Rambling While Dreaming About a Vegan

Hello again, everyone and happy Friday to you all. The Cubs’ stove has been simmering for weeks now, but we have not even come close to a hard boil. However, I have a distinct feeling that is all about to change. From Sapporo to Milwaukee, baseball news now comes from all over the globe, and the news is going to start rolling in to Chicago.

So, let’s get to some rambling and towards the end, look for the re-emergence of my favorite little “WTF” game.

Here we go …

  • I might be the first person to use Sapporo and Milwaukee in the same sentence … ever
  • Unless Sapporo is some crazy fun city with tons of cheese and beer and, um, unhealthy people.
  • No, Chicago is not much healthier.
  • Speaking of Chicago and Milwaukee … since one traversed north in free agency, I think someone else should move south.
  • I know this is not news to anyone, but I agree that 5-year, $125 million contract with an option for a sixth year.
  • I really hope the Cubs did not spend something north of $50 million to earn the right to pay for Yu Darvish. I know it’s not my money, but still, seems egregious for a question mark.
  • Then again, it’s not my money, So … As long as it doesn’t prevent us from Prince, I could learn to live with it.
  • The sabermetricians would like to tell you that Dice-K wasn’t a bust. And based on some numbers, he had an impressive WAR, but the second half of his contract was nothing better than extremely rough.
  • When is Kerry Wood going to sign? I am not on the inside, but I am a bit surprised that he has not been inked yet.
  • Then again, Theo and Jed have not been doing things any faster than extremely slow this offseason.
  • And again, they have a touch more experience than I do.
  • If Ricketts is willing to eat $45 million of Soriano’s salary, it’s hard to hate the owner. Not many would do so, especially when he or she had nothing to do with the contract.
  • Hey, Kim. It’s Brian over here. How are you doing this week? Oh, you’re missing me? I figured as much.
  • Coco Crisp. Come on. We already dealt with the board game, we don’t need to repeat it with a children’s cereal.
  • Many folks were quick to worry upon hearing the news of the Cubs purchase of the neighboring McDonalds. No Mickey D’s right by Wrigley. No Ronny Don’s Café right across the street. No French fry smell wafting through the air. What is going to happen?
  • Fear not, Big Mac aficionados, there will be a McDonalds in the new structure. That much has been guaranteed.
  • And thank heavens because that McDonalds has been sobering up drunken 20-year-olds for years.
  • What are everyone’s thoughts for second base? Darwin Barney’s second half is too reminiscent to Theriot. Thoughts, opinions?
  • And now on to our game
  • WTF is Wrigleyville going to look like in five years? Hotels, triangles, indoor walkways over Clark, the ideas are boundless.
  • WTF is Marlon Byrd thinking? He wants another contract, but will he even be playing much come July?
  • WTF could I not play pro baseball? Oh wait, I know that one.
  • WTF is Mike Quade thinking? From charters and five-stars back to buses and meal stipends.
  • WTF is the rotation going to look like on Opening Day. Depending on how things play out, it could be pretty scary.

And there we go. Another set of ramblings and some more WTF’s, ladies and gents. I can’t for everyone to just bring it below. Fire away, get creative, have some fun, and let’s start conversing.

I have a good feeling between the time I finish this and the time it is posted, some kind of news will break. It just has to.

And until then or until next time …

Stay Classy Cubs Fans!!

Quote of the Day

"Never let the fear of striking out get in your way of playing the game." – Babe Ruth

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  • Binyow

    Even if you say Darvish + matt garza 50mill not worth it.I like Joe saunders scott kazmir(if healthy big if) and tim wakefeild is a grizzled veteran and would give the cubs staff(specialy the young ones ) adifferent look. Maybe a kid or two can add the knuckler to his repertiore……

  • Rtrobinson17

    Dicek made less than $10M til this year. Thats the going rate for an average sp. Do I wouldn’t say that contact is had st all…the fact he got hurt didn’t help but that can happen to anyone.

  • Tony_Hall

    It was just tweeted that their is a report out that the Blue Jays won the bid.

    Do you think Darvish wanted to come to play major league baseball, only to end up living in Canada???

    I know some major league players have not wanted to play for Montreal or Toronto, due to taxes mainly.  What does the Darvish camp think of this, if it is true?

    Blue Jays $40-$50M posting fee reported.

    • Schwimmer

      If Toronto wins the bid…and, DARVISH doesn’t want to play baseball for 5-6 years in that city on that team — I wonder if he’ll have enough conviction to make sure his “negotiation” goes nowhere during the 30 day period?

      And, then, he could be a free agent and sign wherever he wants next year.

      I wonder if that is a possibility?  What do you think?

      • Anthony


      • Tony_Hall

        I could see it.  The other side of the argument, is how much leverage does the player have with the team.  The team wants the money, can the player say, give me 25%…50% of the posting fee or they won’t sign.

        It’s a bad system…

        • Schwimmer

          I agree that it is a bad system.  It is very  hard to understand why a Japanese team would be entitled to such “outrageous” compensation.

          While one can make a case that they deserve some compensation.  There is no case to be made for them to receive a “posting fee” that could 30%, 40%, 50% of the contract.

          And, you are right:  it would be easy for a player to have the leverage to say to their Japanese team — “give me some of that ‘Posting money’ — or, I will say NO to the contract.  And, “Next year — I’ll be a FA and you’ll get nothing!”

          • daverj

            It’s just how the Japanese league rules divide up the dollars of a player’s value between the team and the player.  It a way, it’s not that different from the first 6 years of MLB here where players are not free agents.  If a Japanese team wanted to purchase Starlin Castro right now and sign him to a long term contract, they’d have to offer the Cubs a ton of money.  Obviously, that’s a ridiculous scenario, but in theory its not that different.  It’s a bad system for the player and the US teams, but not a bad system for the Japanese teams.

    • Binyow

      Toronto is a nice place and you CAN win there.

      • Tony_Hall

        I have been to Toronto, and I agree.  But that doesn’t mean I would want to live there.

        • Anthony

          Penthouse overlooking Lake Ontario, great restaurants, and a short 90 minute ride up to cottage country where you build a 2nd home on a nice lake, do a little fishing, water sports, etc.

    • Johnguleserian

      Did they offer Canadian$ or US$? As of this morning 1 $CAD is worth 0.97 $US.

      Maybe the Fighters got 3% less than they thought.

    • cubtex

      I think Anthopolos accidently bid in Canadian dollars :)

  • Tony_Hall

    WTF is Wrigleyville going to look like in five years?
    5 years!! 5 years!! Why would we want to plan out that long.  

  • Tony_Hall

    WTF is the rotation going to look like on Opening Day?

    • Ripsnorter1

      You think Zambrano will be sane and ready to pitch for the Cubs by opening day?

      Saunders ain’t signing here for the ML minimum, which it is beginning to look like Theo & Company are going to offer.

      Wells will be in there.Samardzija? I kinda look for him to set up Marmol.

      • Tony_Hall

        WTF it was just a guess.

        I think Zambrano and his Rocky impersonation will be there.

        Saunders will receive a lot more than major league minimum, and the Cubs know that.  They need to sign someone, he is the best bet for the least amount of $$ and years.

        Wells…I know 15 wins in 2011…they will use him as their back-up plan, if they can’t get anyone.

        Samardzija…one of our young guys needs to be in there, they have a lot of $$$ invested, best way to maximize that is to give him 1 more shot at starting.

      • Schwimmer

        Yes…I predict he’ll be sane and ready to pitch on opening day.

        It’s the Holiday season.  I say:  show Z one last bit of charity.

        He’s got talent.  He’s competitive.  He’s got pride. And, he knows that one more bad incident and no other Team will want him.  He’s through as a major leaguer.  That’s a pretty sobering reality for him.

        And, pretty good motivation.  

        Besides, let’s be realistic…and, put on your GM hat.

        1.  The Cubs need pitching badly.

        2.  They owe Z $18m.  And, all of the Teams who are interested in Z want to steal him for $3m or $4m.

        3.  That’s ridiculous!  After all, Z has a lot of “upside” potential.  If all the Cubs can get is someone “throw away” player in a trade…while we pay for 70% to 80% of his 2012 Contract — I say…we are better off taking our chances with Z.

        4.  Lastly, if Z has any incident of bad behavior — it is just as easy to “release” him at that time.  What’s the hurry?

        5.  For now…the “cat is out of the bag.”  Last year’s incident is history.  And, if Z can make peace with his Teammates…I say give the guy 1 LAST CHANCE.

        6.  I say if Z can makes it through Spring Training that he’ll win 14 to 16 games for the CUBS…

        Just call me SANTA SCHWIMMER :)

        • Ripsnorter1

          Hey, Santa!

          I agree with you on all of your points. I was just saying to Tony that “You cannot count on Z for anything.” So he’s really your 6th starter. You might pencil him down as your #3 or #4, but in reality, he’s so undependable that you have to have someone in the wings waiting to step in for him. 

          So, yeah, I’d give him “one last, last, last, last chance”, since I owe him so much money. 

          And I’ll say I am very skeptical that the Cubs will chase after Mr. Saunders. Don’t think they will make a realistic offer for him. 

          • Tony_Hall

            I agree you need to not say he is for sure, but as Theo has said, you need to know your 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th starting pitcher, because history shows, you will need them.

      • Coolpdxcubsfan

        hahaha Thanks Rip, you always cut through the bs and get right down to the meat.

        Z may be sane for a game or two, but I guarantee there is a Gatorade meltdown somewhere in his future.

        That Saunders deal should have been a done deal by now, period! Methinks someone else will get him, and then team Theo will talk about it, as in “no money”.
        AND as you mentioned in a previous post,

        Money all gone buying a McDonalds, and paying for “suits”, management, and the club.

        OR it could be that we are truly involved in the Boras production of the Greedy Prince.

  • Tony_Hall

    WTF is Marlon Byrd thinking?
    That he is an aging vet, that has the right to play everyday…even if he swings at the first pitch, low and outside, with the bases loaded, 2 outs, and the pitcher on the ropes…every single time, they are down by 1 run.

  • Chuck

    WTF whose playing first base if what’s his name is playing third base?

  • Coolpdxcubsfan


    Our off season is 3 mos. old and:
    Sorry isn’t going anywhere yet
    Z isn’t going anywhere yet
    Baker, DeWitt, and Byrd aren’t going anywhere yet
    The Bluejays are the supposed high bidder on Yu
    We signed DeJesus, and Stewart
    We are interested in Crisp?
    We are interested in Wakefield?
    We are haven’t signed Saunders yet.

    Why haven’t we signed Saunders yet?

    Do you notice any mediocrity here?

    Any trend??

    • Binyow

      Rebuilding not mediocrity

      • Coolpdxcubsfan

        Fine, go one way or the other. either rebuild or be competitive in our weak division. This sorry a## team is not either, just mediocre.

      • PleaseStopLosing

        Rebuilding is trading current talent for young talent… AKA- trading Garza, Byrd, Soto and Marmol for prospects to rebuild with.

        Trying to win now means signing FA’s or trading for players ready to step in and help.

        Team Epstein is sitting stagnant– and horrible.

        Ian Stewart and David DeJesus!?!?!? I cant figure out if they want to win now or rebuild… because neither are any good and neither will be any better in 3 years.

        We as Cubs fans should be sick of paying sky high ticket prices to see us “not have the cash” to bring in Prince, Darvish, Cespedes and Soler… Let alone anyone else.

        Were staring a team BA of 250 in the eye… Thats going to score some runs.

        • Tony_Hall

          They are getting short term stop gaps to fill holes, until our young players in the minors are ready.  

          Just because we haven’t signed a Pujols, Fielder, CJ, Buerhle, doesn’t mean they didn’t make an offer.  But where JH would set his sights on someone and overpay, they are not willing to overpay to add a player this year.

          • cubtex

            How about just making your argument for Theo and let’s stop deflecting the attention away from him by always saying…JH did this or JH did that. How about just looking at what our current gm is doing and judging his baseball moves.

          • Tony_Hall

            C’mon man! You don’t like my reasons, so now you to set the criteria for how I can make a point.

            Cub fans have been use to JH’s style for a decade, of blowing all of his spending money in the first few weeks of the off-season, many times, even before free agency had begun.  

            Now, we have a different style, that is more patient, that’s all I was saying.  

          • cubtex

            that’s fair. I didn’t mean for it to come off harsh but I have a pet peave about kicking a guy when he is down. JH is no longer here. Let’s focus on the present…that’s all I am saying.

          • Tony_Hall

            I’m more than ready to move on, but it is a part of our history.

            Plus JH is no longer down.  In case you didn’t see it, he is ready to go back to work.


            Please, please, please, let him go to another team in the NL Central.

            Now, that’s kickin him when he’s down.

          • Jay from sandwich

            The reaon why known one is talking is because team theo is owe four two with one maybe or has been?
            Meaning rule five a rockies trade as failures a maybe has been for our new right fielder. I Feel like the mid to late 70’s when we had on taverns or did I say Stewart?

          • PleaseStopLosing

            Are you forgetting that we dont have hardly any talent in the minor leagues to have a stop gap for!?!? I get what your saying and it’s a great theory but we either have to trade our current major league talent to get people in the farm to wait for or just go for it all now with free agents…. Besides Brett Jackson we have very little talent worth waiting for with stop gaps…This is not just my opinion… Nobody rates our farm highly. Besides B-Jax we have have 2 or 3 other guys in the whole system that might luck out into being good major leaguers! So what are we stop gapping for them for??

          • Anthony

            I suggest attending an A or AA game before making such a comment. What you will are pro ballplayers, guys who can hit high velocity off the mound and hitters who can rake it.

            Getting to the majors is more luck and timing than it is talent

          • PleaseStopLosing

            I go to 5-10 A games a year… a few Cheifs games included. All I see are a bunch of good baseball players and good baseball. More than 90% of those guys will never make the majors and 98% will never be impact players as the major league level. We do not have near the talent in our minor league system right not to have stop gaps in place for farm guys to replace. That is a fact.

          • PleaseStopLosing


          • Tony_Hall

            We have quite a few players who will make it to the majors, and that has been very much notes in the industry.  We lack upper echelon players, like Pujols, Fielder, etc.  

            Over the next few years, we will be seeing many players make it to Clark and Addison from our system, the key will be signing players or trading for players that fill our holes, and/or give us better players.

    • Ripsnorter1

      This isn’t rebuilding. This isn’t competing. This is simply saving dough to pay for:

      1. The overpriced office executives, like Theo. (Talk about overpaying!)2. The purchase of the team (talk about overpaying!).

  • http://chicagocubsonline.com/ Neil

    According to multiple reports, the Blue Jays posted the highest bid for Darvish. Once the announcement is official, I will post it. There were erroneous reports about Dice-K back in 2006 that had another team posting the highest bid … so stay tuned.

    • Schwimmer

      Neil, is there a “date” when each team’s “bid” is made public for us to see?

      It would be very interesting if you (or, someone else on this blog) could re-print — what each Team bid was for DARVISH.

      I have, no doubt, that at least team made a “NO ONE IS GOING TO BEAT THIS BID!!!” – bid.

      Maybe that team is Toronto.  And, I’m guessing that the winning bid is between $50m to $55m.

      (If that were true:  I doubt that the CUBS would make that high of a bid.  And, I would be glad about that.)

      • Dorasaga

        Schwimmer, the Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters have until 4 p.m. Central Time the 20th this month (Wednesday midnight in Japan) to announce if they accept the bid or not. From the DiceK experience, I’ve learned the club usually will like to make an announcement early morning before that deadline, Tokyo local time.

        That’s how pro. sports help themselves by feeding the media. Evening tabloids and afternoon newspapers circulate in Japan–a market still alive and well, unlike in the States. At least six papers will be picked up around the massive transit system (train stations all over Japan).

        If accepted, it’s been customary that Major League officials allow the Fighters to announce the team that bidden and the amount of that bid.

      • http://chicagocubsonline.com/ Neil

        Dorasaga is correct with his deadline and timing. If I see a list of the bids, I will post it.

    • cc002600

      I hope this is true.
      I’d much rather see us go after guys like E. Jackson, Saunders, or Mahombs.  Proven MLB pitchers for a fraction of the cost.

    • cubtex

      Actually this is the best case scenario. The Cubs don’t need to take the risk to pay 50 mil plus the 5 year 75 mil on an unproven player and he is in the AL East.

  • Anthony

    Just reviewed the FA list, conclusion, NO Pickens
    Just reviewed the FA list for the following year, conclusion, Slim Pickens, and not the actor from Saddles!

    One name that popped up was Josh Hamilton. There were a few reports he wanted to work a deal to extend past 2012 and get paid, and Texas may be holding firm.

    The Players(Union) got their wish in the new CBA with the disguised “hard” draft cap, as well as the restraints put on INTL FA, and the new commitee formed to “regulate” it.

    The players are happy that stupid monies doled out to high school kids will be limited as well as 16 year old “phenoms” from abroad, and more money to the MLB rank and file players. That is basically from the horses mouth.

    The effect: More college players, meaning soon to be older rookie minor leaguers starting at age 21, so when this cycles over the next 3-4 years. yor SS leagues may be made up of more 3 year college players instead of Pups from HS and DSL, etc.

    The Draft reduction to 40 rounds may well mean teams stop drafting even earlier than that, and the legacy and favor picks could start very early on. In other words, less kids drafted unless……………they start including INTL Players in the R4 draft also, under the same rules.

    College baseball will now become somewhat more developmental, and the summer wood bat leagues more heavily scouted than ever before.

    This current, and the next FA crop is the best of the worst, the cream of the crap, retreads, the unwanted. This affects everyone, not only the Cubs, and the teams that are currently pretty good may remain good during this transitional change, and the weak clubs may continue to struggle.

    These CBA changes are drastic, more than some may want to believe or yet have grasped. These changes make it more important now, more than ever, to really see what your farm system is all about.

    There are NO impact players on the market, except Fielder, and all the clubs know that, so prying an impact player in a trade would be costly based on simple economics of supply and demand. Every club will hold onto their assets because there are NO replacements with MLB experience.

    You know Boras and all agents are aware of this, as are the GM’s, which leads me to believe Prince will get 8-10 from somebody.


    Threw that in to stay with the theme…..!

    The teams with the best current Farms are sitting pretty. It is time to take our Farm kids and have the organization use every available resource to better them.

    If any Cubs suits read this junk, get on the phone with every player and have them in Mesa after the Holiday’s and put them to work. Everyone of them, not just the now defunct Camp Colvin group already there, but ALL of them.

  • cubtex

    I agree about upgrading 2B. Barney really struggled defensively there. He doesn’t turn the dp very well, he got to the bag late numerous times on steal attempts which cost several throws from the catcher to end up in cf. I am with Aaron here…..if they don’t add another 2B thru trade….I wouldn’t be surprised if Bianchi doesn’t beat out Barney at some point and becomes the starter.

    • Anthony

      agree on Bianchi

      1B LaHair
      2B Bianchi
      3B Stewart
      SS Castro
      C Platoon
      LF Soriano
      CF DeJesus

      Wondering if Byrd may be packaged, or be the 4th/5th OF

      For RF, take a chance with Jackson regardless of playing with his clock/service


      Theo can parade his buddy JD out to RF for a swan song?

    • cubtex

      I mentioned this before….but I would love for the Cubs to take a flyer on Chris Coghlan from the Marlins. He has had injuries the last couple of years and has no position. I heard he is supposed to start the year in the minors. You can probably get him pretty cheap. He raked his rookie year and was a double machine(thus winning the rookie of the year award) Pick him up……move him back to his original position 2B, and have him compete against Barney.
      If the rumors are true that Z will be traded to the Marlins shortly…ask for Coghlan as part of the compensation. He is a low risk pickup with high upside.

      • daverj

        I like Coghlan too.  I read a couple months ago though that the Marlins are still hoping he becomes a part of their future and will not trade him on the cheap as a “sell low”.  That could have been bs because they aren’t acting like he’s a part of their future, but with the Marlins, you never know.

        • cubtex

          I don’t know if you remember Coghlan’s rookie year…but this guy flat out raked! He has kind of fallen out of favor with them and got hurt. They moved him to CF…but I would like to see him moved back to 2B and the Cubs give him a shot.

          • daverj

            I remember him well.  He is a very talented player and I’d love to see him at 2B for us.  My point was just that the Marlins may still not be ready to let him go on the cheap.

    • TR

      I know that this is controversial, but I believe that Cubs Mgt wants an upgrade defensively up the middle..  C,2b,ss,CF.  
      To do this, I think the Cubs are looking at Rollins.   If we can pick him up for 4 years,, and move Castro to 2B, which scouts  have always said would be his better position when he came up,  this would be a major upgrade!   Castro is fantastic to his left which would be a huge plus at 2B especially with Fielder at 1B.     In Philly, they are saying a “Mystery Team” is holding up the Phillies re-signing Rollins.  

      • daverj

        Most suspect the mystery team is the Tigers.  I can’t see the Cubs being in on Rollins.  Castro may change positions eventually, but I don’t think the Cubs want to do change anything with him at this point in his young career.

      • Anthony

        It wouldn’t surprise me TR if the Cubs were in on Rollins, and Coghlan would be a decent pickup in a Z trade.

        By the way, I did a quick “reference” on Soriano career, and as everyone knows he is a shell of his former baseball self(mostly age), I more was reminded of the Texas salary dump for 3 bags of peanuts to the Nats, where he had a near career year at age 30, and the old Cubs regime got sucked in to a long-term deal.

        I am wondering if clubs were less concerned several years ago about a post-peak aged player at the back end of a LT contract since many older players were still productive at ages past 36-37 years old(PEDS)?

        Anyways, the legs are shot, and that also slowly erodes power, and once a true EBH machine, the Cubs will be lucky to get 20dbl/20hr out of him. He would be very effective in the AL sitting on the bench between AB’s, but we all know that already.

        Maybe he is Theo’s version of the posting fee, roughly $42M to send him to an AL club.

        Borax, on the other hand, is gloating these days because he has the first Domino under his power and control(Fielder), and it is well known that it irritates the baseball suits. Comes across as an arrogant SOB while holding the puppet strings.

        Cubs fans can only ask Theo to make his best offer, and say take it or leave Boorish, then move on.

        If Fielder wants to hang out in the PNW and observe rainfall as a hobby while drinking gourmet coffee, go for it, or the Prince can remain in MILW(my guess), or he can become the face of ChiC, feast on some great food, and try to make history(on a 5 year deal).

        • Tony_Hall

          I’ll say it again about Fielder…wouldn’t it be great if all teams interested gave them an offer, the team can live with, and that Boras won’t accept.  

          Then, move on.

          Don’t wait for Boras and Fielder to decide, just start acting like he said no, since he didn’t say yes.  

          I would love to see one of these guys, blow their opportunity to sign a massive contract, and then have to settle for a 1 year deal, or below what they expected long term deal.

          Wouldn’t you just love to see Boras have to accept a 3 or 4 year for below $20M for Fielder

          • Anthony

            NO, he can park him in the INDY league……..lol

  • Tony_Hall

    So – If the Cubs haven’t even talked to Fielder, that would greatly decrease his market, and therefore, his contract offers.  

    Gamesmanship on the Cubs part, or just plain and simple the truth…time will tell.  Either way Fielders camp, can’t be happy that they just said all of that…

  • Ole Dad Himself

    Well, I feel like I just wasted 10 minutes if my life listening to the “drunken” ramblings of a guy sitting naked in a bean bag eating cheetos. And here I thought when I got this app that it woulf be insightful information on a factual basis. Instead, we had this garbage. Stick with just posting reports from the AP or just factual pertinent information. I know your just trying to be creative but for those of us searching for up to the minute information about contract signings, player news, etc., we are not looking to hear rambling information that is about as helpful as reading the stalls in a mens bathroom. I’ve wnjoyed this site since my purchase of it but now I’m wondering if the information I am pulling off this site is factual or just some random bullshit that will in turn make me look like an idiot when I get proven wrong for quoting material that you have wrote and is possibly a big steamy bowl of cow turds.

    Somewhat Disappointed

    • RickinMSP

      Obviously new to the site.  Calm down a bit, check back in a few times a day for the next week and read the updated reports and the comments.  I’ll bet that by the end of the week you’ll be hooked just like the rest of us.

    • Brian

      With all due respect, it was doritos, not cheetos.  Please get it straight.

      • http://chicagocubsonline.com/ Neil

        Brian, app? What app? We will discuss the snack foods later. I’m curious about the app.

        • Brian

          Me, too.  I had no idea about the app that doesn’t exist.

        • Tony_Hall

          Neil – Did you create some fancy new app for our smart phones that you didn’t tell us about?

          Hard to believe since you are supposedly charging for it, you would think you would be promoting it.

          • http://chicagocubsonline.com/ Neil

            I did not but if someone is charging for a CCO app, I hope they cut us in. I could use the revenue.