Cubs Clean Slate … Let the Managerial Search Begin

The search for the next manager of the Chicago Cubs has already begun and according to the Tribune, Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer will interview a handful of candidates.

The Cubs are “looking for someone with whom and around whom we can build a foundation for sustained success.” The Cubs next manager “must have leadership and communication skills; he must place an emphasis on preparation and accountability; he must establish high standard and a winning culture; he must have integrity and an open mind; and he must have managerial or coaching experience at the major league level.”

The mainstream media threw out several possible candidates to take over as skipper of the Chicago Cubs … Terry Francona, Dale Sveum, Sandy Alomar, Jr., Dave Martinez, Tim Bogar, Pete Mackanin, DeMarlo Hale, Joe Maddon and Mike Maddux.

While Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer search for the right man to lead the big league team, Mike Quade’s coaching staff remains in limbo and have been told they are free to seek employment with other organizations. According to the Sun-Times, each coach will be evaluated with the ultimate decision being made by the Cubs’ new manager. Rudy Jaramillo, Lester Strode and Pat Listach are the only three coaches from Quade’s staff that are under contract through the 2012 season … the contracts of Bobby Dernier, Ivan DeJesus, Mark Riggins and Dave Keller expire this week.

Managerial Search
According to a tweet from Ken Rosenthal, the Cubs are not focused on Terry Francona and it is unlikely they will go after an existing Major League manager. While Epstein’s connection and admiration of Joe Maddon is well documented, if Rosenthal is right, that would remove two of the nine names thrown out Wednesday by the mainstream media.

Rumblings about the Cubs possibly being interested in Dale Sveum and Mike Maddux began surfacing not long after Theo Epstein was officially in place … and both Sveum and Maddux appear to be near or at the top of the Cubs’ list.

Dale Sveum
Dale Sveum (born: November 23, 1963) played 862 games over 12 big league seasons with seven different organizations. Sveum has been on the Brewers’ coaching staff for the last six seasons and finished the 2008 season as Milwaukee’s manager after Ned Yost was fired. Sveum has served as hitting coach, third base coach and bench coach during his tenure with Milwaukee.

Sveum spent two seasons as third base coach for the Red Sox (2004-2005) and has been with the Brewers since October of 2005

Mike Maddux
Mike Maddux (born: August 27, 1961) pitched in 472 games over a 15-year big league career. Maddux, brother of Greg, pitched for nine different organizations (Phillies, Mets, Red Sox, Dodgers, Padres, Expos, Pirates, Mariners and Astros) and finished with a 39-37 record with a 4.05 ERA and a 1.34 WHIP.

Maddux served as pitching coach in Milwaukee from 2003-2008 before leaving for Texas. Maddux just finished his third season as Rangers’ pitching coach … two of which ended with losses in the Fall Classic. Before getting the big league gig in Milwaukee, Maddux was a pitching coach in the Astros’ organization from 2000-2002.

Tim Bogar
Tim Bogar (born: October 28, 1966) played in 701 games over nine seasons at the big league level for three different organizations (Mets, Astros and Dodgers). Bogar managed in Cleveland and Houston’s system for four seasons beginning in 2004 and compiled a 289-200 record. Baseball America named Bogar the best manager prospect in 2006.

The Chicago area native began his Major League coaching career with the Tampa Rays in 2008 (quality assurance coach). Bogar just finished his third season on Terry Francona’s staff. Bogar was the Red Sox first base coach in 2009 and spent the last two seasons as Boston’s third base coach.

Dave Martinez
Dave Martinez (born: September 26, 1964) played in 1919 games at the Major League level over 16 seasons … with a majority of three seasons coming in a Cubs’ uniform (1986-1988). The Cubs drafted Martinez in the third round of the 1983 draft.

Martinez has served as Rays’ bench coach over the last four seasons since being hired by Joe Maddon in October of 2007. Many thought Martinez would replace Ozzie Guillen on the South Side before Kenny Williams hired Robin Ventura.

Pete Mackanin
Pete Mackanin (born: August 1, 1951) played nine seasons in the big leagues from 1973 through 1981 and the Chicago area native began his coaching career in the Cubs’ system. Many feel Mackanin will end up as the manager of the Red Sox once Boston completes their search.

Mackanin has served as the Phillies’ bench coach over the last three seasons and was the Reds interim manager in 2007 and the Pirates interim manager in 2005. Mackanin spent seven years as a coach at the big league level after 13 years managing in the minors. Mackanin was the Cubs minor league coordinator in 1987.

DeMarlo Hale
DeMarlo Hale (born: July 16, 1961) played five seasons at the minor league level in the Red Sox and A’s organizations. Hale’s playing career ended in 1988. The Chicago area native began his coaching career in the Red Sox organization in 1992 after spending four years as an instructor at Bucky Dent’s Baseball School in Boca Raton from 1989 to 1992.

Hale served as the Rangers’ first base coach and outfield coach from 2002-2005 prior to joining Terry Francona’s staff in Boston. Hale was the Red Sox third base coach from 2006-2009 and has served as Francona’s bench coach for the last two seasons after Brad Mills left for Houston.

Sandy Alomar, Jr.
The brother of Robbie and son of Sandy had the most accomplished big league career of any of the rumored candidates. Sandy Alomar, Jr. (born: June 18, 1966) played in 1377 games over 20 seasons in the majors and retired only four seasons ago (2007).

Alomar just finished his second season as a coach with the Cleveland Indians. Alomar was the Tribes’ first base coach in 2010 and 2011 and was recently named the Indians’ bench coach for 2012. According to ESPN Chicago, Alomar is “considered one of the best and brightest of the up-and-coming coaches.”

Epstein Compensation
According to a report from Comcast SportsNet New England, the deadline for the Cubs and Red Sox to agree on a compensation package for Theo Epstein was extended at least a weekat least another week.

Quote from Ben Cherington:

“With the managerial searches and whatnot, we just haven’t had a lot of time to spend on it. We’ll get a little more time and hopefully have more time to talk a little bit about it. It was mutually agreed upon that we’d give ourselves at least another week before we turn it over (to the commissoner’s office). If we don’t have something in a week, we’ll revisit and decide whether it makes sense to revisit it and extend it further. But right now, it’s at least another week.”

Stay Tuned … the search has just begun.

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  • Calicub

    I think the Cubs would have to pry Maddon from Andrew Friedman’s cold dead fingers…

    now way the Rays let him go.  plus…it would require another compensation package. not that I’m not thoroughly enjoying this long drawn out pointlessly slowidiotic negotiation between the BoSox and the Cubs, and soon the Cubs and the Padres.

    Heres the way I’d rank these guys as far as future cub managers

    Joe Maddon (if they can get him)
    Mike Maddux (simply to get Greg to be a pitching coach)
    Sandy Alomar Jr.
    Tim Bogar
    A three way tie between the others
    Dale Sveum

    • Tony_Hall

      That looks like one heck of a staff if we could get them all….Theo does think big!

      Joe Maddon – Manager
      Dale Sveum – Bench Coach
      Mike Maddox – Pitching Coach
      Tim Bogar – 3rd Base Coach
      Sandy Alomar Jr – 1st Base Coach

      • Schwimmer

        Tony:  You are obviously very knowledgable…so, let me ask you this question.  Why would Joe Maddon be open to managing the CUBS?  I thought he was very committed to Friedman and to managing the RAYS?  Has something happened in Tampa that could give us hope that he might be open to managing the CUBS?
        Thanks for your thoughts…

        • Tony_Hall

          I don’t know that he would be.  Just like Friedman, they seem to all be happy in Tampa, competing against the rich teams, on a shoe-string budget…

          Friedman has been rumored for other jobs, interviewed with the Angels, is linked to the Astros, as going to go there when a new ownership group comes in to place.  That could make Joe say, what else is out there for me, that I could have a team that uses the same style philosophies of building from within, but still has the resources to keep their own players, and add to it in FA, when the time is right.

          He was the 2nd choice of Theo when Francona was hired, and maybe he would like to work for him finally.  

          But at this point, I look forward to the announcement of who Theo and Jed choose, and will know, that they are an outstanding choice to be the next manager of the Chicago Cubs.  There will be no Quades types from this group.

          • J Daniel

            Things have changed BIG TIME on the north side and it is beautiful to watch.  There is a long way to go and we will be reminded of that next April when they start to play.  My suggestion is that we all enjoy the ride.

            It took for this to hit rock bottom, which it has.  I believe it will only be better from this point.  I for one will enjoy this unfold.

          • Calicub


            As neil said. Its a new slate. Team Epstien will make amazing moves and moves to us might seem idiotic, but to me its just so refreshing having a plan, and not one that believes the likes of jeff baker and reed johnson are untouchables. No more using injuries as an excuse. Every team suffers injuries, look at the cards this year as a prime example.

            I am looking forward to no nonsense management. The future is indeed bright

    • J Daniel

      Why is everyone so bent on former Cub greats being part of the staff?  Greg Maddux may or may not be a great pitching coach?  Why do we think he even wants to be a pitching coach?  I think if he wanted to he would already be.  He might not want to be on the staff with his brother.

      There is no question that he has a great pitching mind, one of the best ever! 

      I just don’t get it?  Maybe it is “Glory Days”?

      • Calicub

        I definately thing Greg Maddux is a pipe dream but stranger things have happened.

        Greg had close ties to JH#1 and was his one of Hendry’s personal advisors. While he seems more interestted in preparing for the Senior Golf Tour, his breother at the helm may just be the ticket to bring him. Back in.

        And hey if G. Madd. Does come in and fail, his brother will be there to pick up the slack.

        Btw Tony I was just ranking them based on preference, but if they could compose.a staff like that I would be more than happy.

        Also I think that if Ryno doesn’t get a major league coaching job he will be in the cubs dugout for 2012. Or atleast that’s how I hope it happens….

      • studio179

        From the Sun-Times- “If Mike Maddux were to become manager, one source close to Greg Maddux believes the future Hall-of-Famer might reconsider his desire to avoid full-time travel and could even agree to work as pitching coach with his brother.”

        It is too early to know for sure, but you can not rule it out.

        • J Daniel

          Ya, and what is the source?  Someone who knows someone who reported it on some site someplace?

          • Last_ginger

            The guy who saw Theo at starbucks

          • studio179

            The report says ‘one source close to Greg Maddux’, not a blogger or someone who knows someone. They are not going to reveal their sources, accurate or not. 

            I believe Greg would be a great pitching coach. He has helped many guys around MLB that have asked for advice or tips. He will not go to them, but has proven he will help if they ask first. If he became a pitching coach, then he would become more proactive.Mad Dog is an asset any team would love to have if he is willing to do so and not golf as much. Theo must feel he is an asset because he reached out to him…and not just to be polite. Who knows if Greg decides to get back in the game much or if he would join his brother if Mike was made a manager of a team. All I am saying is you can not dismiss it as ‘glory days’ or as not happening without first doing the research and finding out. That is what this new regime is going to do with moves and not dismiss out of hand without proper information. 

      • paul catanese

        Actually do not think Gregg Maddox would agree in any capacity to become a coach for the Cubs and think his brother Mike is the better choice if available. And less we forget Greg was instrumental with DeWitt coming over to the Cubs also his alliance with J Hendry.

  • Calicub

    Five posts in three days!

    Holy Cow, looks like Novembers gonna be a busy month for you Neil.

    Thanks again for your tireless work.

  • cmschube

    Anyone know what a “Quality Assurance” coach is!?!

    • Tony_Hall

      Here you go straight from Joe Maddon.

      Bogar’s duties will include coordinating spring training schedules, series preparation and serving as a liason between the scouting department and the ball club. He will watch the Rays from the stands and scout them like an opponent would, research upcoming opponents and do a lot of the advance leg work.”I know this is a radical approach to baseball,” Rays manager Joe Maddon said. “But so was the bench coach when that came along, so was the DH, so was color television at some point. With all the information that’s available to us and all the different things that the coaches have to do on a daily basis, I want the coaches to be able to really be able to get involved with the players as much as possible.””We’re trying to get somebody to try to get ahead of our own mistakes,” Maddon said. 

      • cmschube

        Hmm.. insteresting.. not a bad idea, really. I wonder how many other teams have picked up on this practice?

        Thanks for the info, Tony.

        • Tom U

          Just to follow up, QA coaches, sometimes known as cross-checkers, are fairly common, especially in football. They just don’t get a lot of publicity.

        • paul catanese

          I think QA inspectors have been around for years with electronic companies that build parts, they have been successful so why not borrow the idea.

  • Ripsnorter1

    HEY! Maybe Theo is going to get us a college of coaches!

    Jarmillo is going to walk? NO! You are not going to tell me that they are going to let the famous, most successful hitting coach of all time leave, are they? I just can’t believe it……

    I am glad to see Mark Riggins go.

    • paul catanese

      Rip, who was Mark Riggins? Was he with the Cubs? :)

      • Calicub

         he was the cubsminor league pitching coordinator no?

  • Tony_Hall

    Keith Law has posted his Top 50 Free Agents on ESPN Insider.

    Here is Aramis Ramirez #7 – Have to love the last line.

    Ramirez’s peak years are now behind him, making him a risky player in a market thin with safe power threats beyond its top two options. He’s a severe pull hitter who likes the ball middle-in or just tailing in toward his bat, and while he has the strength to drive the ball the other way, he rarely stays back enough to do so.Pitchers can attack him with velocity, especially away where he can’t try to start his bat early and pull it, but he hasn’t yet experienced the big loss of bat speed you’d expect given his age and body type. That will come in the next few years, of course, as Ramirez (like all of us) faces that penalty for a crime he hasn’t committed, one that already has turned him from an indifferent defender at third into an outright bad one. Moved to first base, he could turn in a few productive years as a second-tier power hitter who makes enough contact to get on base at a reasonable clip. He’s also one of the most likely players in this market to go all Adam Dunn on his new employers.

    • Tony_Hall

      AT #49 Matt Murton

      Matt Murton#9 OF
      Hanshin Tigers
      2011 STATS

      Murton hasn’t decided yet whether to come back after two big years in Japan; he’s at least a solid fourth outfielder over here who rakes against left-handed pitchers and is still playable against right-handers. Murton doesn’t have the power to profile as an above-average everyday guy — even in Japan, his main skill has been hitting for average with modest power and surprisingly few walks — and in the U.S., he hit too many balls on the ground. Assuming the plate discipline is intact, I could see an OBP in the high .300s from him with enough doubles to make him at least a second-division starter.

    • paul catanese

      The article is right on the money, and has been expressed by all of us on this site at one time or another.

      If this analysis holds true and is truly applicable, he shouldn’t get the amount of money on the open market he thinks he will.

  • Ripsnorter1

    Keith Law ranked the top 50 FA for this year. If I get the time, I’ll post them later. But I’ll tell you the FA pool is pitifully shallow after the top 10 FA. He ranks Matt Murton–MATT MURTON!!–at #49. He only hit .311 in Japan with a mere 13 taters and 60 RBIs. He doesn’t walk, and he should stay in Japan.

    SURPISE! Funko didn’t make the list. 
    Further proof of a shallow FA market–Ronny Eugene Cedeno made the list at #31.

    Pena made it at #14. BTW Pena hit an astounding .133 vs LHP in 2011. Law says, “It wasn’t the triumphant comeback season Pena probably hoped for, but he did re-establish some value for himself with a moderately productive year in which he showed his two major skills — taking a walk and hitting for above-average power — were still intact against right-handed pitching. Pena hit .255/.388/.504 (BA/OBP/SLG) against righties this year but was useless against southpaws, hitting .133/.260/.333 with 46 strikeouts in 146 plate appearances. It was the second year in a row he couldn’t hit left-handers.
    The pitch recognition he shows against right-handers is key, as he’s clearly lost some bat speed — you can put good velocity by him more easily than you could two or three years ago. He’s an above-average defender and hard worker who earns raves for his makeup, but at the end of the day, he is only as good as his ability to make contact and is probably best suited to platoon duty at first base with a right-handed-hitting partner.”

    • J Daniel

      Since many are on the bring back the former Cubs, lets bring back Murton, Cedano, and dare I say Fuko?

    • paul catanese

      On Pena, who needs a platoon hitter getting ten million (or more) on the team?

      • Ripsnorter1

        Not the Chicago Cubs.


  • Dorasaga never ceased to impress me with this heavy load of info. Nice job, Neil, for presenting the essence out of all these words.

    I don’t know if Sandberg will be satisfied, but if one of the coaches from the old Cubbie regime must go due to –anything can happen and someone needs to take the blame– then Ryno can rise to the top as a replacement, deservedly. Not saying I really want to see that, but this is an interesting speculation. History repeats. The Cubs want more than 1945.

  • Tony_Hall

    Here is the an All-Overpaid – All Free Agent Lineup, that I just made up using the FA list by Keith Law.

    This could be yours for a Top 5 payroll and an average age of 32 (I’m just estimating on age.

    1. Sizemore RF
    2. Reyes SS
    3. Fielder 1B (or Pujols if you so desire)
    4. Beltran LF
    5. ARam 3B 
    6. K Johnson/A Hill 2B platoon
    7. R Hernandez/R Doumit C
    8. Crisp CF

    Bench players
    M Murton
    R Cedeno

    1. Buerhle
    2. CJ Wilson
    3. E Jackson
    4. Oswalt
    5. Maholm

    Bullpen (a dream bullpen, there are tons of relievers every year to fill out a bullpen)
    J Papelbon, R Madson, F Rodriquez, F Francisco, J Francis, 

    • Bobby P

      I bet you that team would win the BP Cup.

    • Dorasaga

      This FA lineup might get contribution from 3rd or 4th, but there are too many risks from the other “parts” (injury, age, Kelly Johnson wore out and never got on-base deep into the season). Maholm and Francis are both “if” when it comes to consistency. I guess this simply proves that internal options are always a club’s first option. Why look for underperformance from washed-up players when the management can bring up prospects and evaluate their value for the system?

      • Tony_Hall

        I agree, I think there are only a few true difference makers available and not every year has them.  Now Fielder and Pujols are difference makers, but that doesn’t mean they make sense for everyone, when the bidding gets to that many years.

        There are FA bargains every year, that can be used to fill a short term gap, or come in as a role player.  

        But doesn’t that lineup look like something JH would have loved to throw out there.

        • Dorasaga

          Yeah. I kind of feel sorry for the old man. Hendry was “out of it.” He never got the idea of a “stopgap.” In order to predict future performances for a Major League team, a GM needs a lot more information than what casual fans have. That being said, the Cubbie results the past decade showed little of long term success. In the end, there’s a limit to what a owner is willing to spend. I know they can spend more. But it just doesn’t “feel” right, fiscally responsible, or getting anywhere to future returns. And Hendry dug Tom Ricketts a big hole in his pocket.

          I’m happy to hear Epstein talking about the future, system management, builders, and where he wants to start from scratch.

  • Shelbymenge

    from shelby menge, i think it should be mike maddux for manger.

  • Chuck

    Living here in Florida, I would love to see Joe Maddon as the new Cub manager. Mike Maddux is my second choice.  If the Cardinals sign Ryno, let’s go after Dave Duncan as the Cubs new pitching coach.

  • Bobby P
  • Neil

    According to Buster Olney, the Cubs are interviewing Pete Mackanin

    • Aaron

      I don’t like this interview one bit. He should NOT be manager. Granted, older managers like McKeon and Manuel have had success….and even Torre, but this would be a bad move, considering candidates like Mike Maddux, Bogar, and even Dave Martinez out there.

      I hope the Cubs go with Mike Maddux, and he convinces Greg to be the pitching coach. Greg has been credited with turning around a lot of different pitchers over the years that were teammates, and I couldn’t imagine a better tandem than those two. Greg was known as “the professor” if memory serves me correctly, because he was constantly in thought, and teaching others.  I would hope that Mike is the same way.

  • cubtex

    Neil….I honestly just threw Bogar’s name out there after looking at Theo’s criteria and looking at the Red Sox coaches. Has any other media outlet even mentioned Bogar’s name? I haven’t seen or heard his name mentioned anywhere other than this site.

    • paul catanese

      After reading about Bogar from you and Aaron I think he would be a great choice, then I agree, havent seen his name mentioned, but it should. I would hope Theo read the report here as well, maybe he will follow up.

    • Neil

      Yes, the Trib threw out Bogar, I linked to the article

      • cubtex


  • ldsteam2011

    I love the thought of the Maddux brothers on the bench in the Cubs dugout.   One can dream now that Sandberg is not being considered.  Maybe, just maybe Sandberg could be Maddux’s bench coach or his third base coach or even the hitting coach???  Not giving up on the idea of Sandberg returning to Wrigley.  My skin crawls a little bit at the possibility of seeing him in Cardinal red. 

    This is going to be a very interesting off season to say the least.  I love it!!!  Great job Neil on staying on top of everything, and keeping all of us current on the latest Cubbie News.  Thank you!!! 

    • paul catanese

      How many times have you seen two brothers get along?

  • paul catanese

    Ok, the front office is in,the manager is gone,along with most of the coaching staff.
    A new manager and staff should be here at the most in a couple of weeks,the way Theo operates.
    Then starts the purge of minor league coaches and managers and the dumping of any player they can without hurting themselves financialy.
    Theo’s philosophy starts to take shape and the hunt for players begins.
    This is where it gets dicey and his computer better be on the ball.
    If they get everyone they want to come over they have to be able to buy into his game plan, which is a good one.
    Now the players are on the field, and my question would be. How does the message get across to the players in the heat of battle?
    Is the fact that the defense must make the basic play? The offense must be prepared to take a pitch,work counts,bunt,make productive outs.
    The pitching must be ahead in the count,fewer walks and keep the ball in the park.
    None of the above looks to be an easy task for the players, and will take some time. If sucess comes early with this approach the players will respond likewise and they are on the way. If not, a continual search will be there for players who can make it happen.
    And thats why it will take time, two three years to be a dominant figure in the Central because its going to take special talents as players to get it done.

    • Bobby P

      We’ll get there. I mean, you can get all the pieces in place in the majors pretty easily. Getting the right coaches and managers in the minors will take time.

      As for the mindset, it probably won’t happen overnight, but if you don’t buy into it, you should lose playing time. There are exceptions of course, but I really hope our new manager will not hesitate to bench Castro or anyone else if they commit clear mental mistakes, like not paying attention on defense or being careless at the plate. It’s hard to teach free swingers to be patient, so what I foresee happening is that over the next 2-3 years, we will get rid of players like that unless they have some other value.

      Many sabermetricians/scholars of baseball are of the view that plate discipline is somewhat of an innate thing. While you can greatly improve in that area, if you are naturally a free swinger, you can’t ever be truly patient at the plate. So, having guys that have been patient at the plate throughout their baseball careers are probably more desirable to us than guys like… oh I don’t know… Alfonso Soriano.

      • paul catanese

        Agree with you Bobby,it will take time. As the old saying go’s “Once the umpire say’s play ball, all bets are off ” unless it was Sandy Koufax against the Cubs and we all knew how that was going to turn out.

        While there are a number of ways to teach “zone hitting” even to free swingers, but they will slip more often  than others.

        And I agree about Soriono, but also think (for him) he made some improvement this last year, thus the increase in production that he hasnt had for a while.
        It’s still not enough, but I think he has responded to Jarmillo as well as he can. He is just older but dosent realize it.As far as his defense, I think he knows as well as anyone the should be in the AL as a DH.

        • Bobby P

          A lot of people give Sori grief, but by all accounts, he is a good teammate and works hard, never makes excuses. I’m tired of the scapegoating some fans slip into sometimes. He is who he is. He doesn’t have the physique of a Thome or Pujols, so when he loses his wrist strength (i.e. bat speed), he doesn’t have that brute natural power to still be a viable HR threat. That is a problem given that his only value right now is essentially his power.

          I would try to find a suitor and eat as much as 80-85% of his contract if that’s what it takes. Zambrano is probably more interesting to teams, though. Sounds like Ricketts is willing to eat some money, so moving both is not impossible.

  • Coolpdxcubsfan


    The most logical candidate.
    1.Very knowledgeable about baseball and managing a baseball team, especially pitchers and when to pull them (ask Schilling).
    2. Knows all the Cubs and enemy players,
    3. Has a winning mindset,
    4.Has THE ring (ok, so Johnson and Schilling helped),
    5.Doesn’t take crap from anyone.
    6.Can handle pressure cooker Chicago fanbase and media.
    7.Stands head and shoulders above any other candidates, especially Brewers and other enemy teams castoffs.
    8. And last and most important:
    Played and Managed the RIGHT way.

    • Tony_Hall

      Even Brenly admits, that the game may have passed him by.  He is not looking for a mangers job, but would listen if someone called  That his way of saying he really doesn’t want to, but if someone wanted him to, he would consider it for the right situation.  

      He seems quite happy announcing the Cubs games.

      • Bobby P

        He should be happy. He’s good at it. I really enjoy him as a color guy.

      • cc002600

        I think he would take the job in a heartbeat, if offered to him.

        I think he would be excellent.

        I don’t think the game has passed him by at all.

    • Theboardrider

      I like Brenly a lot.  I’ve thought for years he’d be perfect for Cubs.  He’s a proven winner, knows the team and players and seems to really know baseball.  Few people could replace Steve Stone but Brenly’s knowledge is swell!  Remember Stony though?  The way he would say what’s about to happen or what a player is thinking and it almost always happened!  That guy had ESP or something when predicting occurrences on the diamond.  

      Come to think of it…what happened to rumors of Stone being involved with the Cubs somehow?  I guess that was all as a GM…

  • Bobby P
    • roguesqr09

      At this point I hope Ryno gets the Cards job. He deserves a shot. However, then I will be forced to root for the Cards. Oh well!

      • Bobby P

        You’d choose one player over a team? Come on, man!

        I love our history, but I think we need to make a clean cut and become a different franchise. It’s what the Red Sox did, and they didn’t have to tear down Fenway, and we won’t have to tear down Wrigley.

        If Ryno gets the Cards job, I’d be happy for him. He does deserve a shot. However, I wouldn’t turn into a Cardinals fan because of it. If anything, it’ll make the Cubs-Cards rivalry even better.

        • roguesqr09

          I meant that as I’d root for the cards as well as the cubs, I noticed after I submitted it that I didn’t word it properly. 

          For one, if it weren’t for sandberg in the 80s and 90s I wouldn’t have watched the cubs as much. I did stop completely in the late 90’s early 2000’s until 03 came around.

          For another I never really understood the whole Cubs v Cards rivarly. I love it when the play and have always wanted to beat them in the past, but I grew up in Central Indiana and lived with nothing but Reds fans. Even have some family that’s Reds fans. It was me an one other kid that like the Cubs and that was it, so for me the Reds v Cubs have always been a bigger rivarly.

          • Bobby P


            The Cardinals-Cubs rivalry could really use a boost, and Sandberg as the Cards skipper would certainly do that.

          • Agustinrexach

            Only if we get Pujols!

          • Bobby P

            Don’t want him. Too old, too expensive and will certainly ask for too many years. I still think if Ryne goes there, it’ll boost the rivalry. Of course, if we won more games, that would boost it as well.

          • Theboardrider

            I despise the Cardinals.  I live with a ton of their fans and they are think and treat the Cubs horribly!  I don’t get it.   Why do they care?  The hammer and the nail aren’t really rivals.  We should hate them, they should care less about us…

        • GaryLeeT

           Passing on Sandberg to break the losing tradition? If Theo and Hoyer are all they’re made out to be, then they pick the best candidate for the manager’s position, regardless if he played for the Cubs or not. If they passed on Sandberg just because he’s an ex-Cub, then in my eyes, they’ve made their first blunder as the new regime. What’s next, an exorcisim?

          • Bobby P

            The way I look at it, people want to hire Ryno because he’s Ryno. Half of the people on this site loves the symmetry of it all. You should hire Ryno because he’s the right man for the job, nothing else. Since it seems that he’s not, you simple do not hire him. Theo has already interviewed him once, remember? He didn’t hire him then and that’s probably why he doesn’t want to hire him now. That and Sandberg’s lack of major league experience.

            I personally think they made the right move. We know nothing about Sandberg’s managerial future. He can be the next Mike Quade or the next Tony La Russa. The manager can do a lot more harm than he can good. If he catches on somewhere else, great. Let him prove himself. Then maybe you can consider him down the road. Point of the article, in my opinion, was to not make a decision purely based on the popularity among the team’s fans. That’s a recipe for disaster.

            We can honor former players and make TV specials about the 1984 Cubs or whatever, but we shouldn’t make them a part of the current team just because of some misguided nostalgia.

            I know it sounds harsh because Cubs fans love their former players, myself included, but sometimes you just need to have something to look FORWARD to instead of looking BACK to.

          • Dorasaga

            What I read and heard through the press, eps. from minor leaguers who worked with Sandberg, are his work ethic and stress of fundamentals. I don’t see how those are “things of the Cubbie past.” Like players, a manager will take more than a minor league career to prove himself. That’s why I want to see Sandberg hired as a bench coach under the New Cubs Way. He may add asset to the management team. He can learn more about other things that were not brought to him by Hendry e Co.

            Just don’t forget, Quade was a mediocre minor league manager and a terrible third base coach under Lou Piniella. That were strike one and two, but somebody got to hire him, and that was the Cubs. Not Sandberg.

          • Bobby P

            That still doesn’t change that fact that many Cubs fans want him because he’s a Cub. He’s not the most qualified candidate out there, that’s all we should care about.

            I’d love for him to get an opportunity somewhere, but it just shouldn’t be here. 1) He doesn’t have major league experience and 2) Theo has already interviewed him. Can you imagine if he said something like “I don’t give much credence to statistical analysis” or to that effect? I mean, that right there would be cause for Theo to shun him completely. We just don’t know. All we do know is that Theo has indeed interviewed him before, and Ryno does not have ML experience. That should exclude him as a managerial candidate.

            However, I’ve always thought the bench coach option was off the table for Ryno. He seems to have painted himself into a corner, “ML Manager or nothing.” I think he’s certainly more likely to end up a coach than a manager right away, that’s usually the route people take. I’m certainly open to Ryno as the Cubs bench coach, but I don’t necessarily know if Ryno himself is open to that.

  • Redlarczykg

    After being fired Mike Quade said he was “disappointed, upset, irritated, bitter”.

    Now Mike, you know how Cub Fans felt watching you screw up managing the Cubs in 2011! 

    • Calicub

      where’d you read that?

      Link me por favor!

      • Calicub
        • paul catanese

          I dont understand how he could feel that way, all he has to do is look into the mirror to see who caused his departure from the Cubs. Totally self inflicted Mike. Dont hold your’e breath for the next managerial job, not happening.

          • Calicub

            Its gotta be hard to look iin the mirror and recognize your own mistakes but when you failed as epically and brutally as quade did you have to wonder about his sanity…

          • Dorasaga

            He’s a loser. But any manager in any field would have felt the same way. The Reds former GM was angry when Jocketty replaced him half way into the season. And that guy told the press how much he had done for the Reds, et al. It’s just human nature. They worked their ass to get to the top. And they found less wrong about themselves, because they thought what made them successful at the first place can never be wrong. They can go on forever. Not so fast. Results prove everything when everyone else around you drive for excellence, Major League level, so to speak.

  • Chuck

    It is interestint to note that the Cubs and Red Sox are both looking at the same list of perspective managers.  Red Sox GM and Theo both think alike. 

    • Bobby P

      Ben Cherington learned under Theo, so yeah, they do think alike. I’ve said it before, but it’s going to be quite a front office rivalry between the Red Sox and the Red Sox West… I mean, Cubs.

      Just wait until the draft next year. We’re going to be picking all of their guys in front of them and they’ll be even more pissed. Hehe.

      • Anthony

        The 2011 Draft was mentioned before, during, and after as one of the deepest and talented in history. It is easy to say that many of the players were selected 10 rounds later than in any other normal year.

        The 2012 Draft is being predicted as the total opposite.

        • Bobby P

          All the more reason to properly evaluate talent. The Cubs and Red Sox are still going to target the same or similar guys. If it turns out that you’re right, I would imagine the first couple of rounds are going to be very important.

          I do believe that once Theo and his guys start to gather data on the effects of how Wrigley plays, they’ll start to alter their philosophy accordingly. So, while I do believe the BoSox and Cubs will target similar guys, it can change quickly, especially from 2013 and on. Hoyer is already alluding to the fact that we probably need to put a premium on athletic defensive outfielders with how hard it is to play the outfield at Wrigley at times. Once we ascertain information like that, we’ll start to draft Cubs-specific players.

  • Last_ginger

    Thoughts on Shawon Dunston as a possible candidate? Read his name in espn article earlier as somewhat of a darkhorse

    • Neil

      Dunston doesn’t really fit Theo’s criteria

    • John_CC

      Candidate for what? 

    • paul catanese

      As a free swinger I dont think he will be on the list.

  • Neil

    From Bruce Miles: Cubs will interview managerial candidates and then have them do interviews with the media. This is a departure from the past.

  • Neil

    From Jon Heyman: very little (read as: no) chance cubs hire tito. i bet theo was being polite. francona is real candidate in st. louis, tho

  • Spoda17

    Very good article… I wanted Sanberg, but I think this is a perfect perspective.  I’m ready for anew…  Go Cubs!

  • Chuck

    Neil, you remember that I am the guy in Fort Myers that was telling you about the push for Naples as a spring training site for the Cubs.  And as you know that move unraveled at the last minute.  In fact, there was a committee member at that Chicago Cubs Convention that I told you about. I am sure that John Henry and Tom Ricketts had conversations about a possible move.  With a new spring training stadium to open in the spring of 2012 for the Red Sox, it would have been nice to see the Cubs with a new stadium in Naples. I think these two organizations are closer than one thinks.

    • Neil

      Chuck, of course I remember our conversation and I agree.

  • Neil

    From Bruce Miles: Theo said he told Sandberg he hopes he can turn Cubs into something that would make Sandberg proud.

  • Neil

    From Bruce Miles: Cubs interview process will have managerial candidates being given game situations and asked to react, given several variables.

    • Anonymous47701

      Do you think Ryne Sandberg could still be a candidate to be on the Cubs Coaching Staff? Theo did say that he wanted “A Manager or Coach at a Major League Level”, but I haven’t heard him mention anything about that with the coaching staff.

      • Calicub

        via the twitter:
        #Cubs Hoyer said he talked with all of the coaches yesterday. New mgr
        and front office will work to build coaching staff about an
        hour ago

        I suppose it’ll be up to the next manager. I’d love to see Ryno on the bench. In fact I hope he does, as a back up in case whatever manager they choose goes belly up, then he would be ready to step in, saving face.

        Mike Maddux – Head Coach
        Greg Maddux – Pitching Coach
        Ryno – Bench Coach
        JamMan- hitting coach (however unenthused i am about him he is still under contract)

        also I really hope they bring in a third base coach that knows how to time runners and understands the opposing teames outfield arm strentgh so he send them home when it apporopriate… I cannot remember how many times Ivan DeJesus stopped the cubs from plating a run.  So frustrating

        • Anonymous47701

          Mike & Greg Maddux on the same coaching staff? You’d have to wonder what the chances are of that happening. DeJesus has got ta go. Maybe Chip Hale or Jody Davis can replace him.

          By the way….Could Frank “Big Hurt” Thomas be the next Hitting Coach after Rudy’s contract is up?

      • Neil

        He could be but that would be up to the manager and a first time guy might not want a fan favorite on his bench.

  • Anonymous47701

    My vote is on Mike Maddux.

  • woody34

    Have you thought about posting a poll on who the next manager will be?  Just a thought I was thinking would be interesting to see what the true fan base was thinking or hoping for.

    • Neil

      I have been, trying to wait for all the names to officially come out.

  • Neil

    Cubs in AFL (11/3): Junior Lake (3B): 3-for-5, 3B, 2B, RBI, SB, (GW RBI); DJ LeMahieu (1B): 1-for-4, R; Junior Lake hit walk-off RBI 2B in bottom of 9th Thursday that gave Mesa 8-7 win over Phoenix

    • Calicub

      so Junior lake seems to be opening some eyes…

      do you see Lake getting a look as the cubs 3B this up coming year?  The old regime would have said no! immediately, and i probably wouldn’t have even asked, but with such a thin 3B market, and unless the dream team can pull a diamond out of the waste bucket, or wants to move Castro over, it may be a good time to evaluate.  But i could be wrong. 

      I know his defense is a bit sloppy, is still in AA ball, and doesn’t have the most stellar numbers , but he seems to be preforming more than adequately in AFL.  He’s got plenty of raw potential and whiffs alot, but he seems to be turning the corner, and everyday you hear about him leading the AFL in SB, or something else. 

      I know he struggled last week but still he seems very exciting.  Plus as i recall he is often refered to as a younger version Phonsie which could be promising, provided he doesn’t have the same issue Soriano has, although if the Cubs churn out a prospect similar to a young Soriano, despite whatever drawbacks he may have, it would speak volumes about the system…but i degress.

      I suppose this is a Question for Tom but if you know…

      How many CS does Lake have this AFL? and Whats his average in the AFL?

      I have been excited about the future of the Cubs system for a few years now, and every day it seems to be getting better and better.  I know Lake was ranked 27 this year by Baseball America this year but with all those who have been traded, or made it to the Majors, i expect to see quite a different list next year than below, and i suspect that Jr. Lake may be moving up a few numbers?

      1. Chris Archer. RHP*   —-Gone

      2. Brett Jackson, OF

      3. Trey McNutt, RHP  ——-Degressed

      4. Hak-Ju Lee, SS* ———– Gone

      5. Josh Vitters, 3B ——- Still maybe a top 5 but probably not with this years draft?

      6. Chris Carpenter, RHP

      7. Matt Szczur, OF

      8. Hayden Simpson, RHP —-Degressed

      9. Rafael Dolis, RHP

      10 Brandon Guyer, OF*  —-Gone

      11. Alberto Cabrera, RHP

      12. Darwin Barney, SS/2B   —–Majors

      13. D.J. LeMahieu, IF

      14. Scott Maine, LHP

      15. Jay Jackson, RHP

      16. Robinson Chirinos, C* ——- Gone

      17. Welington Castillo, C

      18. Marcos Mateo, RHP

      19. Robinson Lopez, RHP

      20. Kyle Smit, RHP

      21. Logan Watkins, 2B/OF/SS

      22. Ryan Flaherty, 2B/3B

      23. Reggie Golden, OF

      24. Ben Wells, RHP

      25. Aaron Kurcz, RHP

      26. Brooks Raley, LHP

      27. Junior Lake, SS/3B

      28. Jae-Hoon Ha, OF

      29. Esmailin Caridad, RHP

      30. Dae-Eun Rhee, RHP

      31. Matt Cerda, 2B/3B

      • Neil

        Lake is 16-for-16 in stolen bases and has put together a .315/.365/.618/.983 line with 6 doubles, 3 triples and 5 home runs in the AFL

      • Tom U

        Calicub, you’re a great poster and asked some great questions, so I did 
        some research for you.

        Junior Lake is currently hitting .315 with 5 homers and 16 RBI in 21 games. He’s stolen 16 base and hasn’t been caught once. That’s the good news.

        Now, here’s the bad. Lake committed his fifth error of the AFL today.There aren’t any readily available stats on fielding percentages or chances, but that roughly works out to an error every 4 games. If you take 162 and divide it by 4, well, you know, it’s not very good. The errors have come both at third and short, and have been both fielding and throwing. 

        Lake has also struck out 23 times, opposed to 5 walks, in 89 at bats.

        Lake has made only 28 appearances at third base in 5 seasons in the Cubs’ system, including only one all of last year. He’s committed 14 errors in 85 chances for a .835 fielding percentage at third.

        Lake is also eligible for the Rule 5 draft this season, and will have to be placed on the 40-man roster to be totally protected.

        Statistically, Lake bears an uncanny resemblance to Alfonso Soriano. His skill set and developmental history are also similar. Despite all the fielding issues, the previous regime saw fit to leave him at shortstop, not even attempting to find out whether he can play any other position.

        To sum up, in Lake you have a potentially explosive offensive player that currently doesn’t have a defensive position. He also struggled to adjust to Double A pitching, and has never been to Triple A. At this point, I would not consider him as a candidate for the third base position with the major league club.

        • carmelo

          He has the best arm in out system, maybe one of the best arms in baseball—would look good at 3b, but if not there he could always move to RF and be a plus fielder.  At 6’4′ 215, stole 38 bags in 2011, 15-15 in AFL now—this guy is an athlete.  We need athletes in the field and on the bases.

          • Tom U

            To make myself clear, I’m not down on Lake as a player, just unsure of his best position. I honestly don’t think he will ever be good enough for the infield, and he has zero experience as an outfielder.

            In a thinking-outside-of-the-box scenario, Lake should get a look at first base. Many defensively challenged infielders, such as Steve Garvey, Ernie Banks, Rod Carew, and Pete Rose, to name a few, have made the transition. Lake is also physically bigger than all of those players.

            In comparing Lake to some of the recent Cub first basemen physically, he is slightly smaller than Derrick Lee and Hee-Seop Choi; about the same size as Carlos Pena, Eric Karros, and Fred McGriff; and bigger then Randall Simon, Matt Stairs, and Mark Grace.

          • Calicub

            Interesting proposition.

            he could possibly fill the hole left by LaHair at 1b at Iowa, assuming he becomes the everyday 1B of 2012?

          • Anthony

            Roy Hobbs may be coming to Town soon, be patient.

          • John G

            Can he play 3rd base?

        • Calicub

          Thanks Neil and Tom.  You guys are too good.

          Wow didn’t realize his defense was so suspect, possibly a move to LF would suit him, as it suits Phonsie…as much as any defensive position could suits Phonsie :)  I suppose it is a bit premature to suggest him as a big league option, but hopefully his performance this off season will earn him a look at AAA, assuming their is an opening next season and maybe a non roster invite? I don’t remember if he was in Mesa last year or not.

          I definitely will be keeping a closer watch on this guy from now  and hope he progresses defensively. 

          Also, the cubs have the most bad ass names in their system…

          Nick Struck, a pitcher
          Rock Shoulders
          Darwin Barney
          Junior Lake
          Reggie Golden
          Starlin Castro
          Rebel Ridling

          Hak-Ju-Lee had so much potential.. we could have nicknamed him “The Hak” it would have been great

          there are more that i can’t think of but yeah real cool names….

          • Calicub

            Oh and if Welington Castillo ever makes it to the bigs…

            I will call him, “The Duke”  (of Welington…of course)

          • John G

            Or Beef

          • John G

            You forgot Eric Jokisch. I never know if it’s pronounced “Yoke-ish” or “Jock-itch”

          • Tom U

            You have to be pretty tough to be named Trey McNutt.

            Matt Spencer is known as the “Morristown Masher”

            And don’t forget “The Donger”, Dong-Yub Kim

  • Chuck

    I would have to put Mike Madduxx at the top of the list.  The reason I mention this is because noone has said it or made the the connection.  John Farrell is the manager of the Toronto Blue Jays and is the former pitching coach of the Boston Red Sox.  He has been very succesfull at Toronto.  In fact, so successful that Toronto denied permission for him to interview for the Boston job.  A successful pitching coach can make a good manager.  Here is a guy that knows the hitters and what taht hitter will do in key situations. Theo has seen what Farrell has done as noth a pitching coach and as a manager.

  • John G

    Here’s a list of all the free agents and one persons ratings of them. There’s an awful lot of ex-Cubs on that list. Mostly in the bottom half. #10 is interesting.;_ylt=AiM8XzMTo3PIflL1Ct_PblMRvLYF?slug=jp-passan_ultimate_free_agent_tracker_baseball_110211

    10. Aramis Ramirez, 3B: Looks and plays a lot older than 33. His defense is terrible and his baserunning even worse. But third base is a suckhole of talent, and Ramirez is the only player on this list a contender would take comfort in starting daily.

  • matthew8510

    whats the possibility of getting reyes  to play 2nd  i know he hasnt played there in years but its possible or have castro move to 2nd and reyes at ss he had 39sb with 337 avg pretty good upgrade for 2nd and have barney be backup where he belongs.reyes is only 28 yrs old get him for maybe 2 years @10 or 11 mil?is that too much.theres our lo hitter weve been waitin for all these years.

    • Agustinrexach

      Yes, but he is so delicate…he gets injured  even sleeping.

    • Demitri

      I like Reyes, but its risky and I dont think its worth the risk

  • Anonymous47701

    Possible Trade Idea

    LHP John Danks

    for RHP Randy Wells, OF Lou Montanez

    • Demitri

      Why would the Sox want Montanez and a pitcher who is inconsistent for Danks who is a good 2nd or 3rd guy in a rotation?