Cubs Pursuing Albert Pujols and Prince Fielder?

According to a report from Ken Rosenthal, the Cubs are pursuing both Albert Pujols and Prince Fielder.

Not only are the Cubs interested in both impact players but according to Rosenthal, the Cubs “also are acknowledging two emerging realities – a dwindling number of sluggers available in future free-agent markets and the restrictions on spending in the amateur draft under baseball’s new collective bargaining agreement.”

Ken Rosenthal reported that according to his sources the Cubs are more willing to go long term on a contract with Albert Pujols than with Prince Fielder. Pujols is a better defender and there is a concern with some teams about Fielder’s body … most would rather go short-term, high dollar with Fielder.

Rosenthal added, “by signing one of the two, the Cubs would ensure that they are set with a premier slugger as they try to return to prominence in the NL Central.

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  • Tony_Hall

    The rules have changed, and they need to take another look at these guys, and see if it makes sense…if anyone can make any sense, of any deal this long, and for this much money.

    • Roland

      I agree.  I am not understanding this.  I would to see either with a three year contract, but they certainly want much longer than that.

      • Tony_Hall

        I layed out a scenario where they should take a short term contract (or have an opt out clause).  Teams would be willing to pay even more per year, if they can get a shorter length.  But any way you look at, it is going to take a monster contract to add either of these players.

  • Joel Edmonson

    That would be very interesting, would love to have Pujois, just to stick it to the Cardinal fans, but doubt it will happen.

  • Schwimmer

    I have a hard time believing Ken Rosenthal’s claim that the CUBS are interested in PULJOIS???  While I respect him as a sportswriter — I think he’s “hyping” and “gossiping” more than he’s passing on a legitimate rumor.

    Despite PULJOIS (past) great talent — It makes no sense to pay a 31 year old that much money on a 9 year contract (until he’s 40…or in his case he could really be older?).

    Especially, he will require significantly more money to switch his allegiance to the CUBS from the CARDINALS.

    And, then there is the matter that PULJOIS skills may have already shown some signs of diminishing with 99 RBIs this past year and a .299 average.

    I say that it would be insane and a waste of money for the CUBS to sign him for that much money — and for that long.

    And, they won’t.  (Maybe they want to see if they can get the CARDINALS to “ante up” even more money?)

    I say that he signs with the CARDINALS because no one is going to pay him as much and sign him for as long.  (We’ve already seen that the MARLINS were unwilling to pay him more money than the CARDINALS.)

    And, FIELDER only makes sense on a 5 or 6 year contract at $20M.

    Lastly, the world will not end if the CUBS pass either of them.  Let some other team “blow their wad” paying so much of their available budget to 1 player.

    QUESTION:  Would any of you (on this blog) really want THEO to sign PULJOIS on a 9 year contract at $230m to $240m????   Or, FIELDER to 8 years at $200m?

    Because that’s what it is likely to take to sign either of them!

    • mutantbeast

      My answer would be NO. As much as I like Pujols and Fielder right now, wed have another Sorryohno or Zambrano contract again. We had the leading HR hitter in Boise this yr-and it was his first year. And he can play first. Casey Kotchman provides as much value as Pena-not in power, but overall, if he can duplicate his Tampa numbers in 2012.

  • cubs1967

    like i’ve been saying……….cubs have NO power in the minors….jackson-vitters-scuzur-lake-golden—none of these guys will be more than 20 HR dudes.  the 2012 FA class is bad……..david wirght could be the best player.  cubs NEED to sign one of these 2………if they expect in 2013 or 2014 to have a good team…..  plus there aren;t that many power 1b left after these 2……….tex-agone-howard(assuming his achilles heals) are all signed longed term.

    time to pony up tommy boy!

    • Anthony

      I disagree about No power in the minors.

      In fact, looking at collective team results from Boise A to AA TENN, and in between, the Cubs system at these levels have as good, mostly better hitters than the rest of the organizations, and they strike out the least, better contact rates than most, if not all, check the stats.

      The HR is not the end-all to winning, in fact, balanced hitting is, and will be in the drug-free Era.

      Is this really about HR’s, or the need to have a marquee player, a beacon of hope? Give me a balanced organization with better pitching.

      Our farm hitters are better than most. Just go to the NWL/MWL/FSL, and Southern and look for yourself.

      • Tom U

        Good job Anthony! That’s doing your own thinking! 

        Cubtex and I had this discussion last week about power numbers in the minors. Unless a player is an elite hitter, high power numbers are usually over-aged prospects or all-or-nothing types. Look for players hitting anywhere from 12 to 20 taters while maintaining a .300 or better average. Those are the players that can be counted on as run-producers,

  • Bobby P

    Bud Selig is the worst commissioner in pro sports today, with this new CBA I think he finally dropped below Stern and Bettman. Both are terrible, but openly so. Selig continues to wreck MLB silently, without many people paying attention to it. In the NBA, players are leaving smaller markets, and the NBA wants to limit that. In MLB, they are trying to do everything to make small market teams unable to compete. I guess I shouldn’t care since the Cubs are a big market team, but it is wrong to limit draft spending and taking away part of free agent compensation. Unless this is to eventually set a salary cap, this is not a good CBA, not by a long shot. Sometimes, you need some labor strife in order to improve the sport. They really need to change their revenue sharing so that small market owners would actually mind if their teams stink year in and year out.

    Anyway, to return to the topic… I agree with Tony, the rules have changed. You’ve gotta at least kick the tires on these guys now. I was hoping we could be major draft spenders the next 5 years, but I guess we have to build this team through trades and free agency now.

  • Neil

    From Buster Olney:
    The mere perception Cubs are after Pujols/Fielder helps the
    Cubs, to potentially drive up the price for division rivals. See

    • John_CC

      Also puts some heat on Pena and those kicking around signing him.

      This is where Epstein’s genius comes out. 

  • Trevor_P

    Fielder doesn’t excite me that much, as I am concerned about the weight/attitude over the long term. aq

    Question on Pujols.  Conventional wisdom would caution against signing ANY player of his age to that long of a contract; however, hasn’t Pujols proven he is unlike any player in at least the last 50 years?  He is not a Soriano where the Cubs shuck out mega bucks after a career year.  

    I won’t be crushed if they don’t sign him, but I am saying taking a gamble on one of the best players to ever play the game isn’t like some other contracts given to aging vets.  

    • Anthony

      He still mans the easiest defensive position on the field

  • Ripken Boy

    Spend the money on pitching instead of one of these two. In 2003 the Cubs had Eric Karros/Randal Simon at 1st base and were 5 outs away from the World Series. Take the money and sign Buerhle, CJ Wilson and one other arm. That is money well spent vs on an aging or overweight 1st baseman.

  • Neil
  • Neil
  • Neil

    According to Phil Rogers of the Tribune, Greg Maddux is leaving the Cubs and may join the Rangers organization

  • Neil

    Hoyer was just on XM, will have more later. One quote: Having a ton of
    conversations with teams and agents could be a busy week ahead. The
    urgency of the Winter Meetings is real.

    • scooterIam

      how about Garza and Soto to Yankees for Montero and Brackman. Then spend FA money on Arms like Wilson and another arm not named buerhle?