From the Wire … Colvin and LeMahieu Traded to Colorado for Ian Stewart and Casey Weathers

According to multiple reports, the Cubs have traded Tyler Colvin and D.J. LeMahieu to the Colorado Rockies for Ian Stewart and right-handed pitcher Casey Weathers.

The Cubs completed the long-rumored deal with the Rockies for Ian Stewart and received a pitcher in the deal, Casey Weathers, for two of the Cubs’ younger players on the roster … Tyler Colvin and D.J. LeMahieu.

With the subtraction of Colvin and LeMahieu and the addition of Stewart and Weathers, the Cubs 40-man roster stands at 36 players.

Ian Stewart and Casey Weathers both have minor league options … Weathers was added to the Rockies 40-man roster following the 2010 season.

Weathers throws in the high 90s but has struggled with his command. In 44 games last season, all in relief, Weathers was 2-2 with a 5.32 ERA and a 1.75 WHIP in 45 2/3 innings with 48 walks and 48 strikeouts.

Weathers had Tommy John surgery in October 2008 and was the Rockies’ first round pick in 2007 draft (eighth pick overall) out of Vanderbilt.

Baseball America ranked Weathers as the Rockies 14th best prospect prior to last season.

Ian Stewart will go into Spring Training as the Cubs starting third baseman. Stewart was injured in the first game of the Cactus League last spring and never got on track. Stewart compiled a .156/.243/.221/.464 line in 48 games with six doubles and no home runs. In 2010, Stewart hit .256/.338/.443/.781 with 14 doubles, two triples and 18 home runs in 121 games.

Casey Weathers’ Page on Baseball-Reference
Ian Stewart’s Page on Baseball-Reference

The first trade of the Theo Epstein-Jed Hoyer Era is complete … stay tuned.

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"The riches of the game are in the thrills, not in the money." – Ernie Banks

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  • Skeldor

    Now we’re talking…..Love the middle infield depth the team has!!!

  • matthew8510

    career 236 hitter 18 hrs in 2010 another jim hendry move

    • Cubluv

      What is it that they see in Stewart that they pushed this so much? Im just curious

      • JW

        Garbage for garbage (with LeMahieu being sent to the Rockies for good measure)

  • JW

    ARE YOU KIDDING — Weathers is awful!

  • Kojak Osborne Jr.

    Another young player Colvin and LeMathieu that the Cubs could not developed , and we give them up for Stewart lol , i hope this trade works out. I f they know they were going to trade Colvin he should of been compensation for the Red Sox so another player wasted.

  • Dallas

    What does this bring to the cubs? Seriously-cone on we have to do better then that.

  • BosephHeyden

    Well, this trade isn’t good at all.  LeMahieu was a guy that, at the very worst, could have been a super-utility guy ala Mark DeRosa, and, at best, was a guy you could turn into a permanent second baseman.  Colvin may have been done, but if you’re going to give up a guy that can be a GOOD everyday starter for a pitcher that has been remarkably average following Tommy John surgery and a third baseman that’s basically coming off a WORSE situation than the right fielder you were originally trading for him, there better be at least one other player coming with them.  As it is, Epstein, Hoyer, or whoever made this trade basically just said they have more faith in DeWitt as a backup/potentially starting second baseman than LeMahieu.

    There’s just no two ways about it:  this is not a good trade.

    • Kojak Osborne Jr.

      this trade was awful

    • Ripsnorter1

      I’m glad you can see it: it was an awful trade for the Cubs.

      Stewart shouldn’t even be in the ML.
      And this Weathers isn’t a ML pitcher.

      LeMaheiu at least could hit a single. 

      • Coolpdxcubsfan

        So this is the Theo era??? Why would anyone even consider Stewart when Headley and Polanco are available? This is the worst trade possible. Rockies 1 Cubs 0 (again, just like JH era)

    • Eric

      Oh my goodness.  We traded Colvin who had one decent year and then a bad year for a guy who had a decent year and then a bad year.  We traded another guy LeMahieu who we really don’t know will be anything like Mark DeRosa for an arm.  No one can call this a bad trade until we have more years and data to analyze.  Jeez, I hate Cubs fans who are banking on all of this unproven “potential.”  I remember people having a fit when we traded HeeSopChoi for Dereck Lee.  We one that deal.  Get a grip.  It is a minor deal with some potential.

  • daverj

    I know I’ll be in the minority here … but I like this deal for the Cubs.

    • JR

      I agree with you I like this deal very much, cubs trade Tyler Colvin who was never going to get a chance this year, and D.J. who better not be a starter for Ian Stewart who happens to a solid 3B. Once again this is a buy-low move which is smart by the cubs. He had a terrible year last year plagued by injury, but the previous two years he was solid having 18 and 23 hrs. No complaints from me. 

    • Craig Y

      Same here. Colvin’s days with the Cubs were over anyways, and we needed a 3rd baseman.

    • Joey U

      I agree with you.. Colvin needed to get out of Chicago, maybe going to smaller market team will him. As, for DJ he was not going to start for us ..Our system is loaded with middle infielder’s. This one those under the radar deals that may just 
      pan out. Stewart if healty could be a nice addition to our club. 
      Weathers has potential so will see.

      • Hoosierboy3423

        I like the move too, Hoyer stated, “With our first two moves we’ve attempted to make the team a little less
        right-handed and also attempted to add better defense. We feel very good with
        both moves that we’ve done that.”
        I agree, both dejesus and stewart are lefties who are better defenders then we had coming in.  Shoot we have been such a righty dominated lineup for soo long this is such a novel idea, lol. Maybe there is something to having more than one left handed batter in a lineup.

          I really like these moves at building a TEAM.  Theres more to baseball than just big boppers.  Defense wins and loses games too.

  • Gary J

    For those wondering about Stewart – his career numbers look horrid because last year was worse than horrid.  

    But this is a guy with position flexibility that (other than last year) has demonstrated in the previous two years (his first two as a full timer) that he’s got some pop (25 HR in 2009 and 18 2010).

    If you look at his minors stats and those in MLB… and then look at Tyler – they’re pretty similar.  But we had a glut of OF prospects and no one to play 3b.  

    To me this is a solid move.  Nothing spectacular… just solid.  (and it’s not like Colvin was going to bring anything better than “solid” at this point)

    As for Weathers – power arm that lost a year in 2009.  In four years in low minors (A and AA mostly) has an average of 11.3 K/9.  That’s not his best year… that’s an average.  He misses bats.  But then again he misses the plate too.  Last year his K/BB ratio was 1.  meaning he walked as many guys as he K’d… and with his strikeout numbers that’s a bit scary.  

    His other numbers aren’t spectacular either – but he’s a useful guy.  If the scouts maybe noticed something that could be tweeked and he gets some control…. who knows.

    Those two for Colvin and LeMahieu (a slap hitter for good average but with zero pop or speed) seems fair to me.

    • GaryLeeT

      It’s fair, but just doesn’t move the needle.

    • cubtex

      It is a change of scenery trade for 2 former #1 picks who struggled badly last year. Weathers is also a former #1 who misses alot of bats but has major command issues. If they were willing to get an arm like Weathers….they could have drafted Aaron Poreda in tge AAA phase of the rule 5 draft. All in all…. I think it is a pretty fair trade for both teams.

  • cubs1967

    Dejesus and Stewart…… JH all over again….Theo has no clue what to do. Then spend money! 104 yes……..

  • cubtex

    They better get Vitters ready at 3rd base in Iowa! With LeMahieu and Flaherty gone….it is all on Vitters!

  • Mmattyroe89

    Like the deal for the Cubs.  Made a deal for a decent player, and if the argument is that Lemahieu is going to be a good backup in the future, then why would you not trade a good backup in the future for a good starter in the present?

  • GaryLeeT

    The Cubs’ front office is lulling the other teams into thinking that they will not be players this year. Then BOOM! they sign Darvish, E, Jackson and Fielder. Epstein finally redeems his reputation by getting the Japanese phenom pitcher, that actually lives up to the hype.

    • cubtex

      I would like to see Darvish and E Jackson.

    • Gary J

      I’m with you – I’d love them to go after Darvish.

      Follow my logic here… 

      The Cubs are in on both Pujols and Fielder by reports.  So the budget is there.  Then late yesterday they make the comment “we don’t have the funds for Fielder”… 

      Might that have been due to knowing that Darvish was posting today?  If that’s the case, the Cubs may shell out a huge posting number and then a reasonable long term salary.  Basically eating up this year’s budget with the posting outlay, but getting a rotation anchor tied up for years.  Giving the youth movement a year to take root before going after FA’s next year.

      Granted next year there wont’ be a Fielder and Pujols… but it’s a thought anyway.

      And since it’s only a four day posting process, maybe if Fielder waits through the weekend before making the decision, if the Cubs aren’t the high bidder on Darvish, then they turn the funds back toward Fielder.

      Anyway… just thinking out loud.  

      • cubtex

        You know when Theo put the blind bid in for Dice K he outbid the next closest team by over 15 mil. We will see on Darvish. I am not really on the Prince bandwagon after seeing what Pujols just got. Here is what I see…
        We have Stewart at 3rd replacing ARAM= downgrade
                       DeJesus at RF for Fuko= I will call it a push

        Will signing Fielder help this team get to the playoffs with the team it looks like we will put out there???

        It looks like rebuilding so don’t add a Ferrari now to our fleet of Chevys. My opinion.

        • Gary J

          Adding Fielder wouldn’t be a 2012 move – with no power hitters projected for next year’s class either, it would be a move for 2013 and beyond (IMO that is).

          So no – wouldn’t put us over the top.  But if we sign Fielder it does bring us closer to the others in a weak division with both StL and Mil losing thumpers and us adding one.

    • Anthony


  • cubtex

    Tom U…… You cannot be happy that your boy got traded. What are your thoughts on the deal?

    • Tom U

      Sorry Cubtex, I work a late shift on Thursday and I just got back home. 

      I stand by what I’ve reported about LeMahieu, that he has offensive skills and has the potential to contend for a batting championship. As for those who feel he has no speed, consider that he has batted either second or third in the line-up for nearly all of his professional career. Those are not spots that usually are free to run at will. When given a chance in the AFL, LeMahieu was second in the league with 14 stolen bases.

      As I’ve always reported, the problem that LeMahieu is defensive. He is agile, has quick hands, and a strong arm. However, at 6’4″, he will very quickly out-grow a middle infield position. He is better suited for third or first. But considering most fans believe it to be carved in stone somewhere that those positions have to display 25+ home run power, he probably won’t get many chances at those positions. 

      Many fans forget Colvin’s punctured lung at the end of the 2010 season. This injury set him back, as he was supposed to attend winter ball and concentrate on playing first base. Management panicked, and signed Carlos Pena instead, basically taking a position away from Colvin. The best thing they could have done was send him to Triple-A. However, they decided to use him in a reverse-platoon, catering to a veteran. 

      Overall, this was a good scouting job by the Rockies. They acquire a younger, more athletic player than Seth Smith, whom Colvin will compete with for the starting position. They also get a better hitter in LeMahieu than two aging Oakland A’s castoffs Kevin Kouzmanoff and Mark Ellis who he will vie to replace. All for two players the Rockies no longer had a use for. Not as bad on scale as last year’s Garza trade, but the same concept. The Cubs didn’t get equity in return for what they gave up.

      • cubtex

        I had a feeling you wouldn’t like it :)

        • Tom U

          Well, you just move on from here.

      • Anthony


  • matthew8510

    this is what i waited 5 days for good job theo

  • Matt Weaver

    Hey guys. Long time no see. The former Matt Haggard checking in. If Ian Stewart is the Cubs idea of a starting third baseman alongside David The Jesus in the outfield, I’m tossing myself off a cliff.

    That’s all.

    • Neil

      Hey man, great to hear from you!

      • Matt Weaver

        Ditto Neil!

        I still read EVERY DAY. I’m just a little busy at the newspaper. I still tell my peers that you’re one of my earliest influences.

        You’re the man!

    • Ripsnorter1

      Before you jump, make sure you write out a will.


      Glad to see you back. Don’t jump!

      • Matt Weaver

        Hey Rip!

        What’s up? No jumping! =)

    • Dorasaga

      Hi, Matt, just curious were you the guy who was learning Japanese, or was it anime?

      • Matt Weaver

        Hey Dorasaga, long time!

        I’m a little familiar with it. I love watching NPB baseball games on Kosuke made me a Dragons fans so I’m trying to pick up on as much as I can!

        • Dorasaga

          Ah. Hisashiburi desu.

          I was in Tokyo for a business trip May 2006, and in Chiba to watch a game between the Marines with Bobby Valentine (now Red Sox manager) against the visiting Osaka-Kobe Tigers game. NPB became a hobby since then. Interesting stuff going on in Japan. They had a bunch of new management teams as well, like what we are seeing with the Cubs and many other teams on this side of the Pacific.

    • Agustinrexach

      Wait!, are you the real Matt or the phony one that came along pretending to be the real Matt Haggard!!!!????

      Nice to hear from you man!

      • Matt Weaver

        Ohhhhh! Good one! =)

        I’ve pretty much conceded defeat to that guy. I’m like a pro wrestler — dropping the gimmick!

  • Demitri

    I hate this deal.. Im willing to bet colvin has an excellent year

    • cubtex

      I’ll take that bet. It doesn’t matter if the ball travels more in Colorado if you can’t hit it!

      • Demitri

        What guarantees Colvin has the same year like last year? They gave up too fast, especially for a rebuilding team. But hey, they are the pros so i approve none the less

        • cubtex

          I hope the kid figures it out but everytime I saw him play he just doesn’t get it. He has zero plate discipline, doesn’t know how to use the whole field, and doesn’t shorten up his swing with 2 strikes.  

  • Jay from sandwich

    This trade just prove my point that team theo has not stop and looked into the cubs system to see what they have he is just dumping everything he can and keeping the trash like Coleman and hill. If this is the best he can do it is going to be a long three years before his contract is up and he can start all over again. The cubs prospect are so bad it seems everybody wants them but team theo. I guess there ego is so high right now that they are going destroy the minor leaguers and start from stretch to prove appoint that they do not smell like………. I feel sorry for the rickets family and I am happy for covin, and every young player you lives this orginaization because they will final get their chance and prove team theo judgment is wrong.

    • Jay from sandwich

      I ment five years for team theo contract to be up sorry to all you good cub fan

  • cubtex

    All that Cubs minor league infield depth took a big hit today. Flaherty,LeMahieu and Marwin Gonzales.

    • Ripsnorter1

      Ain’t that the truth….except you forgot to mention:


      • cubtex

        You know what I just thought of…. What if Vitters goes to Boston for Theo??? That would destroy our minor league infield depth!

  • Ripken Boy

    The Rockies were going to non-tender Stewart. We could of gotten him for nothing on Monday. LeMathieu has had real solid stats in the minors the last 2 years and Quade screwed up Colvin by not playing him. I hope this deal works out, but I have a bad feeling this is not a good move.

    I would of just played Vitters who had a real nice AZ Fall League.

    • cubtex

      If Stewart struggles we might see Vitters sooner than later.

    • Jay from sandwich

      You are wright if Colvin and lemahieu reach their portentual in a hitter freindly ball park like the Rockies this has the potential to go down as the wrest trade in cub history. Now that’s why team theo gets the big bucks

      • Brian

        Are you serious??

        • Jay from sandwich

          It is possible but unlikely the point is we over paid and this proves team theo has not really evaluated the cubs farm system sand teams will continue to take advantage of them until they do.

      • JW

        maybe it could rival brock for broglio

  • matthew8510

     #Cubs GM Hoyer calls Stewart a “gifted third baseman” and hopes change of scenery will help offense. 11 minutes ago

  • cc002600

    here’s what I don’t get,  I don’t really care that much that we gave up Colvin and DJ, cause I don’t think they will ever amount to much anyway.  But doesn’t Stewart have a bad glove ?  I thought one of the priorities was shoring up the defense. yikes.

    something tells me the cubs are going to go hard after Darvish.

  • Anthony

    If Colvin finds his stroke, good for him, and hope he does.

    DJ was a high profile HS player from Michigan who prospered by attending LSU as a decent SS, but didn’t have power then, and his swing doesn’t give promise to develop it later. That part of the trade is OK.

    Now, lets discuss Vitters, who is a good hitter, coming off a solid season and great Fall League performance. Is he a possible 2B guy, or is he destined for the OF?

    Or, is he also trade bait?

    Again, the Stewart acquisition sets back other players in the system who are pegged as 3rd basemen.

    Hoyer drafted Jed Gyorko, and he will be an offensive stud for SD, and that is what he wants there, whoever eventually plays that role.

    • cubtex

      I think it is premature to pencil in Stewart at 3rd for the next couple of years. He is coming off a batting average like Colvin. They need to keep Vitters at 3rd. And to answer your question…now way can Vitters play 2B. Now Stewart on the other hand can play a little 2B.

  • daverj

    At one point Stewart was one of the Top 5 prospects in all of baseball and had some major league success in 2009 and 2010.  He is still young enough to turn things around and be a perennial .275 with 25 HR guy.

    Even during last years disastrous season for him, he still hit .275 with 14 HR and a .980 OPS in just 195 AB’s at Triple A.

    This is a great buy low by Epstein.

    • cubtex

      Or a great buy low for Colorado….It could go either way daverj.

      I know you bow to team theo but it is way too early to praise these 2 moves he has made.

      • daverj

        I actually am not a big Epstein fan in general.   I would have much preferred Andrew Friedman and others.

        I was initially concerned that Epstein would spend on big name free agents this offseason … which I think would have been the wrong move for Cubs.  I wanted a guy that to slowly rebuild the mess that Hendry left and wasn’t sure Epstein was the guy for that. It appears my concerns over Epstein were not justified, however, as I like the way Epstein has handled the Cubs offseason so far.  I’ve been pleasantly surprised with his moves.So it’s really not that I bow to Epstein … it’s that I think he’s done nothing but make good moves so far.As to your other point … it’s true it could be great buy low for Colorado too … But, Stewart has always had much more upside than Colvin so the Cubs are “buying lower” than Colorado.

        • Hoosierboy3423

          Couldnt agree more, this is a process.  We cant just click our emerald slippers and make everything better.  Give the guys time.  Either way in this deal the players involved needed a change of scenery.  Its good that both players we received still have options left if they struggle. 

           I definitely wouldnt mind seeing a Garza deal.  Fingers are crossed that since Wilson and Pujols went to a division rival that the Rangers will overpay and give us some of those top prospects for Garza.  Sign Darvish and be in on the 3 Cubans.  Fielder is still young enough to be around for the process too but I dont feel he is a must.  Everyone just take a deep breath and let the guys that get paid to do this, do it.  They are not Hendry.  We are Cub fans, if we cant have patience, who can?

  • Coachdon

    I never thought I’d say it, but I’m starting to miss Hendry. This Epstein bunch are complete morons.

    • Hoosierboy3423

      Never thought id see such silliness from trading a servicable OF at best in Colvin, most likely a career 4th OF. And a guy who most of you have called, a ML utility man. So we just dealt Aaron Miles? This isnt the end of the world.  Very minor move which could pay big dividends. Healthy Stewart could be just the right mix of power and defense at 3b.  Hes still very young and if he doesnt work out, what did it really cost us, two career backups

    • ldsteam2011

      Morons??? Really?? 

    • John_CC

      Quite the melodrama, Coach! 

  • Tom U

    It’s all a little early to speculate, but the moves do break up a logjam created by the previous management.

    Triple-A will be a concern. I don’t have a problem with Vitters moving up, he has earned it. However, I hope they aren’t overly confident in Junior Lake. Lake struggled with Double-A pitching, and may not be ready. He’s also a mess defensively. If he doesn’t work they’ll have to turn to minor league veterans Jonathan Mota at short and Nate Samson at second.

    At Tennesse, if Lake doesn’t return, they look strong up the middle with Logan Watkins at short and Matt Cerda at second. The problem will be third. If Lake doesn’t end up there, they will have to turn to Greg Rohan. Or, if they think out of the box, they can move Rubi Silva permanently to second and move Cerda back to third.

    Daytona also looks strong up the middle with Elliot Soto at short and Arismendy Alcantara at second. Third will also be a problem unless the feel Dustin Geiger is ready for that level. If not, Alcantara will have to move to third with Kenny Socorro at second. 

    Peoria will be a team to watch with a potential infield of Jeimer Candelario at third, Javier Baez at short, and Zeke DeVoss at second. If they don’t feel Baez is ready, Wes Darvill is a good alternative, with underrated third baseman Wilson Contreras waiting in the wings.

    While they lack pop, Gioskar Amaya, Marco Hernandez, and Brad Zapenas will be able to pick it at Boise. Draftee Danny Lockhart will be in-waiting.

    • Anthony

      pretty good infield analysis

      Like Rohan bat at 3B for TENN

    • Tom U

      I also forgot. Pierre LePage, a second baseman who led the system in hitting in 2010 was out most of last year with an injury. He may end up in Peoria or Daytona. And Brandon May, a potential third baseman, was also out most of last year with Valley Fever and injuries.

  • Ripsnorter1

    I don’t mind the Stewart for Colvin part of the trade all that much. 

    I have no faith in either one anymore.
    But LeMaheiu is a ML utility player. No speed. No power. .270 hitter. Okay glove. But this Weathers isn’t going to make it, imo. 9.5 BB per 9 IP. Enough said.

  • Neil
  • Demitri

    I believe cubs contend in 2013. 2012 is going to be a long year. Im not judging that on this move, but on the fact the rotation has not been improved. Its still early though, but you get a little curious..

  • Tom U

    For those of you who were asking about Marwin Gonzalez defensively, I found this

  • Ripsnorter1


    Stewart can play 2B, like DeWitt, like Baker.
    Stewart can play a poor OF like DeWitt, like Baker.

  • Gary J

    Seriously?  Longing for the days of Hendry?  Over THIS???  The mgmt team has been here for about a month.  Talk about a lack of a honeymoon period – sheesh.

    From my perspective….

    Stewart – a guy that had a horrible season last year but would slot in as our starting 3b currently or at least a utility guy as he’s played 2b before as well.  As someone pointed out on here as well, he was a highly thought of prospect coming up ( ranking as high as 4th in 2005, but never falling out of the top 50 and coming in at 39 when he got the call in 2008.  At 26 he’s not a bust just yet.  He had two decent years in 2009 and 2010 before the rails came off last year.  But as the roster stands right now, he slots as the starting 3b.

    Weathers – a guy that had tommy john surgery in 2008, missed 2009, but has overpowering stuff (11+ k/9 in his minor’s career)…. when he can find the plate that is (k/bb ratio 1.58 for his career… and with that many k’s that’s scary – nuke laloosh territory).  Even so, last year he ranked #9 in their organization by BP (  If he can harness things, he can still pan out.  He was on the Olympic team before his TJ surgery.  It’s not too late for this guy.

    Colvin – just like Stewart, the wheels came off last year and then some.  Personally I lost a little respect for him when he whined about being demoted when he was hitting in the low .100’s… to me it just sounded like a sense of entitlement.  You’re crap right now meat – go get your head right and come back strong…. which he didn’t.  That said though I wish him luck.  He’s still got time to come around and the change of scenery hopefully will do him good.  But let’s be honest… he’s no longer in the team plans for the OF or 1B.  Szczur and Jackson are for sure ahead of him for OF prospects and at 1b LaHair (short term) and Vogelbach (future) are ahead of him.  He was surplus.  We don’t need to hang onto OF prospects but we do need a 3b as Vitters goes through one more year of seasoning.

    LeMahieu – OK – I don’t like losing him.  Enough bat control to be a consistent .300 hitter.  But honestly a slap hitting guy with no pop.  He ranked 17th this past year by BP in an admittedly weak Cubs system.  (  But then again all he has to offer is batting avg.  Average speed, average (or slightly below) D, zero pop.  I think he could have been a good player, but Barney deserves the shot this year and LeMahieu in limited action last year didn’t even have the avg working for him.  Granted though it wasn’t much of a chance – more of a taste.  I like LeMahieu – but he’s no All-Star in waiting either.  Let’s not put him on a pedestal.


    The Cubs got their possible starting third baseman for 2012 as it stands right this moment (to keep the position warm hopefully for Vitters) and the Rockies #9 prospect in 2010 for a OF in desperate need of a change of scenery that isn’t in the team plans and a pretty decent slap hitting middle infield prospect.

    You can like the deal or don’t like it – everyone is entitled to their opinion obviously…. but wishing for the days of Hendry and calling the mgmt team morons?  

    This deal looks pretty fair to me.  Fills a hole and you can’t get something for nothing.

    • brent carmona

      Good post, I see theo and crew installing their philosophy in hitters here, colvin/DJ does not fit into their style of play (patience at the plate, not saying Ian is otherwordly but def better than the guys we traded). You are right there is no room for either of them so the front office made due with what they had.

      I was worried Ian’s numbers were skewed since he played in COL, but check out these splits
      2009 Home: 8 2B / 13 HR / .477 SLG2009 Away: 11 2B / 12 HR / .451 SLG
      2010 Home: 5 2B / 6 HR / .402 SLG2010 Away: 9 2B / 12 HR / .480 SLG
      The power seems consistant enough for me, hope he can tap into his potential however here at wrigley.

      That Joe Bohringer guy we hired, supposedly has a great mind so i hope he sees something in Stewart/Weathers that we dont see.

    • Jason Douglas


      We lost nothing.  Colvin was given a chance.  The other guy is unproven.  In return, we get a 26 yr old low-cost defensive upgrade with 20 hr/yr pop, who had a bad year due to injury last year.

      Like Dejesus, this is a great short-term fix.  No horrible contract…defensively an upgrade. 

      This leaves plenty of money for a possible run at Fielder.  If not, we have a ton of money for FAs next year.

      Another thought is by saving money on a couple moves like this, we can steal away a quality player in a trade by being able to have money to absorb a bad contract as a part of the deal.  For example, if a team has a good young pitcher we want, and a crappy contract for an OF or 1B, we can swallow it.

      Don’t forget that in 2003 that Karros and Gruds, both productive starters and key contributors, were essentially bad contracts the Cubs swapped with the Dodgers so they would take Todd Hundley off our hands.  That was a bit of luck, but the point is that we should be happy that Theo/Cubs aren’t giving mediocre pitchers $12M/yr.

      Spend…but spend wisely!!  

    • MikeT_2008

      Really good post, you make some really good points on how people are hating on the new management team. Is it a great trade, no far from it, but like you said it fills a need for 2012 and if all goes well beyond. Could Colvin and LeMahieu turn out to be studs, yeah, could they be busts, yeah, but to turn so quick on the new team is just wrong, at least let them give us reasons to turn on them. I understand the fans frustration but really we all know this team will need something close to a miracle to really contend in either 2012 or 2013 so doing a low risk trade that has the potential for upside is fine with me. I mean both of these guys were Hendry picks and maybe Theo, Jed, and Crew just didn’t see them in their future plans, I know most do not want to hear it but these guys are building for the years to come, not the next couple of years.

    • John_CC

      Thank you, Gary, for bringing some reason and sanity back to the discussion. 

  • Tom

    Weathers was the 8th overall pick in the 2007 draft. This is what BA said about him then:
    Weathers was a light-hitting junior-college outfielder when he and a teammate climbed atop a mound one day after practice to see how hard they could throw. Weathers hit 92 mph, and his days in the outfield were over. He transferred to Vanderbilt and has flourished in the back of the bullpen for college baseball’s best team, routinely blowing 96-97 mph gas. He was summoned from the Alaska League last year and joined USA Baseball’s college national team’s bullpen. He establishes his fastball early in counts, will elevate it late in counts and pitches to both sides of the plate. His delivery is generally fine, though his arm action occasionally gets long, which prevents him from getting on top of his pitches and leads to erratic command and hanging sliders. His slider has touched 91, and when he stays through the pitch upon release, it has hard, three-quarter tilt with power. He’s been durable in his brief pitching career, and his two-pitch mix (he also has a changeup) could allow him to close in the majors. As a senior, he should sign quickly and won’t make it out of the first round..

  • paulcatanese

    LeMahieu and Colvin traded, Q and JH are out having a beer tonight,
    they are vindicated in the asessment of the two.

    • paulcatanese

      And I didnt mean that as a compliment to Q and JH, just that the present people must agree with JH and Q in their thinking.

  • Devin

    good deal. get a third baseman that can play above average defense and has pop. worried about his average being low but hopefully rudy can help him with that. has a surplus in the outfield and soriano isnt moving anywhere with that contract. i trust theo with every move he makes.

  • Calicub

    The worst part about this trade is that blake dewitt is still on this roster.

    Whats the likelyhood dewitt becomes AAA 3B and Lake stays in tennesee?

    • Neil

      DeWitt is a non-tender candidate. He has one more option left but due to service time he would have to clear Optional Assignment Waivers before he can be optioned to Triple-A.

  • The Maven

    The more I look at this, the worse it gets. Stewart is arbitration eligible in 2012. Which means that by this time next year, the Cubs may have given up Colvin and LaMahieu for no one.

  • Michael

    I dont mind this deal at all, Colvin couldn’t hit and I am tired of hearing it was Quades fault. Fact is the guy hit in the low .100s. Stewart was hurt last year and if he can return to some form at 3rd it works. Colvin wont do anything and neither will DJ. If I do recall correctly when we gave up Fuld and Archer last year everyone was up in arms, Fuld is garbage and Archer isn’t that stellar. It’s a low risk deal for a position in 3b that their just is not a lot of options for us to go with.

  • Mdwilson82

    Ok. So I have been following this site since the 2008 collapse. And haven’t posted on her since right after our Cubs were eliminated. I’m more of a reader than a commenter, but the some of these comments have brought me out of early retirement…

    Obviously I understand that when reading comments I have to treat this site as a fantasy league of sort for people who want to play general manager. But the fact is…no of us are. In fact, no one on here could even come close to knowing as much about baseball or the business of baseball like a real GM. Granted, I understand the people can critique and criticize moves as is our right as die-hard Cubs fans.


    Come on. We are complaining about Lemahieu? An unproven minor league player who saw a cup of coffee? If he was so awesome would Theo and Jed trade him away? And Colvin…we all know he has power but we all know he also sometimes makes Soriano look like he has a handle on the strike zone.

    The fact of the matter is we didn’t have a third baseman. We just got one. Did he struggle last year? Yes. Do we know if he can bounce back? Maybe. Can Colvin show signs of his first year? Maybe? Will Lemahieu show signs he can be anything other than a utility player? Who knows…

    Nobody knows. What we do know is that both sides are taking risks on players. Stewart isn’t costing much money so if he doesn’t pan out, who cares. Vitters is at least a year away still. many more…if ever. I didn’t hear anyone else begging for Colvin or Lemahieu.

    Everyone has been saying…”Don’t waste money…Don’t overspend on aging veterans…” We they didn’t. Even with DeJesus, They are gonna pay 4 million a year for a patient on base guy, with a great attitude, and knows how to play the game. They didn’t sign him for a 5 year – 30 million deal or anything.

    So it seems what most of you are saying is to play only our “prospects” (if you can call them prospects) and not try to build a competitive team. I pretty sure Theo didn’t sign on to just say “hey, let’s just play some kids and see how it goes.” You fill your spots the best you can. Nothing wrong with playing the kids, if they are ready or good enough. But just to throw them out there for the sake of “giving them a shot” is just not how a baseball team is ran. Therefore, if you don’t have guys waiting and ready, you go out and find your best bang for your buck, or best available option via trade. Headley would’ve been great to get, but the Padres would need much more than Colvin and Lemahieu for him. We have very few actual prospects…at this point we can’t afford to trade them away.

    If you want to criticize and complain that is fine. But for the love of god, please wait till at least after spring training. Let Theo and Jed do there job and put a team together for us. Wait till the season to judge our team. Judging before the season even starts just makes it seem like some people just complain to complain.

    There. Resume early blog retirement.

    • Michael

      I like…well said sir

    • Gary J

      (insert applause here)

    • Jeff in Az

      Thank you for being a voice of reason. Some of the comments and criticism are really starting to turn me off to this site and i have been following since 2004.

      Theo and co. Is approaching this mess with a scalpel not a hatchet and that is the correct approach in my assessment.

      • Calebsdaddie

        I hate to admit it myself but I very rarely check this sure out much anymore. Too many people who piss and moan no matter what the move is. I have hope and faith in theo if for no other reason then he is trying something different then typical cubbie moves.

    • Griffnbell

      Thank you for saying what has been on my mind. My thought has always been that Theo and Jed have my complete backing. I trust that they know what there doing and I have to believe that because the prior regimes had no plan or clue. Patience my friends, things will work out.

    • John_CC

      Ditto everyone above. Thanks for coming out of retirement, if even only for a brief moment!  I may be headed into a blog sabbatical myself. As Jeff and Calebsdaddie noted, I have a hard time reading the comment posts lately. 

      Neil, I will always come to get the latest and read your updates.  The site is the best. Right now, too much unstable emotion and irrational impatience by the majority of posters. 
      (see below)

      Carry on.

  • Tony Spumoni

    I wish Tyler Colvin and D.J. LeMahieu all the luck in the world.  It’s pretty clear that neither was going anywhere here in Chicago, so hopefully, Colorado will work out for one or both of them.  

    I hope they both do very well.  I look forward to seeing them both play for the Rockies.

  • Aaron

    I am with Tom U on this…what a terrible trade for the Cubs by including LeMahieu.

    By not protecting Gonzalez and Flaherty, then dealing LeMahieu the Cubs just destroyed all of the middle infield depth they had, and just assured everyone they will be hanging onto Baker AND DeWitt in all likelihood. YAY!!!!!!!!

    The thing a lot of people on this site that have bashed LeMahieu and other prospects conveniently leave out of every argument is the stats these guys put up in the minors, and their versatility which Epstein and Hoyer said they valued (those type of players).

    I could care less if Colvin was traded for Stewart…I actually happen to believe that portion of the trade was good….

    But they just essentially traded LeMahieu…a perennial .300 hitter who doesn’t have much power, yet somehow still manages to drive in a LOT of runs without it…for Casey Weathers, a damn reliever.

    What a dumbass move if you ask me?

    It’s Hendry all over again. The deal for Garza was essentially Archer, Lee, and Chirinos, then Hendry included Guyer and Fuld in order to land Perez and Rosscup, which Fuld wasn’t a loss at all, but Perez? Really?

    Why expand the Stewart deal to include a pitcher with ZERO command, high velocity, and……is a damn RELIEVER….which we do NOT need.

    Weathers’ ceiling is Carpenter….the Cubs already have Carpenter…They also happen to have Marmol, Marshall, Samardzija, Dolis, Cashner, Russell, and Wood (likely) pegged for the pen…plus, they just selected Lendy Castillo in the Rule 5 for the pen…AND, that’s not even including Carpenter in the mix.

    So, please, someone tell me how Casey Weathers makes any sense whatsoever. Colvin for Stewart makes a TON of sense…even though I wished they could’ve found a way to unload DeWitt. Both Colvin and Stewart are the same age. Both had nearly identical slash lines last year. And both experienced some degree of success at the MLB level. Stewart was by far the superior hitter in the minors between the two of them, but this deal was Colvin for Stewart and LeMahieu for Weathers. What?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    Epstein and Hoyer both already stated the Cubs were stacked in the pen, and needed more starting pitching…

    So…congratulations Epstein and Hoyer….You just managed to destroy your infield depth while acquiring yet another pen arm (apparently your Rule 5 selection wasn’t enough), while also landing a .100-something hitter that needs a “change of scenery”.

    Now, their infield depth looks like this:

    Castro and Barney as starters
    -DeWitt and Baker as back-ups at 2B and 3B
    -Lake, Samson, Macias, Mota, Watkins, Cerda, and Raul Valdes (AA or AAA…not listing lower levels which have depth with guys like Amaya, Hernandez, DeVoss, Baez, etc., because they’re too far off)

    Only Lake and Cerda could even be considered decent MLB contributors, but even Lake needs more time. LeMahieu, Gonzalez, and Flaherty would’ve ALL been better options than either Barney or Stewart at 2B and 3B

    Sorry, but the Cubs got their sh$t handed to them.

    Again, I have to side with Tom U….the Cubs will rue the day they traded LeMahieu. Like Tom said, he’s a future batting champion in waiting…he’s really that good…makes solid contact. .317/.353/.399 slash line in the minors, and has played 1B, 2B, SS, and 3B, and only has 22 errors over the course of 3 minor league seasons doing so.

    I was very optimistic about Epstein and Hoyer turning this thing around, but the players they are targeting are PRECISELY the same that Hendry would target. Not only DeJesus, whom Hendry had tried numerous times to acquire in the past, but BOTH Rule 5 selections with Castillo being similar to Patton (no chance of sticking), and the Alvarez guy they already sold to a Mexican team (same as Abner Abreu type of player), then the Stewart and Weathers acquisitions are very reminiscent of Hendry’s past deals, trying to do the change of scenery thing with DeWitt and Izturis in the past, and how many relievers did Hendry accumulate in trades? It seemed literally like every damn trade he did, he was accumulating relief arms. Why?!?!? They’re already stacked.

    Again, it’s like they’ve been infected with the stupid virus (aka “Hendry virus”)

    What a shame. Cubs won the trade on Colvin for Stewart, but lost BIG time trying to get cute, acquiring an erratic pen arm.

    • Aaron

      At this point, the only thing that can save this offseason for the Cubs is if Gonzalez and Flaherty are returned after Spring Training, though with the Astros needs, with Gonzalez, there’s not a snowball’s chance in hell both of them come back…possibly Flaherty, as the Orioles already signed Antonelli for basically the same role they’d want for Flaherty.

      ….but in addition to that, they have to sign someone like Edwin Jackson or Oswalt (never been linked to them), PLUS Darvish, and also Fielder….and likely Cespedes if he comes reasonably (ie.-closer to $30 million versus $50+million)

      If they don’t land at least 3 of those players (with one of them being Fielder), they’re absolutely screwed. And if that happens, I hope they trade Garza, Marmol, and Marshall, and get whatever they possibly can for them to reload their system. If Garza is dealt to the Rangers, and we get a package back including a top pitching prospect, plus Jurickson Profar, then all is forgiven in my opinion with their idiotic decisions regarding Flaherty, Gonzalez, and LeMahieu this offseason, as Profar is superior to all of them.

      • BosephHeyden

        I think we both know Flaherty is lost.  The Orioles have so many needs that, even if Flaherty doesn’t work out, they’re not going to contend anyways, so they can just do what we did with Dave Patton:  give him a few innings and the put him on the DL for the rest of the season.

      • Chris P.

        I love how this guy is always complaining about losing AA players that never pan out in the long run. If our prospects were that great then we would keep them. enough said.

      • daverj

        Unfortunately, it looks like it going to be a long offseason and 2012 season for you …

        1) There is no way the Cubs 3 free agents from the group of Jackson, Oswalt, Darvish, Fielder and Cespedes.  Maybe the Cubs sign one of them if the player is willing to sign a reasonable deal.  Otherwise, it will be none of them.
        2) There is no chance the Rangers trade Profer alone for Garza (let alone in any package).  In my opinion Profer is the second best prospect in all of baseball right now behind Bryce Harper and the general consensus in baseball is that he is a Top 5 guy.  Unless it’s a deal for Gio Gonzalez, James Shields or a #1 starter put on the trading block, Profer isn’t going anywhere.

        3) If letting of Flaherty, Gonzalez and LeMahieu (marginal prospects) make any sort of difference to the future of the Cubs, then the Cubs organization is in even more disarray than I thought (and I think it’s pretty bad).  

    • Jim_Tinley_Park

      Is it time to bring back Hendry?

      • BosephHeyden

        As bad as this trade is, you know Hendry probably would have given them Garza or Marshall, too 😛

    • Tom U

      Thank you Aaron, I’m glad I have your trust. 

  • Todd C

    I think that this trade betters the Cubs next year and potentially long term. Stewart plugs in decently at 3B next year without a big contract. He still has options left if he struggles and is under team control for a few more years. He can also play 2B and even 1B if needed. If he plays well and Vitters emerges at some point maybe Stewart moves to 2B and Barney becomes a backup like he should be. So he has a chance to play his way into the future as well. He is coming into his prime years and is still a big upside guy. Also Colvin was a tweener in that he isn’t good enough to start now but isn’t in the future plans now. I think the problem the Cubs had was that it wasn’t a Colvin for Stewart trade and the Cubs had to add more to the trade to even it out.  Weathers is another huge potential guy and was likely the best upside pitcher we could get back after having to include LeMahieu in the trade. The Cubs brass maybe wrong in trading LeMahieu but I think if Stewart alone works out for the Cubs it will be worth the trade of both players since his upside is much higher. I don’t see how people can bash a trade that helps us immediately and potentially long term for guys that clearly weren’t in the short or long term plans for the Cubs.

  • mutantbeast

    Cubs should not have included DJL. He likely would have made a better 2b than Barney. 

  • RICK

    Dumb trade looks like a Hendry move