From the Wire … Cubs Announce Dale Sveum’s Coaching Staff

The Cubs finally announced Dale Sveum’s coaching staff on Friday morning. As expected, Jamie Quirk (bench coach), Chris Bosio (pitching coach) and Dave McKay (first base coach) will join Rudy Jaramillo (hitting coach), Pat Listach (third base coach) and Lester Strode (bullpen coach) to round out Sveum’s staff.

The Cubs also announced Mike Borzello and Franklin Font will serve as assistants on Sveum’s staff. Font was the Cubs minor league infield coordinator and will serve as a special assistant to Sveum. Font has worked with Starlin Castro in the past and is expected to help further his development. Borzello’s title has not been made official.

Dave McKay served on Tony LaRussa’s staff in St. Louis for 16 seasons and was not retained by Mike Matheny.

Updated 10:56am CTMike Borzello will work with the catchers and be involved in advanced scouting. Franklin Font, the Cubs former minor league infield coordinator, will assist Rudy Jaramillo.

Borzello, 41, has been with the Dodgers’ organization for the last four seasons serving as their bullpen catcher. Prior to the four years in Los Angeles, Borzello was with the Yankees organization for 12 seasons beginning in 1996.

Font, 34, has been with the Cubs organization for the last 17 seasons.

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"The riches of the game are in the thrills, not in the money." – Ernie Banks

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  • paulcatanese

    Great news, the coaching staff is complete,new Gm, new prez, new mgr, I think though, someone forgot what goes on the field to play the game.

    • diehardcubfan

      Agree, there isn’t much on the field to talk about.  I am getting concerned that we have not addressed our most glaring weakness starting pitching.  Even worse then last year the Cubs do not even have a threat in their lineup.

      I have to remind myself to be patient and wait to see how things play out.  Hopeful we will get some good Christmas presents from the Cubs.

    • PleaseStopLosing

      Exactly! I dont know why we would worry about having good players when this wonderful leadership is in place… Theo and Jed can win titles with a magic wand from the press box.

      Our lineup on the field is so tragic right now nobody could coach them to a title and losing out on Darvish and Prince will leave us with no options.

      Ian Mr. 150 at 3rd base and Jeff Mr. 225 Baker at 1st Base. Aren’t those supposed to be power positions because those 2 will combine for about 11 dingers… But the power will come from elsewhere… LF!?! Oh wait… he hits .220. CF!?! Yeah he will have 7. RF?!? There’s another 7. 2B?!? 3. Our team right now might combine for a 60 homer season the way it stands. This is pathetic. We dont have any money from selling out the last 20 seasons in a row so we bought a McDonalds rather than a ball player.

      • daverj

        The organization is a huge mess.  It’s going to take a lot longer than two months of one offseason to determine whether Theo and Jed are able to turn things around.  It’s going to be a very slow process.  The wrong big free agent plunge could have significant long term detrimental effects.

        If the Cubs can sign Fielder to a reasonable deal (something in the 6 year, $150 million range), I’m confident that they will.  If Fielder the going rate on Fielder doesn’t make sense (like it didn’t on Pujols), then the team will move on.  Sometimes not signing the big name free agents, can be the smart move (see Zito, Soriano, Carlos Lee, Hampton, Kevin Brown, Mo Vaughn and the vast majority of other free agents that signed for $100+ million dollar contracts). 

        • Schwimmer

          I totally agree.  We need to patient.

          And, to your point:   There are many, many more bad signings on 6 to 10 year contracts than on ones that are for a shorter period of time.  It’s obvious why!  Because so many more things can go wrong over the “long-term.”  

          It always amazes me that prof. ballplayers and their Agents never seem to want to have the “majority” of their contract to be based on PERFORMANCE.

          They all want long-term guarantees with nothing to help protect owners.  That seems so one-sided and unfair.

          When a team signs a young player for $6m to $10m over 6+ years — at least that protects the team from not having committed an obscene amount of money when a player doesn’t perform (like Mr. SORIANO).

          So, let’s be smart:  If Mr. FIELDER and his Agent can’t see the wisdom of a 5 (or 6) year deal at $25m…than I say:  TAKE A PASS!

          Don’t go chasing.  We don’t need an A-ROD type deal.   Or, a VERNON WELLS type deal, et. al.

      • Ripsnorter1

        11 dingers? NAAAAAAAAH!

        How about 5 between Baker and Stewart? Stewart managed just ZERO in 136 PA in 2011.

    • Jeff in AZ

      Good leadership is where this needs to start. We have an owner who is finally talking about winning a World Series as a top Priority. That owner went out and hired on of the best GM’s in the business and made him President of Baseball operations. The President of baseball operations has now hired one of the better GM’s in the national league to work under him. The GM has now selected hist Manager. The Manager has now filled out his coaching staff with a Pitch Coach who hopefully can maximize performance, a first base coach who knows how to pitch cardinal hitters, and a special assistant (Font) who can work with our young guys up the middle to improve defense.

      Now it will be time to go to work on filling out the roster. I agree that we need to add some power to the lineup and I’m sure that Theo and Jed are well aware of that. Cespedes and Fielder appear to be on the radar with Fielder making the most sense for both player and organization. We need more starting  pitching but we can not control the speed of the Fighting Hams so once we know if we are in or out on Darvish we will be able to get to work. If we lose out on the Fielder contract because he costs to many years, then we will be ready  to proceed in other directions.

      I’m not really seeing any signings that have made me feel that the cubs are missing out. The free agent market is not as strong as in past years, and management has been very upfront from the beginning that they are looking to build this thing with player development, foreign born talent, and maybe a free agent or two to make us competitive in the mean time.

      I think anyone expecting anything more than a .500 season with better pitch, defense, and situational hitting is just setting themselves up for disappointment.

      It is incredibly unfair for those who are already questioning the product on the field, when the offseason is still in full swing, and we are still 2 months away from pitchers and catchers reporting.

      I for one am very happy with the direction of this ball club, I understand what the management and owner are trying to do, and I am willing to be patient. I ‘d have to do some research but I would venture to bet that those people who are crying for all these free agent signings are some of the same people who criticized Jim Hendry for trying to build a team with a pocket book instead of player development and coaching.

      I like that Theo and Co. play it close to the vest and I’m willing to wait and see how things develop. I hope all of you are too.

      • Spoda17

        I totally agree Jeff…

      • John G

        The most magnificent structures in the world have a strong foundation under them that you generally can’t see. It’s a lot easier to build the foundation first and then the magnificent structure then the other way around. Once that foundation is in place, it’s a lot easier to build the structure.

        • Ripsnorter1

          Really? The Cubs need to pour a foundation in order to win? Is that why they acquired Stewart? Ian Stewart is the foundation of a newer, better Cubs team? And David DeJesus–is he the other half of this new foundation?

          No. Neither one of them are a foundation. A foundation would be a Fielder, a Pujols, a star player.No foundation here. Not yet.

      • paulcatanese

        Good response and thats why I posted the way I did, to get a response like your’es.

  • daverj

    Cuddyer signs with Rockies for $31.5 million over 3 years.  That’s an awfull lot for him.  It makes the DeJesus signing look even better in comparison.

  • Schwimmer


    I was reading that BORAS wants an “opt-out” close for FIELDER.
    I am 100% against it.  It only serves the total interest of the player.  And, it is a big F.U. to the club that has taken the risk to sign that player, for a lot of money — during the years, prior to the opt-out claus, taking effect. 

    Think about it?  When you invest in a player for 5, 6, 7 or more years…you are doing it BECAUSE you think he will perform excellently!!!  That’s why you are paying the big bucks $$$.

    The “opt-out” clause is a “greedy” invention of Agents who could care less — when their client doesn’t perform.  However, they want a “bigger payday” — when their client delivers great performance on the initial contract.   I don’t get that???

    After all this is not “rocket science.”  If the the player plays to the excellent level you hope for — when you sign him…then, he wants to “opt-out” to get even more.

    If the player “under-performs,” of course, he’s not going to “opt-out,” which means that the team who took the risk, in the 1st place, is stuck with him with no way to “opt-out” on their end.

    Wouldn’t it be more fair to BOTH PARTIES to exclude “opt-outs” on a contract.  Of course, we could have an “opt-out” claus for the Team which they could execute once they see a guy like SORIANO underperform.

    I like that idea, a lot!  :)

    I’d rather give a play a “no-trade” clause than an “opt-out” clause.
    I really hope that THEO is playing “hard ball” with BORAS.  I often root for the players to “get paid.”  But on this “opt-out” clause issue — I hope that THEO will stand firm and say, “No!”I’d be curious as to what my fellow CUB fans think about such a clause?

    • John G

      I like the idea of a “mutual” opt-out clause. Either side can opt-out. Keeps them both honest.

      • John_CC

        exactly what I was thinking.  Guarantee you that the Player’s Union would not allow it.

    • Neil

      Yes, I have heard/read and reported the info on the ‘opt-out clause’ for a couple of weeks. According to the rumors, the Cubs have been exploring the opt out in order to be able to sign him to a guaranteed length they are more comfortable with … And in turn, Fielder and Boras might like the idea because it would give Fielder a chance at another pay day.

    • daverj

      Opt outs and options are used in all sorts of contractual relationships for many different businesses other than baseball.  I have no problem with agents asking for them.  It’s all part of the negotiation process.  If all the teams say “no” to opt outs, there won’t be any “opt outs” in contracts.

      A player’s agent’s job is to get the best deal and most rights for his client.  If a client wants the most money, then it’s the agent’s job to get it.  If a client wants to play in a certain city, then it’s the agent’s job to accomplish that.  There are bad apples in every profession, buy I have no problem with agent’s being greedy if that’s what the client wants.

  • Anthony

    Its easy to get lost in the haze of Hot Stove, and free agency thinking all those players are better than what you got, or have had, and thats OK.

    If Theo and his band stay true to their word, and considering they inherited a tad of a mess, then patience is in order. You can’t buy a Title all the time, one player usually doesn’t make a huge difference in additional wins, playing baseball the right way does.

    Some of the following takes might get laughed at, but they are based on what they said they want to do at the MLB level as well as the Farm.


    Soriano, a shell of his former self, and with the legs shot at age 35, the drop in power follows, and what he was originally signed for included the rare speed aspect that he once had. They have to cut bait with him, find an AL team, get a few pitching prospects, and unfortunately have Ricketts eat the main cash balance owed. The once rising star is now an anchor.

    Pena was cleared as he is aging.
    Ramirez was cleared as he is aging

    Enter a couple younger crapshoots coming off injury that were once ranked as top prospects, Stewart and Bianchi in their mis 20’s, and to a lesser extent, DeJesus.

    Getting FASTER:

    Stewart and Bianchi, especially Bianchi will steal some bases if he makes the club out of ST. It wouldn’t hurt Barney to develop more at AAA.

    Now, old and slow, Byrd needs to move on, or be a UTOF. He never really profiled as a CF, let alone any corner spot. Here I make a case for utilizing TONY CAMPANA much more then he has been used so far, and play him more often in CF. The boy can run and plays good enough defense not to be a liability. I am willing to bet a few beers he is the type player that Theo likes.

    Since the FA market stinks, give Jackson his shot in one of the corner OF spots. The positive things to consider by having a rookie out there who does strike out at a high rate is the solid defense, decent OBP, and he also can swipe a few bases.

    So the power numbers across the board for 2012 take a hit. In exchange, the team got younger, faster, better defensively, and you have to start somewhere.

    In this transitional season for the Cubs, would you rather complain seeing the same OLD crapola out there losing, or would you rather see a more younger, vibrant, and hungry bunch of kids playing trying their best?

    Get Z off to Miami and swipe Coghlan and a few more prospects, or Gaby if Miami takes the Pujols money and gives it to Fielder, and/or play LaHair. His short MLB appearances and AAA/Winter ball domination is enough to warrant that opportunity, especially now with all the changes.

    Get Campana on base, and its a swipe most of the time. A RISP can score many ways without the longball!

    • 43hopping

      Thank you. Finally someone not complaining. I also like the way the new front office is doing things.

      Do people want us to give Fielder a Soriano contract (big money big years)? If not you have to wait.

      With Dervish we don’t even know who won the bid. We have to wait.

    • paulcatanese

      Agree 150%. If Camapana were given a legitimate shot one would see many positives.
      Not only automatic doubles when he gets on first, but the problems he instills on the defense, especially the pitcher, who is usually watching Tony and not where he is supposed to be throwing.
      He can manufacture runs many different ways, the biggest being getting in the oppositions heads.

  • John G

    There are some very bad rumors going around about Ryan Braun. I think it has been misinterpreted. What actually happened was that he was out on a date and the girl, being a fussy eater, didn’t like what was on her plate so she gave Ryan HER PEAS.

    What that has to do with him flunking his drug test, I don’t know.

    • paulcatanese

      like that one John.

    • Coolpdxcubsfan

      So would Pea vitamins be a banned substance??

  • Tony_Hall

    An analysis of Cuddyer and Willingham signings.

    I see both Michael Cuddyer and Josh Willingham as part-time players because of questions about their bats and their inability to play defense anywhere where their bats would profile. And of the contracts they each signed over the last couple of days, Willingham’s three-year, $21 million deal with the Minnesota Twins makes a lot more sense to me than Cuddyer’s three-year, $31.5 million deal with the Colorado Rockies.

    For the Rockies, signing Cuddyer seems almost counterproductive. The damage caused by a play not made on a batted ball in Coors Field is too high to mess around with a brutal defender like Cuddyer in the outfield, and if you look at the years when Colorado has succeeded over the past decade, it’s been in large part because of strong defenses. Cuddyer is below average — to be kind — at all four corner positions, and his bat isn’t good enough to carry his glove at any of them. He’s a dead-pull power guy, which should play well in Coors, but he started to show signs of decline in 2011, such as trouble against good fastballs, a possible harbinger of a loss of bat speed.

    My biggest concern on Willingham is the possibility the Twins want him to stumble around their outfield; not only can he not play an outfield corner, he’s injury-prone to begin with and more likely to get hurt the more you ask him to do something he can’t.

  • Tony_Hall

    Angels lineup doesn’t scare anyone…

    Here’s what they said about Albert, a downward trend…$254M doesn’t go as far as it use to…and a slight truthful statement at the end, that just sucks, that they lump the Cubs in.

    1B Albert Pujols 2008: .357/.462/.653 2009: .327/.443/.658 2010: .312/.414/.596 2011: .299/.366/.541 Yes, Pujols is a special player. Of course he is. But … aren’t those batting lines pretty good evidence that The Machine is not a machine? That he’s slowly aging, no matter his workout regimen or his extreme desire to be the best. New Cardinals manager Mike Matheny and former manager Tony La Russa both made a point to say Pujols isn’t like other players, that he’ll age well. But I look at those numbers and see a player in slight decline. That said, a rebound year wouldn’t surprise me, but keep in mind: (1) He won’t get to face the Cubs, Astros and Pirates 45 times a year any more and he’s moving into a slightly tougher home run park. 

    • paulcatanese

      Tony, he may have had a point if Quade were still in charge,
      Pujols was not an offensive threat for him and he proved it.

  • Jay from sandwich

    The only name this staff is missing is bozo,

  • Chuck

    Like I said before, “Whose playing third base and what’s his name is playing first”

  • Ripsnorter1

    Boy, is this exciting news or what. I can’t say how thrilled I am that Sveum has finally assembled his coaching staff. Well boys, the World Series is certainly ours now. 


    How about some real news–like Theo got a real baseball player, and not some trash he picked up off the street (eg, Stewart, DeJesus, Castillo).