Cubs and Reds Discussing a Sean Marshall for Travis Wood Trade?

According to a report from Ken Rosenthal, the Cubs and Reds are discussing a possible swap of leftiesSean Marshall for Travis Wood. Rosenthal and Jon Paul Morosi are not sure whether other players might also be part of the deal.

The Reds are looking for bullpen help and Theo Epstein has shown interest in Travis Wood in the past.

Updated 11:52pmAccording to Bruce Levine, the Cubs and Reds are close on completing the deal that would send Sean Marshall to Cincinnati for Travis Wood and two minor leaguers.

Sean Marshall is seen as one of the best left handed setup men in the game. Marshall is signed through next season ($3.1 million) the last year of the two-year contract he signed to avoid arbitration last winter.

Marshall posted a 6-6 record with a 2.26 ERA and a 1.09 WHIP in 78 games last season. Marshall also saved five games.

Sean Marshall’s Page on Baseball-Reference

Travis Wood, the soon-to-be 25 year old southpaw (February 6), is coming off an inconsistent season in which he posted a 6-6 record in 22 games, 18 starts, with a 4.84 ERA and a 1.49 WHIP. Wood struck out 76 batters with 40 walks in 106 innings.

Wood made his big league debut against the Cubs on July 1, 2010 and owns a 8-4 road record in 24 games, 22 starts with a 3.58 ERA and a 1.18 WHIP.

Travis Wood’s Page on Baseball-Reference

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  • daverj

    I’m not a big Travis Wood fan.  I hope this one doesn’t happen unless we get a decent prospect back too.

    • Binyow

      Please no. If you tradfe marshall you need to get some REAL talent.

  • Calicub

    Heck no techno that would be awful.

  • matthew8510

    226 era for a 4.84 era ya that sounds about right 

  • cc002600

    W T F

  • Ripken Boy

    Travis Wood stinks. Trade best lefty reliever in baseball for him? I am starting to wonder what the plan is.

  • Neil

    Let’s see which other players are involved … Marshall for Wood straight up is not happening.

    • Patrick_Schaefer

      Travis woods road record is solid and he would be under team control for a while. Marshall is a free agent after this year. Hopefully there are more players involved but it definitely looks like the Cubs are gonna be sellers if they go through with this.

    • MikeT_2008

      Well if the Cubs get some other players then maybe, glad to hear a straight up deal won’t happen

  • Mark


  • Demitri

    No way would any of us trade Marshall, arguably the best lefty reliever in the game, for Travis Wood. Bad idea. Hopefully it is just speculation. Even if other players were in the deal, I still wouldnt want an inconsistent pitcher on the team. We are rebuilding but we need consistent pitchers

  • Anthony

    took a stroll over to the “Bleed” website and there were 30 GM’s participating and they concluded there is a snowballs chance in heck for any Cubs minor league players ever to set foot in MLB.

    It is comforting to know that kids and oddball adults who reside in momma’s basement can provide this free expert analysis.

    I love it. Can you imagine if the internet wasn’t created yet? Some of these dudballs would be productive members of society, learning the drive-thru window, workin at the car wash blues.

    Yes, this is an indictment.

  • jw


  • Patrick_Schaefer

    In Travis woods only 5 innings in relief he has given up 1 hit 2 walks had 7 SO and a 0.00 ERA. Marshall was inconsistent as a starter too maybe they want to turn wood into a reliever? It’s a very small sample size but just a thought.

  • Gary J

    Personally I (potentially) love this deal depending on the other players involved 
    — Marshall only has one more year remaining of team control vs. 4 for Wood.  — We have a strong bullpen but a shallow rotation – especially if this is a prelude to trading Garza– Wood is also a lefty and other than possibly Russell there’s no other lefty SP possibles for the rotation on the 40 man– At 24, he fits the youth movement and was the Reds #7 BA prospect going into 2010– Check his stats in the minors… he’s still growing into an MLB starter – and traditionally SPs don’t settle in until year 3 (there are exceptions of course)– This nets nearly $3 million in 2012 salary in case there’s another move in the worksBeen watching the kid when possible via MLB online when possible the last two years and he’s been very hit or miss.  If he’s on he’s impressive… if he’s off he can get shelled.  Had 18 starts, and 10 of those last year were quality.  But in five of the other 8 he gave up 6 runs or more and most of those were of the “one bad inning” variety.This kid has a lot of potential.  And you weren’t going to get a lefty starter like Gio for Marshall simply because of his contract status.  Sean’s thrived since going to pen two years ago, but he’s only under control for one more year and a 24 year old lefty starter ain’t a bad target.

  • cubs1967


    how is travis wood diff from paul maholm??

    you want marshall………we’ll give ya byrd and give us drew stubbs.

    but really……….we are not trading marshall.

    (does theo knows its a 5 yr deal……….he won’t be around if no playoff in 2 yrs min………..this is not a trade to do that).


    • daverj

      I wouldn’t like a straight-up Marshall for Wood deal, but Wood is not like Maholm.  Wood is younger, cheaper and has much more upside.

    • Gonefishing2478

      Seriously? The front office we have assembled knows a thousand times more about baseball than you. Even stock traders know to sell high…Marshals value will never be higher. We are getting back a younger pitcher, under team control longer with better overall stuff. Check the road splits and you will see. AND 2 minor leaguers…really dude? I like the move, dealing from from a position of strength to a position of weakness. We are not contending next year and would have to lock up Marshall to a large FA contract after this year.

  • Coachdon

    Epstein thought about trading for Wood once when he was with the Red Sox, therefore he must be better than any Cub…

  • Coachdon

    My favorite Cubs to watch in 2011 were(there weren’t that many…) Castro, Garza, Marshall, Campana, Barney, and LaHair, Colvin, and LeMahieu when they got a chance to play. Those were the young guys that I would make it a point to watch to see how they were progressing. 2 are already gone, one is apparently going to be surpassed by a poor AA Royal, and they are trying to trade 2 more(Garza, Marshall). Castro better start packing I guess…

    • Neil

      If it helps, I have not heard or read from a legitimate source that Jeff Bianchi is going to take away Barney’s starting job. From the way I understand it, they are not looking to upgrade the second base position right now.

  • BCT082002

    I never heard of Travis Wood. They have to be nuts to trade Sean Marshall unless Joey Votto is in this trade.

    • Agustinrexach

      They are never trading Votto,they just traded away their 1st base super prospect. * Cinci is going for it this year and they are probably the favorites NL if Fielder does not resign with the Brewers.

    • Gonefishing2478

      Marshall for Votto….lmao…where do you ppl come from?

  • paulcatanese

    Wish I could comment on some of this, and would if any of it made sense at all.
    Seems as though its all a matter of control of contract and talent without it are being traded.
    What is talent for the Cubs with no control for at least 3-4 years is being moved, and to this point it makes no difference who the Cubs get as long as the contract gives control or the salary is minimal.
    The present rate of exchange that is taking place leads me to believe Theo and Co. are going young and are headed for the long haul before anything is achomplished.
    It has to be that they do not value the Cub minor league system at all.

  • matthew8510

    what does everyone think of oswalt hes telling teams he will sign a one year contract 9-10 with a 369 era last year i think he would be a good 3 or 4 hu can probly get him for 5 mil or so

  • matthew8510

    Source: Cubs, Reds close on Marshall deal
    Dec 20
    By Bruce Levine
    The Chicago Cubs and Cincinnati Reds are close on a deal that would send reliever Sean Marshall to Cincinnati in exchange for left-handed pitcher Travis Wood and two minor leaguers, according to a source familiar with the situation

    • MikeT_2008

      Man this is tough to swallow, if you’re gonna sell you gotta sell high but man this would be tough, but sometimes you gotta do tough things

    • Aaron

      Sure as hell better be 2 top prospects…again as I said before about dealing him…you use the Mike Adams deal as your baseline for what you receive

      • daverj

        Aaron – We often don’t agree, but I’m with you here.  The Mike Adams deal is a good comparison for any Marshall deal.

      • Gonefishing2478

        No relief pitcher is worth a decent young starter AND 2 top prospects

  • matthew8510

    RT @harrypav If Marshall goes, even if he doesn’t, Jeff Beliveau is going to get a great shot. He was protected from Rule 5 for a reason. 

  • daverj

     I wonder who the minor leaguers could be.  The Reds have some interesting prospects.  I’m sure Hamilton is off the table, but maybe  Francisco, Frazier, Stephenson, Corcino, Y Rodriguez, or Sappelt could be in play.

  • Dorasaga

    Marshall straight up for Wood is a fair trade. Wood had a great 2010 and pinpoint control. He is a “better Marshall” who can log you 170 innings. Like many said here, he’s under team control for several more years, and as a starting pitcher will be a valuable piece to help a rebuilding team like the Cubs this year. The Cubs can always move Wood to the bullpen and make possibly another “best reliever” when they have better talents to replace him in the rotation.

    • Tony_Hall

      D – Don’t try to be rational, you are suppose to just rant about how bad the deal (which we don’t have any details) is for the Cubs.  

      I mean how could trading Marshall, who is only controlled1 year for a younger LH SP (same as Marshall until he couldn’t start and had to go to the bullpen, where he has been excellant) be fair.  Just because there are 2 unnamed prospects who could be coming with him, I’m sure they are just low level, prospects to make it look good.  

      I mean look at T Wood’s stats, they are awful, but then again, Campana could hit home runs in Cincinnati, so his home numbers are pretty high, and I guess his road splits are good, he must be able to pitch a little.

      But we should be getting Votto or Bruce for Marshall…he’s the best and neither of them are the best at their position…I guess  stud batters are worth more than LH set-up guys, even if Marshall is the best. It looks like the Reds are going all-in for 2012, as they are set-up to win now, and then have to trade off their players, as they won’t be able to afford to keep them all.

      Well Theo is just doing nothing to help this team, it’s like he’s building a team for the future and not trying to win in 2012…….

      • Dorasaga

        Wood is not awful. Look at his stats closely. He was consistent from minor to Major. He got problem last year. I wonder if it’s fatigue (never pitched 200 innings in one season, as he did the year before, in 2010). The worst he can be is Gorzalenny.

        Marshall is very good, but he’s a reliever who, for the last three years, cannot keep most runners at bay. He’ll be “the second best reliever” on the Cubs bullpen with his stuff and pitch selections.

        I don’t think either a good or bad year can do justice to either one of them (Wood/Marshall). The Cubs will make a steal if they can trade Marshall for Wood plus one or two lower level prospects with higher ceiling, but I don’t know if more can be asked.

        • Dorasaga

          Just found some time to re-read Tony there. It that a satire so well written that I could barely spot?

    • Tonydann1984

      I’M with you. Marshall is a great pitcher out if the pen but if we can get a starter that’s young and has a upside , go for it. This is where we need to trust Theo !

  • Lilang123

    Its about need, I have a feeling they will have cashner in the pen, therefore the cubs need a back end starter to fill his place, and with cashner in the pen as marmols set up marshals need goes down

  • joejoj

    what are the chances the Cubs are trading Marshall at his absolute peak?

    Why should they hold on to a player for 2-3 loosing season while they rebuild and pay him $10-12 million in that time frame. He would probably leave via free agency anyway. Get the highest value for your players while you can. The Cubs are gearing up for a run in 2014. Stack the system with talent, either these players will be MLB stars or they will be traded to make the Major League team a better team in 2014.

    I would trade Garza as well. San Deigo does not want Garza those rumors are ridiculous. Why would they trade a cheap under control potential star like Latos and receive a gigantic return, to then trade the same return to the Cubs for a pitcher with a $10 million dollar salary?  I wouldn’t count out Texas as a match for Garza even with them getting Darvish.

    Also, trade Zambrano and Soriano and save whatever money you can. If it is just $3 million a piece I would say do the deals.

    Would Dempster accept a trade? Would he have great value, especially in July? Hopefully he returns to form in 2012, closer to his 2nd half of 2011.

    • daverj

      Dempster’s sabermetric stats show that he was unlucky last year.  He should bounce back and then we can trade him for a decent prospect in July. 

  • Gcor1952

    If you want a lefty quality starter then make Marshall a starter again!