All About Albert and Prince … and Other Rumblings from the Winter Meetings

Day two of the Winter Meetings has been all about the big free agent first basemen … Albert Pujols and Prince Fielder. The Cubs appear to be interested in both and rumors have suggested that the Cubs have offered low term contracts that might include opt out clauses to Albert Pujols and Prince Fielder with a high AAV (average annual value).

As of this writing, the Marlins have reportedly offered Pujols a 10-year contract that some think is north of $240 million. If Pujols ends up taking his talents to South Beach that will have a ripple effect throughout baseball … and could have an impact on the direction the Cubs go to fill their need for a first baseman.

Here is a quick update from day two in Dallas …

News, Notes and Rumors

According to Jim Bowden, the Cubs do not want to go past five years on a contract for Prince Fielder. They would rather sign him to a short-term deal with a high AAV. Because of the shorter term contract, Bowden is viewing the Mariners as the front-runner to sign Fielder.

According to Phil Rogers, the Cubs are trying to get the Baltimore Orioles to take Alfonso Soriano off their hands. Rogers reported the Cubs are willing to pay a bulk of the $54 million owed to Soriano.

Mark Buehrle has narrowed his list to five teams. According to Jim Bowden, four of the teams are the Rangers, Marlins, Nationals and Angels. Reportedly Buehrle is looking for a no trade clause in his contract and the Marlins are not willing to give it to him.

If the Marlins land Pujols, look for the Cubs to try to acquire Gaby Sanchez from Miami according to the Tribune.

According to a report from Thomas Harding, the Cubs have backed away from trying to acquire Ian Stewart. The Cubs initially discussed send Blake DeWitt to Colorado for Stewart but has also asked for Tyler Colvin, D.J. LeMahieu and Scott Maine in various talks (not all in the same deal). The situation remains fluid according to Harding and it’s not beyond the realm of possibility that they’ll jump back in.

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