Cubs Add to Front Office … Hire Matt Dorey as a National Cross-Checker

According to a report from WEEI, the Cubs have hired Matt Dorey to be a national cross-checker. Dorey spent the last four years as an area scout for the Red Sox.

The Boston media is also reporting that the Cubs and Red Sox have agreed that Theo Epstein will not be allowed to hire anyone else from Boston’s organization for three years.

Updated 8:19am, December 20According to a report from WEEI, the Cubs have also hired former Red Sox pro scout Kyle Evans, but that was not a violation of the agreement given that Evans already was leaving the Sox. And Epstein and the Cubs may also try to hire former Red Sox VP of international scouting and player personnel Craig Shipley, who has parted ways with the Sox after having been replaced last month as the Sox’ director of international scouting. Shipley was one of the first front office hires by Epstein when he became Sox GM in 2002.

Jason McLeod hired Matt Dorey in 2007 to be an area scout. Dorey started out in the Northwest region before covering Louisiana and Texas for the last two years. Dorey is credited with scouting and signing a number of prominent Red Sox prospects such as Anthony Ranaudo, Garin Cecchini, Kendrick Perkins and Lucas LeBlanc.

When Theo Epstein took over as President of Baseball Operations for the Cubs there were reports that suggested Epstein would bring over at least one member of the Red Sox organization.

The Cubs and Red Sox have not worked out the compensation package for Theo Epstein. Ben Cherington addressed the situation last week during an interview on MLB Radio Network/XM Radio. After joking about a 15-20 year timeframe on completing the compensation package, Cherington said he and Epstein have been busy with other matters and will complete the deal at some point before Spring Training begins.

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