Cubs Offer Arbitration to Aramis Ramirez and Carlos Pena

According to multiple reports, the Cubs have offered salary arbitration to Aramis Ramirez and Carlos Pena. Players have until December 7 to accept or decline salary arbitration.

The Cubs did not offer salary arbitration to Kerry Wood, Reed Johnson, Ramon Ortiz, Rodrigo Lopez or John Grabow. The Cubs are expected to re-sign Kerry Wood to either a one or two-year contract and are rumored to have interest in re-signing Reed Johnson.

Aramis Ramirez and Carlos Pena are both Type-B free agents and the Cubs could gain two sandwich picks (one for Ramirez and one for Pena) in next year’s draft if both players decline salary arbitration with the Cubs.

Aramis Ramirez is expected to decline salary arbitration. Paul Kinzer, Ramirez’s agent, recently said Ramirez would not be returning to the Cubs … that ship had sailed. At least five other teams have shown interest in Ramirez according to Bruce Levine. Ramirez wants a ring and is looking for a three-year deal with an option or a flat four-year contract. If Ramirez has a change of heart, the Cubs could be on the hook for between $17-18 million for Ramirez next season.

Carlos Pena’s agent, Scott Boras, should shop around Carlos Pena once Albert Pujols is no longer a free agent and Prince Fielder has signed his mega-contract. Pena, like Ramirez, could accept salary arbitration and the Cubs could be looking at a $12-$13 million price tag for Pena in 2012. Pena is expected to test the market and could be in line for a nice raise from the $10 million (three payments: $2 million in 2010, $3 million in 2011 and $5 million in January of 2012) the Cubs signed him for last winter.

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  • cubs1967

    bring back wood is good; even reed johnson too, especially if bryd is gone as a RH platoon for brett jackson; but what the hell is team theo thinking on Pena.
    there is NO reason not to sign fielder; he won’t get anywhere he thinks he’s gonna; not after matt kemp set the market at 20M for a guy who can go 40-40.
    but Pena isn’t even gonna make 10M so now what…………???

    and Aram should of taken the 16M he was offered; now it could be 18M.  the tigers and angels have at least publicly said no way………so whose gonna pony up a 3/36 to get the cubs off the hook?  at least w/ aram there is NO good choice in the minors or as FA………….but Pena……………hello?

    • paulcatanese

      If anyone thinks that Aram loafed before he became a free agent wait and watch if he stays and comes back to the Cubs if thats his best offer.

      And Pena, the Cubs could get what they didn’t imagine, he comes back, and at an increase, wow.

      • John_CC

        Ramirez won’t come back. BUT if he did accept arbitration, he would be back on another 1 year contract, Paul, with no options and no guarantees. He might be pissed, but doubt he would loaf it. But then again his hustle is a bit loafy, so who knows!

        As for Pena, I think its a smart move. If they are not going to commit to Fielder then one more of Pena isn’t the worst thing during a rebuilding season.  But I don’t think he’ll accept either.

        Epstein is gambling, he wants the two extra picks bad. I like it.  You have to bet to win.

        • Anonymous47701

          I just hope Carlos Pena folds.

        • Brp921

          Theo is counting on Boras waiting till Pena is the only third baseman left and shopping him then. If he does that it will be after December 7th and they will have to turn down arbitration. It’s a gutsy move because Pena may decide the Cubs are his best chance at a big paycheck. But it would be a one year contract, so it wouldn’t be the end of the world and if it goes like we’d like its a great result for the Cubs.

          • RICK B

            I didn’t know Pena plays 3rd base. But if he can sign him and Fielder.

          • Brp921

            I guess I should do a little more proof reading before posting.

          • Jason Penrod

            Bottom line is, if Pena takes it, then we are probably out of the Fielder market. And that’s not going to happen with Boras needing the Cubs to raise the asking price. So we will get the sandwich pick. Worst case scenario is Pena accepts, then the Cubs save some money. I feel they should hold out on Prince- Play hardball! Don’t be desperate and hand him wheel barrows full of money. Use the savings and place a good bid on Yu Darvish- he’s the real gem in this years Free Agency. We need to stock up on pitchers. Garza, Darvish, and Zambrano would be a solid top part of any teams rotation. Then really make a splash next year in Free Agency- that’s where we want to spend. Listen to this list of pitchers available! Cole hamels, zack greinke, matt Cain, fransisco liriano, Dan haren, and James shields.
            That’s were we can really improve the outlook of this team!

          • Brp921

            The thing is, I don’t see anyone paying Pena what the Cubs would have to pay him through arbitration, if the figures I’ve seen are correct. If Pena feels that way then it really doesn’t matter what Boras thinks. Your right though it wouldn’t be the end of the world to have him back for one year, in the worst case scenario.

          • Jason Penrod

            Boras is Fielder’s agent as well… I was saying how he’ll have Pena reject arbitration because the Yankees and Red Sox probably won’t be bidding on his big money client.  So he really needs the Cubs involved in the Fielder Market, otherwise there really isn’t a market.  Maybe the Rangers?  Brewers?  The more teams bidding means the price will go up.  And then whoever loses out will settle for Pena.

    • daverj

      Non-free agent deals like Kemp’s don’t set the market. Long term contracts signed in advance of a player’s free agent year are generally viewed to be below what the player would get in free agency.  Prince will likely get more than Kemp.  I’d love to have Prince but not for 8 years at $20+ million per year.

      Offering Pena and ARam arbitration seems to me to be the right call.  Either they sign elsewhere and we get picks now.  Or we get them on 1 year deals without no trade clauses and we deal them in July for prospects.

      • Schwimmer

        I was reading the following quote in BLEACHER NATION today:
        “For what it’s worth: arbitration contracts are not fully-guaranteed. A player who accepts arbitration can be terminated in the first half of Spring Training for just 30 days’ pay, and in the second half of Spring Training for just 45 days’ pay.”

        Maybe someone on this blog (e.g. Tony or Aaron or Neil) could verify that this is the way Arbitration works?

        If BLEACHER NATION is correct — then I would assume that we have no worries that the CUBS are stuck with either ARAM or PENA if they did accept Arbitration.

        I believe that THEO offered both of them arbitration because (1) he expects them to decline; and (2) he wants a draft pick when they do decline.

        And, that if by some chance their agent said that they would accept Arbitration  — I would assume THEO would tell their AGENT “don’t bother accepting Arbitration because the CUBS will terminate your client in the 1st half of Spring Training???”

        Isn’t that they way it would work?  And, the reality is that just because a player accepts Arbitration does not guaranteed the player (i.e. ARAM or PENA) that his Team will “automatically” retain him to play for that year at that Arbitrator’s salary.

        Please let me know if I am correct in my thinking on this?

        • Neil

          That is how the arbitration process works but the scenario you asked about I don’t recall it happening with players of the caliber of Aramis Ramirez and Carlos Pena. I’ve seen that happen for lesser arbitration eligible players (3-6 years of service time).

          As for why Jed Hoyer and Epstein offered arbitration, you are right. They are gambling both players will decline and the Cubs will receive draft picks … that is how the big boys play. Considering what Paul Kinzer said and the fact Scott Boras is Pena’s agent, they are safe gambles.

          I do not see the scenario you mention happening … in either case.

    • Ripsnorter1

      I have been reading several articles in which Pena has said he wants to come back and play for the Cubs in 2012. It seems to me that he’s going to accept arby and be back for next year. I’ll wait until December 7th for a final judgment, but the prospect of having him hit .133 again for $13 million dollars has me shaking my head in disbelief.

  • Jim_Tinley_Park

    I have a middle finger in the air and it is all for  Aramis.

  • paulcatanese

    I hope all of you are getting ready for your’e turkey tommorow. The last five years we have passed on it and have had the kids over for guess what? We have had White Castle’s each year, bring in about 60-70, just pickles and onion, no cheesburgers. Always have the turkey the Sunday before.

    • Ripsnorter1

      I say, “NIV with the turkey.” We’re having fried chicken, Kentucky style. 

      I might also say, “NIV with Mr. .196, too.” 

      I wonder if he might accept arby due to that .133 BA vs. LHP. He’ll get $13 million to stay, and I don’t see him getting that anywhere else.

      I think LaHair could hit .133 vs. LHP and .255 vs RHP. And for less than $500k. Theo is gambling, but he might lose this roll.

      And if Theo loses, so does LaHair, the Cubs’ fans, and ultimately, the Cubs.

      • paulcatanese

         I agree Rip, I think he will accept arbitration, how do we divide that amount of money for strikeouts? I don’t think he will get any substantial offer from anyone else, there was only one JH.

        • Ripsnorter1

          Our only hope: Scott Boras has a brain cramp and tells him to reject arby.

  • Anthony

    “Draw Revenue” is a term used to calculate the increase in Gate by adding a marquee player to a new system/team.

    The phallacy is simple, and a deceptive practice used to dupe the marginal paying fan, like using a “sign of Hope”, and the calculation is done with hopes the transaction pays for itself with more fan interest, spending,  and attendance, even with NO guarantee of winning. Another marketing ploy.

    Baseball, the game, being so unique, mostly corrects attempts to change, especially forced changes. As complex as baseball is, it is so simple to the point of pitch ball, catch ball, see ball, hit ball.

    So everyone is enthralled with 2 guys, Pujols, a 13th rounder, I think,who cares, and the son of a guy who hit one out of Tiger Stadium. How about the rest of these Nomads chasing a buck?

    So, the Cubs sign Prince(LOL), and the jersey sales demand exceed supply(BAAAH Sheep). every additional seat is sold, sasage sales increase, the whole world of baseball gets drunk in PRINCE(LOL), and the Owner goes to bed gigling, win or lose, and somewhat justified.

    That is not how you win more than lose.

    Basic talent and fundamentals wins games, not fluff stuff.

    Send Ricketts emails, ask him to sell out and pay both these guys 100 million each for a Title Opportunity. It ain’t your money, right?

    But remember this.

    Those few more hits from these royal studs at 25 million dollars/year equates to ($125K per hit), holy shiiittt, give me a few at bats for 125K please.

    How insane…………………Baaaahhhh, Sheeeep.

    $125,000 per HIT!

    • paulcatanese

      Very sad, but absolutly correct.

  • Anonymous47701

    Possible Trade Idea?

    RHP Matt Garza to Texas Rangers

    for 1B Mitch Moreland, LHP Beau Jones, RF Jared Prince, 3B Christian Villanueva, LHP Michael Kirk

    • Ripsnorter1

      You forgot to throw in Michael Young.

      • Anonymous47701

        Wouldn’t the Cubs have to add Cashner or Marmol to to include Michael Young?

        • Ripsnorter1

          I don’t know what it would take to get Michael Young, or any of the players you mentioned. I was just sayin’ Michael Young might be an asset for us in 2012.

  • Anthony

    # 1 starters are the exception, the best of the best, nasty stuff.

    In a 4 game series, the other 3 are no better than A/AA/AAA arms, and give me an A ball hitter, mark him down for an 0-3 against that #1. He will get the 2-9, on average, against the rest for a .167 BA, but if he can get that one hit off a #1 every 4 game rotation, and one other hit against the other 3, that turns into 4/12, or a ,333 BA and is a Star.

    There is a fine line in this game. Too bad draft bonus money eliminates potential Stars.

    The career minor leaguer character Crash Davis said it best!

  • John G

    Happy Thanksgiving to all. Cubs Fans have a lot to be thankful for this year. Or so it seems at the moment.

    Enjoy your turkey (or White Castles or KFC). I think I’m outa here until Spring Training.

    • Dorasaga

      Happy Thanksgiving to you, and all the brilliant Cubs fans on CCO. Eat a lot of tofu chicken on my behalf. B-)

  • Ripsnorter1

    Pirates offered arbitration to DLee, but not Ryan Ludwig.

    Dodgers did not offer arby to Kuroda (13-16, 3.07 era with 1.12 WHIP).

    Brewers did not offer arby to Saito (4-2, 2.03 ERA and 1.12 WHIP).

    Cards offered arby to Edwin Jackson.

    You can forget about Bruce Chen: he resigned with the Royals.