Maddux Withdraws Name from Red Sox Job … Still Scheduled to Meet with the Cubs

According to multiple reports on Monday afternoon, Mike Maddux informed the Boston Red Sox that he was no longer interested in interviewing for their managerial position. Maddux cited family reasons for his decision not to interview with the Red Sox. Maddux told Peter Gammons, “We’re in a good situation. My family moved here, the kids will be in school for three more years here.”

According to a report from T.R. Sullivan, Maddux said he would talk to his family Monday night about interviewing with the Cubs.

According to David Kaplan, Mike Maddux is still scheduled to meet with the Cubs’ brass later in the week.

Updated – 6:10pm CT – With Statement from Mike Maddux

Not long after Mike Maddux withdrew his name from the Red Sox job, the speculation began that Maddux is now the favorite to be the Cubs’ next skipper. According to Jon Heyman, the Sox could call in additional candidates in the wake Maddux’s decision. Apparently the Sox thought highly of what Maddux could have brought to their clubhouse and organization.

Dale Sveum interviewed with the Cubs on Monday and was expected to meet with the Chicago media on Monday night.

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Update – Statement from Mike Maddux

“I could give more reasons why an opportunity like this should be taken rather than not, but the reason for withdrawing my name from consideration comes down to a family decision. My wife and two daughters are together in the same state for the first time in three years and words cannot describe my happiness. The game of baseball has many sacrifices but being apart from family is the toughest. I feel there is too much distance between the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and Boston to see my family as much as I’d enjoy.

“Again, I thank Ben Cherington and the Boston Red Sox for the flattery, honor, and compliment of considering me for their position.”

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  • Anthony

    “I feel there is too much distance between the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and Boston(CHI) to see my family as much as I’d enjoy.”

    Another hour in an airplane, so, if this guy gets the job, then the excuse is questionable, unless he loves Chicaago and Sasage on his dish and Italian Beef sandiches, which basically means Beantown ain’t his gig?

    lol….that said, I believe players actually play the game, and players are provided to managers. Managers mainly manage the clubhouse, keep harmony, part bartender/psychoanalyst, fill out lineup cards, argue a bad call as a sign of solidarity, media liason, etc.

    There aren’t many game situations that require Einstein to make a decision.

    If a filthy LHP who tosses junk in the dirt comes in and one of your LHH has a book on flailing at them, geez, pinch hit for him. If that LHP was a decoy, then you better have a RHH ready, if you were provided one?

    Game management is overrated. Having a baseball guy as a Manager provides the best value managing EGO’S since the Suits have no game experience and don’t want to deal with it!

    A baseball manager is a REPRESENTATIVE, not a Guru!

    PLAYERS Play the game.

    • Tt4pip

      There is way more to it than u think bud. I am so glad u are not the new GM.

      • Anthony

        and you too?

  • Neil

    According to multiple tweets tonight, Mike Maddux will interview with the Cubs on Wednesday.

  • Anonymous47701

    Possible Trade Idea

    2B/3B/LF Martin Prado
    for RHP Trey McNutt, 1B Justin Bour

    • Aaron

      Prado is a good player, no doubt…he’s actually an All-Star. This is a good trade for both teams, but one thing you have to keep in mind is the Braves ALWAYS know good pitching, and McNutt likely isn’t their type of guy. 

      Plus, while I’m not sold on McNutt at all, the Cubs are in desperate need for pitching depth, so I’m not sure how Epstein would sell this one.

      • Anonymous47701

        What About LHP Austin Kirk or RHP Jay Jackson then ?

        • daverj

          Braves have a ton of pitching depth.  They are looking for a top power hitting prospect for Prado. I think it would take very good power hitting OF prospect that is relatively close to the majors.

    • Demitri

      They have 1st base locked with Freeman, and just like Aaron said, McNutt probably won’t go anywhere. Personally I don’t want Prado, but I wouldn’t mind for the right cost. We don’t have much to give at the high levels of our system right now

  • Tony_Hall

    Something I just realized, if you go over the box where your screen name is, a box to the far right, with a negative on it appears.  If you click on that, you collapse that comment and thread.  

    It really seems to help eliminate those comments or threads that you don’t want to read.

    • paulcatanese

      Thank you Tony, I just deleted a post that wasnt worth reading.

  • paulcatanese

    What is strange, isnt the flight time about the same between Boston and Texas and Chicago and Texas?

    • Tony_Hall

      Not really, but close.

      Moving to Boston, is quite different than moving to Chicago, especially for a guy who has gotten used to his Texas home.

    • Tony_Hall

      Just based on miles, Dallas to Chicago is 966 miles, while Dallas to Boston is 1768 miles.

    • Tom U

      Don’t forget, Texas is in the same time zone as Chicago.

  • Aaron

    I don’t think any of us know the dynamics of everything that went into Maddux’s decision (nor should we, really), but what I can tell you, is this can’t really help him. 

    If I’m Epstein and Hoyer, I’m asking why he didn’t know that going into it, and why he agreed to the interview in the first place. It’s a legitimate question in my mind, and they could really hammer him on this. 

    Maddux might be a hard-worker, and one of the smartest coaches in the game (Greg is also very smart), but he sure as hell didn’t show good judgement in the decision with the Red Sox.

    In the end, it’s going to boil down to who can make the best decisions in their interview process. Hopefully he’s able to put that past him, and do well in the interview. 

    At this juncture, my money is on either Maddux or Sveum. Either of them would be a good choice. My darkhorse candidate though is Tim Bogar. If you look at his minor league managerial record (which is stellar), plus the fact has been a coach with the Red Sox, you’ll see why I think he’s a darkhorse candidate.

    The most intriguing thing in this whole process just happened today with Sveum’s interview. When he made the comment about Fielder being his favorite player to coach….it just made me wonder if he gets the gig….maybe the Cubs will go hard after him. Or, perhaps the Cubs are using the interview as a way to get to know more about Fielder for a possible run after him this offseason. 

    Whatever the case, I am a little nervous that the Cubs are focusing too much attention on the managerial process instead of making moves to improve their ballclub. That’s not to say that it isn’t important to figure it out….because it really is, but it just bothers me when I see all these other teams making trades, releasing players, and already going hard after free agents while the Cubs sit idly by.

    I know I’m just being paranoid, and count me skeptical until I actually see a few player moves from Epstein….I just want to see some moves is all. The worst thing that could possibly happen is the following players all returning or at least 75% of them:
    Johnson (look, I like the guy, and he hustles, but he’s nothing more than Gary Gaetti part 2 waiting to happen, and thos of you older Cubs fans know EXACTLY what I’m talking about)

    That would leave a nucleus of:
    W. Castillo

    That would leave 9 openings:
    1 starter (possibly 2 if they don’t go with both Cashner and Samardzija)
    1 reliever
    1 starting 3B
    1 starting LF
    1 starting CF
    1 starting RF
    3 bench bats

    For the rotation, I’d say the best option might be to sign either Edwin Jackson or Mark Buehrle.

    For the reliever, I would go after a guy like Broxton on a “make good” contract….someone basically that could fill-in at closer when Marmol inevitably struggles. The ideal situation would be to trade Marmol for an OF power bat, and sign someone like Papelbon or Bell.

    For the starting 3B, the Cubs are likely going to have to commit to Vitters or someone like Flaherty in the interim, unless there’s a ridiculously favorable trade for a current 3B that presents itself (meaning the Cubs wouldn’t have to trade their whole system to do it)

    For the starting LF, I actually think the Cubs should try LaHair there, then sign Fielder to take the spot at 1B.

    For the starting CF spot, the Cubs should sign Sizemore

    For the starting RF spot, the Cubs should sign Kubel, or go with Brett Jackson there.

    For the 3 bench bats, they should all be internal: M. Gonzalez, Ridling, Lake (he’s NOT ready just yet, but he’d be a very intriguing bat…and athlete to have on the roster)

    That means the roster is:
    SP-Garza, Dempster, Jackson/Buehrle, Cashner/Samardzija, Jackson/McNutt/Rusin/Antigua (really outside the box there)
    Pen-Marmol, Marshall, Wood, Russell, Dolis, Cashner/Samardzija, Carpenter, Broxton (if they can trade Marmol)

    C-Castillo, Clevenger
    2B-LeMahieu, Barney
    SS-Castro, M. Gonzalez
    3B-Vitters/Flaherty, Lake
    LF-LaHair, Ridling
    RF-B. Jackson/Kubel

    That’s just one of the many variations I’ve come up with. No matter what, I’d love to see Epstein give the kids a chance…It’s not all going to happen in one year, so I’d venture a guess that Epstein signs or at least tries to sign guys like Kubel, Cuddyer, Sizemore, Damon, etc.

    • John_CC

      Maybe he just doesn’t want to work for Boston sans Epstein and had to make some kind of statement. The family card is completely legit, in my book.  Plus Maddux may easily have an affinity for the Cubs after all the years his brother played for them, and works for again. It is also not hard to imagine a that the Cubs managerial gig is about the most interesting looking job in the MLB right now…not going to Boston and dealing with all the fallout that just occurred and expectations to win the World Series next year as a first year manager. 

      To me it reads like Maddux wants the Cubs job and has no interest in dealing with the Red Sox. 

    • Scott McMeekan

      Aaron, good call on the Gaetti reference.  I remember it well, and I would agree.  Although he’s pretty much The Dude.  

    • daverj

      Aaron –

      Why do you say bringing back at 75% of the players in your list would be the worst thing that could possibly happen?

      The Cubs aren’t contending in 2012 so the most important things for now are (1) to build up the minor league system and (ii) to not sign free agents to long term albatross contracts.  If we can get prospects for the guys you mentioned, then great … let’s deal them.  But, if the option is just keeping them on the roster or getting nothing, then I don’t think it’s really that big of a deal either way.

      Hill, Johnson, Grabow, Ortiz, Lopez and DeWitt are all worthless.  If we have young players that are really ready to produce at the major league level, then just release them.  Baker and Byrd will have more value at the trade deadline when contenders are looking to fill holes.  It makes more sense to hold those two until July.  Zambrano and Soto would be sell low guys now … you’d have to give them away for nothing now, but both have a chance to build some value for a July deal.  Soto also has a decent chance to be a Type A free agent after 2013 so there is some value in future draft picks to keeping him our starting catcher for a couple years.  With Soriano, we can either eat his contract now in a deal or eat it later.  Again, I think if we ate his contract in July, we might be able to get a little something from a contender.

      Again, I agree with you that the players in your list are not guys the Cubs should have on the team.  My point is just that those guys should be let go over the next couple years whenever Epstein thinks he can maximize value for them.  Since the Cubs are not contending until 2014 at the earliest, disposing of those players isn’t urgent this offseason.