Rambling for a New Cubs Manager

Happy Veterans Day from the CCO and a tip of the cap to all of the veterans that have fought for our freedom …

Hello again, everybody! It’s Friday, it’s probably snowing and it is time to ramble!

Cubs’ fans are downright giddy about the off-season and cannot wait to see what Theo and Jed have in their head.

The Cubs have Sandy Jr. coming in today and they may decide to have one or two more candidates come in, but I think it is fair to say that in less than a week, the Cubs’ brass will have made up their mind, and a new field general will be named. Beyond that, there is plenty to discuss, so, let’s stop delaying the inevitable. We need to get out of our ways and get down to business.

And away we go …

  • WGN’s next big hit, being filmed on-location in Chicago, “The Law Firm of Maddux and Maddux.” – That’s from Neil
  • I owe someone else credit for this, probably ESPN 1000, but Maddux is the best choice for one simple reason … I will give you a hint …
  • Ditka …
  • Phil Jackson …
  • Joel Queneville …
  • As we all know, in Chicago, the ‘stache always prevails! We cannot pass this up. Cowboy Mike Maddux must be hired. We need the young manager burping the big teddy bear.
  • And thanks to Waddle and Silvy for the “Cowboy” nickname. I can’t claim that as my own, but I love and I think it should stick.
  • I called-in to a teleconference today with Cubs management that was held for season-ticket holders. I will not bore you with all the details, but here are a few …
  • Theo said the Cubs are in the sixth inning of the manager search.
  • When asked about his initial analysis of the farm system, Theo said, “We have work to do. I am not going to sugar coat it.”
  • When asked about players in the minors that stand out, McLeod listed three …
  • Brett Jackson, Matt Szczur and Junior Lake. He mentioned it is very good to see Lake’s performance this fall.
  • I heard that Junior Lake has a lot of upside when you combine athleticism and strength with performance and age.
  • Theo mentioned that in order to learn more about the Cubs from the inside, he had lunch with Billy Williams. Later that day he had a meeting with Ernie Banks.
  • Two statements stuck out the most to me, both from Theo:
  • “We start every year trying to win the World Series.”
  • And …
  • “True success is when you win your last game in late October.”
  • I hope some of that insight was enjoyable to read. Now back to my ridiculous and random stream of consciousness.
  • I am pretty darn sure that Blake Dewitt and/or Jeff Baker won’t be on the team next year. Maybe one, but I don’t see both.
  • I mean, these guys are smart baseball people, right?
  • Hey, with Hendry out, at least we don’t have to expect another overrated middle infielder from the Dodgers at the trade deadline anymore.
  • So, is it me or did Dayton Moore clearly violate baseball rules by discussing Zambrano? Will Bud actually punish the lowly Royals? I mean, he has to, right?
  • I would pay $17 million of that salary to ship him to Kauffman Stadium. He thinks he is unhappy here. Oh, wow. Reality-show cameras should follow him around for that. Could you imagine that show?
  • WTF would be the funniest moment on that show?
  • WTF would he punch first in the locker room?
  • WTF did he just throw Mike Moustakas into the water fountain at Kauffman?
  • And I think we all get it …

Let’s hear all of your thoughts below and throw out every “WTF Zambrano in KC” you can think of!

And until next time …

Stay Classy Cubs Fans!!

Quote of the Day

"You can’t sit on a lead and kill the clock. You’ve got to give the other man his chance. That’s why baseball is the greatest game." - Earl Weaver