Team Epstein Begins Interviewing Managerial Candidates

The Cubs new front office is not wasting anytime. Less than ten days after Theo Epstein officially began calling all of the shots, Team Epstein dismissed Mike Quade and has started interviewing candidates for the Cubs managerial opening … and the Cubs’ brass is taking the interview process to a new level.

As a part of the Cubs new interview process each candidate will discuss theories regarding game situations and after meeting with Theo Epstein, Jed Hoyer, Jason McLeod and Randy Bush, each candidate will meet with the media. Team Epstein wants to see not only how a candidate reacts with in game situations but how they handle the media spotlight as well.

Pete Mackanin will be the first interviewed by the Cubs. Mackanin reportedly had dinner with Cubs brass Thursday night and will continue his interview Friday that concludes with a media session at Wrigley Field.

Pete Mackanin has already interviewed for the Red Sox job and will spend Friday with the Cubs before meeting the Chicago media at Wrigley Field.

Mike Maddux is expected to follow Mackanin in the interview process. The Cubs received permission from Texas on Thursday to speak with Maddux. Maddux has laryngitis and will not be able to interview until next week. Like most of the candidates, Maddux is expected to interview for the Red Sox job as well.

What makes Mike Maddux a very interesting candidate, besides his own accomplishments, is his younger brother Greg.

Greg Maddux served as special assistant to Jim Hendry last season and is under contract with the Cubs for the 2012 season. Greg has repeatedly said he does not want to return to baseball in a full-time capacity. According to a report from the Sun-Times, a source close to Greg said the idea of working with his brother might sway his thoughts on returning to the game in a full-time capacity and he could serve as his brother’s pitching coach. Theo Epstein reached out to Greg about staying in the Cubs organization prior to Mike Maddux becoming a managerial candidate.

The Cubs have not received permission from the Brewers to interview Dale Sveum but they are expected to speak with him in the near future. Sveum has already interviewed for the job in Boston.

The other candidates include Sandy Alomar, Jr., Tim Bogar, DeMarlo Hale and Dave Martinez. Each of those names are expected to be made public as soon as the Cubs receive formal approval from their current organizations. Jed Hoyer said Thursday that he is expecting to interview five or six candidates.

With the Cubs new interview process, it will not be a secret as to who the candidates are this time around.

Tom Ricketts is not expected to be involved in the first round of interviews. The Ricketts family will meet with Team Epstein’s recommendation before Epstein and his staff moves forward and names a new manager.

Stay Tuned …

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  • gary3411


  • Gonefishing2478

    Simply stunning are the changes made in the Cubs organization, gone are the days of subterfuge and covert moves.

    Love the new brass…decisions are clear, concise and purposeful.  The call to Sandberg was classy and proactive.  Considering how calculated and well executed the moves thus far have been it will be no suprise that I am like a little kid in a candy store, the possibilities are endless.

    This management group will be the class of baseball from every aspect imaginable. 

    Ricketts…I may have doubted you, but you have hit a homerun already.  Let the posse do their thing and all will prosper.


  • paul catanese

    Will the tests for managerial candidates be multiple choice?
    This is the first thing I have seen out of Theo’s camp that makes no sense.

    • Tony_Hall

      What part makes no sense?

      Putting them in game situations?  I like it, that might have saved us from, Q, as he would have answered that a Righty/Right platoon works at 2B, and a Lefty/Lefty platoon works in RF.  That a LH batter who can’t hit lefites should face lefties…  I like this part.

      The media. All they are doing is having them do a press conference to see after their interview.  It serves 2 parts, one the media will get to have more stories that are accurate (no favorites being fed a little info as in the past), and will allow them to see how they respond to the media scrutiny.  It will be interesting to see how this part goes, but I like this one as well.

      Multiple choice would be too easy, anyway…

      • Bobby P

        Very professional approach. They want guys that can handle the whole realm of Chicago sports. This isn’t exactly Kansas City or Denver here, no offense to those two wonderful cities, but they are not as big of a media market as Chicago.

        The Red Sox are doing the exact same thing, pretty much. So you can find interviews with both Mackanin and Sveum on CSN New England, right after they had interviewed. I really like that! We can now at least get to see and hear the candidates talk and how they respond to certain things.

        You know what bugged me the most about Quade? His damn nicknames! Dude, throw it in every now and then, but every single interview!! “I haven’t talked to Star yet”… “I thought Demp had a good game”… “Nice to see Ramy find his power”… etc. etc…

        This isn’t AA! How about using full names? If someone makes up nicknames, I think we should immediately remove him from consideration.

      • paul catanese

        I had asked that question daily of Quade and his platoon system and putting people in a position to fail. So in essance I agree with you here.

        Putting candidates in game situations and asking for the solution can be involved. Their are so many variables to an answer that if they answer in writnig could take a pound of paper.

        If the answer is verbal, same thing, be prepared for hours of answers as there is no one way to come to a solution.

        They are asking potential managers to come up with an answer without the aid of a computer I would imagine, yet the questions they ask are derived from one.

        Maybe they should ask the questions with the answer a simple yes or no format,

        The media, fine, that makes sense.

  • Shelbymenge

    from shelby menge’ i think you should hire mike maddux for cubs manger  for next season.

  • John G

    So much for the “Good Ole Boy” network.

  • Aaron

    The more I hear about Greg considering a full-time gig, the more I hope the Cubs go with Mike Maddux…time will tell, and who knows how he interviews (I think the whole process bothers me a little bit, as it’s too “corporate America” for me…but whatever)

    • gocubs


      This is one of the brightest front office teams in baseball, approaching the managerial hire from whats got to be one of the most intelligent approaches to hiring a manager we’ve ever seen in pro sports.  Would you rather have Hendry and his team up there having a beer with these guys to decide who to pick?

  • cornerlots baseball

    I think Epstein should establish a priority lists of managerial candidates and then interview the top three. It doesn’t make any sense to have a long grocery lists of candidates. It appears to me that the longer the lists the more unsure Epstein is of just who he wants to be the Cub skipper, and tshat could cast doubts in the minds of most Cub fans.