Zero Chance Aramis Ramirez Returns to the Cubs

Aramis Ramirez will not be signing a new contract with the Chicago Cubs this off-season according to his agent Paul Kinzer. Kinzer met with the media on Monday at the GM Meetings and said there is no chance that Ramirez would re-sign with the Cubs. When asked about Ramirez re-signing with the Cubs, Kinzer said, “that ship has sailed” and added, “We have a lot of interest in Aramis from different teams but the Cubs will not be one of them.”

Aramis Ramirez is looking to sign a three to four-year contract with a new team and is looking for a ring.

Aramis Ramirez and his agent consider the now former Cub the best third baseman on the free agent market. Ramirez put together a misleading season and finished with a .306/.361/.510/.871 line with 35 doubles and 26 home runs. Ramirez was awarded with the first Silver Slugger Award of his career.

Paul Kinzer voiced his displeasure with the comments Bob Brenly made about Ramirez following the season.

“I’m not real happy about the stuff that came out negative about Aramis. For a broadcaster to come out and say that, I think is very low class. We didn’t come out and say a word about it but that bothered Aramis and it bothered me a lot. If [Brenly] had something to say to him, he should’ve said it to his face when he was a Cub and not when he hits free agency and then come out like that. You can talk to Jim Hendry, Lou Piniella, Dusty Baker and if this guy isn’t a producer and he was as bad as he said, and not a clutch hitter — they don’t give Silver Sluggers out to punch-and-Judy hitters. If he had a personal problem with him, he should’ve come to Aramis or I instead of trying to destroy him in the media. That bothered me a lot.”

Kinzer said everyone with the Cubs’ front office was very good to Aramis during his tenure and did not understand Brenly’s comments.

Paul Kinzer also represents Geovany Soto, Carlos Marmol and Starlin Castro and will reportedly meet with the Cubs brass about his other clients later in the week.

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  • Texcubnut

    Bob Brenly only said what most of us thought. His defense and speed were almost as atrocious as his attitude. The truth does hurt.

  • Jeff in AZ

    Well…Bye. You smell that boys? It smells like someone just died? To quote our new GM, “We pay for future performance, not past”. To paraphrase Brenley, this guy hasn’t had a meaningful hit since some time in 2003.

    • Toledo

      Love the Tombstone reference

  • Chuck

    Good ridance.  Don’t let the door hit you and you know where on the way out.  It is funny how a player plays in a free agency year.  And yes the truth hurts.  Am glad we have announcers who tell it like it is.

  • Ripsnorter1

    That opens the door wide for Blake DeWitt.

    • dms212

      well it opens the door for someone…but who is a big question…

      ok let’s hear everyone’s plans for 3B

  • cubtex

    So……Who’s at 3rd??? Let the discussion begin. I say if Figgins can be had for a couple of mil over 2 years…..they need to explore that option. He had the highes OBP in baseball in 2009 with over 40 steals. It would be a good low risk option if the Mariners pick up enough of his salary.

    • RynoTiger

      Cubtex, I already told you no to this idea. 

    • GaryLeeT

      Castro moves to 3rd with Hanley Ramirez (gotten for the Zambrano and Marmol trade with the Marlins), or Jose Reyes playing short.

      • RynoTiger

        hey I like that trade idea Gary…would the Marlins want alot more, sure they would..but it’s a start

    • John G

      Wilson Betemit is available. Could be a low cost stop gap for a year.

      • cubtex

        Betemit is a low OBP guy.

        • RynoTiger

          Actually if you check Cubtex, Betemit has bested Figgins the last two years in OBP, AVG, HRs, SLG, OPS, RBI.  Whereas Figgins has been on a steady and steep decline.

          • cubtex

            he is a career journeyman for a reason. Part of a season with KC, Toronto and Tigers doesn’t impress me. Look at the years he played in Big Market Towns. Choked in Chicago and New York. No thanks.

    • cubtex

      Tony mentioned a trade of Zambrano for Figgins. I wouldn’t do that…..but for a low level prospect and alot of cash back….I would have to think hard about that.

  • John_CC

    Well, it was inevitable but it is bittersweet. Aramis was the most under-rated 3B in the league those years between 2004-2007.  He was an incredible clutch hitter.

    Then his attitude hit bottom and he became injured often (I don’t remember which came first).  2010 was completely miserable. Then he followed that up in his contract year with a no-show performance for the first half of 2011. Those end year stats are incredibly misleading and the Silver Slugger is a complete joke.

    I don’t ever really wish anyone a poor future, particularly a player I used to really like, but I cannot help but cringe at the idea that Aramis goes to LA or Miami or wherever and succeeds.  I am just too disappointed with the way he played the last two years for the Cubs.

    But in reality, I don’t think there is much to worry about. He could very easily have a good season in a nice warm climate next year, but I know that we will not be missing him in the 3rd or 4th year of his next contract.

    So, the Cubs next 3Bman??

    • Dorasaga

      From what I recall, it was reported ARam always had that “attitude” problem going way back with the Pirates. It’s really nothing more than his lackadelic (lazy) effort at practicing on the field.

      2007 was his best year, defensively, and that was the only reason why some fans are still happy about him, believing in him. Clutch or not, he’s not part of the future, and easily replaceable. For now, I will want to see more of DJ LeMahiu on 3rd.

  • paulcatanese

    If Kinzer is upset at what the truth is,maybe he should have better clients.

    • cubtex

      Brenly could have taken money out of Kinzer’s pockets with those comments. That’s all Kinzer cares about.

  • Jay from sandwich

    What ever happen to the slogan that the truth will set you free?
    Well our anoucer said it all so get over it. Personal I think aram knows it is true that why it hurts so much,

  • Coolpdxcubsfan

    Waannhhh. Aramis wants his mommy.
    That nasty Bob Brenly said bad things.
    See Ya Mr. No Hustle.

  • John G

    The Cubs will be a comedy routine in 2012.
    Who’s on first?
    What’s on second?
    I don’t know’s on third?

    Shortstop is the only sure thing.

  • Cubluv

    This is the best news for fans of a team that is bringing in a new regime and rebuilding

  • RICK


  • Dorasaga

    Kinzer, huh? So this is the @SSH@LE agent who FURCALED both the Braves and the Cubs in order to drive up the value of his client with the Dodgers, yeah?

    Furcal agreed to sign with the Cubs when he first hit free agency. He didn’t sign, of course, but surprised the world with his bigger LA contract the next day, this time signed. His agent did the same trick again two years ago. This time cheated the Braves, who thought they had a done deal. The Braves GM, Wren–who looks like Steve Martin, by the way– was angry publicly.

    I know it’s the agent’s job to drive up demand, but I must say there is “class” in it. As much as some fans hate Boras, at least I never read anything about him “cheating” a team with a “done deal.”

    Old tricks won’t do trice, @SSH@LE.

  • Dorasaga

    I don’t know why people miss ARam. Here’s one of the many reasons why I don’t know, courtesy of Tom U @Cubs Down the Farm:

    “After selling the contract of Bobby Scales, the organization promoted 23-year old D.J. LeMahieu to Iowa, as he rose through the five levels of the system in a little more than two seasons. LeMahieu was technically demoted, coming to Iowa after spending 16 games with the parent club in early June. He hit a scalding .358 with two homers and 27 RBI in 50 games for the Tennessee Smokies prior to his big league call-up. Back down in Iowa, he went .286 with three home runs and 23 RBI in 58 games, his first time hitting under .300 in his professional career. The right-hander ended up playing 66 games at second base between Tennessee, Iowa, and Chicago with five errors in 281 chances for a .982 average overall. He also committed only one error in 150 chances at third base, played five flawless games at
    short for Iowa, and a perfect game at first for Chicago.”

    I repeat:

    “He also committed only one error in 150 chances at third base.”

    Replacement is right in front of our footstep.