Cubs Offer Managerial Position to Dale Sveum

According to multiple reports, Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer have extended an offer to Dale Sveum to become the 52nd manager of the Chicago Cubs.

Dale Sveum has not accepted the job … and the Cubs have not commented on whether Dale Sveum has been offered the job or not. When asked, Jed Hoyer would not confirm the reports and said they are keeping those talks “close to the vest” and the “process is moving along.”

Some reports indicated Dale Sveum has 24-48 hours to accept or decline the Cubs’ offer.

According to the Sun-Times, the other candidates have been informed of the Cubs decision … and Mike Maddux reportedly removed his name from consideration due to family concerns.

Stay Tuned …

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  • John_CC

    Thanks, Neil.  Go to bed, man.

  • jfish1219

    From the way things look I think the job was Maddux’s to lose and when he took his name out of the hat so to speak then went on to plan be which is Sveum

  • Anonymous47701

    I Guess it’s time for Big Z to pack up and move on, since Mike Maddux may not be going to Chicago.

    • coolpdxcubsfan

      Nobody to burp him.

  • studio179

    I had the job going to…

    1) Maddux
    2) Alomar Jr.
    3) Sveum
    4) Hale
    5) Mackanin

    Yeah, I was about as correct as Levine was in his prediction.

    • jfish1219

      Do we think Bruce started to cry when Tito withdrew his name…I for one do

  • EqDoc

    Damn, I really wanted Maddux…



  • RynoTiger

    Would this help with signing Fielder if Theo and Hoyer decide to go that route? hmm….

    • daverj

      Fielder will go to the highest bidder … he’s not giving anyone discounts.  If the Cubs outbid other teams, then Fielder will be a Cub.  I’d love to see Prince in a Cub uniform but I don’t see it happening.

  • woody34

    Did everyone else hear about the Astros move to the AL in 2013?  This isn’t as important as Sveum being offered the job, but this does affect the future roster of the team.  With many more interleague games being added to the season, this actually raises Soriano’s value in the NL for next season.  This could or could not lead the NL to adopting the DH rule that’s a debate for another day.  But this leads to more DH time throughout the season.  We may only be stuck with him in LF for the majority of this season as he could then be shifted to the starting DH role and a bench role.  Granted it’s an expensive bench player, but the only way Theo gets rid of that albatross is if Jim Hendry takes over a GM position in the AL.  

    • John_CC

      Unless they are going to add 80 inter league games, I don’t see his NL value going up that much. And the 2013 season is essentially two years away. Ugh. 

    • Dorasaga

      Bud Selig announced this proclamation: The new owner should move Astros to the AL, back in July or August. He’s on his word, methinks. It will not require more interleague games. It simply require interL. be spread out throughout the season.