Cubs Submit Bid for Pujols?

According to a report from the Tribune citing a report from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch as the source, the Cubs met Monday night with Dan Lozano, the agent for Albert Pujols, and it was confirmed Tuesday morning that the Cubs submitted a bid for Pujols.

Theo Epstein tried to deflect the news he met with Dan Lozano saying he was discussing another one of Lozano’s clients, Rodrigo Lopez.

Information has not leaked at the amount or the years the Cubs offered Albert Pujols … that is if the Cubs submitted an offer in the first place.

Reportedly the Marlins are pushing to sign Albert Pujols and may have offered him a 10-year contract.

On the Cubs front, many think Prince Fielder will end up on the North Side of Chicago.

Stay Tuned …

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  • Jfk

    I don’t like it… We haven’t even gotten over the Soriano contract and we are trying to jump into another one..
    Use the money to go after Yu Darvish and Jorge Soler..

    • Denio

      Should be posted as Denio

      • daverj

        No way on Darvish … too much money.  Sler would be nice, but it depends on how much he would cost.

    • John_CC

      You have no idea what the terms are? 

  • Neil

    From the Tribune: If Pujols takes 10-year offer from Miami, look for Cubs to try and acquire 1B Gaby Sanchez, who fits their long term gameplan

    • Aaron

      ….Like i was saying…Z for Sanchez would then make sense

      • Ripsnorter1

        I want Sanchez for sure…..

        • Aaron

          Like I said yesterday though….if that happens it should be a straight-up trade with no other parts going.

          Sanchez makes a ton of sense because he’s in his prime…doesn’t cost much and if he never develops more of a power stroke or more RBI potential then when he starts getting more expensive the Cubs could trade him and go with one of their internal bats that might be ready like Vogelbach,Shoulders, etc

          • Ripsnorter1

            Agreed. Gaby hits .289 with bases empty, .235 with runners on. If he could improve that, he’d get his 100 RBI.

          • Anonymous47701

            Definitely take Sanchez, but will he share time with LaHair at 1B?

        • John_CC

          Yesterday you were complaining that he wasn’t good enough.

          • Ripsnorter1

            No, I did not say that. Here’s an exact copy of what I said:

            “The Marlins were 23nd in MLB for runs scored,22nd in Batting Average, 19th in slugging, and 16th in on base percentage. Pujols would be a help.Sanchez:572 AB….19 HR…78 RBI…266 BA….Yeah, he did okay. But that ain’t 100 RBI by his name, either.”

            Next to Pujols, Sanchez is not good enough to start. But like I said, “He did okay, but that’s not 10 RBI’s by his name, either.”


    • daverj

      Who could we deal for Sanchez that the Marlins would want?  I don’t think there is a match there.

      If the Marlins sign Pujols, they are clearly going for it the next few years and would be looking a starting pitcher that could contribute now and was relatively inexpensive (due to their budget after the free agent signings).

      If they package Sanchez and prospects, they could make a run at Gio Gonzalez.  I’m sure the Marlins would like Garza, but Sanchez and their prospects are not enough for him.

      I can’t see the Marlins interested in Zambrano for Sanchez.  They could get more Sanchez elsewhere.

    • Dorasaga

      Gaby is a fine right-handed bat to platoon. But he struggled against right hand pitchers (in limited sample size and surprised pitchers, he’s only batting league average). I watched a few of his games for fantasy purposes, and can’t say I’m impressed. He has the discipline but not the power, resulting like a cautious Adam Dunn with half the doubles and dingers.

      Maybe Pujols is out of the North-Side’s option, then I still want to see then find a good leftie to platoon Gaby.

  • John G

    We’re still saddled with one Soriano contract, why would we want to add another one? That’s exactly what it would be. We would love him for a couple or four years, but when the production tails off we would be cursing the man who gave him that contract. Of course by then the man who gave him that contract may have moved on to the Cleveland Indians because now THEY have the longest dry spell.

  • Neil
    • Aaron

      She is not a very good beat reporter…she is out of the loop on everything it seems

  • Aaron

    If the Cubs made an “offer” (still don’t believe they made a true one…just driving his price up IMHO)…then it better be the 5 yr $30 million per yr that i suggested (which he might take because of ego…he wants to be highest paid in the game AAV)

    • daverj

      Agreed.  Epstein is likely to make 5-6 years offers to Pujols and Fielder with a high salary per year and see if anything sticks.  I doubt we will get either of them unless the market for Fielder dries up.  I think Pujols goes back to St. Louis and the Marlins then make a play for Fielder.

  • Neil

    From the Tribune:No comment from Cubs on Post-Dispatch report they’ve made an offer to Pujols.

    • Aaron

      Even if they made an this point, unless they’re playing games trying to drive the price up it wouldn’t make sense to acknowledge. Part of negotiations is mind games which agents play all the time with teams….Boras especially with his “mystery teams”. Even if the Cubs are actually in on Pujols, they wouldn’t want teams like the Cards or Marlins to adjust their bids to win him over…keeping it close to the vest is smart and would actually say a lot…without really saying anything at all.

      Remember…teams and agents typically talk openly when bluffing…most huge contracts you know nothing until it actually happens. If we hear Epstein, Hoyer, or Ricketts talking…then we’ll know they’re likely bluffing to drive up the price

  • Baron_S


    Did someone give Jeff Luria an Enema or something? He used to be a big cheapskate

    • Aaron

      They had a handshake agreement with the city and state that if they got the stadium deal done, they’d actually spend money…that was part of getting the funds.

      • Trevor


      • Anonymous47701

        You Bein’ Serious?!

  • Neil

    From Ken Rosenthal:Confirmed: Marlins ave made 10-year offer to Pujols. Source says two sides trying to work through no-trade issue. Pujols wants protection for first five years, then 10/5 rights would kick in. Cards expected to talk again with Pujols camp today.

    • paulcatanese

      As John Wayne would say “well Reverend, that tears it”.

  • John G

    I think that the Marlins and Cubs (If they in fact made an offer) are basically sticking it to the Cards. In the end Albert will stay a Cardinal. The other offers just allow him to get a little deeper into the Cardinals’ wallet and still claim he is giving them a home town discount. I can’t imagine Pujols playing anywhere other than St Louis.

    • John G

      I posted this up higher instead of here.

      Market for Pujols narrows to Marlins, Cardinals;_ylt=AkRXLWiOMo3W2UVHO4ir2vI5nYcB?slug=ti-brown_hardball_pujols_marlins_cardinals_offers_120611

      “The Cardinals will meet with Pujols’ agent, Dan Lozano, Tuesday and could make a counteroffer”Maybe I was right.     

  • Ripsnorter1
    • Ripsnorter1

      According to ESPN….”With Reyes, manager Ozzie Gullien and closer Heath Bell, the Marlins are quickly changing the clubhouse culture. They’ve quickly become at worst an instant wild-card contender, and they aren’t done. Marlins management said they were going to come out swinging, and they have. Do not be surprised if they sign Mark Buehrle by week’s end and Albert Pujolsremains on their radar.”

      • Aaron

        I say let them be self-destructive…Remember the Cubs’ spending spree in 2007? How’d that work out, dishing out extensions to ARAM, signing Lilly, Soriano, etc., plus recently having extended Lee?

        They got 2 playoff appearances out of it.

        Fact is, Bell and Reyes don’t come from winners, and Bell is 34 years old, Reyes is CONSTANTLY injured, and Pujols is entering his age 32 season (but he’s Dominican, so he could be older).

        The Marlins are NOT being smart about this, and it’ll be fun to watch them fall flat.

        Additionally, their ace, Josh Johnson is coming back from shoulder injury, Vazquez is supposedly retiring, Nolasco has been inconsistent for them, they want to non-tender Volstad, so that makes Anibal Sanchez the only above average starter they have coming back that they can count on.

        Unless they get Buerhle, PLUS, some other high profile starter via free agency/trade, then I don’t see them as a serious contender….even more so, because Hanley Ramirez was injured as well, Coghlan had a terrible year as well….

        So, “LET THEM EAT CAKE”….LOL

        • Schwimmer

          I agree with your analysis.

          I will be happy if the MARLINS sign PUJOLS.
          But I will be even happier if the CARDINALS do!

          What a long-term liability, either team will be incurring with such a long term signing of a player who’s skills will only diminish over the next 3 to 5 years….

        • RynoTiger

          correct if I’m wrong, but the last couple of times the Marlins spent big, wasn’t it followed up by a World Series win?  So perhaps not as self-destrucive as one would think. Especially for the Marlins since that is what their culture has been…buy big, win it all, then tear down

    • John G

      He better still be hitting home runs in 10 years because it’s awful hard to beat out a base hit while hanging on to your walker.

  • Anthony

    either TimmyK and the other windbags at ESPN read our stuff, or we are as smart as they are about baseball

  • Ripsnorter1

    Speaking of Chase Headley…..

    One of the San Diego Padres’ goals during the winter meetings is to solve their bullpen in the eighth and ninth innings. They feel they have the resources to do a one- or two-year deal on a free-agent closer, but they just couldn’t afford Jonathan Papelbon, Ryan Madson or Heath Bell. 

    How about James Russell straight up for Headley??

    • Aaron

      Actually, if you look at Headley’s stats….he’s essentially a 10-12 hr, 50-65 RBI, 50-60 walks, 130+K’s guy with just a .260’s avg, .340’s OBP (his high of .289 avg, .374 OBP came last year in just 113 games….and he still had just 4 hr, 44 RBI, 52 walks, and 92 K’s)

      In my mind, the Padres are absolutely dreaming if they think Headley is worth more than Russell or Maine, or someone like Dolis (who I’d actually prefer the Cubs hang onto). He’s also just a .182 hitter at Wrigley Field over 13 games, and while I understand he’s hit a paltry .229/.319/.336 at PetCo over his career, and has done far better than that elsewhere….he still leaves much to be desired, especially when you see he’s a .230’s hitter against fastball pitchers, and .290’s against finesse guys….Sorry, but if you can’t hit a MLB average fastball, then you’re NOT a good hitter.

      So, like I said, anything more than Russell, Maine, etc., they’re dreaming

      • Anthony

        good breakdown

        so Vitters should be a better option

        • Schwimmer

          Yes…bring him to Spring Training and see if he can “play his way” to starting 3rd base for the CUBS.

          Let’s get bold!  Give some of these promising minor leaguers a chance to play for the CUBS.

      • Schwimmer

        Totally agree.  I don’t get why my fellow CUB fans are “pitching” this guy as being a great acquisition????

        Let’s get some “impact” players for 2012.  Not a bunch of mediocre signings that are not going to “make a difference.”

        • Ripsnorter1

          Outside of Pujols and Fielder, there aren’t too many impact players available. Pena was rated as the #14 top FA for 2011. GAG! 

          Unless you want to play DeWitt and Baker at 3B–both with terrible gloves and no power and no speed and can’t hit for average–you’ll need to suggest some impact player for us.

    • Schwimmer

      Please explain why you like CHASE HEADLEY so much?

      I just looked at his stats.  He has no HR power.  And, he doesn’t drive in many RBIs.   And, his batting average is 

      So, please tell me what I am missing?  He is not the right player to play 3rd base for the CUBS.

      • Ripsnorter1

        I do not like him very much. But he’s better than Stewart, DeWitt, Baker, Vitters and Lake (at least at this time). Russell is a middle reliever–sell high. 

        If we are not going to sign Aram, who do you like at 3B?

        • cc002600

          If we have to watch a full year of a Baker – DeWitt platoon at 3B, I will puke.

          That would be the worst 3B combo in cubs history. (and yes I remember Gary Scott, Steve Ontiveros and Kevin Orie.

          This would be worse.

          Both are just terrible players.

      • Tony_Hall

        Please review his home and away splits. We have posted them many times, but he has really good numbers outside of Petco.

  • Neil

    From Joel Sherman: Marlins president Samson indicated will know more in few hours on Pujols

  • J Daniel

    How about if the Marlins sign Pujols and the Cubs sign Fielder – the landscape of the central will begin to change.  The Cubs still would have a long way to go but the Cardinals (who will still be good due to pitching) and Brewers will be weakend a bit.  The Cubs would be stronger with Fielder than without. 

    Still would be 2 starters, a second baseman, a third baseman, and 2 outfielders away.

  • Regalo D Dios

    The Cubs are just driving up the price for the Cards that’s it. They just wanna get him out of the division.

  • paulcatanese

    What I’m getting from all of this is that the CBA agreement virtually means the end of minor league baseball as it exists now. The cost of signing new players will be prohibitive with the penaltys involved.

    It looks as though baseball rosters will revolve aroung free agents for 98% of trades and building a team. Therefore the cost of free agents will continue to go through the roof. It was a smart lucrative move by the players association to get this thru.

    Minor leaguers will be raised like wine, when it matures it will be sold, in the case of minor leaguers, matured to be used as additional pieces in a trade for another free agent.

    I dont see many guys from the minors being brought up unless they have a few options to send back down. The only reason they would be advanced to the big league team  is to see if others have an interest in them as a piece to a trade and with further options they still could be sent back down until some show an interest.

    I know this sounds far out there but makes a little sense to me as I see the market going out of sight for free agents. I wouldnt be surprised to see the rules change where a player after say 10 years at the big league level would remain in the bigs but not be counted on someones roster, therfore prolonging the career of free agents.

    Frustrated and just ranting this out as I am sure many of the players in the minors are.

    • Anthony

      paul, great insight

      mentioned before that chats had with a few current and former MLB players was a bitterness toward clubs making multi-millionaires out of high school kids while guys hanging around in positions 26-40 on MLB rosters and average ML players getting peanuts, so

      your comment about the big boys getting paid more by a nicely concealed hard-slotting system in the new CBA is accurate

      on a previous thread, I tossed some numbers out from the 2011 draft, and most of the 2012 pool total $185M est was spent by the 3rd round

      many high school blue chippers will have to settle for less or go to college, and many college players touted highly will also be paid less

      If you think about it, with these dollar changes, rounds reduced to 40, and IFA changes, the minors may be shrinking, or compressed during the next several drafts

      If on average 750 high school and 750 college players were drafted 2011 and before, about 1/2 signed introducing 750 new players in, on average, and 750 cycled out annually.

      Now the draft total will be around 1200, and my guess is a disproportionment favoring older college players around 1000 college and 200 high school, so the minor leagues will also get older by average age in a short time.

      My basis for so little high school players selected is based on simple math and the fact a penalty exists for awarding a bonus after the 10th round exceeding $100K, as the excess counts toward the Top 10 pool.

      How many high school players will sign and forego college for an amount less than their scholarship? Maybe only the kids with no academic drive? Therefore, overslot is a past term and tactic.

      There is a trickle up and down to this. College baseball wins with more talent infusion, and becomes another player development arena, but these kids going to college instead of Pro squeezes out many players that may have earned a roster spot on the bubble.

  • RICK

    If the Cubs sign Pujols or Fielder does this mean the Cubs will win the World Series? I think not.

    • John_CC

      I think that is exactly what it means Rick!  Guaranteed!