list.

    • Tony_Hall

      I’m sure the money was in an escrow account and came out of last years budget.

      • Anthony

        escrow account?

        was it interest bearing……………lol

        • Tony_Hall

          Of course it was, but what’s the point of this little comment.

          • Anthony

            keep at it, and enjoy

  • Tony_Hall

    From Buster Olney

    “Many talent evaluators consider Matt Garza a middle-of-the-rotation starter, which may contribute to the gap between the Cubs’ asking price and what rival teams have been offering in trade talks, Olney writes.”

    • BosephHeyden

      Yep…that’s because that’s exactly what he is.  He looks like an ace to the Cubs because we’ve never really had a legitimate one OR two starter since Wood and Prior (Ted Lilly was kind of a #2 starter).  Any other team and Garza is, at best, a #2 starter.  To sell him as an ace is smart marketting of a player, but to actually believe he is an ace is insane.  The Cubs need to to realize this, start with a high asking price, and then settle for a top prospect instead of foolishly expecting two or three.

    • Anthony

      Buster ONLY knows a few things, and baseball ain’t one of them, another lucky dude from the basement of Momma

      • Tony_Hall

        Your hatred for everyone gets really old.  Buster is very intelligent on baseball, sorry if you don’t see it.

        • Anthony


  • BosephHeyden

    I know everyone wanted to get rid of Zambrano, but this was not a good trade.  Zambrano may not be an ace, but he’s tons better than Volstad.  Volstad had one good year followed by three bad ones.  Best case scenario:  he’s a #5 starter or an innings eater out of the pen.  Zambrano, on the other hand, whether you liked him or not, was a solid #3 guy who always won more than he lost and kept his ERA under 4.

    That we made a one-for-one swap and STILL paid most of his salary?  This is just an awful trade, regardless of whether or not he was a cancer.

    • Ripsnorter1

      Such a common sense post!

      Aaron was saying we’d get a top prospect and Volsted. Wow! Did Theo blow it—AGAIN?–or what?

      • Anthony

        There is no vast difference in a 1st rounder versus a 30th rounder, except for one thing.

        First rounders have to be forced into action due to the investment and front office’s need to prove themselves right moreso than admitting they are wrong.

        There are many 1st rounders on MLB rosters right now that are making no difference on losing teams. Baseball is a game unlike any other.

        I agree with the trade for one main reason. Z was OUT after 2012 anyways because he is not a member of the “culture club”.

        Imagine 30 GM’s having a beer fest at the Winter Meetings, and they do, small circle, smaller than you think. ChiC was lucky to get a warm body, and if he fails, like many 1st rounders, they never paid his draft bonus directly, Florida did, and some of this money from Z is a return of their initial investment for a potential bust and dumping a  short-circuit player.

        Florida can now say, Volstad and him busting is the Cubs issue, and in return, when Z and Ozzie have that great ESPN dugout moment at war, on TV, it is their problem.

        • Anthony

          and, every $5 tube steak and $8 glass of pi….zz water you buy pays for this entertainment.

          You love it, don’t ya?

    • Tony_Hall

      He had to go, he was never coming back.

      He had a NTC and controlled where he could be traded.

      The Marlins said we will trade you starting pitchers, but you still pay Zambrano, we will trade Volstad.  

      No other team was interested and no other team would Zambrano agree to go to.

      It was either this or cut him, as he wasn’t coming back.

      • BosephHeyden

        If he wasn’t coming back, clearly that was a decision the front office or the locker room made for Zambrano, because clearly Zambrano was trying to prove something by pitching this winter and, if he really wanted to burn bridges with the Cubs, he could have just made it clear he was pitching this winter with or without the Cubs’ permission.  He didn’t:  he asked, he was given it, he went, and he pitched.

        Zambrano TRIES to not be Zambrano.  I can’t fault him for that…I can fault him for not trying hard enough, but he puts the effort in.  But if he wasn’t coming back, it wasn’t because Zambrano didn’t want to.  Someone didn’t want him back.  If it was the locker room…well, cancer or not, they’re part of the reason we’re in this mess, so they should have no say in the matter.  And what’s more, the front office, without actually having said it, has made it clear they’re not trying to win this year.  So this was an ideal year to showcase Zambrano and, if the Marlins were the only team that would take him and the only team he’d go to, then you bring him in for Spring Training at least, prove he’s still got something, thus upping his value, and giving a reason why they should get more than Chris Volstad in return.

        So far, a lot of these moves are leaving me scratching my head.

        • Tony_Hall

          Zambrano had many reasons for pitching this winter, his impending Free Agency is one big reason.

          But Ozzie and Carlos both wanted this to happen, and made it happen, by holding all the cards.

          Just listen to Theo’s comments today, they never intended to let him back with the team.  The guys in the clubhouse wanted him gone too.

        • cc002600

          you are delusional. I don’t care if he was 15-0 at the all-star break or he was throwing 105 MPH in Spring Training, NOBODY wants this guy, you wouldn’t get a thing for him. 

          The ONLY reason the cubs were able to get rid of him was b/c of Ozzie.

          Bad guy + bad pitcher + $18M = Negative value.  TOXIC value.

          I really can’t believe that some of you out there think there’s a market for this guy.

          you are really smoking something.

          this was a GREAT deal.

          Addition by subtraction….

          GOOD RIDDANCE !!!!!!!!!!!

          • cubtex

            Now you are delusional.. You think if he was 15-0 at the all star break….no team would want to pick him up????? You seem to always want to attack anyone who differs from your opinion! If you think if no team would want to pick up Z if he was pitching great and would help a team get to the playoffs…..You must be smoking sonething!

          • cc002600

            I was exagerrating to make a point.

            if you can’t see that, than YOU are delusional.
            Z is no different than Bradley. Nobody wants players who have tons of baggage and are not producing.

            period. end of story.

            This was a great trade.

          • cubtex

            I understand Z needed to go but lets be real. They paid 15.5 mil of the 18 mil salary for a player who was going to be non-tendered and could have been signed without giving up a player……so they saved 2.5 mil and the Marlins took a very good gamble investing 2.5 mil for a #5 starter

          • Tony_Hall

            The Marlins traded for a player and paid $2.5-$3.0M for a player who was going to be released as well.  It goes both ways.

            The money was already spent, the Cubs received a 25 year old SP, who logs innings, with 3 years of control for a guy they just wanted gone.  Something for nothing is a good deal.  I don’t expect Volstad to be pitching in the All-Star game,  but if he can not be awful and fill innings this year, he is more return than almost everyone expected.  We were not going to get a teams Top prospect for Z.

          • Skeldor

            Problem is his NTC, he would control whether or not to be traded. If it were an American league team I doubt he would have wanted to pitch for them because he couldn’t hit.  This trade was for a guy who wasn’t coming back for a 25 year old starter under control for 3 more years.  25 isn’t 35 people and he has a chance to turn things around.  Everybody agrees they aren’t contending this year so why do people think they could have done better?  (end of post wasn’t directed at you just saying in general). 

          • cubtex

            most players(not named Aramis Ramirez) would waive a no trade to play in a postseason regardless if it is in the AL or NL.

      • OttawaBob

        Everyone has seen Z’s infamous blow-ups but I’ll bet there was alot more insanity thru out the years that the general public and press never saw, the stuff thats covered up or hushed behind closed doors. I liked Zambrano, but time to move on. His career is on the decline …he won’t be missed.

  • Anthony

    what is a carrie muskrat, and when is marla hooch gonna sign?

    whata hitter!

  • Anthony

    After combing thru all the internet GM websites the past year or so, the PSD, Bleed, Northside, et al, I have come to the conclusion to resign myself from the insanity for a bit.

    Gentleman, Neil will provide the scoops, and I really look to Tom for his Farm reports.(mostly——you da man)

    Having seen many players(our players) at the high school level, major college baseball(our players), where I was involved, and minor league games and camps, I am satisfied with my own insight and what the CCO contributors bring.

    Just sign Marla Hooch, and your problems are solved, whata hitter, much better than any 25M man.

    Argue amongst yourselves.

    But keep an open mind. There will be a few players in the system not on your radar that will cause excitement, make you ponder, and question yourselves as to why you didn’t see it coming.

    • Tom U

      Thank you Anthony!

  • William Calvert33

    I am a lifelong Cubs fan and have really enjoyed reading the posts, but figured it was time to share my opinions about the moves Theo and company are making. Z had to go and I love the fact Theo was able to get a young guy with upside. Much better than the last cancer trade the cubs made (Milton for silva). I like the moves Theo is making and will be ready to nominate him for executive of the year he can get anyone to take Soriano for anything more than a AA prospect by st.

  • William Calvert33

    I am a lifelong Cubs fan and have really enjoyed reading the posts, but figured it was time to share my opinions about the moves Theo and company are making. Z had to go and I love the fact Theo was able to get a young guy with upside. Much better than the last cancer trade the cubs made (Milton for silva). I like the moves Theo is making and will be ready to nominate him for executive of the year he can get anyone to take Soriano for anything more than a AA prospect by st.

  • CUBS 31

    Price cut for Zambrano jerseys and shirts at Cubs Convention.

  • Tony_Hall

    For those interested in the full breakdown of Pujols contract. 

    Hard to believe it wasn’t that long ago, that whole teams payrolls were what Pujols will be getting per year.

  • matthew8510

    how much of sorianos contract do you think the cubs have to eat  30 mil 40 mil or more?

    • Tony_Hall

      I have been saying the Cubs will not be able to find anyone to pay more than $12M, which would leave $42M to be paid by the Cubs.  

      One report today, said the Cubs would be lucky to get anyone to pay up to $15M of this contract…I agree.

      • cubtex

        Keep him then for another year. What’s it going to hurt? They aren’t going anywhere and he is not blocking anyone. Sappelt? Beaver Cleaver? Until they are ready to compete or have a viable replacenent….keep him.

        • Tony_Hall

          He doesn’t match any part of what they like in a player.  I think they would rather have a better defender, that gives good AB’s and plays team baseball, then let Soriano continue  to hit 1 HR a week, and play awful defense.

          • cubtex

            Yes…I agree but if no team will take him for 15 mil for 3 years keep him until they have a replacement. He is still the best offensive outfielder they have and he is not a cancer in the clubhouse.

          • Carey-rose

            keep Soriano until we get a replacement….what! Like Z he is not a good player anymore and if he can be a good player he won’t do it with the Cubs.Z has lost his fastball and Soriano can’t hit breaking pitches.Theo is cleaning up Hendry’s messes and put some talent in this organization. Who cares if the Cubs have to pay all of Soriano’s salary to get rid of him they just need to start over. When the season gets under way then Dempster and Marmol need to go as well

          • cubtex

            So let me ask you this…would trading Soriano and eating 55 mil to play Dave Sappelt in LF do anything to help the re-building process? My point is that UNTIL he is blocking a young future starting lf prospect…why eat all that salary? Look at their team. They will be brutal next year with or without Soriano. Why sell low again! Maybe he has a great first half and some team has an injury and needs a bat.

    • Neil

      Like Tony said around $45 million of the remaining $54 million. I have been hearing/reading that figure for quite a while.

      • OttawaBob

        I remember you disussing this the other day, Hypothetically the 45 million would have to be paid in full by the Cubs in 6 months or was it 18 months.

        • Neil

          18 months

  • Tony_Hall

    I know he is the great pitching coach for our division rivals, but I hope and pray everything works out for Dave Duncan’s wife.  

    He is taking a leave of absence to care for his wife, who has been battling cancer and had a brain tumor removed in August. 

    • paulcatanese

      Agree Tony, I hope it works out as well, for both he and his wife .

  • RICK


  • RICK


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