Cubs Meet with Pujols’ Agent … and Other Rumblings from the Winter Meetings

The most important news to come out of Dallas on Monday morning was the election of Ron Santo to the Hall of Fame. Santo received 15 of 16 votes and will finally take his rightful place in Cooperstown. Santo will be enshrined on July 22.

The rumors have been flying out of Dallas … some expected, some unexpected.

According to a report from Ken Rosenthal, the Cubs met with the agent for Albert Pujols on Monday. The Cubs were expected to meet with Dan Lozano while in Dallas and are supposed to sit down with Scott Boras at some point in the near future.

Here is the latest from Dallas …

News, Notes and Rumors

According to a report from Carrie Muskat, Bryan LaHair met with Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer on Monday while in Dallas to accept his Minor League MVP award. The Cubs’ new front office did not make any promises to LaHair for next season but did tell LaHair they wanted to give him an opportunity.

According to Jim Bowden, Scott Boras has meetings scheduled with a small group of teams actually interested in signing Prince Fielder. The Cubs are rumored to be one of the teams interested in Fielder. Tom Haudricourt thinks the Cubs are the team to keep an eye on with Fielder.

Another report surfaced about teams showing interest in Alfonso Soriano. According to Jon Heyman, there are teams interested in Soriano and the Cubs will have to eat a lot of the $54 million owed to Soriano.

The Phillies are trying to move Placido Polanco to free up a spot to sign Aramis Ramirez. The Cubs are now rumored to be interested in trading for Polanco.

According to a report from Gordon Edes, the agent for Yoenis Cespedes is telling clubs that it will take double of what the Reds signed Aroldis Chapman to ink his client … that would be a $60 million contract.

Bruce Levine confirmed the Cubs are talking to the Padres and Rockies about Chase Headley and Ian Stewart.

The Cubs search for starting pitching could lead them to Edwin Jackson. According to Bruce Levine, the Cubs could be interested in signing Jackson.

Another one of the Cubs rumored targets is off the market. Aaron Harang reportedly agreed to terms with the Dodgers on Monday afternoon.

Stay Tuned … will post a full recap of Day One at the Winter Meetings.

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Quote of the Day

"Show me a guy who’s afraid to look bad, and I’ll show you a guy you can beat every time." – Lou Brock

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  • Regalo D Dios

    Edwin Jackson isnt a bad option. Pretty young and is a heck of a competitor. I hope team Theo can come up with a bunch of guys that will grind it out and out play the competition, that’s what this team really needs.

    • John_CC

      I am leery of Jackson.  He’s all or nothing.  Why can’t he stick with a team? For such a sought after commodity – quality, young, SP – why is heading to his 5 team in 4 years or whatever it is? 

    • ldsteam2001

      I would be happy with Jackson.

  • cubtex

    More options at 3rd base for the Cubs. I kind of like the idea of Polanco. He will make 6 mil next year with a 1 mil buyout for 2013. I am sure they might be able to get some money back from the Phils(at least the buyout) and he shouldn’t cost a lot. No power whatsoever but he is an ideal #2 hitter and could hold down the fort until Vitters is ready in 2013.

    • Tony_Hall

      I’d rather have Headley, but the Phillies may not be looking for much back in return, if someone is willing to pay him.  Questionable on if he will be ready to go in ST.

      • cubtex

        Headley will cost a lot more. If the Cubs believe Vitters is the future….then Polanco would make more sense. And Tony…..He has a decent WAR 😉

        • Chadaudio

          I would be in favor of Polanco – I really like his defense, and his offense is enough to keep him in the lineup.  That being said, I think having him on the market, makes him the best 3B available (All-Star, Gold Glove 3B when no other 3B is available)… what exactly do you envision the Cubs giving up for a guy like Polanco?… I guess… what do you consider “cheap”.  Cheaper then a Stewart trade?

          • cubtex

            I think a mid level prospect should be sufficient. Remember…he is basically a 1 year option. He is signed thru 2012 and there is a mutual option for 2013 or a 1 mil buyout. He is coming off a sports hernia and the Phillies would only trade him if they sign ARAM. Phillies would just want to clear 3rd base and his payroll and get back a little something imo

        • paulcatanese

          Polanco, ok, he’s a gold glove, that would be nice. But what about the power numbers? Dosent it make one wonder what a third baseman is doing hitting 2nd in the order?
          Also on MLB this morning there is a possibility that Rollins could become available, any thoughts?

          • cubtex

            We have a shortstop… Sorry Paul…Couldn’t resist. I don’t think Rollins would be a fit. He is on the downside of his career and I don’t see how picking him up now would help them when they will be ready to contend.
            On the power…that is a huge issue. Polanco is basically a contact/opposite field hitter who is a very good OBP guy. IF…you take ARAM, Soriano,Fuko,and Pena and replace those 4 with DeJesus,Polanco,Fielder(?) or someone else and LF (?) They will not have as much thump in the lineup as last year.

          • paulcatanese

            You are correct with Rollins,as that was what brought him on MLB, and a new shortstop may come in and Rollins would have to move to third and he wasnt having any of it.

            As far as being a good oppisite field hitter that would work well if the leadoff hitter is agressive to go 1st to 3rd, could work( is Polanco LH Hitter?) dont know,if he is then it may not .

          • cubtex

            Polanco is a righty. Ken Rosenthal mentioned that Phils would probably eat some of his salary as well. He would definately be a reasonable low cost stopgap

          • paulcatanese

            Sounds like a plan, unless he eats sunflower seeds.

    • Teluton

      Polanco is originally from the St. Louis system.Too bad he’s 36,but a solid player who fields well,works the count and is unselfish- a team player-why not try to get him

  • John_CC

    What are the odds that Pujols and/or Fielder are signed this weeks?

    • daverj

      If a team meets either player’s dollar/years demand, the signing will happen quickly like when Boston gave Crawford his target number last season.  Otherwise, negotiations will likely drag out.  Given that (1) the Yankees and Red Sox not in on either player, and (2) the contract demands are pretty high for both, I expect that neither will sign this week.

      If the Cubs offer Fielder $200 mil for 8 years, I think Fielder would sign right away.  I really hope that doesn’t happen.

      I also think that of the two, Pujols is more likely to sign first.

  • brent carmona

    Hot Dog, flossing, strawberries and..cake?

    Funny stuff from Ron Santo in the booth with Pat, enjoy

  • Vivid_Reality

    I would give Jackson 3yrs 20mm max. Anything over that is too much of a risk. And yes I realize he will sign for much more than that.

  • Ripsnorter1

    There’s talk the Marlins may land Pujols.

    • daverj

      The Marlins need another starting pitcher much more than another bat.  Their line-up is already pretty potent and Sanchez is a solid 1B:


      I’d love to have that kind of line-up for our Cubbies …

      • Ripsnorter1

        The Marlins were 23nd in MLB for runs scored,
        22nd in Batting Average, 19th in slugging, and 16th in on base percentage. Pujols would be a help.

        572 AB….19 HR…78 RBI…266 BA….

        Yeah, he did okay. But that ain’t 100 RBI by his name, either.

        • daverj

          Hanley was out (or playing hurt) for most of the season, Morrison missed significant time, Reyes was not on the team, and Stanton, Morrison and Sanchez are all young improving players.  The 2011 team stats don’t reflect all of that.

      • Nathan

        I mentioned earlier there Cubs should go after Sanchez if they sign Pujols..young and talented

  • Anthony

    So with the SD connection, you up for a Headley/Vitters plus prospect swap?

    And if so, which Cub prospect/s goes along for the ride?

    • Vivid_Reality

      Vitters is still to young to give up on. I’d rather see if they would go for Wellington Castillo and Marwin Gonzalez package.

      • Anthony

        they want Vitters

        • Coolpdxcubsfan

          And throw in Hill and DeWitt

    • paulcatanese

      If the Cubs have to give an additional prospect I would say DeWitt, as they cant seem to give him away.

      • Coolpdxcubsfan

        And/or Hill

    • Aaron

      Vitters at a fraction of the cost…more upside…more contact ability and about 5 yrs younger….ummmmmm….i’m telling the Padres to go pound sand

  • paulcatanese

    Cespedes, 60 million? Tell him to go pick bananas.

    • cubtex


    • Schwimmer

      I agree Paul.  I think that takes some “big balls” to ask some team to commit to $10m a year for 6 years on a guy that no one is totally confident — can hit MLB pitching.

      We gave FUKODOME $40m for 4 years when everyone knew that the odds of a player from Japan were not great to translate their hitting to MLB hitting.  Another dumb signing by HENDRY.

      These agents!!!!  There is no amount of money to great for their guy!  That’s great for them.  But from the standpoint of a TEAM GM…I say “pass” on CESPEDES if it takes $60m to 
      sign him.

      The thing I love about these players is very few of them wants to put to much of the contract on “performance.”  That tells you about how confident in being paid for performance!

      And, I see more of them who want to be paid for what they did BEFORE.  For example, JIMMY ROLLINS.  He’s a good player.  But a 3 year deal is not enough.  He wants 5 years.

      And, the last 2 years he’s been a .250 – .260 hitter.

      I hope this is the year that GMs use their heads…not just their wallets.

      • Anthony

        the cost to be a fan of the game would fall back in line if players were paid AFTER production based on incentives for expectations

        welcome to Disneyland

        Basically, FA means FANS ACCOUNTS

        • paulcatanese


      • Aaron

        Plus…remember this is a guy that has been facing high school equivalent or at best Division 3 pitching according to some that have scouted that league…in fact, there were several guys this year in that league that came close to his offensive totals.

        It’s very similar to the tallest midget argument

        • paulcatanese

          Love it.

        • Dorasaga

          That’s a joke, right? I saw an average of single-A pitching, and double-A in international tournaments.

  • daverj

    If you were Epstein, would you go 3 years and $39 mil (with a no trade clause) for Buehrle?

    I wouldn’t but I’m curious as to what others think.

    • paulcatanese

      I wouldnt,he’s too old, and I’m a cheapskate there. is just too many millions floating around, for not enough talent. Has to be more pitchers out there, somewhere.

    • Schwimmer

      I wouldn’t either.

      Buerhle is in the late innings of his career.  I wouldn’t care about his “no trade clause.”  But I don’t think he’s worth any more than 3 yr/ $30m contract.

      And, I hear he has no interest in playing for the CUBS.

  • The Maven

    Someone should tell Craig Counsell that it’s time to get off the pot.

    • paulcatanese

      He probably wears depends.

  • BD

    Theo just about to go on Intentional Talk Live on the MLB Network.. I really hope that he holds on to Garza..front of the rotation starters that are durable and have 2 years of team control left are hard to find. I wouldn’t be all that disappointed if they traded Marmol for a good haul and signed Kerry to take over the closer role. 

    • Neil

      Theo was quick to point out that Pujols’ agent also represents Rodrigo Lopez … he almost laughed after he said it.

      • BD

        Yeah I think Millar got a good laugh as well. Not much information divulged during the interview but it was fun to see him and Millar interact. I wonder if Theo will have that type of relationship with his players in Chicago…

      • Ripsnorter1

        The Cubs need to resign Rodrigo. We are so hurting for pitching we even need this 4 inning starter.

  • Neil

    Cubs met with agent for CJ Wilson

  • Schwimmer

    I just read that the CARDINAL’s offer to PUJOLS is for 8 years (not 9).  

    That is still going from “utterly ridiculous” to just “ridiculous.”  It makes no sense to pay a guy (who we hope is really ONLY 31)…$22m to $30m when he’s 39 or 40 years old (esp. when he’s in the National League and there is no DL).

    That is why everyone thinks it a sure thing that he signs with the CARDINALS.  

    I could see the CUBS giving him a 5 year contract at $30m a year.

    But I am sure he wants much more.

    What happened to the days when a player wanted to get “paid,” but he also wanted to play for a TEAM he loved and in a CITY that loved him?   There is no such thing as loyalty.  It’s only about MONEY, MONEY, and MONEY.  Very sad!

    I really believe that GMs will be very leery of giving players 8 year contracts.   A lot can happen to a guy who you sign for $20m to $25m a year for 8 years.  (See SORIANO signing for confirmation of that.)

    I think a lot of people will be surprised when they see that the contract length for some of these superstars will be shorter than their AGENTS have asked.

    • Anthony

      The Pujols thing would be perfect timing for collusion. Leave his only option Japan

    • cc002600

      Well said.

      Not only that, there will now be HGH testing. Not sure about anyone else, but I have always been a little suspicious of Big Albert taking some extra “pills”.

      So what if you sign this guy to megamillions and his production falls off a clif ? I would not be totally shocked if it happened. 

      No way I shell out that kind of dough for him.

    • Dorasaga

      Pujols wants to be “respected,” while St. Louis wants a slamdunk Hall of Famer to be enshrined forever on their Gateway ground.

      I see a match, not ridiculum.

  • Neil

    Marlins have set up a meeting with the Cubs to discuss asking price for Zambrano … view Zambrano as a possible plan B if cannot sign Buehrle.

    • Zach

      Do you think that the Cubs would be able to trade for Matt Dominguez, since Hanley Ramirez will probably move to 3rd base?

      • daverj

        Marlins would likely make him available, but I don’t think I’d want Dominguez.  I don’t think he’ll hit well enough to be a starting 3B.

        • Zach

          He’s only 22 and if the Cubs could get him in a Zambrano trade and not have to give up much else in the deal i would gladly take Matt Dominguez.  At least the Cubs could try him out at third and see what happens.

          • daverj

            I agree with that.  I’d deal Zambrano for him, but I wouldn’t deal any top prospects for him.  I doubt the Marlins would let him go for Z (maybe if the Cubs paid 100% of Z’s salary).

          • Zach

            I would be fine with the Cubs taking on all of Z’s contract to get Dominguez.

          • Anthony

            vitters/matt d

            why is one better than the other?

          • cubtex

            Vitters is definately better offensively.

          • Anthony

            wasn’t Dominguez the King of California HS baseball in 2007?

            Well, obviously the scouts F… .., were a little off?

          • cubtex

            Yep. That is him.

          • Ripsnorter1

            Vitters is better? And Vitters isn’t good enough to play MLB!

          • Breeden

            You gotta remember, most people will overvalue someone just because he’s not our player.

    • Skeldor

      I hope they can’t sign Buehrle lol

    • longsufferincubfan

      If I’m Theo, I’d pay the Marlins to take him.  He’s a cancer.

  • cubs1967

    here’s hoping this week is productive; and that team Theo understands that all this “build from within” talk guarantees nothing; but I do guarantee that if the cubs do not make the playoffs minimum 2 times in his 5 yr contract; he’s gone. JH did it 3 in 10; and ya know; after 103 yrs………..cubs fans do not need to be patient.

    Go Cubs Go……heel clicking HOF Ronnie style!

  • daverj

    If Harang’s deal with the Dodgers is for the rumored $6 mil per year for 2 year, I can’t even imagine what a younger, better pitcher with upside like Edwin Jackson goes for …

  • diehardcubfan

    The Cubs need to just say NO!! to bringing back Rodrigo Lopez and move on.

    • cubtex

      Ha. I saw that too!

  • Anthony

    OK, going to expose my being naive’ about baseball, but I don’t care.

    So maybe there are 20 wicked pitchers in MLB who have that added extra in getting good hitters out. Every generation has them, and then maybe a few special arms in the bullpen, so 40 cut-above pitchers out of 375 on MLB rosters any given time. The rest are really no better than some pitchers in A/AA/AAA.

    Now, take the success of our minor league teams in 2011, and even though peoria struggled on the mound with wins, they held their own offensively in a pitchers league.

    I have lost faith in the overall system of what the minors use to mean to the MLB club. That lost faith started with the dawning of free agency and continues on with this ridiculous parade of players who are lucky as any lottery winner.

    There are players at all levels of MILB that are as good, or better than these somewhat ungrateful lucky chumps. Blow the entire thing up and seek passion for the game vesus being held hostage by pimps and hoes.

    Where’s the Tylenol Clark!

    • paulcatanese

      Anthony, I dont think you are naive,as I have posted many times about free agency and the demise of baseball.
      It can only go so far and soon free agency will price themselves out of the game entirely.
      The only real passion for the game is in the minors or on this site as we post daily hoping for some good to come out of all of this.
      But as long as teams pay millions upon millions for those who could care less about the game and only the money put in their pockets it will continue.
      Just look no farther than St Louis or the Brewers and about six million fans (pd attendence) that are upset that the clubs will not have their big honchos back because they cannot afford them. I just wish that what has been posted earlier that they let them both go to Japan, let them feed them Sushi.

      • Dorasaga

        Well, guys, wait until you watch the pro. league in Taiwan, CPBL. They had 10 teams at one time, but after 21 years WITHOUT free agency and a REDUCTION to 4 teams now, in the name of maintaining quality like you guys said, they still play a hair better than college baseball.

        Free agency has nothing to do with the quality of a league. Any other factor will do. Ask Curt Flood.

        • paulcatanese

          If I recall correctly,Curt Flood sacrificed his career to gain independence and the right to choose where he wanted to play .

          Free agency would be ok if it were taken in that vein, and I have no objection to that.

          Owners and their obsession to have a strong team coupled with the greed that players jump to with millions being offered is what I object to,

          I just wonder if all of these multi millionares have any idea at all what life is outside the circle they live in.

  • Tom U

    Marwin Gonzalez is back and starting for Leones del Caracas tonight.

  • Aaron

    If the Marlins truly want Zambrano (doubtful…as we’ve already been down this road this very same offseason where they were “interested”, then we found it it was completely fabricated), then I think the conversations would have to be with the following players in mind:
    Dominguez (NOT as centerpiece…Cubs already have Vitters, who is better than Dominguez anyway, especially offensively)
    Gaby Sanchez
    Logan Morrison
    Ricky Nolasco
    Chris Volstad

    A fair trade might be Sanchez straight up for Zambrano, with Morrison moving in at 1B…or Dominguez and Nolasco/Volstad for Zambrano….or, the Cubs could expand the deal, and ask for Morrison, but include someone like Baker, Barney, Byrd, etc. along with Zambrano

    But I wouldn’t do it for anyone less than those players I just mentioned (some combination of them anyway…NOT all of them obviously)

    Who knows what is going to happen. This is already shaping up to be a crazy offseason. Are the Cubs really interested in Fielder or Pujols? Most likely NOT…if you read between the lines of comments made by Ricketts, Epstein, and Hoyer (although most of those comments were made prior to the CBA deal being announced that might’ve changed everything…and might be why we’re seeing such a crazy market right now).

    I highly doubt the Cubs will sign Wilson, Buehrle, Oswalt, Pujols, or Fielder….that leaves lesser players like Damon, Kotchman, Kouzmanoff, Buck, McLouth, Kubel (if his price comes down), Pineiro, Bedard, Harden (yes….that guy…Epstein wanted him in Boston last year), Francis…etc.

    The Cubs also do not have very much attractive trade bait they’d actually want to trade (ie.-Garza and Castro), aside from Soto, Marmol, Marshall, and possibly Byrd…that’s slim pickings…


    • cubtex

      You know 1 guy I would like to take a flyer on from the Marlins is Chris Coghlan. Former rookie of the year…. A minor league 2nd baseman who was moved to the outfield. I always liked the way this kid played! He plays hard and is a very good hitter when healthy. I wouldn’t mind seeing the Cubs get him and moving him back to his original position….2nd base. He was a doubles machine in ’09.

    • daverj

      Sanchez and/or Morrison is way too much for the Marlins to give up for Zambrano (even if Baker, Barney and/or Byrd are added to the deal).

      Supposedly, the Marlins refused to part with Morrison for Gio Gonzales so that tells you how the Marlins feel about Morrison (even after the way they jerked him around this past season).

      One guy you mention (Volstad) intrigues me …. he’s been discussed as a non-tender candidate.  I’d like the Cubs to pursue him if that is the case.

  • Ripsnorter1

    Dodger are accumulating some pitching:


    And they have a minor leaguer ready to start in Eovaldi.

  • Anthony

    this is a follow up to paul and his reply

    are we really that dumb when watching minor league players, I said watch, not look at boxscores, that these GM experts have some special talent more than we do about who can play baseball at the major league level?

    They obviously do because MLB owners hire them for crazy dollars to try and turn 20 losses into 20 more wins running a meat market.

    If you did the math each draft on how many high school and college players get a shot over the whole pool, the numbers are less than 1 with a decimal point and lots of zeroes.

    Instead, pay a retread?

    • paulcatanese

      While I find it difficult to play major league baseball for a lot of players and many will not make it to the show, its a lock for those who are there. By that I mean teams have the notion that the talent has been established over a period of time.

      The simple fact that their are many in the minor leagues who could do well at the highest level they are blocked by many who are “hangers on” by owners standards.

      Free agency has not helped but has hindered the game and the players that are being shuffled back and forth in the majors when contracts are up just creates further blocks.

      The odds are even greater if taken into account the very beginning of a baseball carreer. Maybe one out of 20 even make the freshman team in high school and odds increase at the varsity level, and I couldnt even begin to guess at the jr college and four year schools.

      Out of those the odds to sign a professional contract  really begin to climb, factor in injury, bonus players, size, speed, etc.
      and many other intangables and one is looking at trying to hit the jackpot in Vegas on a six reel slot machine.

      If free agency were structured at a salary cap of (for the sake of discussion) say, you can go to another team when you become a free agent but no more than 5% increase in salary and then on an incentive program after that. If one doesent meet the projection factor then its a decrease in salary. Players wouldnt be so eager to jump teams, as its not about independence as originally thought .

      Not that any of this means anything and I dont know how some of these guys remain in the bigs for as long as they have.the answer is beyond me. All I can remember is years ago if a major leauge player hit .220 he would be gone.

  • Jay from sandwich

    it will be interesting to see if team Theo will practice what he preaches by not signing players for past performance. But signing them for future performance hence the big Po from St louis is to old for a five, six or longer contract. They should go after Fielder or play with players from within. I already know the Team Theo believes that he needs a thridbasemen for next year. What that MEAns is Baker, Dewitt, and the three to four minor leuagesrs who can play third base are out of the picture. While I wonder if smith from AAA is the next third basemen slugger for the Brewers next year? If he is he will be better than the last cub third base castoff the brewers toke in the rule 5 or was it a plan free agent. I think team Theo needs to scot the Cubs before they start dumping the current minor leaguers for stop gap players. Also I read restemtly that Tyler Colvin will have to prove himself in spring training to make tj=he team. Wekk as fair as that go’s this new coaching staff has a lot to prove to mess a fan If they can not get the best out off the kids like tyler colvin etc… then team theo has hired the wrong manager…….. Time well tell but I believe there is talent here in chicago minor leuage system but only for those who will neuter and make them grow. Remenber the easiest way to by time for your new system is to say the cubs system is bare and that  we will start fresh… That also a copout…. Hen e do not be fooled Cub fans. I expect that team Theo will make the current minor league players better because that what they clam to be good at. Hence they should be able to give some pitchers control where they have none act…..

  • Chuck

    If anyone can get along with Big Z, it is Ozzie in Miami.Having lived in Miami for 5 years, you may as well have been living in Latin America.  English seems to be the second language there. I can see the Marlins being a contender in 2012.  And to think that the Marlins have two world championships since the franchise began in 1992 is unbelievable. 

  • Dorasaga

    I feel no excitement, but a sense of relief. Finally, Santo is where he always wanted. Someone who contributed tremendously to baseball–the only true qualification of the Hall–deserves this. The Hall committee is not too bad, after all.

  • Anonymous47701

    I wonder what game plan the Cubs have in store for the 2011 Rule 5 Draft.

    • daverj

      What number are the Cubs in the draft order?  I’d love to see them pick Drew Cumberland, but I expect he’ll come off the board within the first few picks.

      • carmelo

        I go for T.J. McFarland from the Indians—LHS

      • Anonymous47701

        I’ll have to look and see where the cubs stand in the draft order, but I think they should make a play for LHP Trevor Reckling.

      • Neil

        Cubs have 6th pick but any teams ahead of them without an open spot on the 40-man roster cannot pick.

  • Aaron

    ST and Levine apparently claim to have the scoop on Headley and Stewart

    ST says Maine plus LeMahieu for Stewart while Levine says Russell plus another relief arm or something for Headley

    I would think a Russell-Stewart or Russell plus another arm swap for Headley makes the most sense, because Russell is an excellent reliever (crappy starter though), while Stewart has potential, but never has put it together, and Headley is worth slightly more than just Russell.

    As for Maine plus LeMahieu for Stewart….I absolutely laugh at that…in fact, I almost spit up my coffee. First of all, Maine throws mid-90’s as a lefty and is promising despite mixed results….Secondly, LeMahieu has far more potential than Stewart, and is also more versatile. Maybe he doesn’t have the power numbers, but he’s proven he’s a run producer in the minors that makes great contact….something Stewart does NOT.

    But it’s coming from Levine, so I guess it makes COMPLETE sense, as he’s so far removed from reality (especially now that his best buddy Hendry is gone and he doesn’t have the inside scoop anymore)

    • cubs1967

      i agree.  russell and whoever (not carpenter) for headley is OK.  maybe dolis.
      the rockies are on crack. he hit .156 and spent 75% of the year in the minors. could the cubs then trade colvin for the same?? NOOOOOO.
      here’s hoping jed’s insight can wrinkle out a deal here; that’s why he’s here -right??
      time for team theo to show some genius.  dejesus move only showed more JH.
      tick tock………where’s prince??

    • Anonymous47701

      Does Marmol and Russell for Headley seem to make sense?

  • Coolpdxcubsfan

    Why would anyone possibly be interested in Stewart when Headley and Polanco are available?+

    • Tony_Hall

      Cost.  Just because a player is available doesn’t mean it will be a fair deal.  Take Garza, they aren’t trying to trade him, but if a team offers them more than they can say no to, then they will.