Cubs and Rangers Discussing a Deal for Garza?

According to a report from Bruce Levine, the Cubs and Rangers have had “numerous conversations the past two days centered around Matt Garza.”

The Cubs are hesitant to move the best starting pitcher on the team and most think it would take a better package of prospects than the one Jim Hendry sent to Tampa for Garza last January.

Matt Garza is coming off an excellent year and is arbitration eligible for the next two seasons. Garza does not become a free agent until after the 2013 season.

According to Levine’s source, Scott Feldman is one of the pitchers the Cubs asked for in return for Matt Garza. The Rangers are unwilling to part with Feldman in a deal for Garza.

Due to the amount of quality prospects in the Rangers’ system, coupled with the fact Texas was very interested in Garza a year ago, if the Cubs were to find a trade partner for Matt Garza, the Rangers could end up being the best match.

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  • Hoosierboy3423

    Jurickson Profar, Mike Olt and Tanner Scheppers, bring them to the Cubs, screw texas’ major league players, lets raid their minor league system if we give a great team a SP to replace the one they are losing.

    • Anonymous47701

      Don’t Forget LHP Matt Harrison!

      • cc002600

        how about Harrison and Mitch Moreland ?
        we need some ready made MLB guys instead of 18 year olds.

        • Anonymous47701

          What About Zach Jackson or Neil Ramirez instead of Mitch Moreland, I mean they do have Bryan LaHair. Unless He (LaHair) platoons with Moreland at 1B or starts in LF or the other way around.

          • Hoosierboy3423

            Ramirez is a really good prospect too. The Rangers system is ripe for the picken.  They have an abundance of really good talent, and 18 yo or not are probably better than the likes of… well you pick a name on the cubs roster outside of Castro and insert it there.  Fleece the rangers and build this team.  Bout time we pull off a Lou Brock of our own.

        • Hoosierboy3423

          Olt is 23 and looks like a damn good player to have at 3b for the next hand full of years.  And if theres a chance at all at landing Profar or even Martin Perez in the deal id not say no to that at all.  What is everyones hurry with winning this year.  Its like when Theo came it everyone was content in letting him build the system and create a new way of doing things.  But since the winter meetings started everyone wants to land these big free agents and get it done now.  Olt could easily be our starting 3b for this year and if he wasnt behind Beltre hed probably be getting a shot there.  Profar is being moved along very slowly because they have Andrus blocking him up in the bigs.  Profar could play in Iowa this year and not skip a beat.  I watched him play all year down here in North Carolina, hes amazing. 
           I doubt Harrison is included, Texas is losing Wilson, they want to reload that spot with Garza, not swap sps and still come out down one.

  • cc002600

    ok, not sure i understand. I just looked up Feldman’s stats. Nothing pretty, and he’s 28.  What’s that attraction ?  I know there would be other players involved too, but still. I don’t get it.

    Also, just watched Theo on comcast. He has bad poker face. He was quoted as saying they are not looking at anything big, just some “smaller stuff”.  I don’t believe that for a second. I love it. :-)

  • cc002600

    and oh, Ian stewart ?  bad glove, right ? injury prone ?

    why do we want this guy ?

    another head scratcher to me.

    would much prefer Headley.

    • Hoosierboy3423

      maybe talks with the rangers for Garza include Mike Olt, our 3b power worries could be handled with him coming in a deal.  Id also do my best to get Jurickson Profar as well, he plays SS now but could be moved, is very athletic and just maybe castro can become a 2b with all the throwing errors hes had.

  • John_CC

    It better be a pile in return. And I’m with cc00, they need some MLB ready youngsters. Harrison would be nice, and Moreland, too.

  • Neil

    Here is the update I posted last week on Mitch Moreland’s wrist surgery

    One of the players that figures to be in talks for Garza is Mitch Moreland, but if Jed Hoyer and Jon Daniels have exchanged names, Moreland’s name could be off the list after the news Wednesday that Moreland had arthroscopic surgery on his right wrist.

    Mitch Moreland is expected to be out for 8-12 weeks but according to Will Carroll, Moreland’s surgery to remove bone in his wrist is not that serious or uncommon. Carroll said the surgery is comparable to the one that Pablo Sandoval had.

  • Jason Penrod

    DO IT!!
    bring in Martin Perez!!
    20 year old power throwing lefty!!  (by the way he’s already in tripleA as a teenager!) 

  • Jason Penrod

    Matt Harrison?  Mitch Moreland?  I’m glad we have Theo as a GM and not the majority of this forum.  Why do we want their quadruple A guys when we are giving a top tier young pitcher, with years left on his contract?  You guys need to do some research…

    • Hoosierboy3423

      I agree, Moreland is nothing more than Texas version of Lehair.  Perez, Profar, Olt, This is where the focus should be, these are young kids but id have Olt and Perez in the bigs this year with Profar at Iowa for a september call up.  I doubt theres any way we could steal all 3 because combined they are worth more than the cubs whole system.  But one can dream.