Rangers Hire Greg Maddux as Special Assistant to GM

According to multiple reports, Greg Maddux has stepped down from his position as Special Assistant to the General Manger with the Chicago Cubs to take the same job with the Texas Rangers. The Rangers hired Maddux to be a Special Assistant to Jon Daniels.

Greg Maddux has been in the Cubs’ front office for the past two seasons after Jim Hendry brought him back to the organization. The Cubs wanted Maddux to stay with the organization and Theo Epstein approached Maddux about remaining in the front office after Epstein took over baseball operations.

According to a report from Rangers.com, Mike Maddux first approached his brother about the possibility a few weeks ago if the Cubs’ job did not come through. According to the report, Greg was very receptive and was eager to grab the opportunity to be a part of the Rangers’ organization.

When Jim Hendry was relieved of his duties last year, the feeling was that Greg Maddux would end up leaving the Cubs’ front office.

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  • paulcatanese

    If Maddux spends as much time with the Rangers as he did with the Cubs, he will have little or no impact, he still will have to be paged on the golf course. What impact if any (besides DeWitt) and from a coaching stand point only did he contribute? I dont think he will be missed at all( as a coach ).

    • Jim_Tinley_Park

      I know what you mean Paul. He really rubbed off on the great Casey Coleman

    • Dorasaga

      We also need to understand that Maddux was not a coach, but more like an “adviser.” All those P.R.aises of Coleman and Dewitt were like his political sense to please the higher management and keep him one integral part of Hendry’s “brotherhood.” Like Neil said above, Theo reached out to Greg. Maybe their views of how to build the Cubs organization matched little to none.

      Maddux knew his baseball, and he would eventually be influential under Hendry. The latter man had little analytical sense, and would be swayed. Theo-Hoyer & Co. knew too many, and comparably, Maddux would not feel important with little to advise.

      That’s my best theory. Or else, why would ANY INTELLIGENT baseball personnel serve Hendry, who made the Cubs a laughingstock for two and a half consecutive years?

  • Jay from sandwich

    Not surprised after all he is a hall of fame ex cub. Now if he was a hall of fame ex red sox or even an red sox who never made the major leagues he would be a member of the cubs. I wonder if team theo treated old red sox players as well as he has was old cubs. Saying your not good enough to manager the cubs or even be a special assistance to the gm when you are in the mode. I bet you anything that he would and has jumped all over any ex red sox that shows an interst in an position the cubs may have. The next thing you will see is just before the cubs have the next strong run at the world series you will notice that they are not the cubs any more they will be know as the blue sox instead. Thank god that santo is not alive to be fired by team theo! That all I have to say.

    • http://chicagocubsonline.com/ Neil

      Jay, I know you are not happy but Epstein reached out to Maddux right after he got the Cubs’ job trying to keep him in the organization.

      • Jay from sandwich

        Yes you are right about Maddox and even Sandburg got a call from theo, but the fact is that cub past hero’s seen to be expendable fr some reason. I have no Robles with the majority of team theo direction concerning gm, scouting and player development. But cub fans love past players that did well in Chicago and we want the past to be apart of the future when it make scene. I believe the rickets family loves and respect past cub players I just hope that they ate not all pushed out or left behind because winning the world series mean as much to them as to us. Team theo needs to keep the cub tradition for the most part like the seventh inning stretch and go cubs go etc. including players like mr. Cub ad this old cub are as inportant as the future to cub fans. So I do not want to go to tab cub convent action and fine out billy wiallams or sanberg is not welcome their because that why some of us love to go to see the people that were my hero,s just like the 1969 cubs where my when I was nine years old! Winning without them and others just is not right or wroth winning at all. I remember when an old George Hellas pick mike Sitka to be the next head coach and the rest will always be history here in Chicago.

    • cubtex

      Ivan DeJesus…Gone
      Bob Dernier…Gone
      Greg Maddux.Gone
      Billy Williams….????

      Do I really want to see Craig Counsell coaching? I could never stand that guy’s batting stance and now we have to stomach seeing that guy in our dugout?

      • John_CC




        DeJesus? Dernier? Get a grip. 

        I love Greg Maddux as much as I can love any athlete. But he was not a coach for the Cubs and no one actually knows what he was doing, professionally, as The Special Assistant to Jim Hendry. So he wants to go be the Special Assistant in Texas…SO What? He wasn’t chased out of any important position. We wasn’t chased away from the Cubs at all. Why do you say he was fired? Fired?? Fired from being the special assistant to the GM that was fired 6 months ago.  Come on guys, bring it back to reality.

        • cubtex

          Let me wipe my tears so I can type this John. whooo. I am sorry this is so emotional but…….get your head of of theo’s a## for a minute and look at what he has been doing so far. There is no need to bury your history by getting rid of every piece of your past. That is a coward way to wipe history. Sweep it under the rug. Embrace your history and give some players who gave their heart to this organization a shot to coach. This is not about just those players above!!!!!! This is about the entire organization. GET A GRIP TEAM THEO!!!!!

          • John_CC

            I just don’t see it that way.  Up until last year’s “job” with Hendry, Maddux has had very little involvement with the Cubs since he was traded for Ceasar Izturis in 2006. He has not been slighted by Epstein or Ricketts or The Cubs. 

            As for DeJesus and Dernier…I just don’t see the tragedy here.  And “a coward way to wipe history”…really?  Quite the melodrama.  Epstein is not “wiping” any history except hopefully the part where losing is the only constant.  One of the myriad of articles written about Theo explained how when he came in the last thing he wanted to do was just fire everyone and start over. Rather he interviewed everyone in the organization he could to try to learn about the history and then made decisions based on that. He wanted to maintain the things that worked and were good. 

            Call me “Team Theo”, whatever you like, I have always approached the Cubs as pragmatically as I can. 

          • cubtex

            I will notice how pragmatic you will be with your comments this offseason concering Theo’s moves. He has made a ton of mistakes with the Red Sox and to give him this “godlike” reverence is growing old. I am giving him the benefit of the doubt but I do not like the names I have been hearing so far. David DeJesus? Chase Headley? Ian Stewart?
            If this was Jim Hendry throwing these names around do you think many would have the same reaction??? Not a chance! 

  • Coolpdxcubsfan

    So it looks like the Rangers have Nolan Ryan, Greg Maddux, and Mike Maddux. Wow!
    Do you think maybe young pitchers and catchers will get some good instructions during spring training??

  • jw

     I go back to the spin going on the day that Mike “withdrew” from the Cubs managerial search citing “family reasons” I think Greg leaving today affirms a belief that Mike was clearly not the Cub’s selection and the family business was to allow him to save face. Greg’s future with the Cubs was dependent upon Mike getting the job.

  • Ripsnorter1

    Bobby Valentine? I’m surprised. 

    Red Sox’s new manager was never in the running for the Cubs’ job.

    • jw

      Me too. I do not like listening to Bobby Valentine as a commentator…confirms my belief that the Red Sox are in decline…I guess they needed a seasoned guy to try to squeeze some effort out of the overpaid lazy guys that have managed to corrupt the core that made the Sox great.