From the Wire … Cubs Acquire Travis Wood, Dave Sappelt and Ronald Torreyes from Reds for Sean Marshall

According to multiple reports, the Cubs and Reds deal for Travis Wood and Sean Marshall is official. The Cubs also acquired outfielder Dave Sappelt and 19-year old infielder Ronald Torreyes in the deal … Baseball America ranked both Sappelt and Torreyes among the top 25 prospects in the Reds’ system prior to last season.

With the addition of Travis Wood and Dave Sappelt and the subtraction of Sean Marshall, the Cubs’ 40-man roster will stand at 39 players once the deals for Reed Johnson and Manny Corpas are made official.

Dave Sappelt (24-years old, right handed outfielder) made his big league debut against the Cubs at Wrigley on August 7, 2011. In 38 games with the Reds last season, Sappelt put together a .243/.289/.318/.607 line with eight doubles. Sappelt compiled a .313/.377/.458/.834 line in 74 games at the Triple-A level last season that includes 16 doubles, three triples and seven home runs.

Dave Sappelt is projected as a fourth outfielder and was added to the Cubs’ 40-man roster.

Dave Sappelt’s Page on Baseball-Reference

Ronald Torreyes, the 19-year old infielder (September 2, 1992) is listed as 5-foot-9 and 140 pounds … but he can hit.

In 67 games in A-ball last season, Torreyes put together a .356/.398/.457/.855 line with nine doubles, five triples and three home runs. Torreyes will slip into the top 15 of most Cubs’ prospects list … and could even break the top 10.

Ronald Torreyes’ Page on Baseball-Reference

Travis Wood (July 1, 2010) and Dave Sappelt (August 7, 2011) made their big league debuts at Wrigley Field against the Cubs.

Travis Wood’s Page on Baseball-Reference

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  • BosephHeyden

    Looking at some of the stats on the prospects the Cubs got back, as well as Wood being a young guy with loads of potential, this was either a really good trade or the Reds GM has officially lost his mind between this and the Latos trade.  For the sake of not being pessimistic, I’ll say “both”.

  • UPNorth

    Why do they go on the 40-man roster?

    • Aaron

      Wood and Sappelt were already on the Reds’ 40-man and thus would’ve had to be outrighted by the Cubs and made available on waivers to all other teams if they weren’t added

      • UPNorth

        Thanks Aaron!  I appreciate your knowledge and enjoy reading your comments.

    • Neil

      Aaron is 100% correct … thanks Aaron, trying to build the report.

  • Jerry4572

    im am cubs fan all my life. i am glad Theo and company are going to blow the team up with trades. This team wasnt going anywhere anyway, It was about time we done this

    • Henry

      Blowing up the team is one thing. Getting something usable in return is another.  In the past we have never gotten the big prospect  back.  It is my fear that this trade will be more of the same.  I am happy with the thoughts and ideas expressed by Theo and company but I am not happy with some of the moves they have made.  I realize it is early in the Theo regime.  I am willing to give him some time but I need something more than this!  

  • Tedtop16

    Curious trade. Not big guys. Both under 5’10”. It doesn’t look like much power added. We are definitely going to have a new look. It is interesting to see how all of this shakes out.

  • MikeT_2008

    I don’t know much of anything about these players but the deal seems fair, the Reds got their man and the Cubs got 3 young players, not great but not bad

  • nick_ss

    Haven’t posted on here for a while, but try to read it everyday if possible!  To Neil and everyone on this thanks for the endless work and great articles. If my memory serves me correct, I was one of the first ‘posters’ to this site and this is by far my favorite and best Cubs site out there!! Thanks again to all who makes it what it is!!

    I know some people aren’t happy with this trade, or what Theo & Jed have done and haven’t done yet, but I am giving them more than two months before I even start to judge them, Rome was Not built in a day, let’s Not forget the mess these two inherited!!  And quite frankly, those two are a Hell of a lot smarter than I am when it comes to this stuff.
    I was a fan of Marshall, but I think I like the trade.  I will say, living in Ohio, 90% of my friends are Reds fans, and I can honestly say, I have not heard ONE of them say they are happy about the trade.  As I’m typing this I just got another text from one of them saying “wow this trade just got worse can we please trade GM’s!” LOL! 

    On that note, I wish everyone a Very Happy and Safe Holidays!!!

    • Neil

      Nick … Hey man, good to hear from you! As yes, you were the first commenter.

      Have a great holiday season with the family.

      • nick_ss

        Thanks Neil!!  I am hoping by the time the season starts I can post a lot more!

        Have a very Happy and Safe New Years!!

    • Aaron

      Nick….long time no talkie….missed our debates on here. Hope you’re doing well…and yes…I’ve seen the same posts on the Reds blogs.

      I do, however slightly disagree with you because of recent trades involving relieves like Adams and Uehara. Epstein was right about Marshall ….he just might be the best lefty reliever in the game right now….and he’s still young.

      If you also examine the posts further on their sites you’ll see the consensus was they shouldn’t have given up Torreyes….Sappelt was viewed as a 5th OF and it was a near universal opinion from what I read that nobody cared about losing Wood.

      We already have a better version of Wood in our system…his name is Chris Rusin…look up his stats…he’s better.

      As for 5th OF with no plate discipline….we already have our own lefty equivalent in Campana….they both have eerily similar stats too at the MLB level…and minors too…but Sappelt has more power.

      So look at the trade from that perspective then tell me if youvstill like it.

      I’ll once again remind you:
      Mike Adams for Wieland and Erlin

      Uehara for Hunter and Davis

      we didn’t receive a single player in this deal that is better than any of the 4 guys I listed above.

      That’s why I said in my evaluation of the trade that Torreyes better turn into a great player…

      At 5’9″, 140 lbs that is VERY doubtful…but he could surprise us all…and keep this in mind when reading comparisons to Pedroia…ANY guy shorter than 5’10” that has decent minor league stats has been compared to him…including our very own Fontenot who was said to be the lefty equivalent

      • Josh

        I don’t think you can compare the haul on mid-season vs. off-season trades with regards to the relievers. Mid-season trade have much more desperation which drives up the price. This trade is way to early to judge, as are the Adams and Uehara trades for that matter until the prospects actually produce.

      • Dorasaga

        Aaron, I always liked your educated opinion, and you definitely know pitching more than I do. But in addition to Josh above just said (how the “timing” of the market dictates “value”), I beg you to PLEASE WATCH WOOD pitch–his regular games. How about four games? Two from 2010 and two from 2011. Any game.

        I found him better than Marshall. It’s my opinion, perhaps not a very smart one. But most Reds fans cried out loud for losing him for a reliever, all because their GM goes “for winning it all” *(while Votto still under team control).

        Or maybe you are very busy, then how about watch three of his coming spring training games in blue stripes? Then tell me what you see. Perhaps you’ll see something else.

      • nick_ss

        Hey Aaron, it has been a long time! I have missed our debates as well!! Like I told Neil, hopefully by the time the season starts I can start posting more!  Has been crazy busy around here, but a good busy! 
        Hope all is well with you, have a Happy and Safe New Years man!!

  • cubtex

    Paul….with Sappelt and the signing of Reed Johnson, it does not look good for Campana.

    • paulcatanese

      Iv’e had the same feeling, well maybe he will stick with someone else, and I still have the tapes of his games.

    • Josh

      I’m not sure why the Cubs would carry 2 RH OF bats on the bench. I think Sappelt will end up on the bench and he is injury protection.

      • Roland

        Maybe they will start him at Iowa this year.  Hopefully to learn how to steal a base.

  • Neil

    Lots of info in the CCO’s twitter feed, will post in report later … upper right hand corner of site.

  • daverj

    Reds fans seem to think they got screwed in this deal and are pretty outraged.  Seems to me like they are going for it in 2012 and the deal makes a lot of sense for them.

    • Neil

      You’re right, the Reds fans are not happy

  • gary3411

    BA says Torreyes is a “wizard with the glove.” Not huge difference making potential. But, I’d say he has a legit shot at being a north of 300 hitter with gold glove defense in the major leagues. And he is already hitting doubles, triples and a few longballs at 140 pounds, so he’s got natural “pop” and should not be just a singles hitter either. This guy kind of excites me and instantly became our best minor league 2B prospect, unless I’m forgetting someone.

  • Josh
  • Brad Cue

    This is a bad trade for 2012, and a good trade for 2013+.

    The only reason to be upset is if you think the Cubs are contenders next year, and Marshall was the missing link.

    Theo and Co. will never say it publicly, but 2012 is a write-off.  They are looking at 2013+. 

    In that context, this trade makes good sense

    • MikeT_2008

      Well said Brad, 2012 is going to be a write off and you gotta get what you can for Marshall when his value is highest

      • Hoosierboy3423

        and if we got our 2b of the future here with Torreyes I think that alone is a very valuable trade.  If we are gonna be playing young and seeing what we have and building a team.  What need do we have RIGHT NOW for a good middle relief guy.  Great Deal if this prospect pans out.  On top of that we got a still young Lefty in Travis Wood, whos sort of in the mold of Ted Lilly, not over powering, not staggering K numbers, whos still young with good numbers away from cinci and good numbers his first year.  Heck if you take away 4 or 5 of his starts last year where he did get blown up his numbers look acceptional.  I honestly like this deal all the way around.  Theo and company are at work and the office wont be closing for these guys till they get us on the right track.  Its gonna take time and as much as most of us dont want to and are impatient with it, we have to understand its a process we are going through. 

        I think one of the posters on here needs to change his mantra from “No More Grace Period” to “No more bandaids”  This is what Theo and all are working towards. 

  • David Swoophorse Piotrowski

    This deal has Theo written all over it.

    You all should here what Reds nation is saying. They were upset with the prospects given in the Latos trade. This deal has put them over the top. If true guys we may be thrilled for years to come.

    This is my first post. Hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy “Cubs” Year!


    • Neil

      Welcome to the CCO … and Happy Christmas.

  • Coolpdxcubsfan

    I wonder how everyone will like this trade when  Sean Marshall comes to Wrigley many times a year and kicks our a$$. I am against trades in our division because we play them more often and the players traded always get inspired.

    • Coolpdxcubsfan

      On the other hand I don’t think Reds fans will enjoy Torreyes and Sappelt and Wood returning to Cincy and kicking them around either. lol

  • mutantbeast

    I like this trade, but only if Torreyes pans out. Kid seemed to have a very good year for an 18yo in A ball. .855 OPS as an 18yo is really good. Wood strikes me as never above a # 4 starter and Sappelt doesnt seem to have the speed to play center or the power to play a corner outfield spot.

    • cubtex

      The more I am reading about this kid…..the more I like him. I wish they could have gotten a pitching prospect back instead of Saffelt. I like the potential of Torreyes though!

  • Zonk

    Torreyes can certainly put the bat on the ball:  38 Ks in 697 Minor League ABs, hitting .364.  That is crazy-good contact. 

  • Aaron

    As currently constructed, here is the Cubs’ 40-man roster:
    20 pitchers: 13 relievers, 6 starters. Of the relievers, 4 of them (Cabrera, Lendy Castillo, Cashner, and Samardzija) could be tried in the rotation…all 4 have rotation experience, with both Cashner and Samardzija having MLB rotation experience.

    3 catchers

    9 infielders: 1 1B (LaHair), 1 2B/SS (Barney), 2 2B/3B (Baker, DeWitt), 1 1B/3B (Vitters), 1 3B (Stewart..though he does have some 2B experience, but it’s clear he won’t be playing there again), 2 Utility IF (Bianchi, Lake), 1 SS (Castro)

    7 outfielders: 1 LF only (Soriano), 6 versatile OF (Byrd…though he only wants to play CF apparently, Johnson, Szczur, Sappelt, Campana, and DeJesus)

    Something has to give with the way this roster is currently constructed….it’s not at all designed to win. The infield is a collection of “nobodies”, other than Castro. We all know Barney is nothing more than a singles hitter. Bianchi struggled to hit in the .250’s last year in the minors. Was it injury related? Perhaps, but how do you know he can even be effective? Baker can ONLY hit lefties. DeWitt can’t hit anybody….and Stewart, while supposedly injured, was worse than ANY of the infielders just listed….and he is supposed to be the starting 3B?!?

    Moving onto the OF…Johnson and Soriano are old…and are injuries waiting to happen. NEITHER have any plate discipline whatsoever, and literally walk to the plate swinging, no matter what the situation is in the game. Szczur was yet another one of Hendry’s piss poor roster management decisions (had to be added, because Hendry re-worked his signing bonus), Sappelt is seen as a 4th/5th OF at best…same with Campana, and DeJesus, at this point in his career, is at best a 4th OF (unless his injuries really had something to do with his horrible season last year as he claims). The sad thing is, Soriano is the only “starting caliber” OF on this team. How sad is that?!?

    So the 40-man is now at 39….

    “generally, we are in the business of taking our short-term assets, and turning them into long-term assets”

    This would appear to mean that the following players are as good as gone:
    Garza, Dempster, Marmol, Byrd, Soriano, Baker (though Epstein from his Boston days has some weird fascination with him), DeWitt, Wells, and Soto. I included the last 4 in the mix, even though they’re all arbitration players, because they’re all getting too expensive for arbitration relative to their contributions to the team.

    If Garza is dealt, it will likely be for one or two MLB ready starting pitching prospects, which would then bring the roster up to the full 40-man. One of DeWitt or Baker could be replaced with Lake or Vitters, both of whom are on the 40-man already, so the roster would then be down to 38. You’d have to think that Dempster, Marmol, Byrd, and Soto would be able to fetch you MLB-ready players, so you’re looking at a full 40-man roster with the need to get rid of some dead weight.

    That is why having marginal talent on your 40-man roster is so damning….you literally can’t improve. DeWitt, Bianchi, Sappelt, Campana, are all marginal players…and I would throw Baker in the mix too, except, he at least kills left-handed pitching.

    So, given Epstein and Hoyer’s acquisitions thus far, it’d appear that even if they can unload Garza, and other players that have value, they won’t get nothing but marginal talent in return. Other than Torreyes, there’s not a single guy they’ve traded for/signed this offseason where you can say, “that’s a guy you can build around”…which, again, leads me back to my original point…Why didn’t they just keep Colvin, Gonzalez, LeMahieu, and Flaherty on board, and gone with their own prospects who are actually better and more MLB-ready than the ones they’ve acquired….and furthermore, why in the hell would they keep trading for/signing middle relievers when they have a system full of those arms? Even if you disagree with my tone regarding Epstein and Hoyer, because you think it’s still early, and you want to give them a chance….you have to admit, that I have a point….by trading/not protecting their own prospects, and dealing for/signing other prospects that aren’t as good as the ones they let go….they’ve actually made the entire organization worse.

    I hope I’m wrong, and I hope that they’re able to turn around the career trajectories of DeJesus, Stewart, Weathers, T. Wood, Bianchi, Corpas, and Sappelt….because prior to their arrival with the Cubs, they were either coming off injury, or very bad seasons at the MLB level.

    What I think is happening here, is they’re trying to get cute, so they can tell everyone how smart they are if any of these players turn their careers around. There really isn’t any other explanation, and I keep going back to the LeMahieu for Weathers deal…it was an incredibly bad deal, not only because Weathers is older, and just a downright awful pitcher with a K:BB rate of equal last year, and very close for his career.

    And the Corpas signing is especially concerning for me. The Cubs now have:
    Wood (if he ever signs)
    Corpas (essentially replaces Marshall)
    Lendry Castillo

    …those are the arms that are penciled in.

    Beliveau (likely to be the other lefty), Carpenter, Dolis, Weathers, Maine, and Mateo are all battling it out for 2 spots in that case, and one of Cashner/Samardzija will be in the mix for one of those spots if they don’t make the rotation.

    With the exception of Weathers…all of the other guys are good options, especially Carpenter and Dolis, who already have proven they can handle MLB hitters.

    Corpas was rumored to have been touching high 80’s tops before he was injured. I would like to see a report where he’s at now, because otherwise, there’s absolutely no reason a career 1.400+WHIP guy coming of TJ surgery should be getting a guaranteed MLB deal.

    I’ll try to temper by criticism a little bit here…I don’t want to be too negative when we haven’t even played a season under this regime, but I will tell you this right now…if you do a side-by-side comparison of last year’s team, and this year’s likely team….we are far and away worse…and it’s not even close, folks…not even close. And in my mind, Epstein’s quote will likely be his undoing with the fanbase “every opportunity to win should be sacred.” They are essentially turning this team into the Iowa Cubs…with the one caveat being, the Iowa Cubs were actually better.

    • cubtex

      Look at those outfielders on our 40 man roster!Have you ever seen such a sorry bunch? Only Soriano can consistently hit it out……and he will probably be moved. No pop whatsoever. That is why Campana won’t make team. Left handed hitting sub outfielder has to have a little thunder….which we all know Campana doesn’t

      • Aaron

        Sadly for him…I think you’re right. I like Campana a lot…you can’t help but like the guy. He did alright in the minors…but Sappelt did better, so you have to like his chances over Campana to make the roster, even with a righty already on the bench in Johnson.

        I strongly believe Byrd might be the next one dealt, perhaps in a package along with Marmol. I just don’t think Epstein has much use for a 33 year old CF that can’t even make gap plays anymore…and has little to offer offensively anyway.

        Once Cespedes establishes residency, and because there are absolutely no good power bat options for the OF on the open market, I believe Epstein makes a strong run at him, and buys more time for Jackson at AAA.

        If he can find a taker for Soriano, I believe we might see a starting OF of Cespedes in LF, Jackson in CF and DeJesus in RF with Sappelt and Johnson on the bench.

        I also believe that Epstein and Hoyer are going to go after Rizzo, and if so, they will likely have to deal one of their power arms amongst Dolis, Carpenter, etc. (though I hope it could be Weathers…but there’s almost zero chance of that), plus another prospect (likely Lake)…and given his crappy showing at the MLB level, and the fact he’s only had success (which I’ve already outlined in a previous post) in “hitter’s leagues” But personally, I think the Cubs should just go with what they have…which is a tandem of LaHair and Ridling.

        In fact, if they’re unable to obtain Cespedes, I believe they should eat any salary they have to with Soriano and Byrd…and just go with Ridling in LF and Jackson in CF…I just don’t know what else Ridling needs to prove in the minors.

        I believe they should hang onto Lake, and use him if Stewart sucks (as I predict he will), and have him be a super utility guy for 2B, SS, 3B, and corner OF.

        After all the trades and FA signings, the best we can likely hope for is a roster like this:
        whomever they acquire for Garza
        FA starter (Edwin Jackson?)
        T. Wood

        K. Wood
        L. Castillo

        C-Castillo, Clevenger
        2B-Barney, Bianchi
        3B-Stewart, Lake
        CF-Jackson, Johnson
        RF-DeJesus, Sappelt

        …that might be the best we can hope for….with all the other veterans bringing back high ceiling prospects from high-A or AA that don’t need 40-man protection. And that’s really the best scenario, because it allows for the Cubs to move players around their system and add them to the big league roster if they produce well.

        • Hoosierboy3423

          based on the recent acquisiton of Torreyes I see the Cubs being a player for Soler not for Cespedes.  You can still build for the future around Cespedes, but I think his asking price may be a little high.  I think Theo and all would prefer to swoop in and give Soler a little more money than some other clubs are wanting to offer.  That would still be significantly less than Cespedes and bring back the one many feel is the better prospect.

    • RynoTiger

      since the Cubs have never done a rebuild, perhaps we’re not familiar with what is supposed to happen.  maybe we’re supposed to get worse for 2-3 years (or more) before we get better.  sort of like hitting rock bottom in order to get better. and if we don’t get better in a few years, and Castro is even better, then quite a trade chip at that point. 

      though doesn’t Dempster have no trade protection?  i was thinking he did and it wouldn’t be easy to move him. afterall, we may need his comic relief this year.

      • Hoosierboy3423

        I kinda think Demp is the kind of guy like Wood, who would let himself be traded at the deadline regardless of a no trade clause, if he had a deal to come back as a Free agent.  Now I only seee this happening if he is on board for the rebuild and signs for a lesser deal.  But Demp LOVES the cubbies I can see him sacraficing living out of a hotel somewhere for a few months at the end of a season for a shot at a WS run and the opportunity to also make the cubs better for his return.

    • gary3411

      No doubt we are worse than last year, BUT you have to admit, even if we don’t find a way to add LEGIT young core players to the team this offseason, that IF the money we are not spending in 2011 is used in 2012 or more likely 2013-14 and we have around a 160-170 mil payroll, that this year’s crap team will be worth it and most of these moves make some sense. IF that’s the case

      Also, on the stewart trade, it does suck that we lost Lemaheiu, and this may have been brought up previously. I would almost guarantee they tried to just trade colvin for stewart straight up but the rockies were probably shutting it down every time since stewart still has an option. Also, this may not be your personal opinion, but i would be willing to bet a majority of MLB execs and scouts would rather take a flier with ian stewart on their rebuilding team than with tyler colvin. So, that is why lemaheiu had to be included in the deal, both teams knew stewart was more valuable than colvin based mostly on upside. So, then the rockies start saying if you add lemaheiu then we have a deal and hoystein just must not think lemaheiu will ever develop any power (and neither do I based on his short quick, hands behind the ball swing). So then the cubs countered saying since lemaheiu has too much value another player must be included and the deal was done. This was NOT a lemaheiu for Weathers deal is my main point I guess. I mean the guy had a sub-700 OPS in AAA last year as a 23 year old, he did do well in AA but even the combined season is just OK 777 OPS and I don’t believe he’s a wizard with the glove meaning highlight type plays, but also doesn’t commit errors so I’d call him maybe slightly above average defensively, plus it is unknown whether he will ever handle ML pitching at all, Stewart has at least shown the potential in 09 and 10 with 785 OPS. Colvin also had a good 2010 but most damage was done in first couple months and it seemed that when they found his weaknesses it was over and the guy stunk it up even with regular playing time last year at AAA. If lemaheiu never develops into a starter, and Stewart is serviceable at third for even just a single year, then this is a good trade. Time will tell.

      • GaryLeeT

        You know, I was one of those blasting management for not spending any money this year. Then I realized that when the Cubs eat most of Soriano’s salary in a trade, all the remaining years have to be paid up front. So that will be at least 24 million (add 18 to the total, but that was already budgeted this year anyway) added to this year’s payroll. Throw in a Zambrano, and/or Dumpster, we could see this year’s liabilities really add up fast.

        • Tony_Hall

          They actually get 18 months to send any money in a trade, so they can spread it out over 2 seasons.  

          • GaryLeeT

            Thanks Tony. I am going to call you Wikihall.

          • Dorasaga

            Wikihall indeed. I’m blessed to have his Sluggers on my fantasy league.

            Merry Christmas, fellas.

          • Tony_Hall

            Thanks guys, but we discussed the Soriano contract a few years ago, and that was when it was obvious there was no way to trade him until he got closer to 3 years left, do to the rules on sending money with the contract.

            D – fantasy football championships this week, I’m in both my leagues “Super Bowl’s”.  Almost time to turn my attention to my young fantasy team in the Bill James League.  Oh yeah, I kind of have my own rebuilding project going on :)

            Merry Christmas

  • Aaron

    Levine is such a fine reporter….check out this little nugget from him:

    “The 19-year-old Torreyes batted .364 with 38 doubles in the minors last season.”

    yeah…ummmmmmmmm….Bruce, I think it’s about time you hang ’em up.

    Torreyes batted .356/.398/.457 in 67 games with 99 hits, 53 runs, 9 doubles, 5 triples, 3 hr, 41 RBI ….wrong average, and wrong amount of doubles…but otherwise, he got the guy right…his name, that is…LMAO

  • Bothevolfan

    I hate to see Marshall go, but on the other hand I have hated in the past how we held on to trade chips until after they have peaked in value. This was certainly not the case here. As far as the bounty we have received, I think we will all have to wait and see how they all three develop. I can say this, Theo and company have a plan and that is something that we have not had in years. I think we all should trust their judgement and hope for the best. I shared this a few years ago but I want to say it again. Marshall was one of my favorite Cubs. The first cubs game my daughter attended Marshall came over during batting practice and tried to toss her a ball. My daughter tried to catch it and missed. We were in left field in Atlanta where there is a walkway between the fence and crowd. The ball went into the maintenance area and Marshall went all the back there to retrieve it for us. He didn’t have to do that. He was always interacting with fans, signing autographs, and had a smile on his face during pregame. He will be greatly missed by my family. Merry Christmas to all here on the CCO!

  • xaxinho

    Hey!!!! When you really clean the house you let go things that you think you will need later… Time goes on, and you forget… But the house is cleaned. Let them do their work. 

  • Tom U

    A plea for calm and sanity for all, especially at this time of year. You never know, Manny Corpas and Reed Johnson may be this year’s version of Braden Looper and Augie Ojeda.

    • Aaron

      not a chance…both Looper and Ojeda…and I even believe Johnson (who I think had a split/opt out deal) had non-guaranteed minor league deals with invites to Spring Training

  • Aaron

    I should probably make a disclaimer on here with all the comments I’ve made about this trade….

    I love the idea behind the trade….

    I hate the return.

    Does that make sense? I completely understand trading Marshall now, and at peak value, and I even was a huge advocate for trading him and Marmol…as long as the Cubs got decent value.

    In my opinion, only Torreyes is decent value…and even he is a long ways off. While I understand trading at mid-season at the deadline with teams in desperation often brings you the best return…history would tell you that offseason trades bring just as much in return, so that’s a common misconception.

    I think Wood was a horrible value for Marshall straight up, and Sappelt would be nothing more than a throw-in with any other trade…he’s a 4th/5th OF at best, which are a dime a dozen. That’s why Torreyes is the only one likely to save this deal. Again, I hope I’m wrong.

    And also…I should mention…once again…I LOVE the IDEA behind the trade…just not the return.

    This is the first time I have ever heard this from Cubs management…since the 80’s under Dallas Green:
    aren’t in a situation where we have to do anything with Garza,” Epstein
    said. “But generally we are in the business right now of taking our
    short-term assets and turning them into long-term assets. In the case of
    Sean Marshall, that ended up happening in a trade. We turned a
    short-term asset in Marshall into what we hope will be three long-term

    This concept of “selling high” with our own MLB assets hasn’t been seen but maybe 2 times in the last 10 years on the Northside. Choi for Lee, and DeRosa at his peak value for Archer, Stevens, and Gaub.

    It happened to be a concept that Hendry just didn’t understand. He did good jobs in getting ARAM and Harden for minor leaguers, but he got an “F” by not capitalizing on his MLB assets at their peak value. Think about all the trades he could’ve made: Sosa (remember the Yankees deal that included Westbrook and a young Soriano?), Lee (prior to his extension), Dempster (prior to his extension), ARAM (prior to this extension), Marmol (prior to his extension), and Soto etc. That is NOT to say that you never should extend your own talent, but what that should tell you is you maximize the value of your players to build for the future, and only ARAM and Zambrano were consistent performers out of that group. You have to pick and choose your guys carefully that you want to build around.

    On this team right now, there are only 2 guys you’d want to build around…Garza and Castro. Isn’t that pretty sad? If Cashner and Samardzija were proven starters, I’d say them too…but in general, you do NOT build around pen arms, unless it’s a Papelbon type.

    • Hoosierboy3423

      Your second to last paragraph tell it all, Hendry was in the business of saving his job from year to year by trying to win NOW.  He had no interest in the future or building a sustainable winning tradition.  Give all of this time, some of it may be hard to stomach now.  But I will say it again, its a process.

      “There should be no more Band Aids”

  • Ripsnorter1

    Dave Sappelt will be 25 on January 2.
    Has more power than Campana:(336 PA) 7 HR and .458 slug in AAA vs. (129 PA)0 HR/.442 slug in 2011.

    Campana has never hit a HR, until that misplayed grounder in Wrigley last year.

    I like Campana, but he looks like he’s toast after this trade. Sappelt’s stats do not look too impressive.

  • Jay from sandwich

    I like the fact and the idea of rebuilding but most teams that do this keep the young and inexperience and trade the 29 plus year olds. So fair team theo has traded young talent for older once and traded one 29 year old for younger talent which makes him one for one. But the cubs got the short end in return on both of thoughts deals which makes them 0 for two. They also lost a youg 2b/3b in the rule five draft that was a top five pick. That’s bad fora trying to rebuild? We also sign outfields who are past their prime so we the fans are getting mix signals from team theo. I hope he can draft and develope players better then their current results are it is going to be a long ten year for the cubs and team theo. I believe owner ship has step up and proved themselves I hope this choice of team theo is not a mistake for them and us,
    I am having doubts thought how about the rest of you?

  • Ripsnorter1

    Ronald Torreyes
    The .364 is his lifetime BA in two seasons in the MiL.

    Has 8 HR in 627 PA in the minors. That’s more power than Campana.

    37 SB! 24 CS!!

    Looks to have a decent glove at 2B: .989. That’s better than Barney, DeWitt, Baker. His SS skills look weak: .899 fielding in 29 games.

    Impressive looking player!

    • cubtex

      I agree. I think they might have gotten something with Torreyes. Let’s hope he continues to develop.

  • Baron_S

    This is not a terrible deal…

    Relievers are there to be found.. 

    Garza, Z(if he is put on a daily Xanax prescription), Dempster, Wells, Wood is not the worst in the world.

    I would MUCH rather keep Samardjza in the Pen!! He has been utterly dominant there and its time to stop F#$# around for the sake of it.. Look at the Yanks and their terrible experiments with Joba and Phil Hughes..

    He is very very good in the Pen — leave him there..

  • Ripsnorter1

    Look at this pitcher:

    Rookie year: 12-10…3.05 ERA…1.276 WHIP
    2nd year: 8-14…4.26 ERA…1.400 WHIP

    What will his third year be like? Bounce back year, or further progression into baseball oblivion? 

    3rd year: 7-6…4.99 ERA…1.389 WHIP
    ie, further progression into baseball oblivion.
    He has gotten worse every year. 

    His name is Randy Wells. 

    Now compare Travis Wood to Randy.
    Rookie Year: 5-4…3.51 ERA…1.081 WHIP (Worse than Wells after 17 starts: 8-5…3.01 ERA….
    2nd year: 6-6…4.84 ERA,,,1.491 WHIP (worse than Wells)….

    What will his third year be like?

    Wells hasn’t been sent back down after arriving for an emergency start in 2009. Wood was sent down twice in 2011.

    • Tony_Hall

      Randy Wells 29 years old (30 in August)…3 years in MLB.

      2009 – 1.276 (age 26)
      2010 – 1.400 (age 27) 
      2011 – 1.389 (age 28)

      Travis Wood 25 years old (Feb) 2 years in MLB.
      2010 – 1.081 (age 23)
      2011 – 1.491 (age 24)

      Wells is 2 years past the prime age of 27
      Wood is 3 years away from the prime age of 27

      I went over in the last few days, how the majority of Woods ER, came in just 4 starts in Cincinnati but his WHIP comes down to 1.33 without those 4 starts.

      Wells should have been sent down to the minors and I called for it more than once, when he still had options left.

      • Ripsnorter1

        Woods will be 25 on Feb 6

        • Tony_Hall

          I put him down as 25 (Feb)

  • Tony_Hall

    Buy Low/Sell High

    It isn’t easy…

    • Ripsnorter1

      I was for trading Marshall.

      I like Torreyes. 
      Maybe Wood will be okay.

    • Bredstik

      Rotoworld’s take on the trade:

      The Reds might have given up a little too much in the deal, but Marshall should fit in nicely as a setup man in Cincy. He has posted a 2.45 ERA as a reliever since the start of the 2010 season and is tough on right-handed batters, as well as lefties. The Reds are still in the market for a closer, as they’d like to use Marshall in the eighth inning.

      Wood posted a disappointing 4.84 ERA and 1.49 WHIP in 106 innings for the Reds this past season but held a 3.51 ERA and 1.08 WHIP in 102 2/3 frames in 2010. He has the ceiling of a solid middle of the rotation starter, is under team control through 2016 and will compete for a spot in the Cubs rotation next season.

      Sappelt doesn’t get much love from scouts but has continued to hit in the minors, sporting a career .309/.362/.459 batting line. He batted .243/.289/.318 in a 107 at-bat cup of coffee with the Reds this past season and will have a shot to win a spot on Chicago’s bench.

      Torreyes turned just 19 in September but has batted .364/.419/.517 in the lower levels of the Reds system. He’s played a variety of positions on the field but has yet to find a home. However, given his production with the bat, he is an interesting long-term prospect.

  • ClubabbcCubsFans

    Been a Cubs Fan for 44 years.  Rickets please sell the team to Mark Cuban who will spend money and bring a winner to Chicago.
    Rickets are fans not owners.  The Cubs were bad last year and with the moves so far they are far worse.  We got rid of alot of Homeruns so far and replaced them with nothing.  Open up the checkbook and sign Fielder. 103 years is enough.  We want a winner!! Theo will do a great job but give him some money to work with.  This is amaizing with Spring training right around the corner. 100 loses in 2012 the way it looks now. UNBELIEVABLE!!!

    • Tony_Hall

      Theo has all of the baseball operations money to spend as he wishes…$200M.  He, obviously, feels that buying up free agents at this stage is not going to help.

      For those that say the team is worse than last year, last year we were out of it by May…we will still be in contention longer than that in 2012.

  • Dre1929

    now that they are rebuilding, I’m sure they will lower ticket prices (that was sarcasm for anyone who missed it).  Doesn’t this trade say what most people are thinking? (that we can forget Fielder).  Oh well wait till next year (or more realistically 6 years down the road).  Sorry it’s tough not being pessimistic.  We are after all Cub’s fans. 

    • Tony_Hall

      Cub fans are the most optimistic people in the world.