From the Wire … Cubs Sign Manny Corpas

According to a report from Bruce Levine, the Cubs have signed Manny Corpas to a one-year contract.

The 29-year old right hander posted a 3-5 record with a 4.62 ERA and a 1.41 WHIP in 56 games, all in relief, two seasons ago (47 strikeouts, 22 walks, 66 hits in 62 1/3 innings). Corpas finished 27 games and picked up 10 saves in 2010 with the Rockies.

Manny Corpas did not pitch in the big leagues in 2011 after undergoing Tommy John surgery in September of 2010. According to Ken Rosenthal, Corpas’ one-year contract is a Major League deal. With the addition of Corpas, the Cubs 40-man roster stands at 38 players.

According to Bruce Levine, the deal will be officially announced on Friday. The signing of Corpas could be a precursor to giving Jeff Samardzija a shot at the starting rotation.

Corpas signed a minor league contract with the Rangers last season but did not pitch in a pro game at any level of Texas’ organization.

In five seasons with the Rockies, Manny Corpas is 12-16 with a 3.93 ERA and a 1.33 WHIP.

Manny Corpas’ Page on Baseball-Reference

Terms of the contract have not been released.

Will update when additional information is released …

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  • Josh

    Does this mean the end for Kerry Wood?

    • Joey U

      Not at all…..They are just building bullpen depth ..My guess is that Cashner or Shark will be traded.

    • Neil

      I don’t think so. According to Levine, could be precursor to moving Samardzija to a starting role.

    • guest

      Maybe it means Marmol is going to be gone ,,,

    • PleaseStopLosing

      Nope, just another exciting signing. We just keep getting better. Can’t wait to see what reject Theo signs next!

      • Eric

        Wow.  People just don’t get what Theo is doing.  It is a one year contract.  Bullpen depth and most likely a stopgap until we develop more players.  At least it is not a longer contract.  It is going to take some time to turn this thing around.  We are not going to win anything this year or the next.  There is no point in signing any major free agent until we have our OWN young core players.  Right now all we have is Castro.  Be patient, this is a big mess to fix.  We saw what the Hendry spending spree got us.

  • jw

    Shopping in the land of discarded toys…It’s an interesting approach…there is an argument to be made that there is not much difference between a guy that gets an 8mm contract and one that is pretty good but overlooked and just trying to get an MLB gig…I hope that is the case with the Cubs…If they can evaluate talent it will all make sense. I believe I believe I believe

  • RynoTiger

    Now this is a Jim Hendry move!   Sign a guy coming off of Tommy John surgery to see what happens. 

    • cubbie fan

      Ryno Tiger Since you pitcher who have Tommy John surgery. Chicago Cubs should agreed to term with Scott Kazmir , Rich Harden and Brandon Webbs. Ryno Tiger do like these picher to become cub to picher out of the bullpen.  

  • jw


    Didn’t you respond to my post that the Cards had money to spend after Pujols stating authoritatively they were tapped out…Looks like the Cards were 26mm from being tapped out.

    • Tony_Hall

      I believe you were saying they were going to turn around and spend $25M/year on Fielder, since they didn’t sign Pujols.

      Let’s see how they split up that $26M (most likely not evenly) over the next 2 years.

  • Ripken Boy

    Is Ed Lynch back as our GM? I thought the “lightning in the bottle” thought process of getting players was over.

    I am starting to worry……………..

    • gocubs

      Please.  This isnt that hard to understand.  They are in total rebuild mode and are signing guys who are cheap, have upside, and give them flexibility.  They are focusing more than anything on clearing payroll out and building their farm system.  These major league moves are pretty smart.  Again, they are looking for guys who are very cheap, have upside, and give them flexibility.  This is a complete and total overhaul of an organization.  Yes, they are a major market team, but this is what is needed here because its NEVER happened here before.  The team you will see on the major league level is designed to clear out payroll, allow them flexibility in trades (to pick up prospects/build assets), not block prospects. 

      People that are complaining here that these are Jim Hendry type moves, etc are not understanding what is going on.  Listen to what Theo and Jed have said.  They are doing exactly what they said they would do. They are not in desperation/win-now mode any more.  Have patience, trust that this team is being run by the smartest guys around, and enjoy the process.  This is a long term project.  Enjoy the process of how they are building a very, very intelligently, well planned organization.   When they make these types of signings, its for a reason – they have a larger, broader view of all things.  If you cant see that, you really are not paying much attention.           

      • Jay from sandwich

        You are wrong the last time the cubs did a total rebuild was the mid 70’s it toke them ten years or more to rebuild are you ready for that possibility again?
        I hope they did rebuild but what concerns me is the lack of pascents they have for the current young players. They have traded or let go more players that are 26 or younger. I thought rebuilding was the 30 and older players. We seem to be collecting more 29 plus players then we are getting rid us

        • Tony_Hall

          This isn’t the 70’s, things don’t take that long anymore.  

          They are getting rid of players they don’t feel fit what they are doing.  We all wanted a new front office, and knew that they would look at the players with a fresh perspective. That is why I just don’t get why people then want to  be upset about the moves they are making.

          It’s like people want a new front office and new perspective, but please look at if from my point of view only, and keep the players we like. There have been players let go, that I wanted to keep.  I am believing that between Oneri and Tim W., they have the knowledge of the existing players, and Theo, and Company have the new look, that they aren’t getting rid of players that have a great future in the majors.  Yes some could and hopefully will make it to the majors, maybe even having a good season or two (Casey Mcgehee) but long term success is unlikely.

      • Jandjpallas

        Very well said. Let them build the foundation, the big contracts will come at some point , when we truly are capable to build around it. Theo and company are filling holes and attempting to get a group of young players to grow into a support cast

      • Ripken Boy

        Keep drinking the Cubbie/Theo Kook-Aid. If they were truly in a rebuilding mode, they would let the kids play and not try to fill a major league roster full of guys who are blocking the kids from playing.

        Manny Corpas, Reed Johnson are nice pieces on a team that plans on contending. Lets hope that Reed Johnson does not gets regular starts over Brett Jackson or any other young outfielder.

        A complete and total rebuild is necessary, but I would rather see them trade major league talent for prospects and letting the prospects play. This is how other teams have re-built and won championships/got to the World Series (see 90’s Indians and Marlins) vs. aquiring and playing avg major leaguers as a stop gap.

        Long story short, great idea to re-build but let the kids play and see what you have in them vs. trying to find lightning in a bottle players in order to put a competetive team on the field.

        • Eric

          Part of rebuilding is not rushing prospects.  Just because you want to see Brett Jackson doesn’t mean he is ready.  Guys we screwed up either not giving enough time or using them correctly.  Corey Patterson, The Shark, Felix Pie, Tyler Colvin, McGhee….

      • Eric

        Thank God, someone with a baseball IQ!

  • Neil

    According to Jon Heyman, the Rangers were also interested in signing Corpas to a big league contract.

  • jw

    Here’s what I said… “The Brewers and Cardinals will have money to spend
    with the loss of Pujols and Fielder so it would be presumptive to assume
    they will not be competitive in 2012”

    I don’t know much about teams finances but when Pujols contract came off the books it seemed to me they would have money to spend. Pujols contract with the Cards was not close to 25mm.It will be telling to see if the contract is indeed backloaded

    • Tony_Hall

      Not sure who was presuming either the Cardinals or Brewers to not be competitive in 2012.  Both should still be very good teams.  The Brewers and Reds are now going for it next year and have mortgaged their future for this opportunity.

      Pujols made $16m in 2011.  What I was saying is they weren’t willing to extend their payroll past their budget for anyone but Pujols.

      • jw

        Thanks for clatifying.

        I agree that the Brewer and Reds are mortgaging the future to go for it in 2012. Not sure what the Reds have going as far as a closer…are they thinking Marshall?

        • Tony_Hall

          I don’t think so, I think they want to bring Cordero back.

    • Tony_Hall

      Cardinals have $89M tied up in just 12 players (not counting Beltran)

      13 players at approx league min puts them at $95M range.

      Last year they had their highest payroll at $109M, and it’s not expected to go up, if anything $105M is most likely range.

      That would give them $10-$15M to spend to have players above league minimum.  

      They have over $30M that can fall off the books for 2013.

       My guess is they have split this up no more than $10M in 2012, with $16M in 2013, or have even done an option for 2014, with a $3M range buyout, to bring the 2013 down to $13M.

      Just  a guess, but I would assume they want to fill in their roster with a few more players, and  they have arb cases for Motte and McClellan.

      • jw

        Thanks for the great info…can’t argue with your logic

  • GaryLeeT

    Cards sign Beltran, while the Cubs immediately counter with Corpas. Touche!

  • Aaron

    What this means is a trade in the pen is happening, and here’s why:

    Russell and Beliveau will likely be the 2 lefties
    L. Castillo
    Weathers (though he has an option left I believe)
    …and now Corpas

    Even with Cashner or Samardzija moving to the roation, that’s still 12 arms for 7 slots.

    Obviously, Dolis, Carpenter, Weathers, Beliveau, Mateo, and Maine could be stashed away in the minors, but the others can’t…and with Dolis, Carpenter, Beliveau, and possibly Maine, those are arms you want in the pen

    • Neil

      Aaron, Weathers has two options left.

    • cubs1967

      cash and smardz  are gonna start.
      wood is not coming back; this team is gonna suck and lose 100 games.  theo will be straigtht with him to go to a contender.

       i posted it earlier………

      t wood
      whoever we get for garza

      rod lopez for long relifed

      the rest to iowa for the iowa to chitown shuffle.  maybe corpas needs some time in iowa to start the season.  could replace castillo by june when he doesn’t work out as expected.

      Z will get released.
      Demp to get traded; they’ll tell hiim to; this team sucks; don’t stay.

      • Tony_Hall

        How can you repeatedly say they will suck and lose 100 games?  It’s almost Christmas, give the grinch in you a few days off.

        Samardzija, Cashner, T Wood are three young arms.

        Dempster and Garza will be in the rotation unless they  get traded.  

        Z will get traded, if not, I think he will be on the roster.

        You may want to take the next year off from the Cubs,  Jim Hendry was your best chance to see 2012 World Series Champs – Chicago Cubs, and that chance was between slim and none.

    • daverj

      My prediction for your 7 bullpen arms:


      Dolis, Carpenter, Weathers, Mateo and Maine will be at AAA and Shark will be in the rotation.

      • cubtex

        Cashner will be in the rotation and Marmol will be traded.

  • paulcatanese

    May be naive here, but who the h//l are these guys that keep showing up with the Cubs?
    What is going on?

    • cubtex

      Paul. I think we will be saying that a lot next year. They will be shuffling guys back and forth all year from the minors to majors. Ladies and gentleman please get your pencil and scorecards ready!

  • matthew8510

    Cubs Planning “Complete And Total Rebuild”
    By Mark Polishuk [December 22, 2011 at 9:18pm CST]

    The Cubs are attempting to deal “most of their valuable assets” before Spring Training begins and “a complete overhaul of the team will definitely happen,” two Major League sources tell David Kaplan of CSN Chicago. The impending Sean Marshall-for-Travis Wood trade is the first step in this process, as the Cubs are acquiring a young, controllable, 24-year-old southpaw starter for a 29-year-old reliever who was set to earn $3.1MM in 2012.

    We heard last month that the Cubs were shopping their entire roster, though as MLBTR’s Tim Dierkes pointed out, “a team drawing three million fans a year doesn’t often embark on a full-on offseason rebuilding effort.” The Marshall-Wood trade, for instance, still gives Chicago a player who can contribute in 2012. Also, the Cubs were rumored to be in on the Albert Pujols and Prince Fielder sweepstakes this winter, as signing either player would represent the Cubs’ first step towards respectability under the Theo Epstein/Jed Hoyer regime. Kaplan, however, hears that the Cubs aren’t in on Fielder, nor are they planning to make him “a major offer.”

    “The Cubs have never had the guts to completely blow up their roster and build it the right way,” an unnamed NL executive tells Kaplan. “They have to have a plan for sustained success instead of always trying to patchwork a roster for a surprising season.”

    Even if the team does rebuild, I’d argue the process may not take as long as the Wrigleyville fans may fear. Carlos Zambrano, Ryan Dempster and Marlon Byrd all come off the books after this season, leaving Alfonso Soriano as the only major remaining albatross contract on the payroll. Chicago’s future payroll commitments could get even lower should Matt Garza and/or Carlos Marmol be traded, so Epstein and Hoyer could have tens of millions of dollars to work with by as soon as next winter.

  • cubs1967

    dave kaplan is stating total rebuild for the cubs.  marshall trade is the beginning of it.  of course, t wood won’t be part of team when and if they are any good; he sucks.

    gonna be 3 yrs of the chicago bucs.

    the convention should be fun if theo and jed have the guts to answer questions.

    hope ricketts is ready for the 10% loss in tix sale.  of course he jacked up the prices 2 yrs running so not a total loss for the PK family.

    • cc002600

      do you want them to rebuild or do you them to do patchwork like Hendry did ?  Which is it ??  or do you want just want to complain ??  Not sure I understand.

      • Scott

        Some people will find a reason to complain no matter what happens.  If we went out and signed Pujols (or Fielder), CJ Wilson, Yu Darvish, Cespedes, Soler and traded Soriano, Byrd, Soto, Wells and Barney for Babe Ruth, Ted Williams, Johnny Bench, Greg Maddux and Rogers Hornsby in their prime, they would STILL complain.

        I know that the front office is working WAY too hard to pay any attention to what goes on in this forum – and they should NOT care what the people say in this forum – but it would be nice for them if some lowly intern took some of the comments in simply for comic relief.

        • GaryLeeT

           How is your life affected by someone who complains in an open on-line forum? Right, so why worry about it?

          • Scott

            Oh, I don’t worry about it.  I find the humor in it.  I think that it is interesting that certain people who are so incredibly negative also do not state what they would do if they were sitting in the front office.

      • GaryLeeT

         Why does it have to be one or the other? Why can’t a major market team compete while rebuilding?

        • cubtex

          They can Gary! Major market teams can but for some reason the Cubs are acting like the Oakland A’s.

        • daverj

          Cause competing this year would have meant signing guys like Pujols, Prince, Wilson, and/or Buerhle to long term contracts that would hurt the team in the future.  It’s not worth it.  Better to be awful in 2012 and 2013 than hurt the team in 2014 and beyond.  It’s the opposite of the Hendry approach.

          • cubtex

            You can add better quality without buying those high priced players you mentioned. They had ARam,Carlos Siva,Fuko,1/2 of Pena,Grabow off the books this year. Next year…Dempster,Z and Byrd. This idea that they can’t be competitive for several years is ridiculous. They are a big market team. Rebuild….but you don’t have to be awful!

          • Tony_Hall

            How do we know this team will be worse than the awful teams we have seen the last 2 years, who were out of it by the end of May?

          • GaryLeeT

             How does signing Fielder hurt the team in the future? He’s still young, and all RBI stars have to be paid the big bucks, at some point.

          • cubs1967

            noooooooo…sign prince fielder who is 28.  we assume that would be for future performance right theo.??sign edwin jackson who is also 28.
            sign beltran for 2 yrs; 2 yrs is not harming the future.
            keep marshall; no dah.

            the division is up for grabs; it could be won; w/o harming the future.

            ricketts chose to quit.
            for at least 3 yrs; not all the kids will pan out; takes that long to determine.
            vitters won’t be here till 2013. szuzur could be 2013 or 2014.  same for golden or Ha.  who knows on jr fonzi lake??

            103 yrs………and we are quitting.

        • cubs1967

          ‘cuz ricketts is a tight ass……….like pk wrigley.
          ‘cuz he told his dad cubs fans come out no matter what; he thinks we are all stupid bleacher bums.

          basically, ricketts is quitting on cubs fans for the next 3 yrs; the min. to get all the minors kids up here to figure out which ones stick and where the holes are for FA to fill-in.

          here’s hoping cubs fans quit on ricketts and don’t show up………..wanta act like the a’s; then their attendance is about 1.6M per year.

          are ya ready tommyboy?!

      • cubs1967

        no i want to win a WS; so neither.
        why do we have to rebuild??

        think about it…………

        103 yrs enough….or should we try 10 more to figure out the rebuild………

        geez……..stupid reply.

      • PleaseStopLosing

        I dont see how dumping players for someone else’s trash is rebuilding?!? Trading players for young TALENT is rebuilding…

    • daverj

      I can see 2012 and 2013 being the “Chicago Bucs” but things should start turning around in 2014 if Epstein’s plan works.  If not, he’ll be out of here after 5 years.

      • GaryLeeT

         How old are you? I have found that patience, as a Cub fan, is directly proportional to one’s age.

        • cubs1967

          patience………….hmmmmmmm……….in 103 yrs how many people died being patient??

          geez……….typical lazy cubs fans; time to demand a winner…… the yankees or red sox rebuild??

          thi is why the owners get away with this crap; we allow them.

          • paulcatanese

            How stupid am I? Just bought a 42 inch flat screen ( I live in a fifth wheel,so you know how big it looks), in anticipation of next year. Probably should have kept my 17 inch, no high def. tv. Cub fans never learn.)

        • daverj

          I’m old enough to have watched Steve Ontiveros, Bobby Murcer (what a bad trade for Madlock!), and the great Dave Rosello in person at Wrigley, but young enough to have missed watching the collapse in 1969.

          Where does that put me in terms of your patience test?  In the middle?

  • Coachdon

    Really?? Where does a slug like Corpas help build anything for the future? Just like the other acquired slugs: Stewart, Bianchi, DeJesus, Wood. In the word rebuild is the word build. I see no building, just tearing down. Iwould much rather give a bullpen slot to a rookie to see what he might have before this guy. It just gets worse and worse….

  • cubtex

    I just got home and see the Cubs picked up another stud. We get another 4.6 ERA guy……..but as Tony and others will say. …He was a value pick. Since THEO picked him up he will suddenly turn into Mariano Rivera. Okay to keep tabs…..Boy Wonder has added a. 250 RF who cant throw a. 150 3B. a 4.84 ERA starting pitcher and a 4.62 ERA relief pitcher. As the Jets player says…..About next season…….CANT WAIT!!!!

  • EqDoc

    Does anyone know what the amount of the contract is?  If it is a bargain basement deal then it’s good.  Again, after last year, we need to stockpile arms to have options.  10, count them 10 starters are needed to get through a season.  So if this move frees up another arm for starting (smardz) for little cost than it’s a good deal.

    • cubtex

      Cmon. The guy didn’t pitch last year. His stats the year before were not good. Of course he is low cost…just like DeJesus,Stewart and Wood. To everyone who thinks the only way to rebuild this way is totally mistaken!

      • EqDoc

        Of course he is not in the long term plan for the rebuild but maybe Smardz as a starter is.  So this lets smardz get a year under his belt (if that is the plan). Plus it also gives the young minor leagers another year to get to the bigs.  Why dump a ton of money on free agents for a lost year? 

        • cubtex

          I am all for giving Shark and Cashner an opportunity to start….but as Gary just stated, you do not have to rebuild like the Cubs are the Oakland A’s.

    • Neil

      I have not seen the terms yet. I will post when I do.

    • GaryLeeT

      These moves make sense if you are the Royals, Pirates, As, or Padr……..

  • Demitri

    It’s a scary transition actually. Don’t remember the Cubbies ever doing total rebuild. We are aiming for another good draft at least

  • Baron_S

    Hmm, Manny Corpas.. 

    2 Years ago, his average fastball sat at 87mph..
    Yes, this is a game-changer..

    I think Theo has spent more time appointing his cronies to staff positions than looking for talent. 

    This is also EERILY similar to JIM HENDRY’s strategy of picking up guys from the scrap heap…

    • cubs1967

      so far every move is a JH move; except JH would not of traded marshall; one of his favs for a crappy version of casey coleman.
      but all of theo’s buddies are employed with raises i guess.
      maybe instead of the team playing next year; we could watch all the “geniuses” play chess!

      only way trading marshall works; the 2 suspects prospects are of value to the padres to get this kid rizzo……..the one who hit .150, but everyone swears by.  that might have value.

      chicago bucs…………2012……..home of the quitters ………but we are rebuilding………but NOT the johns; those still have troughs!

    • Aaron

      The thing that bothers me most about Corpas is the fact that he takes up a roster spot….and even worse, he’s a middle reliever right now (was part-time closer before), and the Cubs already have enough, and just acquired two more this offseason (Lendy Castillo in the Rule 5 and essentially Weathers for LeMahieu)…So why the hell would they collect more crappy middle relievers?!?!?

      I have another guess for everyone…I believe this might be because one of Carpenter, Dolis, Maine, etc. is part of the compensation for Epstein and Hoyer. What other explanation could there be?

      • Ripsnorter1

        I thought I read somewhere that Padres were interested in Maine….

    • paulcatanese

      Was that Manny Corpas or Habius Corpus?

  • Kingdomusa

    Trading Marmol & Cashner with a new pitching coach would not be a good choice. I question Theo’s moves as the goal was to build with youth. Garza is the foundation of the staff & Wood is as loyal as anyone and is listed as the best reliever on the market. I’m not sold yet but we wait as all Cub fans will to see how this plays out. If we start trading top prospects from our system for vets we picked the wrong guy.

  • Ripsnorter1

    Manny Corpas
    2007….4-2…2.08..19 sv….78 IP…63 H…1.064 WHIP…58 K…

    2008…3-4…4.52…4 sv…79.2  IP..93 H..1.456 WHIP…50 K

    2009…1-3…5.88…1 sv…33 IP…44 H…1.515 WHIP…24 k

    2010…3-5…4.62…10 sv…62 IP…66 H…1.412 WHIP…47 K

    The WHIP is not pretty.

    Career Splits:
    LH batters: .291 BA….428 slug
    RH battes: .260….390 slug

    His home/away splits are nearly identical, with the away split being only slightly better:

    3.56 ERA…1.356 WHIP AWAY
    4.27…1.343 WHIP HOME

    Note home and away WHIP nearly identical, but thinner air in Colorado may have resulted in higher ERA.

  • Bongski

    I had to do a double take…i swear I read it as “Many Corpses”  lol

  • Rff815

    Far as I know K Wood is gone, Should have never brought him back