The Cubs Managerial Interviews Resume … and Other News, Notes and Rumors

Will the third managerial candidate be the charm for the Chicago Cubs? Mike Maddux is scheduled to meet with Team Epstein on Wednesday for the Cubs managerial position. After Maddux withdrew his name from the Red Sox search two days ago, the speculation began that Maddux is the favorite to land the Cubs job.

It is no secret that Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer like what they’ve seen from John Farrell and Bud Black since they became big league managers. Rumors suggested that Epstein would have asked for permission to speak with Farrell if the Blue Jays had not made it known that their staff would not be available for lateral moves. There were also reports that Black would have been a candidate for the Cubs’ job if not for an agreement between the Cubs and Padres that Team Epstein would not take any more personnel from San Diego’s front office and coaching staff.

Jed Hoyer told the Tribune that he is looking forward to creating a similar manager-general manager relationship as the one he had with Bud Black.

According to a report from the Tribune, Mike Maddux comes highly recommended to be the Cubs next manager … by his brother. Greg Maddux has likely provided his older brother plenty of information on the organization.

On the day the weekend passes for the 27th annual Cubs Convention go on sale, here’s the update …

Managerial Candidates
As expected, Sandy Alomar, Jr. will interview for the Cubs’ job later in the week. Alomar is scheduled to meet with Boston on Wednesday prior to interviewing with the Cubs … likely on Friday.

Following Alomar, Jr. it is unclear who will be next up for the Cubs. Jed Hoyer mentioned last week that the Cubs would interview five to six candidates. DeMarlo Hale and Tim Bogar are still rumored to be on the Cubs’ list. As for Dave Martinez, the Cubs have yet to ask for permission to interview the Rays’ current bench coach.

Carlos Zambrano
The Cubs rumor mill received a little jolt on Tuesday when reports surfaced that the Royals were interested in Carlos Zambrano.

Dayton Moore, the Royals’ GM, committed a faux pas on Monday while speaking with Mark Carmen of 610 Sports Radio in Kansas City.

Moore made several comments regarding a player under contract with another team, which is a no-no.

Dayton Moore’s comments from the Comcast SportsNet:

“We would have to be interested. We would have to explore it because that’s what you should do. You should explore every opportunity. Carlos Zambrano is a heckuva competitor. Carlos Zambrano has had a lot of success in the major leagues. Carlos Zambrano is actually a very pleasant, easy going, classy person off the field. Sometimes, as with all of us the competitiveness takes over and brings out qualities in us that we are not proud of. Obviously the Cubs grew tired of some of his outbursts but I believe in our coaching staff and we’ll always take a chance and a risk on certain players. We’ll see how that particular situation unfolds.”

On Zambrano’s contract:

“He has a no trade clause for 29 other teams so he is going to have to be comfortable wherever he goes and there is a lot of money attached to his deal. There is a vesting option that is a part of that worth $18 or 19 million going forward. We certainly wouldn’t want to put ourselves in a position where we have to honor a contract of that nature.”

Dayton Moore admitted on Tuesday that he made a mistake with his comments regarding Carlos Zambrano.

“It’s our job as a baseball operations department to listen and explore every potential opportunity that would improve our team. We spend countless hours doing so and we invite everybody’s opinion as to how it pertains to how we could improve our team. And if one of our people brought up Carlos Zambrano, I would listen and ask questions about why they believe that. That’s all that was and I responded in that spirit.”

Kansas City could be interested in trading for Zambrano … if the Cubs are willing to pick up a significant chunk of the money he is owed according to Carrie Muskat.

Theo Epstein and Carlos Zambrano are expected to meet in the coming days to discuss Zambrano’s future with the Cubs.

Miscellanous News, Notes and Rumors

  • According to multiple reports, Ryne Sandberg will interview for the Cardinals’ managerial position on Wednesday.
  • During his weekly chat, Bruce Levine said his “gut” tells him that the Cubs will go after Mark Buehrle and/or C.J. Wilson as a priority.
  • In the wake of Mike Maddux withdrawing from the Red Sox managerial search, Boston added Blue Jays’ first base coach Torey Lovullo and Tigers’ third base coach Gene Lamont to their skipper search.
  • Yoenis Cespedes made a lot of noise earlier in the week when his showcase video hit You Tube. The Cuban slugger is on the radar of several of the big league teams and recently held a workout that all 30 big league teams attended. According to a tweet from Phil Rogers, the Cubs are very intrigued by the Cuban centerfielder and he could become their free-agent priority this time around, if homework checks out.

Keep in mind the Cespedes rumor came from Phil Rogers … regardless, his showcase video is well worth the time.

Please note: This video contains adult language and a full soundtrack

Well, there’s the update and I’m sticking to it …

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  • Tony_Hall

    I think Bud Selig should step in and punish Dayton Moore.  He should make him actually take Carlos Zambrano in a trade.

  • Tony_Hall

    Mike Maddux is the leader in the race to become the next Cubs manager.  As the front runner, he needs to not make a mistake.  He is very familiar with the Cubs, having his brother affiliated with the team for all these years, plus his time in Milwaukee.

    Dale Sveum is the fall back, and boy was he exciting to listen to in a press conference…

    I’m hoping Sandy Alomar wows them and also hope that Bogar gets a chance.

    Who knew there were so many good candidates out there?  Makes you wonder how we ended up with Q…

    • Bryan

      We all know how we ended up with Q.  Hendry protecting his ass with a manager that was his puppet.

      • J Daniel

        And it helped get him fired.

    • John_CC

      No doubt.  We don’t really wonder “how” we ended up with Q, do we? But we understand your point, it is utterly amazing that Quade was hired without so much as any competition.

      Did Hendry even interview anyone else?  I do not remember.

      • Tony_Hall

        It was more a rhetorical question.

        He interviewed Ryno who he never intended to hire.

  • Agustinrexach

    He looks awesome in Blue!

  • Schwimmer

    Does anyone know whether the CUBS have interested in signing:  Yoenis Cespedes?
    I know that PHIL ROGERS said they do.  But I don’t have much faith in any rumors that Phil Rogers speak about.  He is either mis-informed or he makes up rumors that never seem to have any basis in fact.

    I think CESPEDES could be a very exciting player for the CUBS.

    • Neil

      The tweet from Rogers is the only connection that I’ve heard or read to him.

      • Aaron

        and we all know how “reliable” Rogers is…LOL

  • cubs1967
    above is a link to Ryno being “on the spot” interviewed by TMZ of all people about the Cards mgr job and how Cubs fans will deal with it plus he says Cubs will win a WS in our lifetime.
    Maddux may be a great choice; but this lifelong Cubs fan, 44 yrs old, so too young to see Mr Cub, Ryno is our generations Mr Cub……….should of been the choice; no one knows how to succeed in the Cubs spotlight and deal with “cubbie occurences” better than he.

    If he gets the Cards job, I have NO idea how i can watch those games………….and if he succeeds…………..well then after trading lou brock, bruce sutter and lee smith seeing that would just about be the final straw in cards fans mocking cubs fans for good……not to mention their 11 titles.

    • John_CC

      I am the of the same generation. Ryno is everything Cubs fans our age (Mark Grace is up there, too).

      But the tragedy was when Hendry did not hire him. That was it. Players move, and move on. It was a naive and happy dream to imagine Ryno managing the Cubs.  When Hendry was let go, the odds of Ryno coming in to manage the Cubs actually went down, in my opinion.

      Why expect Epstein et al to put Ryno and his zero coaching experience at the MLB in charge of his team? 

      Your response is based on emotion and sentiment.  Which is understandable.  But so many of Hendry’s moves were based on sentiment – hiring his college buddy Quade to manage for one. 

      I am happy with the process that is playing out. It is nothing but professional and we have no reason to believe that the man that is hired will be based on the interviews and the facts.  I like that.

      • Tedtop16

        Given the quality of last years’ team, Hendry did Ryno a favor by not hiring him to manage the team. Can you imagine if Ryno tried to do the right things with the players, how much backing that he would have had from Hendry?  In the long term, this is going to work out better for everyone including Ryno.

        • Brp921

          I think Ryno doing “the right things” is exactly why Hendry didn’t hire Ryno. Ryno would have been able to side step Hendry because he would have had the support of the fans. He could have told Hendry to go jump in the lake and done things his way.

        • paulcatanese

          I had said almost the exact same thing in 2010 about Sandberg and felt then as I do now, he is too much the hero with Chicago fans and as an individual I didn’t want him to get the job then, he didn’t deserve being put in the position with that roster. Although I know he would have had a better record than the Cubs ended up with, it still may have not been enough to make the playoffs.

          As for him maybe ending up with the Cardinals, well thats life as a ballplayer, and Sandberg fans should be happy for him. Worrying about the Cards beating the Cubs with Sandberg in charge is not a positive position to take. Cub fans should hope we should be better than the Cards, in spite of Sandberg being there.

          I would say,”wish him well,and glad he got the opportunity” and then go out and beat the pants off the Cardinals, thats where the focus should be.

      • cubs1967

        ryno is a no brainer.

        wanting ryno does not have anything to do with sentiment or emotion; i’m not kenny williams going volunteer high school hitting coach chosing robin ventura as mgr…………..sandberg has managed 4 yrs in the minors; 3 teams to the playoffs, 3 different teams with 2 different organizations; the last team; the phils AAA team a perenially loser won a playoff round.

        ryno succeeded where many players have not; with to many day games, poor players facilities at wrigley and the other dump, ho ho kam, dealt with cubs fans stress to win, too many different starting times, all of the excuses sandberg overcame to be a HOF player and a very good playoff player in his 2 yrs.  baylor-dusty-uncle lou were all looking 10 yrs older after their 4 yrs here as none of them had dealt with the cubbie occurrences, the pressure to end the drought, etc.  ryno knows it. no other candidate knows this.

        sandberg played in the majors; becuz he is not a MLB coach is a stupid; short sighted reason.  how many line-up cards has maddux filled out. sveum too really.  i could see a career minor leaguer like quade being bad choice with no MLB experience, but ryno has been at the MLB level.

        if sandberg succeeds somewhere else, esp if the cards and continually beats out the cubs; then theo will have made his bed and be done. i realize theology is the in thing; and i love the hiring; but he has made bad mistakes-see lackey-dick K-renteria-etc. here’s hoping the obvious 1st choice for mgr does not finish him as cubs fans will not forgive him unless he wins a title if ryno succeeds……….and if in a cards uni……..yeah-OUCH!

        i’ll say it again; based on the best candidate for an unique situation; ryno is a no brainer!!

        • Last_ginger

          Enough with the cubbie occurrence crap.

        • daverj

          I love Ryno too and would have been thrilled to see him hired as manager.  Maddux and Sveum have pretty nice resumes too though.  Given that none of them has any prior big league managerial experience, I think it’s a pretty tough argument to say that Ryno is a “no-brainer” over the other candidates.

          I’m going to defer to Epstein on this one and give his choice a fair shake before I decide whether passing over Sandberg was a good or bad decision.

        • Brp921

          My sentiments exactly cubs1967! I wish there were multible like buttons! Theo’s first mistake (if it turns out that way) could be monumental and his ticket out of town.

  • Shelbymenge

    From shelby, hire mike maddux for manager next season.

    • Aaron

      I hope you don’t take this the wrong way, and I think I speak for everyone that we appreciate you visiting the site, but please stop talking in the 3rd person…it just sounds weird.

      • Tony_Hall

        He was told that yesterday…

        • Henry

          It could be a she!  I knew a couple of females named shelby

      • Calicub

        Lol I’ve been thinking the same thing for like a week.

        Mike maddux is my choice of all the candidates too though…

      • ldsteam2001

        I think I have seen the same post everyday for the past two weeks. 

      • Carlos Zambrano

        Zambrano doesn’t think it is weird

      • cubtex

        From Cubtex….I agree :)

  • Aaron

    The Cubs have signed Valdes, Silva, Cabezas, Negrin, Serrano, Del Valle, and Reyes….all within the last 2 years…all from Cuba. From what I understand, Cubs minor league hitting coach, Barbaro Garbey (formerly from Cuba) is a big reason why they’ve made a push to sign these players to gain a foothold in these Cuban signings. The problem is, not a single one of them is a strong MLB prospect at this time. Reports of Del Valle supposedly throwing 98 mph this year were proven to be false, as there was an error with the ballpark guns that night, and he sits more in the 88-93 mph range (which is still decent for a lefty). As for the offensive “talent” in Valdes (nothing more than an “organizational” type of player), Reyes (ditto), Silva (possibility exists he’ll be about an average prospect), and Cabezas (athletic looking catcher, still young, but not much offensive projection at this time), there’s really not much there.

    It’d be really nice to find out if Cespedes is a true 26 year old, and if he is MLB ready, but there’s really no way of knowing. $30 million sure seems like an outrageous commitment for an offensive player like that (again, in terms of competition, the Cuban league is more on par with high-A or AA). The guys I’m most intrigued by are listed below in Solder and Rivero. I hope the Cubs find a way to land both of them on decent terms.

    More Potential Cuban Free Agents
    By Tim Dierkes [November 9 at 8:17am CST]
    There’s been plenty of hype this week on Yoenis Cespedes, a Cuban center fielder who defected this summer and could command Aroldis Chapman money or more.  But yesterday,’s Jesse Sanchez provided more interesting names.
    19-year-old outfielder Jorge Soler and 23-year-old right-hander Armando Riveroparticipated in a showcase at the Yankees’ complex in Boca Chica last week.  Like Cespedes, both players are in the process of becoming eligible to play in the United States.  
    One year ago, Baseball America’s John Manuel had this to say about Soler:  “Soler has a strapping 6-foot-3, 205-pound body, is 18 and has five-tool potential.  Soler has bat speed and what one scout called ‘explosive power’ to go with above-average arm strength.”  He’s on the Yankees’ radar, according to George A. King III of the New York Post.  Sanchez writes that Rivero “features a slider, split-finger fastball, sinker and changeup in his repertoire and reached 98 mph with his fastball in the showcase.”  King says he’s viewed as a reliever.
    Sanchez notes that outfielders Henry Urrutia and Gerald Sanchez and lefty Omar Luis all participated in the showcase.

    • daverj

      In all honesty, I know very little about Cespedes (other than what has been written about him this week).  I just can’t see throwing $30 million at a guy that hasn’t played a single day in the majors.  I think someone else compared it to signing Fukudome and I would tend to agree.

      • Aaron

        that would be me that said that….among others. I happen to agree, and it’s a huge risk. The only way to truly see how he stacks up is to have him play in the winter leagues, which no agent would ever allow when they’re trying to get top dollar for him. 

        • Ryan

          Agree with your assessment Aaron.. My take is this guy might be better suited for the Chicago Bear than our Cubs – he looks like a Middle Linebacker and worked out like one haha

    • Tom U

      I know it being my beat makes me a little biased, but I think a little bit more highly of Del Valle and Silva. 

      I feel Del Valle has a chance to progress rapidly and project to a number of roles on a pitching staff. Some people might hold Silva’s lack of success at High A Daytona against him, but I like how he was able to bounce back and take up a new position at Peoria. If he stays at second, he’ll probably have the strongest arm for a second baseman that anyone has seen.

      One has to remember that there is an adjustment a player needs to make coming from somewhere like Cuba to the United States. It seems as if Silva was able to handle it, while Cabezas struggled and Del Valle had mixed results. Lets see how they do for another year.

  • Neil
  • Neil

    From the Tribune: Paul Sullivan

    How would Maddux handle Z; “Heard he’s a teddy bear.” Might put him on shoulder “and burp him.”

  • Neil

    As mentioned in the above report, Sandy Alomar Jr. will interview with Cubs on Friday.

  • Neil

    Quotes from Maddux’s time with the media:

    How would Maddux handle Z; “Heard he’s a teddy bear.” Might put him on shoulder “and burp him.”

    That was entertaining, especially when Maddux said he hated ‘Go, Cubs, Go.’

    Mike Maddux was asked his impression of Theo and Co. “I can’t do an impression of them”

    Maddux on why Cubs and not Red Sox: “Chicago’s a neat place”

    Mike Maddux said Zambrano was the best pitcher in the league when he opposed him

    • Aaron

      I love this guy already…..not that I didn’t before, but I really like his sense of humor. The whole “teddy bear and burp him” thing was hilarious.

      And “can’t do an impression of them”….that actually probably went over very well with Theo and Jed, as they stated they needed someone that could handle things with a sense of humor. Mackanin and Sveum seemed to be wound a little too tight in their interviews.

      I’m not sure I believe him when he said Z was the best pitcher in the league. I believe, perhaps, that he really meant to say “Zambrano had the most potential of any pitcher in the league when we opposed him”, because that might be an accurate statement. 

      The thing people often forget about Z is that in his heyday, he could pump the ball 95-97 mph, and occasionally reach 100 mph when he really was pumped up…AND it had movement. Most guys that throw mid-to-upper 90’s have straight stuff, and that just happens to be the way physics works. Zambrano was a VERY special pitcher, and I hope Cubs fans out there never forget that. True, he is a basketcase, but he’s also a big-time competitor out there. It is long past time for the Cubs to move on from his antics, and the time to sell high on him was prior to his extension (which obviously, Hendry NEVER sold high), but that’s an entirely different topic….but again, despite all of his problems, I just hope Cubs fans never forget how special he really was.

      For 6 straight seasons from 2003-2008, he averaged about 15 wins and over 210 IP per season, as well as about 180 K’s per season. If the Cubs had sabermetrics whiz-kids like Epstein, Hoyer, McLeod, etc. in the fold back then, they never would’ve extended him, and opted to sell high, because he simply had too much mileage on his arm.

      Zambrano in the last few years is almost the exact same pitcher as the Carlos Marmol we saw this past year.

      The reason he’s been knocked around a bit, and for the first time in his career, given up more hits than innings pitched, is because he was operating in the low 90’s range with his fastball and there wasn’t enough disparity between his breaking pitches and fastballs. I’ve said this numerous times, but when you operate in the mid-to-upper 90’s with your fastball, and your slider is in the high 80’s or if you’re in the upper 90’s, and it’s in the low 90’s, the hitters simply do not have a chance.

      We saw that play out in front of our eyes with Marmol. Marmol’s fastball used to be in the 96-98 mph range, and his slider was anywhere from 89-91 mph. But in 2011, it dipped down to 91-93 mph with the fastball and 85-87 mph with the slider. When that happens, MLB hitters can EASILY react to your breaking pitches, because they’re not fast enough. So what once was fouled off, or swung through and missed either became a hit, or the batter just simply would take the breaking pitch and it’d often times end up out of the zone. 

      Hopefully I’m making sense there. When both were at their best, Z and Marmol would get a ton of ugly swings on their breaking pitches, because the hitters had to account for their 95-98 mph fastballs, and couldn’t react quick enough to the offspeed stuff.

      Hopefully both of them can improve their velocity, but it doesn’t look promising at all post-steroids era, where guys that age are losing velocity versus improving it later in their career.

      • Tom U

        It seems like a sense of humor runs in the family. I remember his brother being a bit wry in interviews.

    • RynoTiger

      I saw some of the Maddux media clips…

      My first impression….Unimpressed

      My second impression….Did he do any prep work/homework to get to know the ball club?

      My third impression….Seemed like just a regular suburban guy at the ballpark to watch a game

      My fourth impression….I sure hope he sold a much better product to Epstein and Hoyer…that Mike Maddux product with the media wasn’t great

      My final impression….If his media time was anything like his interview, I think he choked and fell out of the top spot..not quite what I imagined

      I’ve been working in the HR field conducting candidate interviews for the past 4 years…having conducted close to 500 interviews…Maddux struck me as one of those candidates that had me rolling my eyes after hearing the response to the first question because i had grossly over exaggerated and overhyped the candidate and what they had


      • Neil

        Ryno, many feel he is now the frontrunner to land the job.

        • RynoTiger

          I know and I was hoping he would be so awesome.

          Maybe he was just tired after a long day of interviews.  Yah maybe that’s it. I hope it is.

    • paulcatanese

       I definatly would pick Maddux if he gets rid of ‘Go,Cubs,Go’.

  • paulcatanese

    Ah, Barry Zito, theres an option, trade Z to them,almost same contract. Today Bruce Bochy put Zito in the rotation at number 5. Here are two guys that deserve each other with their ability, although Z has the edge but not in the head department. Trade, now…………NOT!!!

  • Aaron

    Even in his departure from the Cubs, Quade seems like a complete idiot.

    Here is what he said on Waddle & Silvy today when asked about why he didn’t play the young guys even with them far out of contention and Hendry being fired:

    “I think [the criticism is] wrong, and what young kids are we talking about?” Quade said. “If somebody said, ‘We’re going to re-sign you for three years, play them all, and if you lose every game we don’t care.’ Well, then maybe it’s a different deal. But no one came across with that proposition.”

    On one hand, I get what he was saying about wanting to win to save his job, but he just proved to everyone (including the new regime) that it was all about him, and NOT about what was good for the organization. Furthermore, by playing the veterans, it actually made the team worse competitively.

    Here were his injury replacements:
    Soriano-DeWitt (remember, he had NEVER started a game in LF prior to that) *could’ve started Montanez
    Baker-DeWitt *could’ve started LeMahieu
    Byrd-Johnson *could’ve started Campana more, and even Snyder
    Johnson-Baker/DeWitt (see above)
    ARAM-DeWitt *could’ve started LeMahieu
    Barney-DeWitt/Baker *could’ve started LeMahieu
    Soto-Hill *could’ve started Castillo

    …..the list goes on. I don’t know a single MLB manager that would’ve put in the back-ups when he had everyday players with potential coming up from the minors, yet Quade stuck with his vets that got him hired in the first place, and it bit him in the ass, and I can’t tell you how much joy I got out of it. The proof was in the pudding, and Quade was like the curdles in tapioca pudding that just never seemed smooth at all. 

    Actually, had Quade played the young guys, he probably would’ve saved his job…and possibly even the season with a fairly weak NL Central (until the Brewers caught fire late) and Wild Card as well. In that case, it probably would’ve been worse for Cubs fan, as Quade proved time and again how incapable he was of managing a successful MLB roster.

    Now, we get real change, and hopefully it’s someone that doesn’t have bizarre pet names for everyone he comes across.

    • paulcatanese

      Like it Aaron, read the same article and you responded as I would have, only you did it better. In all my years as a Cub fan I could find a manager who was worse than Quade, the guy was a complete Ixxxt and had no clue whatsoever, none, nada, about being a manager. I simply could not believe this guy.anyone that thinks that a manager dosent win or lose games based on decisions just needs to look no further than Quade, he lost more games with his head than the entire field of managers in baseball.

      • daverj

        Well said Aaron and Paul.  Quade is a joke and he keeps making him self look worse.  He had a terrible season, threw Castro and Barney under the bus at one point, and made bad managerial decisions … now he won’t accept any responsibility for the disastrous season.  His comments certainly will hurt any chance he had for another managerial job in the future.

    • Tom U

      Anyone who has a reverse-platoon for a position, let alone placing the less experienced player in the more difficult role, can not be catagorized as a “good baseball mind”.

      • cubtex

        You didn’t like that lefty lefty platoon in right with Fuko and Colvin????

  • Neil
  • Neil

    From Comcast SportsNet:Patrick Mooney

    Mike Maddux and Cubs discussed potential roles for his brother, but wouldn’t elaborate, saying it’s a “private family matter.”

  • duke1025

    Theo Epstein said he wanted a major league manager with experience but he is talking to Mike Maddux?..I thought he was a pitching coach with no Manager experience.  My point is why not Ryan Sandburg?…I thought that is why he was overlooked for an interview.  

    • ldsteam2001

      I believe the exact words were major league coaching experience.  I do not think he said major league managing experience.  Maddux has coaching experience, being a pitching coach at the major league level.

    • Aaron

      No, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

      First of all, Epstein did NOT invite Sandberg for an interview, because part of his criteria was the next manager had to have COACHING experience (whether it be as manager, bench coach, pitching coach, or whatever) at the MLB level. Sandberg did not, so he reached out to Sandberg to inform him of that decision. He did not rule out Sandberg as a potential coach, but said it’d be premature to discuss that, as the new manager would have a say in filling his own staff.

      I wanted Sandberg just as much as most Cubs fans, but I totally understand why they went in another direction. They want “The Red Sox Way” to become “The Cubs Way”, and in order to accomplish that, they basically have to get rid of the past. 

      I believe Sandberg should’ve been an exception, as he was brought up in the VERY successful Phillies organization at the time, and then you have Greg Maddux, who might be a future pitching coach with the team, being drafted under Dallas Green, who happened to be the first GM to instill a winning philosophy with the organization and also came from the successful Phillies organization….PLUS, Maddux went on to become a major contributor to the successful Atlanta Braves staffs of the 1990’s, leaving a crumbling Chicago Cubs franchise for a very successful franchise (much like the Red Sox when Epstein took over).

      I think if they make an exception for bringing Greg Maddux on board (even though he was from the Cubs’ distant past, including a final stint in the recent past (during a mostly unsuccessful era under Hendry) as a pitching coach, they should DEFINITELY bring Sandberg in as a bench coach, or at the very least, a base coach (provided he’s not hired by the Cardinals or Phillies as bench coach if Mackannin is offered a managerial job).

      • John G

        Hypothetical question for you Aaron. If you are Sandberg and have the option of Manager for the Cards or Bench Coach for the Cubs under Mike Maddux, with Greg on the staff as well which do you take. Before you answer, consider this. As Manager of the Cardinals he has the World Champions and the specter of Tony LaRussa to follow and live up to. High Pressure. As the Bench Coach of the Cubs, the pressure is not nearly as much AND he is Manager in Waiting for (what we all thought at least) his dream job. He is a hero for life in Chicago, win or lose. He is hated in St. Louis (I’m sure they all remember the Sandberg game as much as we do), so he better win or else.

        • Aaron

          If I’m Sandberg, I take the manager’s job in St. Louis. The reason is simple, he rode the buses in the minors for a reason……..he WANTS to become manager. If given the opportunity in MLB ANYWHERE, he’ll take it….even if it was with the White Sox instead of Ventura. 

          If he’s given the opportunity to stay with the Phillies in some capacity, or join another organization as a coach, and the Cubs had a bench coach job offered to him, then in that case, I’d say he’d absolutely take the Cubs gig, but anything can happen.

          • John G

            Personally, I like the “comfort zone” concept. If I were Sandberg, I’d take the Bench Coach job with the Cubs. Security. But I’m not Sandberg, and never will be, so I’m probably wrong.

            Interesting that you bring up Ventura. What a difference in methodology in hiring a manager. Theo and co. do it in a very professional, structured  and tranparent manner. Kenny Williams and the White Sox do it without inteviewing anyone in a kind of “shoot from the hip” manner. Let’s see how that works out for them.

      • Ryan7

        I forget where I read or heard it but Greg Maddux said when and if he comes back to a coaching staff it will not be as a pitching coach, he said” when and if I come back I won’t be a pitching coach I will want to be a manager”

  • daverj

    I know you didn’t ask me, but I think he’d take the Cardinals manager job over the Cubs bench coach job.  Ryno has made it clear that his goal is to become a major league manager, the Cardinals are a strong organization with a history of winning, Ryno is not afraid of pressure, and a bird (or manager job) in hand is always better than two in the bush. 

    • John G

      I didn’t mean to just ask Aaron. It’s just that I was responding to his post. I’m sure everyone has an opinion on this. I’m also sure that most would agree with you and I am in a minority.

  • Coolpdxcubsfan

    Wow. thanks Neil.
    I’m sorry, even when I am filled with blue cubby koolaid, I think it is a huge mistake not to hire Ryno. The thought that he would be cast aside without even the decency of an interview makes me crazy. He doesn’t fit into someone’s “System”?? Are you telling me that with all his experience he doesn’t know when to pull a pitcher or what players are best in the lineup, or wouldn’t follow the computer percentages if it gave him an edge?? Give me a break. I think he would get the best out of whatever players he is given, you can’t ask more than that. None of the contenders including a certain HOFers brother can even fit in his shadow. His qualities and achievements have been lauded so much on here that I won’t go into that, but after all that he has done for us on every level, how could we possibly not even consider him. He has conducted himself in “The Right Way” as a player and manager and loyal Cub.
    I wonder if Cubs management is  doing everything the “RIGHT WAY”
    Didn’t some mangement take a chance on Weaver and Cox and Stengel and Sparky etc. etc. etc. too????.

    • Tony_Hall

      I was and still would be, all for hiring Sandberg to be manager.  But I do agree that you need MLB experience as a coach first.  There is a difference dealing with guys who make more money in 1 contract (even 1 year) than Sandberg made in his whole career ($24,920,000).  I think he would do a great job.  But I’m not in charge.

      Here’s one way to look at.  Theo had a list of managerial candidates before he left Boston.  That list did not include Sandberg.  Now he becomes President of the Cubs.  Why should he add names to his list, just because a player is from that organization?

      Another point.  He interviewed Sandberg last year.  He obviously already decided that he either, isn’t they type of manager he wants, or that he needs more experience.  

      I wish it was different, but it will be interesting to see if he gets offered a manager’s job (I really doubt he will even be a finalist in St. Louis).  If not, then I would love to see our new manager, name him his bench coach.

      • Jay from sandwich

        He’s Over Rated but a good player and we have a lot of options in the farm system and on the roster. Granted not this calibur but some could be or even better.

        • Tony_Hall

          ???? I’m thinking this was suppose to be after the David Wright post ????

          I would not trade for him or sign him when he becomes a FA.

      • John_CC


      • Brp921

        I believe this is the second post I’ve seen (I’m not sure who wrote the first) that said Sandberg interviewed for the Pawtucket job and Ebstien chose not to hire him. The way I understood it, Sandberg chose to take the job in the Phillies org., either instead of Pawtucket, or before Theo made a choice in managers. That is why I wondered in an earlier post if there was an ego thing going on with Theo. Am Remembering wrong about the two jobs?

        • Tony_Hall

          Actually, I never said that Epstein decided to not hire Sandberg.

          I said ” He obviously already decided that he either, isn’t they type of manager he wants, or that he needs more experience. ”  

          Hiring someone to be a AAA manager, or wanting to offer them the job, is a lot different than wanting to hire someone to be a major league manager.

          • Brp921

            Yeah, I reread your post after I commented and realized that. I think I did read a post from somebody that stated that though, and I wonder now which way it happened.

  • Michael

    We need a third baseman…David Wright…trade Marmol, Wells, Baker and some prospect…we need a solid bat and someone at the hot corner…wont happen but I like playing pretend GM

    • Tony_Hall

      He would be nice, but at a high cost, and by the time this team is competitive, he will be old and needing a new contract.

      6 years/$55M (2007-12), plus 2013 club optionsigned extension with Mets 8/06$1.5M signing bonus07:$1M, 08:$5M, 09:$7.5M, 10:$10M, 11:$14M, 12:$15M,13:$16M club option ($1M buyout)award bonuses: $50,000 each for Gold Glove, All Star selectionif traded, Wright may void 2013 club option

    • daverj

      That would be a great deal for the Cubs, but no chance the Mets take that package.  They would have no interest in Wells or Baker and Marmol isn’t worth much in trade due to his contract.

      Would you trade Brett Jackson, McNutt and Carpenter (or Jay Jackson) for Wright?  I wouldn’t, but I think that’s the minimum type of package it would take to get the Mets to consider it.

    • Aaron

      I would do that trade in a heartbeat, but I’m also not the Mets brass either….

      The Mets need offense, but they have a decent young core in: Davis, Duda, Thole, Turner, and Murphy….that’s a pretty solid core.

      Yet, after losing Beltran in trade, and facing the prospects of losing Reyes via FA, they will still need more offense, and that is NOT even taking into consideration losing Wright to trade. Ironically, all 3 of those players come with tremendous injury risk, but they still provide quite a bit of offense, even when injured.

      I would think any trade the Cubs make would have to involve some combination of Vitters, Flaherty, LeMahieu, or possibly even Brett Jackson before they’d even listen. Obviously I am NOT talking about trading all of them in a trade for Wright, but at least one would have to go, and if you’re talking Flaherty, it’d probably also have to include LeMahieu.

      The Mets do need a closer after sending KROD on his way last year to the Brewers, so Marmol would make a lot of sense.

      I’m thinking a Harden-esque trade would have to be conducted for it to make sense for both teams. In other words, the Cubs required Gaudin be sent along with Harden due to injury concerns in return for Patterson, Gallagher, Murton, and Donaldson.

      I would say that a deal like Wright and Duda for McNutt, Vitters, Marmol, and Barney might be enough to get their attention.

      Duda fits Epstein’s ideal hitter prototype PERFECTLY with his high OBP and peripherals in the minors, and success in the big leagues thus far. 

      Marmol solves their closer issue. Vitters would replace Wright, and McNutt and Barney add to their depth.

      If I’m the Cubs, I’d try to find another solution that doesn’t involve unloading Vitters, but you have to give up value to get value, right?

      • daverj

        Duda would be a perfect fit at first for the Cubs and the Mets really don’t have a place for him with Davis at 1B (Duda is not a good outfielder).  Not sure we have enough to get Wright and Duda, but you’d think Duda could be available for a pitching prospect like McNutt.

  • Neil

    #Cubs in #AFL (11/9): DJ LeMahieu (3B): 1-for-5, RBI, R, SB; Josh Vitters (DH): 3-for-4, HR, RBI, 2R, SB, CS, PO; Jeff Beliveau: 0R, 0H, BB, K in 1 IP; Andrew Cashner: 0R, 0H, 0BB, 2K in 1 IP(W); Chris Carpenter: 0R, 1H, 0BB, K in 1IP

  • Neil

    From Scott Miller – CBS Sports Mike Quade a candidate to manage Twins AAA Rochester team

    • daverj

      I hope they have a lot of washed up vets on that AAA team for Q to start over the youngsters with major league potential.  It could help him make the AAA playoffs!

      • paulcatanese

        Or help him to be picked on by the all star manager to be bench coach.

  • Neil

    Cubs According to the Tribune, Ben Cherington said Wednesday
    there has been no progress in negotiations with Cubs over compensation for
    Epstein. Two sides hope to hash out at GM meetings next week, meetings begin Monday.

    • Calicub

      so are they just delaying this thing until everyone fogets about it?

      or are they just waiting until bigger news comes along, like a trade or something so they can slip it in behind bigger news?

      It just seems suspect.

      • daverj

        I think they just plain and simple can’t agree on the players.  Selig will have to eventually step-in.

      • Neil

        I don’t think so. I think both organizations are focused on hiring a manger and both sides trust each other.

  • Chuck

    Jed Hoyer had a good working relationship with Bud Black in San Diego and Theo had a good relationship with John Farrell, former pitching coach at Boston and now manager in Toronto.  Logical conclusion:  Mike Maddux – manager Chicago Cubs.  “Let’s go Madd in 0-twelve”

  • texcubnut

    Josh Vitters continues to just hammer the ball in the AFL.  Another three hits, including another home run to bring his AFL average to .358  I sure hope he is not included in any compensation deals with the sox or padres. I feel he is our future at third base.

    • Tom U

      If either the Padres or the Red Sox want Vitters, it would be only out of spite as opposed to need. 

      Currently, San Diego third base prospect Jedd Gyorko is leading the AFL with a .431 average. He hit .365 with 18 HR and 74 RBI for High A Lake Elsinore and .288 with 7 HR and 40 RBI for Double A San Antonio in 2011. He’s also considered an average to above average fielder.

      The Red Sox’s Will Middlebrooks had been hitting .250 with 4 HR and 11 RBI in 13 AFL games before becoming injured. He spent most of 2011 at Double A Portland, with numbers very similar to Vitters (.302, 18 HR, 80 RBI) at the same level. Both are also 22 years old. Like Vittters, Middlebrooks also needs to improve his fielding at third.

  • paulcatanese

    The Angels have shown no interest in Aram, thats probably the first of many teams that feel the same way.Maybe there is some justice in the world with salarys.

    • Deeez2

      Justice according to who the same people still crying that ryno wont get his interview in chicago? Crazy thought maybe a hof player wouldn’t make a good mgr. Get over it

      • Brp921

        Maybe a HOF player wouldn’t make a good manager and maybe he would. I think a discerning person though might just take a look at the record of that HOF player to see just what other qualifications that HOF player has. In Ryne Sandbergs case he has managed in the minor leagues now for several years and has been successful at every stop. So just maybe theres a chance he might be a successful manager at the next level as well. Just a crazy thought. 

      • Tony_Hall

        Talk about getting over something…this post was about ARam, and how hopefully he doesn’t get the contract that he is expecting.

        Not sure why you wrote this to Paul

        • Deeez2

          My apologies. I definitely wasn’t looking to attack anyone it was a little late I was reading the posts and just said what wad on my mind at the time. I don’t post here often but read alot and you guys are always very informative and I appreciate that.