Rumblings from Day Three of the Winter Meetings

Day three in Dallas has been pretty quiet on the Cubs front … and for the most part throughout the game. The holdup appears to be Albert Pujols. Where Pujols decides to sign, and most feel as of this writing he will stay in St. Louis, will have a ripple effect throughout baseball. Miami apparently has no limit on their credit card and are targeting every free agent on the market.

On the Cubs front, it appears that Carlos Pena has declined salary arbitration. The Cubs have not made an official announcement but several outlets have picked up the report from Jon Heyman.

The Cubs have left the door open for Pena to return on a multi-year contract. According to a report from Bruce Levine, Theo Epstein and Scott Boras discussed Pena’s future with the Cubs at the GM meetings in November and it was agreed upon then that the Cubs would offer arbitration and that Pena would decline.

Aramis Ramirez officially declined salary arbitration on Wednesday as well.

The Ian Stewart-for-Tyler Colvin rumors picked back up on Wednesday morning … and the Cubs have shown interest in Hiroki Kuroda.

Here is a quick update from Dallas …

News, Notes and Rumors

The Cubs rumored interest in Ian Stewart resurfaced on Wednesday morning. After the talks appearing to cool over the first two days in Dallas, reports from Bruce Levine, Ken Rosenthal and Carrie Muskat indicated the Cubs and Rockies are discussing a deal again. According to the reports, the two teams are talking about an exchange of two players in need of a change of scenery. The reports Wednesday have the Cubs sending Tyler Colvin to Colorado for Ian Stewart. The Rockies feel he is closer to the player that hit 20 home runs in 2010 than the one that struggled last year.

Rumors have also suggested the Rockies may flip Tyler Colvin to the Braves, along with Seth Smith for Martin Prado.

Mark Buehrle has reduced the teams he is willing to sign with to three … and it appears the Marlins and Nationals are the favorites to sign the former Southsider. Buehrle wants a full no-trade clause and the Marlins do not hand out no-trade clauses. Buehrle could sign his new deal in the next 24 hours.

According to multiple reports, C.J. Wilson has a six-year offer on the table from the Marlins … and the Nationals are out of the running for the southpaw.

According to Jon Heyman, the Cubs, Rockies and Diamondbacks are among the teams interested in signing free-agent right hander Hiroki Kuroda. Kuroda has stated he would like to remain on the West Coast and has contemplated returning to Japan

Kerry Wood would like to return to the Cubs but according to Jon Paul Morosi he would like a raise from the $1.5 million he was paid last season.

On the Prince Fielder front … for every report that says Fielder is going to be signed by team x there is another one that says the exact opposite. Jed Hoyer said the Cubs pursuit of Fielder has probably been overblown.

Stay Tuned … will post a full recap of Day Three at the Winter Meetings. Also, don’t forget to check the CCO’s twitter feed for more updates.

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Quote of the Day

"Every day is a new opportunity. You can build on yesterday’s success or put its failures behind and start over again." – Bob Feller

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  • Neil

    According to Mel Antonen (XM Radio), the Nationals have offered Buehrle a three year deal in the $42-$45 million range.

  • Neil

    Sun-Times is reporting the Cubs and Rockies rumor. Said Colorado asked for LeMahieu and the Cubs said no.

    • Chadaudio

      Wow.  I really thought Pujols would have signed by now… 

  • cc002600

    me thinks Hoyer’s comment about “cubs interest being overblown” is gamesmanship.

    I love it.

    • cc002600

      Regarding Fielder

  • daverj

    Anyone still think the Cubs should have signed Buerhle?  4 years at $58 million …. this is clearly a year to avoid big name free agents (at least for now).

    • ldsteam2001

      agreed! at least for now, until the Marlins are done giving out ridiculous contracts.

      • Chadaudio

        I’m fine with the Cubs not going on a spending spree.  But, I have to admit… it sure looks fun to be a Marlins fan right now :)

        • Tony_Hall

          They are going to bankrupt that franchise.

          Reyes is all back-loaded, and rumors have said the offer to Pujols was “creative”, etc.  

          There is a reason they don’t give out no-trade clauses, they just aren’t needed, when you back-load the contracts like they are doing?

          Years 4-7, $22M for Reyes, WOW!

          • John_CC

            Correct on the no need for “no-trades”. Also, they have a policy of such because I believe part of the team philosophy is to Fire Sale when necessary, screw the fans, screw the players…I cannot stand Loria.

            I thought Reyes got 6 years, it was 7?!

          • Tony_Hall

            The 7th year is for another $22M, but has a buyout of $4M

            2012 – $10M
            2013 – $10M
            2014 – $16M
            2015 – $22M
            2016 – $22M
            2017 – $22M
            2018 – $22M – $4M buyout 

            6 years – $106M guaranteed

            If they go all 7 years
            7 years $124M

            INSANE!! For a guy whose game is based on his legs…don’t these teams ever learn.

  • Axsenior

    Buehrle signs with Marlins…

  • matthew8510

    theo better hurry up before the fish get fielder they arnt messing around

    • Neil

      Multiple outlets are now speculating once the Marlins sign either Fielder or Pujols then the Cubs will trade Zambrano to Miami for Sanchez.

      • matthew8510

        so cards get pujols marlins get fielder and we get to get sanchez we pick up 3 quarters of z salary and we get sanchez which has 9 less hrs then pena wouldnt pena be a better option or is it just to get rid of z?

        • matthew8510

          are we still in for fielder now or no 

          • daverj

            No one knows for sure, but I suspect the Cubs are in on Fielder to some degree … if the bidding goes beyond a certain point, the Cubs will drop out.

        • daverj

          Sanchez is better than Pena for a number of reasons … younger, cheaper, more controllable years, and better batting average.

          That said, I still believe it will cost more than Z to bring Sanchez to the Cubs.

        • John_CC

          I think they are still in on Fielder, but if he goes to Miami, I would much rather take Sanchez than Pena.  He’s hit 19HR and 80RBI in each of his first two full seasons. Good OBP. He’s 28. And he makes about 10M$ less than Pena. He was a ROY candidate in 2010.

      • Ryan7

        I want fielder

    • ldsteam2001

      If they want Fielder for 10 years, the Marlins can have him.  No way the Cubs do a 10 year contract for Fielder.  IMO

      • Reggie

        Agreed, at 10 years that’s just a horror show of a deal. It makes me feel nauseous thinking about his physical state at 31 let alone 37.

  • Neil

    This should have posted 45 mins ago … got locked up

    According to Ken Rosenthal, Buehrle to the Marlins … 4 years, $58 million

    • MikeT_2008

      Man I know Buehrle is a good pitcher but he’s not worth that, but then again there’s that saying you’re worth whatever someone is willing to pay you. Guess you can spend like this when you’ve been hoarding money for the past decade plus

  • cryinmybluecoolaid

    Gotta love Ozzie.
    Ozzie says he has a bet with someone that Zambrano will win more than 14 games for #Cubs in 2012.

    Ozzie I would take that bet from you too.

  • Chuck

    I will take Gaby Sanchez anyday for 1st base.  I met him when he played with the Jupiter Hammerheads in the Florida State League.  He is not a big name but look at his stats.  Because he plays for the Marlins, he is often under the radar compared to Fielder and Pujols.

    • matthew8510

      id rather have gold glover pena and his 28 hrs but if it gets z outta town im all up for it

      • Tony_Hall

        He won 1 gold glove 4 years ago, I’ll take Sanchez over Pena, especially if it allows Big Z to take his talents, to South Beach.  

  • Ripsnorter1

    It says right here that Buehrle will not win more than 9 games in 2012.
    Big contract. 
    Big head.
    Big gut.
    BIG BUST for the Marlins! 

    Lotsa luck! You are going to need it.

    • Coolpdxcubsfan

      It is the gift that keeps on giving too Rip, he gets to be all that for four years. Ha!

      • Theboardrider

        Assload of innings though.  I love a pitcher that takes the ball every 5 days consistently.  Guess it’s a reaction of being a Cubs fan and seeing all our guys miss so much time. 

  • matthew8510
  • woody34

    Is the Marlins offer still on the table for Wilson after they signed Buerhle?  Does anyone know?  Are they still in play for Pujols and Fielder as well?

    The Marlins do this every now and then buy a World Series then trade off all the pieces, but look at these pieces:

    C Buck
    1B Fielder/Pujols/Sanchez
    2B Infante
    SS Reyes
    3B Ramirez?
    LF Morrison
    CF Coghlan
    RF Stanton


    Closing out with Heath Bell!!!

    • Rational Logic

      Uh…what does it have on:

      C – Soto

      1B – ???

      2B –Barney


      3B – ???

      LF –

      CF – Byrd

      RF – D-Jesus








      And closing
      with Marmol!!!!

      • Rational Logic

        oh, you said WORLD SERIES, I thought you wrote LAST PLACE

        kidding – just give it time…we could end up with Fielder or Z and…oh who cares, we’re gonna suck, at least we didn’t give up $200M/10 years to a 31 year old player on the decline already. Give me 2012-2013!

    • Neil

      Depending on the source, the Marlins are still interested in Wilson and are not out on Pujols or Fielder. Again, depends on the source.

    • Gramps

      It really looks good on paper, but the Phillies looked unbeatable last year and I think the Phillies’ pitching looked even better than the Marlins. It just goes to prove that you have to play the games. Paper lineups don’t win anything!

    • Agret14

      From what I’ve read….The Marlins offered contracts to Wilson and Buehrle and that they would sign whoever accepted it first. From that, I take as they will sign only one….but who knows with the way Miami has been involved this offseason with practically every free agent

  • Reggie

    Some extremely wishful thinking here but if these rumours about Hanley Ramirez wanting out are true then we should be making a play for him using Zambrano as bait.  He can play at SS and Castro can play at 3B.  Come on Theo make a run for him, I know which bad egg I’d rather have.

  • matthew8510

    A friend of Prince Fielder’s says the free-agent slugger is very interested in the #Cubs. 

  • matthew8510

    Bob Nightengale of USA Today confirms (via Twitter) the Marlins are no longer involved, but says Pujols still has three offers in excess of $200MM. It’s hard to imagine which teams besides the Cardinals would be offering that much.

  • matthew8510

    Theo said they checked in on Buehrle early and he was a pitcher they would have loved to have. Too much money for them

  • Steven Petty

    Ok, After todays signings, I was reading that Hanley wants to play short.  3 years left.  Possible 15 million a year.  Now here is what I am thinking.  Trade big Z to the Marlins for Sanchez, then buyout the contract for Rameriez in cash.  Move Starlin to 3b and put Sanchez at 1b.  Thoughts?  Is this possible? 

    • Aaron

      no chance the Marlins would just give up Ramirez. They’d have to give up Vitters, McNutt, plus more pieces…possibly Brett Jackson.

      • Theboardrider

        I’d give a lot for him…  Vitters, McNutt and Jackson and not lose any sleep. 

  • Aaron

    Lots of info out there right now….

    Pujols-signing with Cardinals
    *rumored to have been close to signing with Marlins last night and earlier today…Cardinals brass flew in town today, and that basically let everyone know they were intent on resigning him.

    Fielder-re-signing with Brewers
    *rumored to be Marlins second choice, and Cubs interested as well, then we heard Marlins and Cubs both weren’t interested, then heard they were, then news came Brewers owner flew down…same as Cards above….intent on resigning him

    Wilson-signing with Angels
    *Marlins rumored to be #1, then Nats, who supposedly pulled out of negotiations, focusing on Buehrle instead….then…

    Buehrle-already reportedly signed by Marlins

    Ike Davis-rumored to be on the block, then rumors immediately denied

    Hanley Ramirez-believed to be fine with move to 3B, then not, then Marlins said he’s not going anywhere, then he demands trade, then rumors floating Marlins interested in dealing him….

    it never ends

    If Fielder goes to Brewers, as I strongly suspect right now, then Sanchez won’t be in play. That leaves just Hanley if you believe rumors….and do the Cubs really want a declining, malcontent, arrogant player that already has been called out by teammates for lack of effort? Plus, what would it cost? In my opinion, it’d cost no less than Vitters, McNutt, LeMahieu, Zambrano, and maybe another player. Is that worth it? I’d do McNutt and Zambrano in a heartbeat, and possibly throw in LeMahieu, but there’s no way I’d give up more valuable prospects, and the reason is simple, as I already stated….lack of effort, injuries, decline in production, AND he’s expensive. He’s like a younger version of Soriano when he signed his big contract. Immediately after he signed his deal in 2009, he’s declined. Like I said before, a vast majority of these Dominican hitters come over here, explode onto the scene, get paid, then quit hustling.

    Also, I just wanted to go over the Colvin/Stewart potential swap:

    Colvin-636 career plate appearances (about 1 full season) .215/.274/.422 slash line with 125 hits, 26 doubles, 8 triples, 26 hr, 78 RBI, 46 walks, 163 K’s
    *Colvin is a terrible hitter all around right now….albeit in limited opportunities and with an idiot manager that didn’t know how to use him. But he’s all over the board with his stats with no strikes, 1 strike, 2 strikes, that you can’t really predict what he’ll do. He hits .194 first pitch, .213 with 1-0 count, .429 with 2-0 count, and has walked every time he’s had a 3-0 count. With 2 strikes, he’s between .053-.130, which is terrible.

    Stewart-1,418 career plate appearances (a little over 2 full seasons worth), .236/.323/.428, 293 hits, 61 doubles, 8 triples, 54 hr, 187 RBI, 146 walks, 396 K’s
    *key splits with him is the fact that he is a bad ball hitter, and hitter’s count type….he hits an astounding .369/.398/.703 first pitch, .432/.449/.926 with 1-0 count, .586/.586/1.586 with 2-0 count, .667/.979/1.667 with 3-0 count, and with 1 strike, his average is in the low .300’s, but once it gets to 2 strikes, he’s in the low .100’s (between .157 and .105)

    So, if you’re Rudy Jaramillo, with Stewart, you have to teach him to be aggressive early on, or you teach him to manage the strike zone better later on to get himself into hitters counts 1-0, 2-0, 3-0, 2-1, 3-1, then rip the ball.

    But as for Colvin, there doesn’t appear to be any teaching potential there. He’s just a guess hitter, it seems.

    There’s really 3 classifications for hitters:
    Good eye (walks a lot, gets a lot of hits), bad ball hitter (hits when pitcher gets behind in count), and guess hitters (you’ll see their stats all over the board just like Colvin’s, where no strikes, they’re decent, 1 strike, they’re all over the board, and with 2 strikes, they’re downright dreadful). Colvin is a guess hitter, while Stewart is a bad ball hitter….Those are VERY different hitters.

    I originally was opposed to this trade, until I started examining their splits more, and it was very enlightening to look at that stuff.

    Many of the old-timers on this site will recall that when Hendry drafted Colvin I was VERY opposed to it, because he was a free swinger in college, and you could tell by his stats:

    For those unfamiliar with that site, it is an EXCELLENT resource to find out what most players did in college. If you look at Colvin’s stats, as a freshman and sophomore, he was a .280’s hitter with .320’s-.350’s OBP, and bad K:BB ratio. And even in his junior year when he was drafted…while his average went up to .356 and .419 OBP, he still walked 28 times vs 42 K’s.

    Stewart was drafted out of high school, but if you look at his minor league stats, he had far better results than Colvin ever had in the minors…..

    Stewart is the superior hitter in that trade, but having said that, I still believe they’re giving up too much to get him, as Colvin has less MLB experience and is cheaper. I would think the best trade for both parties is DeWitt for Stewart….both cost about the same (will this year with DeWitt in arbitration), and both have been big disappointments after being highly touted prospects by the Dodgers and Rockies respectively. Both need a change of scenery.

    Yet if the Cubs have to give up Colvin, I would not cry about it, given all the stats I just mentioned above.


  • Rational Logic

    A friend of Prince Fielder’s says the free-agent slugger is very interested in the #Cubs.

  • matthew8510

    (@jonmorosi) #Marlins saying they plan to make a run at Prince Fielder now.

  • Aaron

    Here’s a suggestion:

    Assuming Cubs could convince Fielder to sign for 5 years….

    Cubs trade Vitters, McNutt, Zambrano, and Byrd or Barney to the Marlins for Hanley Ramirez and Volstad

    Cubs trade Colvin to Rockies for Stewart

    Cubs sign Edwin Jackson

    Cubs sign Lidge

    Cubs sign Kubel

    Cubs trade Marmol for high-ceiling starting pitching prospects

    Cubs trade Soriano for low-A prospect, and pay 75% of his remaining salary.

    Cubs trade Soto for high-ceiling starting pitching prospect.



    C-Castillo, Clevenger
    2B-Stewart, LeMahieu
    3B-Castro, Flaherty/M. Gonzalez (if they’re left from Rule 5)
    LF-DeJesus, Ridling
    CF-B Jackson
    RF-Kubel, Wright

    • Aaron

      Wait….hold up everything….now with Theo saying they would have loved Buehrle, but too much money…..

      Not only does that tell me they won’t sign the likes of Edwin Jackson, but they’ll be out of bidding for Fielder too, and they couldn’t absorb Hanley’s contract either in all likelihood, because he’s due $15 million next year, and then $15.5 million and $16 million in 2013 and 2014. They’d likely have to pay Fielder $22 million/year, so even if they got the Marlins to pay Z’s salary in full, they’d likely have to pay about $14 million of Soriano’s deal, so it’d be a wash for Zambrano in that case with Ramirez’s added salary, but Fielder would add $22 million to the payroll, which would take the total commitments up to about $94 million without factoring in ANY of the arbitration eligibles or likely re-signs (Soto, Wells, Baker, DeWitt…if they keep them, and Samardzija and Garza, plus Wood). All combined, they could earn $20+million, which would take total commitments to about $115 million. Then if you look to add Jackson and Volstad, you’re looking at about $20 million combined, which takes you to $135 million, which, according to Ricketts, would be about where the budget would stay (close to what last year was).

      That makes it even more important that they trade Marmol, Soto, Byrd, Soriano (even if they have to eat all but $5 million/year), Zambrano, etc. Those guys aren’t adding much to the team anyway. Marmol has lost velocity, blew 10 saves, Soto has been injured/ineffective, Byrd, Soriano, and Zambrano have all had varying degrees of injuries/ineffectiveness.

      I’d like to see some bold moves made, but things aren’t going to change on the North Side unless they start growing some balls and make the necessary moves. They seem to be waiting too long (which is PRECISELY what Hoyer said you don’t want to be caught doing)

    • Rational Logic

      Aaron – dude, where do you come up with this
      stuff, I love it!


      Trade Vitters/McNutt/Zambrano and Byrd/Barney
      for Hanley Ramiez and Volstad. Yes! Since Hanley has no problem playing 3B, he
      can slide in right there, no problem. Oh wait:


      Colvin to Rockies for Stewart – our new 3B,
      pushing Hanley to the bench? Or did we just trade a guy a full season removed
      from a 20 HR campaign for a bench player? I understand that with Castro’s near
      flawless defense, moving him to a new position is optimal.


      Edwin Jackson – excellent, another mid rotation
      stud, I like where this is going. Garza, Demp, Jackson, Volstad – looking real
      good so far!! I may buy season tickets!!


      Brad Lidge – no words, pure genius. I’ve heard
      a lot of interest in him from Theo myself, I’m his R/E agent who sold him his
      home yesterday. He is looking for an aging veteran who has seen his IP steadily
      decline over the past four seasons when we have guys like Marshall, Carpenter, McNutt,
      Dolis, Marmol, Shark, Maine in the minors. Wait – scratch McNutt, he was traded
      for Hanley.


      Jason Kubel – OF/DH. Sounds perfect. He’ll be
      great for interleague play and probably a strong clubhouse presence.


      Trade Marmol for high-ceiling prospect. Why not
      – we just acquired Hanley Ramirez and signed Fielder, we’re clearly rebuilding


      Trade Soriano for low-A. Ok, I see where Kubel
      fits in now. Smart play. Your right, let’s get rid of Soriano, but then trade
      Colvin…THEN block Brett Jackson with Kubel. I think I’m confused on the
      rebuilding/not rebuilding thing here…


      Let me go ahead and forward this to Theo and
      Jed. I’ll get back to you when I hear back from Thedo (my nickname for them).


      Seriously – is anyone else annoyed with people
      filling space on this website with meaningless garbage?


      -Rational Logic

      • Tony_Hall

        Honestly, all you did was fill space on this website with meaningless garbage.  

        Post your own thoughts, instead of ripping someone elses.

        • Theboardrider

          True.  Why does what anyone post annoy you?  Read a couple sentences and keep going.  All that bugs me is if people try and go political.  This site is a great place to say what you think and see what feedback you get.  It’s not like anyone intentionally tries to get under your skin.  

        • Aaron

          Let him vent…I love posters like that….all he did was assume what I meant. I had already posted that Hanley would be at SS and Castro at 3B, Stewart would then battle someone like LeMahieu at 2B….but he’s a moron, so I let it slide

          • Rational Logic

            I AM posting opinions, at the expense of yours. Do you seriously think any of that would happen? Move Castro to 3rd? Trade Colvin for somebody we bring into camp for competition? Why wouldn’t I “assume what you mean?” Your scenarios are outrageous and your long winded responses are always pipe-dreams. I’d like to read something that  isn’t going to waste my time. Keep your fantasys to your diary and tube socks. I’m offended as a baseball fan when people try to pass the near impossible off as potential. 

            Behind my sarcasm I had honest opinions about what your post said, if you can’t sincerely respond and back those up with well thought out answers then it’s clear your wasting space. I’m happy to debate and opine all you want on your suggestions. I hate my job (still at work at 830pm) and this site’s not blocked so I’m happy to hear it.

      • John G


    • Agret14

      In what planet does castro fit the role of platooning at third base? That does not make any sense.

  • John G

    We’ll wake up in the morning and find out
    1. Pujols is still a Cardinal
    2. Fielder is still a Brewer
    3. Z is still a Cub

    Nothing has changed. It was one bad dream. Like Alice in Wonderland. We’ll still finish in 4th place. Thank God for the Pirates.

    • Aaron

      That’s what I’ve been saying…can’t understand the inactivity…well…I guess I somewhat understand. As I posted above, Ricketts said payroll wouldn’t change, the Cubs still have undesirable, seemingly immovable contracts, and huge holes to fill without good options that fit into the budget.

      Starting Pitching: Have you seen the prices? If Buehrle can command $14 million/year, then what can Jackson expect?

      1B: Pujols and Fielder at $22+million/year..or Pena at $10 million/year or Kotchman at $5-7 million/year? Ummmmmmmm…pretty sure Pena’s coming back now

      OF: No good FA options out there that can get you more than 20+hr, 80+RBI (which he’d have to produce to best Soriano’s production)

      My fear is that Epstein and Hoyer will just call it a lost season, and try to re-tool at the trade deadline by unloading Zambrano, Soriano, Soto, etc. at that point when the Cubs are long out of the race.

      My mind has been racing all over the place this offseason, from thinking there would be a complete overhaul of the front office (there was), the coaching staff (pretty much), and the roster (not one bit…DeJesus ONLY addition…ZERO subtractions as of now). I just don’t understand where everything is headed, and perhaps understandably, I am a bit worried that nothing will change at this point, or we would’ve already seen movement and dramatic changes to the 40-man roster.

      If the Cubs have DeWitt, Baker, Johnson, Wells, Byrd, and Soriano on this roster…and re-sign Pena…then you can mark my words that it’ll be a sub-.500 team.

      • Hoosierboy3423

        why is calling it a lost season a fear?  If these players are all gonna cost too much then the hell with them.  Give the new management time to see what it is we have and work from there.  We dont have to win this year.  We have NEVER really rebuilt.  EVER!!!!!!  Now we finally have management in place to take care of that.  Missing out on a guy like Fielder will really suck, granted.  But if its not in the cards for what Theo et al want to do then so be it.  Have faith, we dont have the blind leading the dumb anymore.  Let the process happen it will be worth it.  All your nonsesnse do this do that is crazy.  If cubs do anything it will be adding Fielder and maybe one or two younger SPs with potential going forward.  The goal is not buying a team to win this year, it is to build a team to constantly win.  Get on board.

  • Tony_Hall

    MLB Channel is doing a segment on Yu Darvish.  He looks pretty good.

    2011 – 1.44
    2010 – 1.78
    2009 – 1.73
    2008 – 1.88

    25 years olds

    6′ 5″  Weight 185 lbs

    As a baseball fan, I want to watch this guy pitch in the majors.  Not sure about the posting fee and then the contract as far as total cost goes, but he looks pretty solid in his mechanics.  

    Bobby Valentine loves this guy, he got to see him up close while he was managing in Japan.

  • Aaron

    Here’s a question for everyone…If the Cubs don’t sign any top free agents, do you think they should sign the following guys to minor league deals?:

    van Mil
    Dimitri Young

    Also, for those wanting a preview of the Rule 5 tomorrow, here is a tremendous website for that:

    If the Cubs know they’ll miss out on Fielder, then expect them to go offensive, looking at guys in the Rule 5 such as: Kyle Russell, Beau Mills, Drew Cumberland, Carlo Testa, Thomas Pham, Jefry Marte, Leandro Castro, Matt Rizzotti (this guy is my favorite of all of them).

    Russell, Testa, Pham, Marte, and Castro are OF, while Cumberland is a middle infielder.

    Of all of the guys, Russell, Mills, Cumberland, and Rizzotti have the best chance of sticking. If the Cubs unload Colvin, then Russell makes sense. If they anticipate losing Flaherty in the Rule 5 (I do), then Cumberland makes sense, and Hoyer should be familiar with him. But if they lose out on Fielder, the best move they could possibly make is drafting Rizzotti. In 5 minor league season with the Phillies, he has a .292/.388/.482 slash line with 66 hr, 300 RBI and 285 walks vs 471 K’s. He’s 6’5″, 255 lbs, and like Singleton who was traded to the Astros, he’s blocked by Howard for the foreseeable future. He seems to be a better hitter than LaHair:

    There doesn’t appear to be any starting pitching, but if Cubs think Bosio is Duncan-esque, then look for them to take a chance on guys like: Caleb Brewer, Justin Fitzgerald (I really like this guy), Brad Meyers, Ryan Tatusko, Tyler Cloyd, Aaron Pribanic (like this guy as well), Miguel Celestino (because of Epstein’s knowledge of the Red Sox system, they might take a chance with him), Justin Erasmus (ditto), Cory Riordan, Terry Doyle, Elvis Araujo (long-shot because of young age, but LH power pitcher…it’s possible).

    I would hope that they would take a strong look at drafting Rizzotti, then paying some other team to draft Fitzgerald or Celestino…I’d love Araujo, as he brings the heat as a lefty, and given his age, could be one exciting guy to have in the rotation, or pen (to bring him along slowly).

  • matthew8510

    whats the latest on pujols or fielder havnt heard anything in a while albert has 3 offers for over 200 mil how hard is it to pick a team hes in it for the money obviously and not the team how long does he think he can hold out for. getting restless its either you want to go to the marlins or the cards your hometown for more money not a hard decision

    • matthew8510

      well i see the marlins are out of pujos so its that means hes going back to the cards

  • Neil

    From Yahoo Sports: Tim Brown

    Can confirm Fox report. Angels are now in
    strong on Pujols.

  • Neil

    Cubs and Rangers have had conversations about Matt Garza in exchange for top prospects, no match yet according to Levine.

    • Hoosierboy3423

      top prospects like Jurickson Profar, Mike Olt, and Martin Perez, guys like that, if so, do it and dont look back