Cubs Negotiating a Deal with Paul Maholm?

According to a report from Bruce Levine, the Cubs are negotiating a contract with Paul Maholm. The Cubs are in need of starting pitching and could be close to signing Maholm if the two sides are able to get “the money right.”

The Pirates selected Paul Maholm in the first round of the 2003 draft with the eighth overall pick. Maholm posted a 6-14 record in 26 starts last season with a 3.66 ERA and a 1.29 WHIP. In 162 1/3 innings, Maholm allowed 160 hits with 50 walks and 97 strikeouts.

Maholm just completed a three-year, $13.75 million contract with the Pirates and earned $6.25 million last season.

Paul Maholm owns 18-42 record in 89 career starts outside of PNC Park with a 5.03 ERA and a 1.56 WHIP. In 11 career starts at Wrigley, Maholm is 6-2 with a 5.48 ERA and a 1.34 WHIP … seven home runs allowed in 64 innings.

Paul Maholm’s Page on Baseball-Reference

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  • gocubs

    Maholm would be a great #4 or #5 starter on this team

    • Ripsnorter1

      “Great,” you say?

      Do you really mean “Great?”

  • cubtex

    I mentioned him awhile ago. They need all the pitching they can get. As long as the price is right…..Sign him.

  • Tony_Hall

    Maholm would be a nice 4 or 5.  

    Garza, Dempster, Zambrano, Maholm

    Wells, Samardzija, Cashner for the 5th and/or to take Z’s spot if he is not able.

    • cubtex

      that is a terrible rotation. you have stated many times that Garza is a #3 on a good team…so if you have Dempster and Z as a 2,3. They need to put Cashner in the rotation this year since he has top of the rotattion potential. It doesn’t look like Theo is doing anything to compete this year so they might as well develop Cashner and look to move Garza for 2 minor league starters.

      • Tony_Hall

        Never said it was good….

        Just that is where it would be.

        Any rotation that has Dempster and Zambrano above 4 and 5 is not a good rotation.

        I hope by mid-season, Dempster and Zambrano are gone, as they are not a part of the future.

        Cashner needs to be given another chance to see if he can start, we won’t know if he is capable until ST, and see him pitch in real games.  

        And Garza is a #3, on most playoff teams, not just good teams.

        • cubtex

          No chance they can find 2 starters better than Garza this offseason. If they could they would make the playoffs even with DeJesus in rf and Stewart at 3b.

          • John_CC

            Next year is FA market gets flooded with good SPs. 

          • Tony_Hall

            Of course not, but that is the goal.  Pick one up, through a trade/FA and develop one, over the next year.

          • Tony_Hall

            Hopefully they can trade off guys like Soriano, Byrd, Soto, Zambrano, and somewhere in there, we pick up some good young arms, with upside.

          • cubtex

            Thats what I am saying. None of those players will bring back a player with Garza’s upside. I would rather see them come out and say they will develop young pitching this year. Cashner, Shark etc. instead of seeing Demp, Z,Wells and finish 4th in the division

          • Tony_Hall

            That’s where the upside comes in, one whose floor isn’t as high, but has upside potential.

    • GaryLeeT

       They can’t all be 4 or 5s. I think you might have to dip into the 7 & 8s

      • Tony_Hall

        Sad isn’t it.  We have a rotation mostly made up of guys, better suited for the back end of the rotation.  

        Garza fits for the front end (1,2,or3, or guys you would want starting a playoff game), but that’s it so far.

        Cashner has the potential to be a front end guy.

        Dempster and Zambrano use to be front end guys, but are nothing more than back end guys anymore.

  • Jim_Tinley_Park

    As lon g as it is not James Russell, Doug Davis, Ramon Ortiz  et all.

    • Tony_Hall

      Just think thrown in Casey Coleman and Lopez and you would have a full rotation…hopefully at AAA…though I wouldn’t wish that on Des Moines

  • EqDoc

    For a low price this would be a good signing.  The Cubs just need to stock pile arms (especially after last year’s disasterous rotation).

    • cubtex

      Yes. And remember…..there is still a very good chance Z will be moved.

    • Hoosierboy3423

      if you check out the link here it shows that Maholm isnt as bad as his numbers indicate.  If we have improved fielding which is something Theo and the rest want from this club Maholm could easily be a good 3rd starter on our team.  Hes a sinker ball pitcher which bodes well for Wrigley so long as the guys in the field can make the outs needed.  I have been a fan of Maholms for a while and always thought he was in a bad situation, hopefully Theo makes this a better one for him.  Im all in on this signing.  Good move Theo, get it done! 

  • Anonymous47701

    Possible 2012 Rotation Solution???


    • Tony_Hall

      Now you want to sign 3 starting pitchers off of the FA market.

      One is necessary, two would be nice, but hard to even imagine they could get 3.  

      Now if this happened, I would hope Dempster would be out and they would go with Cashner or Samardzija to fill out the rotation.

      • Anonymous47701

        I think Cashner would be better suited as the Closer and not so much as a starter, since he throws alot of heat. 

        • Tony_Hall

          He can always move back into a closers role, he had in college.  But he has the potential to be a top of the rotation arm, something no team should waste.

          • OttawaBob

            Tony, Why hasn’t there been any talk of moving Marmol?  Its a year and a half to late but still he must have some value.

          • Tony_Hall

            Timing is the best answer I can think of, teams will pay more for a closer, around the trade deadline, if their team is in it, and they either lost their closer to an injury or don’t have a good enough one, or want to bring in another as a set-up guy.

            This is why I have always said, you need to decide the keepers (long term and short term) and trade the rest when the opportunity presents itself, when the player’s value is high.

  • Jason Penrod

    When are we going to make a move for Wakefield? It needs to happen already.

    • Coolpdxcubsfan

      When are we going to make a move on Saunders? It needs to happen already.

  • Ripsnorter1

    If bad things happen in 2012 like they did in 2011 to our starting staff, look at what could be….

    In one of the dumbest trades in MLB history–surpassing even the glory of Jim Hendry’s trading prowess–Garza is traded for 2 minor league starters that will never darken the door of Wrigley Field. Garza goes on to win 20 games–and the 7th game of the WS–for Texas in 2012.

    Zambrano wins the opening day nod. He gives up 10 runs in 1 IP. After busting a Gatorade cooler and throwing a complete dog fit, he “retires”–this time for good–and the Cubs receive nothing.

    Dumpster pitches 200 innings for us–again!-winning only 4 games for us in 2012

    Wells, like 2010 and 2011, comes into camp out of shape and not ready to compete. Another wasted year….this time 3 months on the DL and just 4 wins in 10 starts….

    After having the best year of his career ( 6-14 in 2011) Paul Maholm signs with the Cub.. But after signing the big (for him) contract, he does like all the other FAs who sign for the big dough, and falls off 25+%. He flounders his way to a 4-17 with a delicious 5.25 ERA. 

    Cashner gets his chance to start, and again return to the DL. He’ll be a closer when he returns….in 2013.

    Samarzjia never got started in 2012. His control problems returned in 2012 and in his 7starts, he pitched a total of 14 innings. 

    Rodrigo Lopez tells the Cubs to go jump in a lake, and then signs with–of all people–Ozzie Guillen and the Marlins. He wins 10 games for them.

    Casey Coleman gets yet another chance. After going 3-9 6.40 in 17 starts for the Cubs in 2011, he proves he is not a ML pitcher as he emulates Doug “What was Jim Qlueless thinking” Davis and goes 1-7 with a 7.51 ERA in 10 starts.

    Out of complete desperation, James Russell is returned to the rotation….he proves that his 9.33 ERA as a starter was no fluke at all as he posts a 10.50 ERA in 10 starts. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention: he didn’t win any games: 0-10

    Tim Wakefield was not offered a contract by any team in the 2011 offseason. But with Cashner hurt and Z retiring, Theo inks his old friend to a 3 year deal. Cubs lose millions–not only on his contract, but to insurance claims due to the broken windows across the street, as well as injured pedestrians who were conked on the head by flying HRs. Fans call his best pitch the “knuckle-head ball.” He becomes a fan favorite–among injury lawyers.

    Meanwhile, Theo, Jed and Dale Sveum continue daily to release press releases indicating that they are the smartest management team in all the world.

    • Coolpdxcubsfan

      Ouch!  hahaha Hilarious
      I love it Rip. I think you are right, we must be broke to even consider Homey..
      Please, NO on Homey.
      Dammit, we are a big market team,  get Saunders and be done with it.
      We need him desperately, with or without the Mikado (Yu) and/or the Greedy Prince
      Geez, if we intend to take advantage of our weak division
      and have mediocre power, then we need great defense. Get a decent pitcher and move on.
      This guy is yet another mediocre opportunist.
      Fits right in with DeJesus, Stewart, DeWitt, Baker, Byrd, Sorry, and Soto. A Pirates team if I ever saw one.

  • Cubs_fan_life

    really hard to get excited about the “Theo” era when we’re gonna stink again this year.  Fielder or not we’re in for a long frustrating season

  • Anthony

    Adding a LHP with decent core stats(ERA/WHIP) is a good move, and plugs a hole when Zambrano gets shipped to Miami.

    Folks, the FA crop is crapola for a couple seasons as far as ELITE players, but then again, you don’t want to “overpay for past performance”, right?

    The team is getting younger by the day, and faster. Once Ricketts swallows the Soriano money pill, Byrd gets shipped for a couple minor league prospects, and a few other tinkerings, they will compete.

    There are NO players available via FA that will make anyone happy, warm, and fuzzy unless you have to have Fielder and the comfort of some additional power.

    Would like to see Coghlan added to the OF if Z heads to Miami, and prefer that Bianchi breaks camp as the 2B, and Jackson makes the 25 man roster, and that Campana gets much more playing time.

    • cubtex

      I agree on both Coghlan and Bianchi