Cubs Submit Bid for Pujols?

According to a report from the Tribune citing a report from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch as the source, the Cubs met Monday night with Dan Lozano, the agent for Albert Pujols, and it was confirmed Tuesday morning that the Cubs submitted a bid for Pujols.

Theo Epstein tried to deflect the news he met with Dan Lozano saying he was discussing another one of Lozano’s clients, Rodrigo Lopez.

Information has not leaked at the amount or the years the Cubs offered Albert Pujols … that is if the Cubs submitted an offer in the first place.

Reportedly the Marlins are pushing to sign Albert Pujols and may have offered him a 10-year contract.

On the Cubs front, many think Prince Fielder will end up on the North Side of Chicago.

Stay Tuned …

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