Cubs and Red Sox Not Worrying About Compensation for Epstein

Compensation packages for Theo Epstein, Jed Hoyer and Jason McLeod were expected to be settled with the Red Sox and Padres after Thursday’s Rule 5 Draft. The Cubs are still expected to send a lower level minor leaguer to San Diego for Hoyer and McLeod but that compensation was not announced … and neither was the package for Theo Epstein.

According to multiple reports, Theo Epstein and Ben Cherington have decided to resolve the compensation issue “at some point”. Neither side seems very concerned at this point and Epstein said, “It behooves both organizations to know who’s on their club coming into Spring Training.”

Theo Epstein recently stated the precedent set by the Cubs and Twins in 1994 for Andy MacPhail would be used in his talks with the Red Sox. The Cubs sent a lower level minor leaguer (Class A pitcher Hector Trinidad) along with $200,000 for MacPhail.

The report from Comcast SportsNet on Thursday afternoon indicated the package for Epstein could end up being “one or two players you may have never heard of before.”

Stay Tuned …

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  • Shelbymenge

    from shelby, we need to sign some body sometime and soon, the person we need to sign is prince fielder sometime and soon.

    • John_CC

      i love this post!

  • BosephHeyden

    And, you know what, this brings up a question that’s been bugging me since the players the Cubs were supposedly targetting all got signed.  We’re rebuilding.  That just seems to be the reality of things.  But every time I wonder what that entails, the only answer that seems to come up, that really doesn’t relate to rebuilding at all, is “Trade Alfonso Soriano”.  We don’t have any prospects that can be rebuilt upon it seems like.  We barely have any players worth trading FOR prospects that can be rebuilt upon ( ie Garza, Castro), and the few that we do have are all players that create more holes by trading them than they do fill holes that we need filled in the future.

    All of this kind of make me wonder:  why, exactly, did we bring Epstein on again?  I know we needed to remove Kenney from his position, and I know we needed to remove Hendry and Quade period (which should have been done a year ago), but this is all stuff we could have done better before the start of last season had Ricketts just fired the three of them, hired lesser named, more knowledgeable people to fill his GM and President spots, and just gone with the promotion of Sandberg.  At least then we could have skipped the Garza trade and had a few more good prospects that could be used for other means.

    Now?  I dunno, it just seems like the extent of what they’re going to is stuff that’s less than what we could have done a year or so back when these moves were common sense even then.

    • cubtex

      Exactly we are rebuilding! Kenny Williams came out and said the White Sox are. Theo denies it and says the Cubs will never be in full out rebuilding mode…..BUT his actions are speaking loud and clear!

      • BosephHeyden

        I’d be fine if that were the case, which it most certainly seems to be.  But right now, we’re a month and a half into the off season and the only thing we’ve actually determined is that we have a front office now.  That’s great and all but…

        I was typing this and saw the Colvin/LeMahieu trade.  Yeah…

  • Ripsnorter1


    At this rate, they ought to be paying us!
    “The New Ed Lynch.”

    • Alligator726

      You people are too much sometimes. What moves were ‘common sense’ exactly? Really already trying to brand him Ed Lynch? 

      The man has been in office for less than two months. He talked about an organizational strategy and creating a ‘Cubs Way’, which to me is something that in my 30 years as a fan we have never had. It will not happen overnight, so I think you should stop looking for quick fixes. 

      You would complain if he signed someone and complain if he didn’t, so is there anything you are supportive of?

    • Ppforme

      Are you fucking kidding me? He’s been on the job for less than a month. You are a fucking dumbass. Get the fuck out of here you piece of shit fuck up

      • Ppforme

        Let’s all beat that fucking retards assss!!! Fuck him

      • Tony Spumoni

        I may or may not agree with Ppforme’s opinion, but I enjoyed the creative use of the English language.  Keep up the good work!

        • Ppforme

          Thanks brah.. I just like to keep it real I that dumb fuck is a fake ass cubs fan. Fuck him

          • Ppforme

            Needs some sense knocked into him.

          • cubtex

            dude. keep it clean. we can disagree with someones comments but no need to use that language

          • Krikas

            This site is all about keeping it classy…lets try to respect that. 

          • Ppforme

            This site needs to buckle down on all of the fucking idiots who think they know the game of baseball. that man can kiss my black ass

          • Krikas

            If you don’t like the “idiots” on this site then go somewhere else.  Part of what makes this site great is the variety of opinions. Not to mention the hard work that goes into keeping it one of the best informational cubs resources out there.

          • paulcatanese

            First time I have seen your name on here, but very good post.

          • Krikas

            Thanks, I have been on for years as Michael but just don’t post very often. 

          • paulcatanese

            totally uncalled for, if you need help use a thearsis.

  • Anthony

    Ok, just for “shirts and goggles”, lets just say Theo is sneaky and with ChiC $$$$, they ain’t broke, they land the almighty specimen called Prince Fielder for 1B at some point.

    What would be the impact, trickle up and trickle down?

    I think you have to keep Garza
    I think you have to deal with Zambrano and pitch him
    I think you squeeze everything you can from Soriano(note)

    It affords an opportunity for testing prospects, like a Vitters
    at 3B, or giving Colvin an opportunity to bounce back

    It would send LaHair to Japan, or they try him in the OF, but, can
    he play RF? Colvin? Or Trade?

    (note), hope Soriano plays well enough for an AL team trade needing
    a DH/LF, then inject Jackson.

    Pretty much every 1B prospect would be blocked age 21 and up.

    The 2012 college crop is considered weak, and the new CBA will inject very few high school kids from the top ranks. I would imagine lots of minor league player swaps, especially 1B to realign balance.

    On another note:

    It interests me that everyone thinks Szczur is a shoe-in, but he is a converted football guy just learning the game while a player like Vitters is a 1st rounder who has been in the system since HS graduation and gets whacked by all the experts. I like our outfield prospects the most because of balance, versatility, and athleticism, especially from AA on down.

    Trying to figure out who will eventually be a major leaguer and who will not is something I can’t determine, and so I don’t get paid for it, I don’t worry about it, but

    Considering the recent RULE 5 Draft, it appears every team thinks very little of AAA/AA/A players who qualified for a change of scenery, so the concept of “organization/AAAA” players appears to have been confirmed.

    Is there anyone in the Cubs system that have been in the minors for the past 4 plus years have any chance to contribute at the ML level?

    If so, who?

    Although the RULE 5 Draft has good intentions, didn’t the process, if you listened to it, seem like a mere formality, actually a joke?

    You can bet every team of the 30, if an injury would occur to a frontline player, they would be seeking trades before they would call somebody up the majority of the time.


    Play the Kids

    Back to Fielder:

    Short-term gives them a shot to compete

    Long-term gives them a chance to compete, add more parts, then contend

    Didn’t Theo say he is treating the Cubs and the minors as 2 dynamics?

    Well, kill 2 birds with one stone. They have the money for the doughboy with the big stirring spoon(BAT)

    Shave the beard

    • John_CC

      What? I am not shaving my beard!

  • Neil

    To everyone, please stop the language. Discussions can be had without the expletives.


    • paulcatanese

      Exactly Neil.

  • Neil

    Colvin and LeMahieu to Colorado for Casey Weathers and Ian Stewawrt

    • matthew8510

      weathers and stewart u mean

      • Neil

        Thanks for catching … rushing to get it up

        • John G

          I had that problem when I was younger. Now I don’t rush so much, but I am just happy to be able to get it up.

          I didn’t post that, did I???

    • John_CC

      wow. I was really hoping to see LeMahieu at Wrigley someday.

  • matthew8510
  • Skeldor

    The Cubs have acquired Ian Stewart and Casey Weathers from the Rockies in exchange for Tyler Colvin and DJ LeMahieu, tweets Troy Renck of the Denver Post

  • Cubluv

    Just seen on mlbtr the cubs aquired ian Stewart and a low level pitcher casey weathers for colvin and le majieu

    • Cubluv

      Guess I should read all the posts before typing

  • matthew8510

    career 236 hitter 18 hrs in 2010 another bjim hendry move