From the Wire … Sveum Retains Rudy Jaramillo

Dale Sveum’s coaching staff is beginning to take shape. According to a report from the Sun-Times, Dale Sveum has decided to keep Rudy Jaramillo for the final year of the three-year, $2.42 million contract he signed with the Cubs in October of 2009. Jaramillo said he was happy to be back with the Cubs and on Sveum’s staff.

As for the rest of his coaching staff, Dale Sveum informed Ivan DeJesus and Bobby Dernier that they will not be back next season.

Dale Sveum is expected to retain both Pat Listach and Lester Strode … two other coaches under contract for next season. Listach and Sveum are close friends dating back to their time together in the Brewers’ system.

As for Mark Riggins, the Sun-Times reported that he and Sveum spoke over the weekend are expected to talk again soon.

Stay Tuned …

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  • Calicub

    Ahh a cherry to end the slow weekend.

    So long Ivan.

    • J Daniel

      Come on, he is a Cub great, just like Dernier and Sandberg.  They should keep all former Cub players.  Just being sarcastic.

      • Zippy2212

        Best thing Ivan Dejesus ever did for the Cubs was let them trade him for Sandberg!  Lol.

  • studio179

    Is there one thing Riggins did last year that was a positive for any pitcher on the staff? I see no reason for a second talk other than ‘goodbye and good luck’.

  • xaxinho

    Why talk to Riggins???? Even Carlos Silva can make fun of him

    • BosephHeyden

      There’s really no other option.  Since most of the pitching staff is, at this point, “home grown”, it’s best to keep them working with the same coach for at least two or three seasons.  I mean, if a Duncan or Maddux (the Mike variation…Greg is not a realistic option) was available, I would say “dump Duncan now.”  But there’s no such option out there.  And, for all intents and purposes, the starting pitching staff wasn’t great, but it wasn’t bad either considering most of them were younger guys.

  • Ripsnorter1

    No surprise here. What’s the Jar-man getting paid, $3-4 million per year?

    But Mark Riggins?????????

    • John_CC

      Jaramillo’s contract was 3 years and 2.5M$…not chump change, but he makes under a million per year. 

      • Ripsnorter1

        You are right about his salary. He is, however, the highest paid coach in all of MLB. Another Jim Qlueless clueless move.

        • Brett

          Dave Duncan makes 1 million + he has bonus cash on top of that so he actually makes a fair amount more than Rudy J. I would say he’s worth more than Rudy though…

    • mutantbeast

      Jaramillo is getting about 800k/yr.

  • Tony_Hall

    He said the pitching coach would be the longest one to fill, and most to talk about.  I am sure the conversation they had, was just to set-up a time to talk.  

    It’s kind of like Q, is anyone really concerned that he can say anything, that can defend, what is on film and record from last year.

  • Tony_Hall

    There was talk at some point this weekend, about whether Pena or ARam would accept arbitration or not.  Aram I don’t see it, as he will play the market much past   the time frame to accept arbitration.  But Pena…not so sure.  

    This is about the Astros 1B options, and what they think of Pena.  

    From Jim Bowden, ESPN Insider –

    • Astros manager Brad Mills says Carlos Lee will be the Astros’ starting first baseman in 2012, and that could open up a deal involving Brett Wallace to the Cleveland Indians. The Indians have been discouraged by Carlos Pena’s (No. 17 on my free-agent board) high asking price and are not convinced that Matt LaPorta is going to hit well. Wallace has been in four different organizations since being drafted by the St. Louis Cardinals in 2008. 

    They would rather have Carlos Lee than add Pena…Pena could say yes to arbitration, if even the ASTROS would rather go with Carlos Lee.

    • Tony_Hall

      Then again – maybe ARam will take arbitration as well.

      “The interest in third baseman Aramis Ramirez is surprisingly mild, with just two teams that have made inquiries, including the Milwaukee Brewers, who could use an upgrade fromCasey McGehee and Jerry Hairston. ”

      Not surprising to any of us, we don’t just look at the box score and stat line to determine the value of a player.  

      • paulcatanese

        Kind of what Iindicated yesterday, don’t want either back, but finally teams are starting to realize what overvalue is, and both are over their value. Agents are gping to push where the most money is and Aram’s will turn the Cubs into a positive if thats the highest dollar amount out there.
        Thats just my fear, not my desire for either one.

    • Brp921

      With the specified amount of money for baseball operations being what it is, if both players agreed to arbitration there would be no money left for anywhere else. The Cubs would end up being basically the same team as last year. If it is thought that they would accept arbitration, I guess the question is, would we rather take a chance on receiving the draft picks or insure ourselves of being able to sign a couple free agents.

      • Zippy2212

        The other question is, would they even get draft picks by offering arbitration?  With all the changes to the CBA that is one area where there have been conflicting reports whether type B free agents will still net a pick.  If that is changed then it makes the decision a no brainer.  Otherwise I think you offer A-Ram and pass on Pena.  No way A-Ram is coming back after turning down his option but I feel Pena may accept.

        • Brp921

          Good point on the changes to the CBA Zip. I think your  right about Pena and probably Ramirez as well. I think Ramirez would probably take a few million less annually, to get more years if it’s available.

          • Calicub

            The new cba doesn’t start until atleast next offseason so the new procedures won’t even be created let alone implemented this offseason, so not a big deal.

          • Zippy2212

            According to some the FA ranking system will be changed for this offseason.  Lower type A’s not costing a pick and maybe even eliminating the B’s.  Everything else goes into effect next year.  We will see tomorrow I guess exactly what happens when.

        • RICK

          If we can’t get Fielder go with Pena if he want’s to come back

      • Roland

        I have to wonder how important the sandwich picks are anways.  The Cubs drafted and signed a lot of good talent in the later rounds because they were willing to pay pretty decent money for them. 

        • Zippy2212

          I think Theo and company really value them.  I understand your point and tend to agree.  I would rather give up the pick then be stuck with Pena and Ramirez’s salary for another year.  

          But it sounds like in the future there is going to be some sort of $ limit that a team can pay out, whether it is hard slotted by pick/round or just overall total dollars being spent on the entire draft will be found out tomorrow.  But either way I think the days of spending 2nd-3rd round money in the later rounds to sign guys is probably over.  So those supplemental picks are going to be more important.

          • Brp921

            I would give up the picks over taking a chance on having to pay either of the two salaries as well, if it is determined that there is a likely chance of that happening.

    • Ripsnorter1

      Let’s look at the stats, Vince…..

      Carlos Lee: .275 BA  18 HR 94 RBI with a very crummy offensive team.
      Let’s look at his splits….
      Vs. RHP:  .253 .396 sluggging
      Vs. LHP:  .348 BA .615 slugging

      Okay, he’s AWESOME vs LHP.

      Carlos Eugenia Pena, dancing queen:.225 BA  28 HR 80 RBI
      And the splits indicate….
      VS> LHP….133 BA  .333 slugging
      Vs. RHP…..255 .504 slugging

      Bryan LaHair:.298 vs RHP
      .250 vs LHP
      2 HR 6 RBI 69 AB

      You can see that Pena is purely a platoon player.
      Lee can play both ways, but excels vs LHP.LaHair, in very limited duty, is okay.I’d rather had Lee myself, too.

      • John_CC

        Just to qualify with Pena, he too had a very crummy offensive team around him. 

        That’s all.

      • Tony_Hall

        If you could platoon Pena and Carlos Lee, you would have…a poor man’s Fielder or Pujols…I know, not quite.

        Pena’s glove is a lot better than Lee’s.

  • Tony_Hall

    Paul – The Miami Marlins may need your help figuring out where to move their All-Star SS on defense.

    ” Sources say the Marlins have not consulted Hanley Ramirez about the possibility of signing free-agent shortstop Reyes. The Marlins also sound conflicted about where Ramirez would play; some say Ramirez would switch to third base, others say center field with rookie Matt Dominguez manning third base even though his bat isn’t ready. ”

    • paulcatanese

      Thank you for thinking of me. Maybe I can go to their blog and start a few rumors, then again Cubtex is not on that site. No one to jump back in.

  • David

    For a high paid hitting coach, he has nothing to show for his work! And we get another year?

    • J Daniel

      The anser is ing “Get Better Players”. 

  • Kingdomusa

    Its time to say bye to Mr. Personality, Mark Riggins. He made several poor decisions under Quade’s watchful eyes. The both have to take part of the blame. Maybe Jaramillo can produce more under this coaching & management regime because I think Lou & Quade were jealous of his contract & let him sit alot alone in the dugout. “Millo” in Q’s dictionary, might be better accepted now. That’s my thoughts for the day

    • paulcatanese

      Agree, Riggins should be gone, he did a very poor job, but again who knows what imput he had under Quade? I called Riggins the Quiet Man, never knew he was there.

      • mutantbeast

        want a decent p[itching coach-remember Dave Wallace? former PC of the Dodgers, Mets and BoSox? One thing I remember about Wallace is how in both 2000(Mets) and 2004(BoSox) his staffs had starters that stayed healthy. The 2004 B oSox used 5 starters all year long. Can you possably imagine if Kerry Wood or Andrew Cashner c an stay healthy?

  • paulcatanese

    Lets see Theo show some guts, get Buster Posey to catch, Fielder to play first,Pujols to play third and raid the Phillies and Cardinal pitching staff. That would jump start 2012.

    • Brp921

      As long as we’re dreaming, let’s not pay much for them. :-)

      • paulcatanese

        Absolutly, and put Campana, Jackson,Lake,Scuzur inthe outfield. Add LaHair, LeMahiu and go for it. Speed,pitching,power,buy youre tickets now.
        All at little or no cost,:-)