From the Wire … Cubs Add Shiraz Rehman as Assistant GM

According to multiple reports, the Cubs added another piece to their growing front office Monday by announcing the hiring of Shiraz Rehman. Rehman will join Randy Bush as an assistant to general manager Jed Hoyer.

Rehman will “assist the general manager on potential player acquisitions and will assist in providing scouting, financial and statistical information to support trade and player evaluation.” Rehman will “also develop the club’s evaluation database and coordinate the department’s technological efforts.”

Shiraz Rehman, 34, has spent the last six seasons in the Arizona Diamondbacks organization. Rehman’s last position was director of player personnel and he also served as director of baseball operations and manager of baseball operations for Arizona.

Shiraz Rehman has ties to the Red Sox … he served as an intern for Theo Epstein back in 2005. Rehman graduated in 1999 from McGill University with a degree in finance and accounting. Prior to interning with Boston in 2005, Rehman was a commodities trader and financial consultant. Rehman obtained his MBA from Columbia Business School in 2006.

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  • X2rob

    Getting some brains up in this Front Office!!! I like it!

  • Anthony

    “also develop the club’s evaluation database and coordinate the department’s technological efforts.”

    In Search Of……Starring Shiraz as Leonard Nimoy, seeking out the next great baseball player using a computer……lol

    “well”, the player said, “I was on the baseball, and all of a sudden it wasn’t there anymore”. The computer responded, “you can’t hit”!

    The player responded. “yes I can, that was a great pitch, the guy is pretty good, how do enter that into your database?”

    The computer said, “you can’t hit”

    The computer operator Nimoy told his bosses, “he can’t hit”

    The human scout was there also, and told his boss, “keep an eye on that opposing pitcher, he has great movement”

    • Dorasaga

      Scouts have eyes. They use computers to help gather and organize more information, not be told what to think of a player.

  • Chuck

    High Fives to Theo for getting “the best and the brightest.”   Chicago has become the place to be in baseball.