Cubs Down on the Farm Report – 01/09/12

With the Puerto Rico Baseball League concluding their regular season this past Wednesday, the winter leagues enter the playoffs to determine the participants in the Caribbean World Series.

Pitching dominated the past week, as pitchers Marco Carrillo and Austin Bibens-Dirkx tried to lead their respective teams further. Meanwhile Kyle Smit helped his team move on, while Ryan Searle baffled batters “down under”.

For more on these and other performances, take a look at this week’s Down on the Farm Report.

Dominican Winter League
The DWL’s round-robin playoffs will continue through January 17. Leading the tournament is Leones del Escogido with an 8-1 record. Aguillas Cibaenas and Gigantes del Cibao are tied at 3-4, while Tigres del Licey is 3-6. During the past week, there were not any players in the Cubs’ system that saw any action.

Mexican Pacific League

Yaquis de Obregon
Both Cuilican and Mexicali have advanced to the semi-final round in the MPL playoffs, while Obregon leads their series with Guasave 3-2. Tennessee reliever Oswaldo Martinez came in on Monday’s game and threw 1.2 IP, He struck out a batter and served up a solo homer as Obergon would have to do an extra inning to defeat Guasave 8-7.

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On Wednesday, Marco Carrillo got the call for the Yaquis and had his first poor outing of the winter. Carrillo went 2.1 innings and surrendered five earned runs, including a two-run homer. However, the Tribe brought their sticks with them, as they outlasted the Cotton Growers 9-8. Oswaldo Martinez also tossed 1.1 innings, also giving up a home run while striking out a batter.

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Puerto Rico Baseball League

Indios de Mayaguez
The LBPPR ended their regular season play on Wednesday. One day earlier, Iowa reliever Kyle Smit did his part to try and eliminate Carolina from the playoffs. He tossed a shutout inning of relief as the Indians lost 2-0 to the Giants. As the playoffs began, Smit was back on the mound on Saturday with a scoreless two-thirds of an inning as Mayaguez triumphed 5-1 over Ponce.

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Venezuelan Winter League

Aguilas del Zulia
Down 0-3 in the VWL’s round-robin play, Zulia was looking for a boost from league-leading pitcher Austin Bibens-Dirkx on Friday. However, Bibens-Dirkx really struggled, giving up five earned runs in four innings. He struck out only one batter and took the loss as the Eagles fell 5-3 to Aragua.

Australian Baseball League

Brisbane Bandits
Tennessee starter Ryan Searle appears to be rounding into form, making a start for Brisbane on Friday. Searle threw 5.2 innings and allowed four earned runs, including a solo home run. However, Searle struck out nine to even his record at 1-1 and lower his ERA to 4.50 as the Bandits took down first place Perth 11-8.

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News and Notes
According to Baseball America, the Cubs released right-handed pitcher Gian Guzman and outfielders Manuel Barrios and Jesus Morelli. The Cubs also added pieces to their minor league system when they acquired Anthony Rizzo and Zach Cates for Andrew Cashner and minor league outfielder Kyung-Min Na.

Jeff Stevens and Luis Montanez are no longer in the Cubs’ system. Stevens, who was acquired in the Mark DeRosa trade along with Chris Archer and John Gaub, signed a minor league contract with the Mets. Montanez also signed with a NL East organization. Montanez inked a minor league deal with the Phillies.

The Cubs also announced they signed outfielder/first baseman Joe Mather and infielder Edgar Gonzalez to minor league contracts in December.

Attention CCO Readers
The Down on the Farm reader’s poll continues. Please post the names of the minor league players you would like the Down on the Farm Report to follow next season. The CCO will track the progress of ten players throughout the entire season. A representative sample of positions and levels of play is optimal. You can name as many players as you like, but remember, only ten will be chosen to be followed. Last week, readers exceeded the number of players nominated and number of votes cast for the entire six weeks of last year’s poll.

Follow the CCO on Twitter: @TheCCO

Quote of the Day

"Never let the fear of striking out get in your way of playing the game." – Babe Ruth

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  • bpot92

    Zach Cates
    Dunston Jr
    J. Jackson

  • Lee DuSold

    ClevengerRizzoVittersScurzerBrett JacksonBaezVolgelbochTorreyesGoldenLake

  • Vivid_Reality

    Wanted to wait in case Garza got traded but i’ll give it a shot now

    Dunston Jr.

    • Tom U

      If more prospects are acquired in any trade, you can always vote again. Remember, this is Chicago!

      • Aaron

        Well played…and subtle at the same time.

    • Cocub

      Wow, lots of Z’s in those names.  Here’s to hoping some of them make it to Chicago to replace the Z that failed us.  

      • Anthony

        They say timing is everything, so agree, hope someday a few Z’s contribute. 

        • paulcatanese

          You are correct Anthony, learned that in Vegas. And I did contribute.
          On another subject, I would like to get together with you on the theory of Genetics, have to figure out how to do it. I am a believer in it.

  • Dorasaga

    Tom, I’ll repeat what I asked in your 1/2 report,

    Ryan Searle,
    Jeffry Antigua,
    Rebel Ridling–why not?

    That Jeff Stevens, Piniella’s “rule 5 kid,” yeah? Sad that he wore the stars and stripes for Team USA four years plus two months ago, and that perhaps was the height of his career. He never figured out how to deal with Major League hitting.

  • Patrick_Schaefer

    I’m guessing
    (A) Team Epstein doesn’t want to pay Kerry Wood his asking price.
    (B) At this stage of his career he prefers to play for a contender, rather than a team rebuilding.
    Brad Lidge could probably be a buy/low sell high candidate.

    • Cocub

      I think Epstein is committed to getting Wood back, for the principle of the thing.  He emphatically stated last week that if he couldn’t resign Wood, “they were doing something wrong.” The Cubs need a few veteran leaders on this team more than ever, and Kerry is exemplary in that regard.  Dempster, Wood, and R. Johnson seem like a great trio to lead in the clubhouse.    

      • RickinMSP

        But, according to MLB Trade Rumors, the Phillies have been courting him.  I sure wouldn’t fault him for taking another run at a championship rather than suffer through a rebuild year.  While I expect Wood to be a Cub lifer once he retires, I fully understand taking one last shot at a title.

    • paulcatanese

      Good guess Patrick, 1 and 2 are very good observations. On number 2 I would think Wood definatly feels he is worth an increase as he gave them a discount to come back.
      And Brad Lidge should be as you say, buy low/sell high canditate, but I think Lidge may have seen his best years, just a guess there.

    • Roland

      I think they already have agreed on a contract and they (Wood and the Cubs) are just waiting to announce either at Wood’s charity event Friday or at the Cubs convention.

  • cubtex

    Now with Cashner traded….I would like to keep track of some of the young power arms…Dolis, Carpenter, Casey Weathers, Tony Zych.

  • Nathan

    Ben Wells

    • Tom U

      I’m assuming you mean Brett Jackson?

  • John_CC

    I’d like to add LeMahieu, Hak Ju Lee and Archer  …if it’s not too much to ask, Tom. 

    The call just asks to list the minor league players we’d like followed. By no means do I want to open a can of worm and ask you to do the impossible and track multiple organizations Tom, but with all the discussion about the Garza trade and it’s worth still going, just a real simple update on Lee and Archer once in while would be interesting.

    Or I can just look myself! 

    Thanks Tom, keep up the great reporting!

    • ldsteam2011

      Would of, should of, could of.  I for one do not want to follow that, what could of been from the trade if we did not do it?  Time move on, cut your losses/gains, and look to our own organization.  Just my personal opinion. 

      • John_CC

        You’re right. It will only add fodder to the oft-childish “i told you so” moments that we all need to outgrow. 

        Strike that idea, Tom! 

    • cubtex

      Don’t worry John…I will be sure to give an update every now and then on Archer and Lee :)

      • Tom U

        Besides, I’d never do anything without Neil’s okay.

      • Dorasaga

        Please do.

      • Tony_Hall

        You will only report the bad on them, and leave out the good parts :)

  • texcubnut

    The Cubs and Paul Maholm are close to makind a deal. Could a Garza trade be far behind?

    • texcubnut

      Or maybe a deal for Randy Wells? I, too, would like Jeff Samardzija to be given a shot at starting in light of how he performed last year.

      • cubtex

        I think they just need to add arms since they don’t have many sure things. Take a look at this group…

        T Woods
        C Volstad
        A Sonnanstine
        C Coleman

        Not a lot of quality…….to put it mildly.

        • daverj

          I agree.  There will be lots of competition in spring training for rotation spots.

          Does Wells have any options yet?  If so, I could see him at AAA.

          • Tony_Hall

            He is out of options.

            Neil tracks the options on the 40 man roster tab.

      • daverj

        Problem with Wells is that we won’t get anything of value for him right now.  No point in giving him away for nothing.

    • Anthony

      My guess is the announcement of an extension for Garza, then a 2013 FA SP, see what the Farm can do in 2012, and you may see a trade for an established OF with the Cubs dealing from surplus infield prospects, and signing Maholm also.

    • Aaron

      I doubt it. With Zambrano though, we heard rumblings early in the offseason then nothing and all of a sudden in the morning the day of the trade we heard something, so I guess anything is possible.

      …Same for Soriano and Byrd…so either of them might be traded soon. Actually, outside of the trades of Cashner, Colvin and LeMahieu…everyone else that’s been traded were already rumored to be on the block.

      …Even Marshall, who like Zambrano, Epstein claimed he was a valuable asset and didn’t foresee trading him.

      All of this leads me to believe is that if he mentions a player by name, he’s trying to drum up interest in them. My feeling is that Marmol is gone as well.

      Outside of Dempster, Soto, Wells, Baker, Barney, DeWitt, and pen arms outside of Marmol and Marshall (and yes, I am even including Castro), only seems to mentions names he’s trying to shop. And the recent developments with Castro off the field might lead him to seriously consider trading him as well.

      It could also be that he just doesn’t value the players I just mentioned so he also recognizes any attempts to increase their trade value are futile…who really knows?

      One thing is for sure…I am FINALLY getting my wish of blowing up this team and starting over. I might disagree with the value he’s gotten in return for some trades, but I wholeheartedly agree with the reasons for the trades (other than trading essentially LeMahieu for Weathers)

      As for Garza though…I believe he remains and gets extended because his trade value is diminished with everyone knowing this is a complete rebuild so they’re all low-balling with some reports even saying the Jays wouldn’t even part with a single ranked prospect for him.

  • paulcatanese

    Tom while following the favorites is a great idea, my feeling about them is like being in combat, don’t want to get too attatched as they may be gone in a split second.
    I enjoy reading you’re reports and those of others and will  follow them faithfully as you and others have a lot more input than I would. Just want to let you know I am reading them several times a day. Just not as astute as the others and you. Thanks Tom , for the input.

    • Tom U

      Paul, the way I see it is that it improves knowledge, even if they players never sees Wrigley. Then, instead of not knowing who a player is on the other team and letting someone else tell you whether they are good or not, a person can do their own thinking.

  • Rational Logic

    I agree, not pretty, but I think
    it may actually be better than last year


    The way I look at it, we have
    the future set at a couple positions:


    1B: LaHair à

    2B: Barney à
    Torreyes or Baez (probably 3-5 years)

    3B: Stewart

    SS: Casto à

    RF: D-Jesus

    CF: Byrd à

    LF: Soriano

    C: Soto à Castillo


    Not sure Barney is the solution
    at second, but we do have Torreyes, the kid they picked up in the Marshall
    trade who they project to be the future 2B, beyond that, it’s a gamble. But I
    think it’s a pretty solid start. Not to mention a stockpile of young, yet
    experienced arms in Wood, Volstad, Maholm, Wells and throw in the fact that we
    have guys like McNutt, Carpenter, Dillon Maples plus whoever we would pick up
    from a Garza trade in the minors and I’m feeling better and better about it.


    Soriano, Stewart, D-Jesus are
    all gone in two years and Soto is still a valuable player, so I like our player
    development there.

    • Rational Logic

      sorry about the spacing – I didn’t intend to do that

  • paulcatanese

    To change the subject slightly. The convention, there was a tweet that Garza, if still here next week is expected to get the loudest applause of all.
    Now dont laugh, as I feel Campana if still here will also get a hearty round of applause.

    • Coolpdxcubsfan

      I agree Paul.
      Mr. Excitement deserves our recognition, and he hasn’t really matured yet. IMHO he is our future lead off/CF.
      Maybe Dale and Rudy can help him with better OBP.
      Then he would be awesome.

      • paulcatanese

        Agree all the way. How frustrating it must have been for the Cub pitching staff with that defense and hitting behind them.
        On a personal note I also think he should be able to go to a contender, and no matter what, he will always be a Cub lifer.
        Got two responses here above is for before.
        This one, if only Dale and Rudy could teach him to BUNT! He has to have OBP hidden somewhere.

      • Aaron

        I don’t know if I would take the excitement for Campana that far…on a bad team, he’s a good asset because he brings excitement with his speed to an otherwise boring offense….problem is, he should’ve gotten more of a chance last year other than the defacto pinch runner but Quade was busy pandering to veteran egos and played them down the stretch in a completely lost season….

        But on a good team, Campana would be cut because he’s essentially a much lesser version of Pierre…and that’s saying something. He’s fast…and granted, he can at least hit unlike a Gathright but he doesn’t make the same contact as Pierre

        • paulcatanese

          Fair assessment Aaron, It’s just hope upon hope for me with him. Agree totally with Quade, then Campana wasn’t the only one that was messed up by Q.

        • The Maven

          Aaron, this goes along with something I said a long time ago about Cubs fans and their mascots. Fans love pulling for players like Campana, Fuld, Ojeda, Kelleher, etc.

          • paulcatanese

            Caampana is definatly a mascot of mine, am continualy amazed by his speed.

          • The Maven

            Maybe not you Paul, but to many others he is.

  • Anthony

    Spent several minutes surfin, and on some of the “other” websites, seems there is a big fascination with Cub prospect rankings, fans feeling that what BA and some other “experts” regurgitate is gospel, and lots of yellow lines in the snow being drawn…….lol

    I would bet cash money most of these folk don’t even attend minor league games and wouldn’t know a baseball player from a soccer player.

    So, who here frequents minor league games enough to provide some insight on players?


    How many spend time watching any on the internet?

    I have the package and catch about 30-40 live games at various venues.

    • paulcatanese

      Good point Anthony, I will be the first to admit that I do not see any minor league games, and that is the reason I hesitate to comment on the players. The only time I do is when there are videos on the site that I can observe.
      One question, I also have the package but for the Cubs, is there an extra charge for the minor league games?
      I don’t watch any other teams besides the Cubs on it and get in between 120 and 140 games a year along with WGN broadcasts.

      • Anthony

        paul, try

      • Dorasaga

        Yeah, you need to pay extra on a different site (see link below) for the minor games. It works like They’ll probably charge something like a 100 dough from now until next year, when spring training kicks in:

  • daverj

    I’d like to see the Cubs claim Fernando Martinez who was placed on waivers by the Mets.  Not sure who on the 40 man would go, but Martinez is still young and has big upside.

    • Aaron

      I know what you mean…his .274/.333/.443 line with 50 hr, 195 RBI, 20 SB, and 116 walks vs 353 K’s in 412 games just screams “top prospect” all ove rit, right?   LOL….I’m totally being a jerk, and totally joking with you….

      I’d take a pass on him if I were the Cubs. Players like him a dime a dozen. Some team will include him on their 40-man…most likely, and I hope it’s not the Cubs…even if he is young. If you’re going to make the argument to sign him, then you should’ve been pimping out Milledge too…who actually has the results to warrant inclusion on a 40-man

      • daverj

        I would have liked a Milledge signing a couple years ago.  So did you at the time.  But Milledge has blown a few more chances since then.  I don’t strongly about Martinez, but we don’t have a lot of guys in our system with his upside.  

  • Aaron

    now more rumblings from Kapman on Garza…hmmmmmmmmm

    Names being considered are: Turner, Castellanos, and Crosby. Names in the past inluded those 3, plus Oliver, Smyly and some high ceiling OF prospects that didn’t have the results to back up their status.

    I would be a fan of Garza, plus one or two of Soriano, Russell, Barney, Byrd, Marmol, Baker, etc. (with Cubs kicking in money) to land Turner, Oliver, Smyly, and Castellanos. I doubt that’d ever happen, but it’d be the most ideal thing to me. A deal of Garza, Russell, and Barney just might get that done, because Garza should be enough by himself to land Turner, Oliver, and Castellanos.

    One thing to pay attention to is if the Cubs acquire Castellanos, they are almost certainly going to trade Vitters. I don’t think they should, and instead try Vitters in the OF…but the new regime is clearly trying to rid themselves of most ties to the previous administration, and while I don’t blame them…the Cubs still had some decent prospects to build on.

    • Anthony

      If the deal goes down, and Castellanos is involved, I say Vitters is going to Motown and not in LF for the Cubs.

      Stewart bridges that gap. Vitters is a solid hitter and still young, about ready offensively, and a defensive ???? Who knows where he ends up position-wise, but the tweener label may be forthcoming?

      He should have shifted to his left on the diamond…………..twice to 2B and try to become Jeff Kent?

  • Jay from Sandwich

    Here is the latest on the Garage sale at Cubs Tower (Finaly trading vets im stead of rookies and Minor leaguers). That how you rebuild.
    The Cubs and Tigers are “down the road” in talks about a deal that would sent Matt Garza to Detroit for a package of prospects, according to David Kaplan of The Yankees, Red Sox and Blue Jays have also expressed serious interest in Garza, Kaplan writes. However, the Yankees aren’t comfortable with the Cubs’ asking price despite their “tremendous” interest in the right-hander. 
    The Tigers appear to be willing to meet the Cubs’ asking price of multiple highly-regarded prospects, according to Kaplan. Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports reported last week that the Tigers could move right-handed pitching prospect Jacob Turner in the right deal.
    The Cubs are nearing a deal with free agent left-hander Paul Maholm. Ryan Dempster, Chris Volstad, Travis Wood and Randy Wells could fill the team’s rotation out and make Garza available. He’s under team control through 2013 and figures to earn $9MM or so in

  • Anthony

    Put yourselves in Dombro’s shoes. You are about to give the Farm away for a solid SP, but 2 years don’t cut it. Why the delay? Enter the Agent, Detroit, and Chicago to iron out a deal acceptable to all parties, especially the player(Garza) willing to accept the terms of an extension offered by ChiC that carries to Detroit, and past the two years and staving off his free agency.

    In addition, there will be more players involved to replace any position guys sent with Garza. If an OF in the lower levels is involved in the Tiger system, I know exactly who they are after.

    Then, the 40 man for both teams have to be settled simultaneously prior to the trade.

    Barring injury, Garza should be dang fine for another 5 seasons, and if the Tigers the same way, nothing better than a healthy proven #2 versus speculation and possibilities. The Tribe will be very solid in the AL Central, and Detroit needs an edge, and their window is NOW versus later.

    • Aaron

      Who are you thinking for the OF? Fields, Vasquez, or Garcia?

      And what about the other players involved?

      I still think it’s going to be at least Garza and Barney…who really knows?…this rumor just needs to go away and be done already.

      • Anthony

        Aaron, I don’t think one of those young OF prospects are needed. Obviously, Turner is the centerpiece, and prying Castellanos along with him will take more than Barney.

        • daverj

          My guess on the deal would be Turner, Smyly and either Crosby or Oliver coming back to the Cubs.

          I’d love Castellanos in the package (along with Turner) instead of one of the other pitchers, but I don’t think the Cubs will be able to pry Turner and Castellanos from the Tigers for Garza (whether we add Barney, Byrd, and/or Russell or not). 

          • Anthony

            I meant Jackson or Lake and Vitters, or Szczur, an opinion

  • cubs1967

    here’s top 50 prospect list from detroit newspaper if garza rumors are real.
    i would take turner and smyly……..they really don’t have a power hitting OF.  garcia seems too similiar to what lake or vitters could be, if they end as OF or scuzur.  i would take both pitchers over castellanos as he would duplicate baez-castro-vitters, if at 3b. turner could be at wrigley by july/august and smyly could be in sept.
    i would throw in byrd and 3M and ask for brennan boesch. he’ll be 27 this year; but could project to hit 25 homers in wrigley and could be trade bait in 2-3 yrs rather than risk one of the tigers 18-19 yr OF suspect prospect.  bjax and boesch could be 2 good LH OF.

    this would explain maholm talks as innings eater to replace garza.

    signing wood plus garza trade with turner and smyly would create a stir at convention with rizzo, bjax, castro.

    the a’s got 2 starters for gonzalez who could make roster next year in peacock and milone. milone is very similiar to sean estes jr, travis wood.  the other 2; norris is their 2013 C and cole, the most upside -but still at low A.  the a’s can wait; they have time till move to san jose. their budget will never be 100 M.  cubs need more advanced prospects like turner and smyly… boesch…who is MLB player now.

    we shall see………….

    • OttawaBob

      Where do these Tiger prospects play by postion??

      • daverj

        The Tigers Top 5 prospects are below. There is a big drop-off after that. 

        Turner P

        Castellanos 3B

        Smyly P

        Crosby P

        Oliver P

  • John G

    Congratulations to Barry Larkin on his election to the HoF. No surprise there. Next year’s ballot will be interesting with first year names Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Sammy Sosa, Craig Biggio and Curt Schilling on it.

    • daverj

      I’m surprised Alan Trammell doesn’t get more support.  He was to the 80’s and the Tigers as Larkin was to the 90’s and the Reds.

      • RynoTiger

        I’m surprised that Lee Smith still hasn’t made it. He must have pissed off the other closers and they’re lobbying for him to not get in.

      • ChadAudio

        I totally agree – I think Trammell deserves it… and Rock Rains deserves more support then he’s received too.

    • Anthony

      merely speculation

      Bonds didn’t need the cream and the clear, whatever the F that is to be a HOF’er

      Bonds got pissed when a freaked up Mac and Sosa “saved baseball” in 1998, then took the easy way to experience puberty a couple more times to diss Hammerin Hank

      Clemens also had HOF written all over him, and when he lost some zip and developed that splitter, it torqued his arm into a corkscrew. I admire how he competed, but that all went out the window when he became a liar.

      No comment on Mr. Bloody Sock

      And as far as Biggio, clean or not, not a HOF guy.

      Barry Larkin is the definition I use as a “good consistent baseball player every day”, reliable, know what you’re going to get, team player, adjusted to need, made all the necessary plays, nice pop for a SS.

      The best modern day 2B was Robbie Alomar.PERIOD……

      Raffy didn’t need the juice either, but you “never ever” want to take that chance when they all are doing it. What a beautiful LH swing he had, effortless power, but obviously an AHole.

      Many of the suspected cheaters should use some of the money they made from “enhanced” production, open a wing in Cooperstown, and form the ROID Club.

      Remember, AROD ain’t to far behind either.

      paulc may like this…………..Pete Rose was born 30 years too late…………..OLD SCHOOL

      • paulcatanese

        Agree Anthony, Rose would have been great as an example now, took the game seriously.
        The others you mentioned, well you said it all.
        Was never a Bonds fan, or Sammy’s, Raffy,right,every time I watched him swing the bat,well, poetry. Alomar, I agree, the best with a glove.
        And Larkin deserves the hall.
        And if any of those guys mentioned with the extra help get in, there is no justice.

  • Tom U

    Thank you to everyone for your comments. Keep those nominations coming!

  • Jay from sandwich

    It sounds like kid k is not coming back thanks to team theo. it seams to me that team theo would deinfarchise his own hero as a kid. Just to in order to say it is my team and my victory and you do not get a part of it. I hope team theo will not destroy the past fan favorites and hall of farmers for his own ego! If he try’s to do this we should run him out of town first! A world series without all are favorite past players would be empty to me just think about it. No banks, Williams, santo, sanberg, Maddox, and now maybe add wood to the lest. I would rather see another 100 years of loosen than snub past fan and great cub players.

    • Ripsnorter1

      Kerry Wood was #12 in MLB for blown saves. He wasn’t even a closer! 

      What more do you want?

  • Neil

    According to Paul Maholm’s twitter account, he has signed with the Cubs

    • MikeT_2008

      Welcome to the 21st century of breaking news, at least this way we don’t need to have someone confirm this

      • Neil

        I still had to confirm. But I agree. Still waiting for the mainstream media to break the news.

      • John_CC

        If you are Neil you do.  The player’s own tweet is not good enough…we need one corroborating source…!

      • MikeT_2008

        Oh I understand that another source is still needed, was mainly just commenting on how much news has changed in the past few years

    • Neil

      Waiting for confirmation, will post soon.

    • Skeldor

      Makes you wonder if the Garza trade is just around the corner. 

    • Neil

      Maholm has signed with the Cubs

  • cubs1967

    Cubs signed Maholm according to his twitter feed & No other info.

  • texcubnut

    Tom, as always, great job and thank you. My ten to keep an eye on would be Dae-eun Rhee, Robert Whitenack, Javier Baez, Dillon Maples, R. Torreyes, Rebel Ridling, Zach Cates, Matt Szczur, Reggie Golden and Jeff Beliveau. Others like Vitters, Rizzo, B. Jax, McNutt and Carpenter we’ll be hearing about, anyway. Also, past prospects, like Chris Archer and Hak Ju Lee, well, if they are going bad, then Cubtex will let us know and if they are playing well, Tony Hall will keep us informed:)