From the Wire … Dale Sveum Named Manager of the Cubs

According to multiple reports, the Cubs have hired Dale Sveum to be the 52nd manager in the organization’s history. Sveum reportedly received a three-year contract with a fourth year option for 2015.

Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer will introduce Sveum at a press conference at Wrigley Field at 9:00am on Friday morning.

Dale Sveum has not announced his coaching staff but is reportedly close with Pat Listach … Listach has one-year remaining on the contract he signed last off-season.

Stay Tuned … Will update as information becomes available.

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  • Theboardrider

    Welcome Dale!  Wasn’t neccesarily my first choice but I trust in the brass.  Go Cubs!

  • Ripsnorter1

    Another skinhead…..

    • Tim

      your point?

      • John G

        His point is that Rip NEEDS to have something to bitch about. And that was all he could come up with.

      • Ripsnorter1

        He shaves his head.

    • paulcatanese

      Oh well, those of us with hair have no chance.

      • cubtex

        Mackanin had the best head of hair of all the candidates so he had no chance! 😉

    • RynoTiger

      and guess what Rip..not only is he a baldy…but he breathes, blinks, and walks as well…gosh can the dead people with hair get a fair shot?! 

      I say we Occupy Wrigley…gosh darn it

      • Dorasaga

        If that’s the Wallstreet analogy I’m thinking of, I’m LOL…

        Why don’t we hire a zombie to be a manager of the “Curses” team. It will be the anti-Cubs ultimatum.

  • John G

    Let the FUN begin!!!

    April 5 can’t come soon enough.

    When do single game tickets go on sale?

  • Cubluv

    It would be nice to see none of the staff return. Hopefully team Epstein will have some influence on some veteran coaches for sveums staff

    • cubtex

      I am sure Jaramillo will be retained and I would like to see Dernier back. Other than that……I hope he brings in a good pitching coach and better 3rd base coach than DeJesus was last year.

      • Neil

        I am wondering if the Cubs will also hire an assistant hitting coach. Listach should be back, would not be surprised if he is the third base coach

        • Joey U

          I would agree that Listach will be back either as 3rd B or bench coach. I also feel that Demarlo fits into  the picture in some coaching capcity.

  • cubtex

    ho hum. All this anticipation for Dale Sveum? Not a great resume but hopefully he will at least make better decisions than Quade1

    • paulcatanese

      I like him, in his interview he mentioned moving Castro to third.:)

      • cubtex

        ha ha. I heard Maddux wanted to keep him at short so you must be happy :)

      • Anthony

        and in the Epstein interview, Theo was pretty clear about Castro at SS, so who wins that piiiisin contest, the superior or the subordinate?

        • cubtex

          Paul was joking Anthony. We just have this little thing going about where Castro should be playing. All in good fun.

        • paulcatanese

           dont know, but thats been an inside argument almost daily between Cubtex and myself, neither of us will win that one as they will probably move Castro to center field.:) We have had fun with that one for over a year.

          • Dorasaga

            You know, as long as the Cubs make it to the World Series, I don’t mind if Castro manages this team.

          • paulcatanese

            If he does, its sunflower seeds for everyone.:)

  • jw

    If he was offerred both the Boston and Chicago job he must have something desirable in his background and make-up.

    Maybe he isn’t going to be the second coming of Joe McCarthy but I like the way this process was handled… quickly decisively and with the desired candidate (and available candidate…btw it is only assumed Maddux turned the job down…”family matters” may have been an agreed upon way for him to save face)

    Good luck Dale!

    • cubtex

      Of course he was courted by both Boston and Chicago. Theo went over managerial candidates with Cherrington before he took over in Chicago. That is why the same candidates were interviewing with both teams.

  • Chuck

    Boston, it is now your move.  We may not be able to “Go Madd in 0-twelve” but it is now time, “We will Wale with Dale in 0-twelve”  Go Cubs!!!  Let the signings begin.  

    • cubtex

      I hope it doesn’t turn out to be….Blame Sveum for the Same in 0-12. I sure hope it is not the same.

      • John G

        The Cubs will prevail while following Dale.

  • cc002600

    I think this is right choice

  • Neil

    Cubs in final AFL game of season (11/17): Junior Lake (DH): 2-for-3, 2B, 2RBI, R; Josh Vtters (RF): 2-for-3; DJ LeMahieu (3B): 0-for-3

    • cubtex

      Neil- Are you going to post the final stats for the Cubs players who played in the AFL?

  • Spoda17

    I am totally fine with this.  I am also in favor of a totally new coaching staff.  I know I have been saying this the past few days, but I am all for a new, fresh start…

    I applaud Theo and company.  Keep movin right along… now; on to pitching!

  • RICK


    • John_CC

      What was it in the interviews that you held Rick, about Sveum’s managerial philosophy that makes you think Sandberg’s is better?

      • cubtex

        I hope he does better than his minor league record John. 213-211 minor league record doesn’t jump off the charts to me. Does it for you?

        • John G

          It’s a step in the right direction.

        • John_CC

          I’m just exhausted with the armchair quarterbacking over this decision. They held all-day interviews with these guys, they – Epstein et al – has run a winning team, championship team, for the last decade, can we just trust that they know more about Dave Sveum, Mike Maddux, Ryne Sandberg, etc than any of we fans do?  Please? 

          I don’t know sh!t about Dave Sveum but apparently he has something going for him beyond his minor league record. 

          What did any of the great managers have to show before they were considered great managers? 

          I just wish we could all get past the Ryno thing. The people that are calling for him act as if he has proven any more than the guy that just got hired. But he hasn’t!  Let’s just get over it and move on, please!

          I know, an alien concept to Cubs fans.  I am hoping that it will change before I am too old and cranky to every get past it too.

          • cubtex

            I was never one of these Sandberg or bust guys. The thing I have a problem with is that Theo seems to be giving a guy a shot over other guys(who have better resumes) because of the Red Sox ties. Here is a guy who was bypassed by the Brewers not once…but twice. I hope it works out but I would have liked to see some other highly regarded candidate with a resume. The Cubs job is highly desirable and they don’t need to settle.

          • Tony_Hall

            Sveum was passed over for similar reasons.

            1st time, Melvin didn’t want to hire the interim manager, no matter what.  He doesn’t believe they ever work out.

            2nd time – He wanted an outside voice

            I didn’t have Sveum at the top of my list.  I liked Sandberg, Maddux much better.  But Sveum does have a pretty good resume, 3 years as a minor league manager, and now has done well as a major league coach at 3rd base, bench and hitting coaches.  He has been with a World Series team and playoff teams.  

            He might have the better resume of all the candidates.

        • Tony_Hall

          Does it change your mind, if he improved the teams record every year?

          2001 – 63-79
          2002 – 72-69
          2003 – 78-63

          • cubtex

            I hope Sveum ends up being great but see my post above

      • BosephHeyden

        I guess I have a retort to this. Ever since last year, we were all dead set in the fact that Ryne Sandberg, who did everything asked of him by winning at every minor league level he coached at, who built relationships with these young players the two older coaches we had seemingly could never coach correctly, who has history with this team, and, most importantly, knows the differences in playing day games and night games at Wrigley…this entire time we all knew he was a good choice.

        Then Epstein came, basically said he was a bad choice because he didn’t do any of that at a major league coaching level, and all of a sudden, because Epstein is the new big thing in town, everyone jumps and says “Yeah, he’s right”.

        After all that, we end it with six names.  Maddux was a decent choice because he’s a great pitching coach and we need to develop pitching, but obviously he has his own thing going on.  Alomar Jr.  is recognized as a good coaching prospect, but the extent of the differences between Alomar and Sandberg is that Alomar coached third base for a team that failed to reach .500 two years in a row (not that it was his fault, but still).  Francona was a candidate because he’s Francona, and DeMarlo was a candidate because he’s Francona’s heir-apparent.  And I don’t even remember candidate #5.

        Dale Sveum…great, he was the hitting coach for two sluggers on a rival team.  But, if Jaramillo doesn’t matter, nearly does what he did.  Outside of him being the hitting coach for the Brewers, his resume in the majors is one other thing:  he was a third base coach.  And, from what I remember of his tenure with the Red Sox, he was, if not worse, as bad as Quade (with ridiculously horrible sends).

        When Theo does something that actually has proven results, I’ll pay give him his due.  As of right now, though, he looks like he’s just grabbing people he knows and giving them jobs.

        This is reality:  the NL Central is not a hard division to win.  The Brewers are without Fielder.  The Cardinals are without Pujols.  The Astros are gone (or soon to be).  The Pirates and the Reds are erratic.   This division IS winnable this year, but I understand if they need to get a permanent identity.  So my expectation for this year is “do better than last year”, because that is a realistic goal.  My expectation for the year after is “over .500”, because they should have an identity by then.  And my expectation for 2014 is “NLCS”.

        If Theo exceeds any one of those expectations, then he has earned my respect.  If he meets them, I’ll give him a fourth year to do it.  If he fails any one of those, then, well, I really don’t feel like watching games for a team that has no potential.  Because that’s what that team is.

        • daverj

          It’s a little presumptuous to say “we were all dead set” on Sandberg as manager.  I would have been fine with Sandberg and think he would have been a good choice, but I don’t see any reason why he’s a clear choice or any better than Sveum.  I still don’t get why so many fans think Sandberg was a clearly better choice than Sveum … if it were Neifi Perez with the same coaching/managerial resume as Sandberg, would interest level be the same?  

          Also, I think people are saying “I’m willing to give Epstein’s choice a chance” … and not “yeah, he’s right”.

          • cubtex

            I think fans are a little upset because they hired a guy who was less succesful in the minors managing than Sandberg. If the Cubs are willing to give an unproven guy a shot…….why not give a Chicago Cub icon in Sandberg a shot instead of another guy with Boston ties.

          • BosephHeyden

            Ryne Sandberg is a hall of fame second baseman…Neifi Perez is not even close.  So on top of the managerial credentials, he’s also the type of guy that, if he tells you something you’re doing wrong, you take his word for it over the guy who relies on PED’s and tomahawk home runs.

            And the popular opinion you hear all over Chicago right now is “Epstein’s going to build us a championship team”.  Just like, when Sandberg didn’t get hired twice, it was “Sandberg should be our head coach”.

            Of course, I will say this:  now that Sveum is manager, it’s time to start up the “we’re definitely getting Fielder now” rumors.

          • daverj

            Sandberg’s HOF career is irrelevant for purposes of picking a manager.  It shouldn’t factor into the equation one bit.  There is zero correlation between the success of a players’ playing career and his success as a manager.  History is pretty clear on that issue.

            Again, I love Sandberg and would have welcomed him a manager.  I think he’d be a good one.  But, I have no reason to believe Sandberg would be any better than Sveum.

          • GaryLeeT

            True. His minor league record should be more than enough of a statement.
            However, the HOF credentials will help a rookie manager command respect from his players, so when he says ‘ been there done that” it has some weight. After that, his demeanor, and decision making will have to carry him through.

          • Joey U

            I have to agree with you..time will tell.

          • Theboardrider

            We have to move on from Sandberg…  This talk is so typical of Cubs fans.  Dwell on things that are out of our control.  Get behind this guy and go from there.  If he doesn’t get it done and Sandberg proves himself at the MLB level then maybe he’ll be here in the future.  After 104 years or whatever I really don’t care if Ozzie Smith is our manager when we win the World Series.  Or Morgana…

          • Brp921

            It is a mute point now, as has been mentioned, and I’m sure every one here wishes Dale Sveum good luck. After all we are all Cub fans. But since we are all still talking about it. The reason that many of us feel Sandberg was a better option, is his successful record as a minor league manager, his experience playing on the northside, his knowledge of the Cubs system and his relationship with the young players. Maybe that would workout for him maybe it wouldn’t we don’t know. I think the point we “Sandberg supporters” are trying to drive home is that nobody knows if Dale Sveum will work out either. I think I speak for all Cub fans though when I say I will be whole heartedly rooting for Dale Sveum to be successful with the Cubs now that he has been hired.  

        • paulcatanese

          Good post and very well put.

        • John_CC

          Boseph, thanks for the thorough reply. I am just too tired of all the second guessing.  Too tired of every Cubs fan thinking they know more than everyone who runs the team.  I just can’t really discuss this anymore. It is all so tired and cliche Cubs-fan-knows-better.  

          I know, it is what we all do because we have been subjected to being Cubs fans for so long…fans of a miserable franchise – meaning miserably mis-directed.  Well, for the first time in my life as a Cubs fan there is a real direction and real smart baseball people watching the baseball people that are watching the baseball players!  So I am just going to sit back and watch it for awhile before deciding that certain hirings are bad before a single decision is made.

          Finally, on Ryno, and this is it, I won’t talk him anymore — but just because all the Cubs fans in the world wanted him to be manager doesn’t mean that he really should be the manager or more importantly, that he would actually be a successful manager…but the Cubs fans already know that he has “earned it” and that he would be…

        • Dorasaga

          Another thing is that Sandberg is an old school kind of guy, who probably doesn’t understand or not share the same managing philosophy of Team Epstein and Hoyer (this guy is the real GM who signs people, mind you).

          Swami’s record under a quick glance… he managed a dreadful Pirates system. He then coached two years with the Red Sox, but spent six years with the Crew. I don’t see the Red Sox tie weighing much.

          It’s really like daverj says, “I’m willing to give Epstein’s choice a chance.”

          However, I must agree, which I believe Aaron and some others pointed out a year ago, that Ryno was asked all the Cubs wanted. He might not be ready to manage under the Cubs Way, but at least deserves a coaching job and learn that, so he’ll be ready if Swami got fired so something happens.

          And I imagine it would be very difficult for Hoyer to fire Sandberg if anything would go wrong. Perhaps that publicity problem was under consideration as well. Of course, this is my speculation (second guessing) that means nothing but a food of debate. LOL

      • Jay from sandwich

        For one sanberg has had more success in the minors with less talent then most current minor league managers. Two as a hall a fame player he will get more respect for current major league players. Third he knows the minor league system better than any of the other candidates. Four he has had a carrier of playing day baseball year after year in wriggly field. I can go on this just the beginning

      • RICK B

        Sveums has like 12 games of a Major league manager and he was a batting coach. I wouldn’t call that experience. Everyone will see what i’m talking about come September 2012.

  • Ripsnorter1

    Astros to move to AL…..

    Cubs lose big rival…..

    Houston’s record vs. Cubs in 2011: 7-8
    Houston’s record vs. league in 2011: 56-106

    • Neil

      Two 15-team leagues … two additional wild card teams and Interleague play all season.

      • GaryLeeT

        Should I feel bad that the Astros are leaving the division? Because I don’t.

        • Tony_Hall

          Actually yes, they have been pretty bad for awhile…

    • studio179

      Speaking of inter league …

      I hope the networks stop hyping up AL teams coming to Wrigley. It was nice the first time with Yankees, Red Sox, Tigers, ec. The Angels were the last team to visit Wrigley and they did it. If they insist on more inter league, let teams play the game and build up rivalries from the play on the field. The hype of an AL team coming to Wrigley or the Cubs going there is as worn as the guest conductor interviews with Len & Bob in the 7th. Off my soapbox. :)

  • Gramps

    New president…….CHECK
    New vice presidents…….CHECK
    New general manager…….CHECK
    New manager…….CHECK
    NOW….let’s get some players that can get the job done!
    GO CUBS!

    • Jason Douglas

      and keep Wrigley Field from crumbling and falling apart.

      and make hotdogs cheaper…

      • EqDoc

        And free beer for everyone… 

      • Anonymous47701

        and approve funding for the Triangle Building for once.

        • Dorasaga

          Seriously, what’s going on with that? Can’t Ricketts fund 100%?

  • Spoda17

    Okay… first, I am a huge Sandberg fan.  I have his rookie cards, I have recordings of him, I drink the Ryno coolaid. 

    ENOUGH ALREADY!  Jeesh people!  It is time to move on… have you ever thought the reason we keep loosing is because we keep hanging on to a past that has consistently lost..?  Look, I have nothing against Ryno, and I hope one day he can be the Cubs manager, but he is not the right fit; not now.  To establish a “Cubs” way, you need a new culture.  Not that Ryno is a bad culture, but not what we need now.

    We need to put away the blanket, the noobie, the favorite chew toy, and start to be a new existence; a new culture of wining.  I will never use, and never want to hear, lovable losers again.  We are losers, loveable or otherwise… So please, for the love of Pete, get off the Ryno thing.  No disrespect to him, but not what we need now…

    • GaryLeeT

      Don’t complain about people’s comments. Just skip over the ones you don’t like, and let some of us wonder why a HOF player who managed in the minors, won a division title at every level, all four years he managed, but was skipped over for consideration. Especially in light of who the Cubs hired. The best man available for the job should be hired, and eliminating him because he happened to have played for the Cubs is superstitious, and foolish. It’s not dwelling on the past, it’s lamenting the one that got away for the sake of “breaking with the past culture” The reason for the Cubs drought is not their culture, but their annual lack of talent, and enough players who won’t accept losing.

      • Spoda17

        Just adding my two cents Gary, as you are.  If we skipped over what we disagree with, this would be a boring place.  One day Sandberg may be the Cubs manager, but why do we think he is the answer?

        I’m just saying go in with an open mind, if we look with blinders on, we will fail… again… Sandberg may have won some accolades as a minor league manager, but Theo has won 2 world series to Sandbergs none… Imma go with Theo… and this is not a dig on Ryno… just his time is not now…

        Actually, he is a HOF ball player, not a HOF manager…

        • cubtex

          Great talent can overcome a mediocre manager. Look at Joe Torre’s career. 

  • matthew8510

    whats the odds that he brings prince with him any guesses?

    • Tony_Hall


      Sorry, unless Dale has alot more money in the bank that I know of, he Prince will be going to the highest bidder.  He is wanting 10 years at over $200M.  He isn’t going to take an offer, to keep a coach he likes.

  • paulcatanese

    I like all of the posts on here today, all positive. Some I dont argee with but all were written very well, guess the uphoria has set in, lets move forward now.

  • Anthony

    Just want to mention something about winning in Pro sports.

    Don’t focus ONLY on the prize that has eluded Cubs fans for generations.

    Focus on the journey which hopefully includes winning and very entertaining baseball. Enjoy the games, enjoy the race for the pennant, enjoy the talents of the players.

    One thing the NBA players have forgotten in their quest to shift the power, is that they are the Employees, the act, the actors, the entertainment, they are not the producers, the owners who actually run a business and bear the costs and risks of operating that business, but the most important thing, that they seem to forget, is that the FANS are the ones who drive the train, and if they become uninterested, unwilling to attend the show, then the actors are not needed anymore.

    I tossed that in to simply state that despite all the losing and frustration, and disappointment, Cubs fans still somehow choose to keep believing, same can be said for other clubs like Cleveland, and every other fan base that supports pro sports who have had a hard time capturing the Crown. The support in Chicago and some of these other towns is pretty unreal, but ask why you do it.

    You are aware, that win or lose, you have a great town called CHI, and that should be enough to keep you proud.

    Baseball is a game, and one of several opportunities for folks to share a common bond, but not the only one. Use many of the threads available to you and you will be richer for it.

    Pro baseball can be a part of your fabric, but don’t let it become the binding for it.

    On a sidenote, kindly beer it up before the games because the only way to fight back on Fan COA(Cost of Attendance) is to NOT support $7 watered down beers, $5 sasages made from Secretariats red-headed stephorses, and a $4 bottle of tap water……………………LOL

    LOL, but kinda serious. That craaaap has to stop. Why support the per diem player meal money(STEAK n LOBSTA) by eating Porky PIG’s innards, or so?

    • Tony_Hall

      Good post, but the best way to make a point (if that is your purpose) is to not to go to the game.  Going and not eating or drinking, will just make you hungry and thirsty.

      • Anthony

        you must own the concession Company……………????lol

        • Tony_Hall

          No, but I have always looked at it as part of supporting your team, and part of the cost of going to a game.  If you take the prices and cut them in half, that is the part the concession company gets to keep, the other half goes to the team.  If you do cut the price in half, you realize the price isn’t that far out of line.  I usually add the other 50% to the tickets to say that is what I gave to my favorite team to help support them.

          I used to go to 2-5 games a year, but have refused to support what was going on the last handful of years.

          I am looking forward to going to Wrigley in 2012.

  • mtrlill

    How close is Sveum to Prince Fielder? 

    • studio179

      Not 10 years for 200MM close. 

  • Tony_Hall

    I am looking forward to Sveum being officially announced as our next manager.  After QBall, he should look like a genius.

    I am also looking forward to him announcing his staff, and all of us debating each coach, for better or worse. 

    But I am really looking forward to seeing the roster moves over the next few weeks and months.  Additions to the 40 man, to protect some of our young players who are Rule V eligible.  Subtractions from the 40 man, via releasing and trading players. That to me is going to be the most exciting part about this off-season, seeing our roster through a new set of eyes.  

  • Neil

    Kerry Wood just tweeted: Congratulations to Dale Sveum on becoming
    the next Cubs manager. Good thing coming Cubs fans!!

    • Demitri

      I could see Wood working for the cubs when he retires. He loves this team a lot

  • GaryLeeT

     I am pretty sure you could count on one finger the number of minor league mangers who won a division title the first 4 years on the job. I know he will win somewhere in the Bigs. I just wish it was with the Cubs.