Sandberg Not a Candidate for the Cubs’ Managerial Position

According to a report from the Chicago Tribune, Ryne Sandberg is not a candidate to replace Mike Quade as the manager of the Chicago Cubs.

According to the Tribune, Theo Epstein met with Sandberg and informed him that he wasn’t in the Cubs plans. “The conversation was said to be cordial, professional and appreciated by Sandberg.”

Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer are expected to begin the search for a new manager immediately.

According to the statement Epstein released on Wednesday, the Cubs next manager “must have leadership and communication skills; he must place emphasis on preparation and accountability; he must establish high standards and a winning culture; he must have integrity and an open mind.” Epstein also said the new manager “must have managerial or coaching experience at the Major League level.”

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  • Demitri

    Wow okay then.. Bobby Valentine or Bob Brenly are my favorites now

    • RICK

      And Valentine will be all over Castro about paying attention to the game.

  • Gramps

    I would love to see Sandberg manage the Cubs, but I can also see why he is not a candidate. Maybe it is in the best interests that all lines to previous Cub history are cut. Time to move on and start the new regime. I have to admit my heart dropped to my stomach when I read in MLB Rumors that the Cardinals had contacted him for an interview. But after thinking about it for a while, I see where the new regime is here and they are starting a new era for the Cubs.

    I always liked Ryno and wish the best for him in whatever job he takes.

    • GaryLeeT

      I don’t. Especially if he’s managing the Cards to victories over the Cubs

  • Neil

    From Ken Rosenthal: Sources: Cubs not focused on Francona. Unlikely team makes run at sitting manager. Mike Maddux among likely candidates.

    • Bobby P

      If Mike Maddux become our manager, does that mean that Greg Maddux would be our pitching coach? Because I’d take that!

  • cc002600

    Brenly !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • cubtex

      Since Theo does not have any relationship with Brenly…..I highly doubt he would consider him. Just like he brought in Hoyer…..he will bring in one of “his” people. I can see Sveum being the frontrunner.

      • cc002600

        I agree with you….

        I just thought he would be great choice, since he knows this team inside and out, is smart, has experience, and wouldn’t take crap from anyone……but you are right, they are gonna bring in “their” guy.

        Oh well.

        • Calicub

           all too true

      • paul catanese

        I can definately see they would head in that direction. I know O about Sveum,and don’t think Brenly would be on the list (too familiar) you and Aaron have mentioned Bogar who seems to have a good record.
        Do not think they will consider Bobby V and glad Francona is not in the picture, but it looks like they will do it their way, thats what they were brought over to do.

        The one thing they will have to be careful with is the mindset of long-time Cub fans, we are not used to winning and will definately take an adjustment, its been too easy to just sit back and “wait till next year”.

        They do however have to “clean house” pretty far down the line with the franchise to make this work, every clog in the wheel needs to be smoothed out and afford a straight line to where they want to go.

        • cubtex

          My gut is that Theo will hire a young up and coming guy instead of a re-tread. I do not see Bobby V, Francona, Brenly. I think he will hire a young up and comer who he has ties with. That is why Tim Bogar makes so much sense. He is a Chicago kid. Had a ton of success managing in the minors. Out of 4 years….he got his team to the playoffs in 3 of those. Was voted as “best qualified managerial candidates” by Baseball America. He has been with the Red Sox the last 2 years….so Theo has a relationship with him.

          • cubs1967

            nope……….has to be a current mgr or coach in the majors………what does bogar have that ryno doesn;t???………..nothing except he has not played in the cubs pressure cooker at a HOF lever.

            i think this is a HUGE mistake to not hire ryno.

            dale sveum???……….the guy that got fired in sept in milwaukee 4 yrs ago>>he couldn’t handle the pressure in milwaukee………’s he gonna be better at it in chicago??

            i’m still really stunned that no one can connect the dots on how hard it is to win in wrigley w/ the 103 and counting yrs…….baylor-dusty-uncle lou—they all left in disbelief.

            ryno knows it……….did it…… a HOF level; so no one on the team can say this is hard……….

            great quade is done;but that’s like saying ricketts is a genius for getting rid of hendry.  NOT!!

            bad move theo!

          • Tony_Hall

            I’m confused at your facts.

            Bogar is a current coach at the major league level.

            Sveum never got fired in sept in milwaukee, that was Yost, Sveum took over for him.

            I wanted Sandberg as well, but I am going to give Theo the benefit of the doubt, for now.

          • cubs1967

            OK-my bad.  did not know on bogar.  had yost switched w/ sveum.

            why did sveum not stay then??………i don’t recall………fired or just not brought back?

            i still would not take bogar over ryno; i think the rule of having to be on MLB club is stupid…………

          • cubtex

            Why get so worked up on who MIGHT be hired? Look….Quade is out. That is good news. Wait to see what transpires. I just threw Bogar’s name out there. He might not even be on the radar at all.

  • Calicub

    I would love Bob Brenly.

    He cuts through the b.s.
    has won a w.s.
    not a sitting manager

    • cc002600

      u got it

  • Elange1965

    sandberg as a cardinal? good luck 23

  • Neil

    From Barry Rozner: Theo called Sandberg 10
    minutes after release. Said Sandberg: “He didn’t owe me that at all.
    …classy move.” Column posted shortly. Sandberg on Theo: “Cubs fans
    should have trust in Theo. They’re in great hands with him…They’re
    heading in the right direction.’’

    • Reggie

      Considering the total lack of respect shown to Sandberg by JH last year this is a class act.  I’m sad that Ryno won’t be the manager but if he doesn’t fit the system Epstein and JH (mark 2) want to put in place then it’s for the best.  Ryno will get his shot and I wish him all the best wherever he ends up.

      • Dorasaga

        Yup. Theo e Co. sent Sandberg a note, at least (more likely a phone conference and all).

  • Neil
    • Calicub

      good read.

      all the more  reason sandberg would be the best choice. He doesn’t stop at good enough, every year must be better.

      I understand what that going in a new direction is the name of the game now for the cubs,

      I just fear that after the excitement dies down for the cubs, the new regime will devolve into absolute cronyism. (“hey he’s my friend i’ll hire him” mindset)

      I don’t want Tito or Sveum or any other BoSox rehash. I know they Sandberg is encouraging fans to trust Theo…but I think I have trust issues when it comes to management. I think my previous relationship with a regime ruined mefor all other regimes. no matter how young and shiny they are.

      I do think Theo has begun in a great new direction, i just hate the fact that they see no value in him..

  • cubtex

    One name to keep your eye on is Tim Bogar the Red Sox current 3rd base coach. He had a great deal of success managing in the Cleveland and Houston minor league systems. He was named “best future managerial prospect” by Baseball America a couple of years ago. He fits the criteria Theo mentioned above having major leaue coaching experience, being from a winning culture and a good communicator.

    • Aaron

      I like that idea….either Bogar or Mike Maddux for me.

      I do NOT want Sveum, Hale, or Francona for that matter…both Hale and Francona, because they lost the clubhouse in Boston last year, and not Sveum, because even the Brewers didn’t want him….and that’s pretty telling.

      I remember when Sveum was the interim manager in Milwaukee…he did NOT impress me at all down the stretch. It was 2008, and the Brewers let Yost go, replaced him with Sveum, and went 7-5 down the stretch, eeking their way into the playoffs. As a minor league manager in Pittsburgh’s organization for 3 years, he really wasn’t that great either….certainly not as good as Sandberg…so that begs the question…

      If 12 games managing at the big league level is good enough for Sveum (along with his mediocre record in the minors) to be manager….then how is that much different than Quade’s audition in 2010 after a mediocre minor league managerial career. The parallels are certainly there, and I wouldn’t want to touch that…it’d be a slap in the face to Sandberg if they hired Sveum.

      On the other hand….Bogar beats them all:


       67 games



       139 games



       142 games


       141 games

      • cubtex

        Does Mike Maddux have any managerial experience?

      • Aaron

        Sorry, the chart didn’t transfer correctly, but you see his records of 41-26; 81-58; 87-55; 80-61

        Those are some pretty good numbers…tough to overlook.

        Mike Maddux is intriguing….but as a pitching coach, more than a managerial candidate, as he has NO experience in the minors or majors with managing.

        The only reason you’d probably bring Mike Maddux on board is if you knew that by doing so, his brother Greg would come on board as the pitching coach.

        I like Bogar for the job. And while I appreciate Brenly’s commentary on the team, and the fact he won a championship as a manager already….the fact is, there’s a good reason he hasn’t landed any interviews recently….and he said it himself, that the game might’ve passed him by already.

        Like I said, the most logical interview candidates are: Francona, Hale, and Sveum…and now I can add Tim Bogar to the list, who I didn’t really know much about.

        However, since Francona now appears to be off the list…I wonder who the other 2 candidates are (Tribune said there are 5 candidates). I wonder if it’s Mackanin, and maybe Dave Martinez?

        • cubtex

          yep and see above Aaron. Bogar is from Chicago. He seems like a good fit.

          • RynoTiger

            Umm..correct me if I’m wrong..but didn’t Quade have ties to the area?’d that work out…

            let’s not use that as criteria for manager selection because it’s not helpful.

          • cubtex

            just because he is from Chicago means he manages like Quade

          • J Daniel

            Who cares where he is from???? He can be from Mars as long as he gets the job done.  I am not sure why everyone is so concerned about where a guy is from, or understand the Cubs culture.  Hell, I hope they don’t give a damn about the Cubs culture and start implementing the “Cub Way”.

          • cubtex

            It doesn’t matter…. but it would help with PR a little if he is. Especially with Theo bringing in “his” guys. 

        • cubtex

          That would really piss off Sandberg if Dave Martinez got the job. First…he stole his wife and then stole his job :)

      • cubs1967

        bogar stats are not any better than rynos;ur convincing your self of something.

        theo said has to be coach or mgr in majors. bogar out. rynor out.

        team theo……..stupid rule.

        (how can ozzie guillen be a mgr and the cubs can’t think ryno can???…….ozzie is one of the dumbest managers ever!)

        • Tony_Hall

          Once again, Bogar is a coach in the majors.  

          • J Daniel

            Hello??????  BOGAR COACHED IN THE MAJORS!!!!

          • Tony_Hall

            I know he did.  I think you replied to the wrong post.  But I agree, not sure what he is thinking.

          • J Daniel

            No, I was replying to you replying to the guy, wow!

    • cubtex

      One other very important piece of information I left out is that Tim Bogar has Chicago ties. He went to Buffalo Grove High School. OK…He is my under the radar pick!

    • Pricewriter

      I doubt any of the current Red Sox coaches will be considered. It could cause more of a problem than Theo wants.

  • Tony_Hall

    As disappointed as I am that Sandberg is not a candidate for the managers job, I trust that Theo will be hiring a very qualified candidate to lead the team on the field.  They may not have the name recognition of a Sandberg, but we can rest assured, he will be someone who lives up to some pretty high standards, Theo has set.

    Theo is a class act.  The way he handles his business dealings, is at a level we have never seen in Chicago.

    Here’s to hoping that Sandberg is considered for a coach’s job (baring him getting a managers job).  Who knows, maybe a Joe Maddon type will be the manager, and Sandberg will be his bench coach, and manager in waiting…

    • GaryLeeT

      I hope you are right. Maybe Theo wanted to spare Sandberg the sure to be, tough couple of years ahead, while the team transitions into a winner

  • Chuck

    I saw Ron Santo late in his career wear a White Sox uniform, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see Ryno as the new Cardinal manager.  If players can go where the money is, I think fans should go where ther favorite player goes.  Guess I will be wearing a Sandberg Cardinal shirt and retire my Sandberg Cubs shirt.  As long as we are cutting ties to the past, fire the entire coaching organization from the top all the way down to Boise.  Let’s start the future with a clean slate.

    • paul catanese

      Chuck, you are not far off in your’e assesment,could happen.

  • matthew8510

    hey neil if you had one guess on the next manager who would that only guess be?

    • Neil

      This is early because there are only rumored names out there … but based on the names being speculated about, Dale Sveum.

  • Tony_Hall

    Bruce Levine, with a run down of managerial candidates

    • matthew8510

      out of this list who one person would you rather have?

      • Tony_Hall

        I don’t have a second place yet, as I was convinced Sandberg was going to be the manager…so I’m a little down tonight and can’t get too excited about any of them. 

        I actually like what I have read of Tim Bogar, current 3rd Base coach of the Red Sox.  I am convinced that it will be someone Theo has had work for him in the past, and this guy fits the bill.

    • RynoTiger

      I can’t say that any of the guys on that list really excite me..but I guess since they’re not Sandberg I’m let down.  Hopefully Jose Oquendo gets the Cards manager position and that would leave Sandberg still available to perhaps come over as a bench coach to get the experience at the ML level.

  • Coolpdxcubsfan

    If Rhyno not available, I vote for Bob Brenly. But then we have to get The Big Unit and Schilling.

    • J Daniel

      Call Theo and let him know your vote.

  • Neil

    Cubs in AFL (11/2): Josh Vitters (1B): 2-for-5, 2B, 2RBI, R; Jeff Beliveau: 0R, 0H, 0BB, K, 1IP; Marcus Hatley: 0R, 0H, 0BB, 0K, 1P; Chris Carpenter: 2R, 3H, 0BB, 2K, 1IP

    Jeff Beliveau pitched a scoreless inning for Mesa Solar Sox on Wednesday … 0H, 0BB, K, 9 pitches, 8 for strikes

  • Ryan7

    So does that mean ryno might be a red bird next year

    • Tony_Hall

      It means he is getting an interview.

      • Ryan7

        I know its just an interview, I was being sarcastic. The way the cubs went about handeling ryno last year and now not even concetering him this year would loss me off as well, not saying that Theo and Hoyer don’t know what they are doing but if ryno were to get the job for the red birds and do a great job would be a huge stap in the cubs back. I HOPE he comes back as a coach on the cubs 2012 team.

        • Tony_Hall

          Not sure what was sarcastic about that statement.  

          But, I believe Theo did “consider” Sandberg this year, just didn’t make it to his final list. 

          I am absolutely convinced that Theo and Hoyer know what they are doing.  I also don’t believe the Cardinals will hire Sandberg over Oquendo.

          My real hope is that the Cubs will hire a Joe Maddon type manager, that hires a bench coach to mentor to take over in a few years.

          • J Daniel


            I am with you.  These guys know what they are doing.  I am excited about the future – just by look at the drafts Boston had with how quickly players had huge impacts.  Let’s hope the replicate.

    • cubtex

      I can’t see the Cards hiring Sandberg over one of their own young guns if they go that route. Mike Matheny, Terry Pendleton or Oquendo would be considered before Sandberg imo

      • paul catanese

        And Pujols made the comment something to the effect that Oquendo would be his preference.

    • Neil

      Ryan, as Tony said it means he will get an interview.

  • Coachdon

    I can understand cutting all ties with the Quade mess, but I do not agree with cutting all ties to the past of the ballclub, such as Sandberg. The only reason that I am a Cub fan and spend as much time and energy caring about this team is that I became a fan in the late 60’s with Billy, Ronnie, Ernie, and the rest. Sandberg was my favorite player from his era. I see no point in cutting ties with a quality piece of your history. The history is what keeps me a fan. It’s starting to look like a bunch of young guys just wanting all of their buddies around and no one else. By the way, I hate the Red Sox and it’s starting to look like Red Sox West around here. I have had a respect for the Cardinals and will no doubt split my allegiance if Ryno is their manager.

    • Tony_Hall

      Hang in there.  I really doubt they are going to hire Sandberg over Oquendo, as they want Pujols back.

      There is nothing wrong with wanting your buddies around you, when they are as talented as they are at what they do.  

    • Neil

      I understand what you are saying but I would not look at Epstein and Hoyer as the one that “cut ties” with Sandberg … that was the previous regime. If anything I would think what Theo did today helped the Cubs relationship with Sandberg.

      • John G

        What are the possibilities that the new manager, whoever that would be, would ask Ryno to serve on his staff? And what are the possibilities that Ryno would consent?

        • Neil

          From the way I understand it, Sandberg would be open to a job on a big league staff. He is not holding out for a managerial position. As for him accepting a job on the Cubs staff, I have not heard/read if he would or not.

    • Jay from sandwich

      I can see A slot of cubs doing the same thing. Remember baseball above all other sports is more history based and respect and love for the past hero’s Theo is on thin ice here with me. A matter of fact this is his first mistake with cubs and it is a big mistake. If Ryno wins a world series before the cubs do the fans will run Theo out of town. Theo needs to remember how he got where he is today and not be an egocentric person and do the right thing. Theo will not find an more experience manager who knows the daily gride of day baseball, he will not have a manager who knowns the current cubs prospects and has their respect better than sanberg. He will be allowed a lot more time by cubs fans if sanberg is the manager. This a big mistake and if they do not win in five years he will be gone just like mcfail.

      • Dorasaga

        I wonder if Theo might reunite this diversified Cubs Nation if hired Ryno as a bench coach (while the manager got a 2-3 years contract), and waiting.

  • Neil

    Response to question on twitter:

    Compensation is based on the free agent’s place in the Elias Sports Bureau’s ranking of all major league players by position based on their performance during the last two seasons. Players are ranked by league in one of five positional groups: 1) 1B/DH/OF, 2) 2B/SS/3B, 3) catchers, 4) starting pitchers or 5) relief pitchers

  • jw

    I have a feeeling this process will move along quickly and with transparency….that is not something you would have seen with the previous regime

    Neil, did you ever consider a get together for the bloggers near Wrigley…it would be fun to talk to these knowlegable Cubs fans in person… and to make a point that beer tastes good in January too. I’ll ask Theo to stop by :)

    • Calicub

      Two thousand miles for a beer? I don’t know about that one…

      Been awhile since I’ve been in Chitown, you guys got any good local IPA’s out there?

      • Dorasaga

        Goose Island. Always the best from Chicago. They have a few pubs around the town (including Wrigleyville), but you can find their IPA in any grocery store, methinks. I even find theirs in a St. Louis Schnucks.

        • Calicub

          Never heard of it I’ll have to try it. You think they got it in supermarkets in california?

          I prefer a LAGUNITAS myself. Great sonoma county brew. Fresh crisp hoppy and its the fastest growing microbrew in the country. If you guys are lucky enough to be in their market i’d suggest it.

          I think its time for a beer.

          • Dorasaga

            Lagunitas? Interesting. I always went for the German stuffs when I was in LA. I probably missed the chance to try those local brews. Goose Island is a microbrew based in Chicago as well. Their other ales (not the Indian Pale) even won a few international awards. Yup. Raise your glasses and sign the man! I mean, sing for the man!

  • BosephHeyden

    I’m even more “wait and see” now on Theo than I was before.  I read this one of two ways:  either Epstein is really building the best managerial staff he possibly can to make a Central division juggernaut, or he’s just hiring his buddies so they can hang out in the bleachers and drink beer with Ricketts while the organization pays for itself.

    His choice of manager will say a lot about that.

    • Calicub

      Agreed. See my post above on Chronyism…

      It definately seems like it but hey that might just be my anger over no Sandberg talking.

  • studio179

    I think the Cubs will be holding another press conference to announce their new manager before the compensation package is completed.

    Maybe not, but it seems that way.

  • roseyc

    I think Theo didn’t won’t to hire Ryno because he doesn’t won’t to have to fire Ryno if the  time comes. Then he would be the bad guy it’s really a long shot for him to win. I get the feeling that Theo is going to get one of the big 2 ( Pujols or Fielder)

    • Calicub

      I see what your saying about Ryno but I don’t see theo going after any big free agents esp fielder or pujols. ifit has to be one id say fielder but I don’t think it’ll happen.

      I suppose stranger things have happened.

  • paul catanese

    I can say one thing for sure, you wont be able to tell the players without a scorecard in 2012.

    • Dorasaga

      Nice shot, Paul. I saw this on TV once. Is this in Berlin? or the Bayernstaat (Bavaria)?

      • paul catanese

        No, I took the picture outside of Munich, I believe it was called Ludwigs Castle, at any rate we were on leave there after baseball season, and this was a perk.That was my avatar for a while and lost it again, thought I put it back but showed up as an attatched file.

      • paul catanese

        My bad, I guess you could call it Bavaria, also Oberamegau? When I left the beer hall in Munich I was not too clear where I was.

        • Dorasaga

          Yup. Munich is the center of Bavaria. I was in the Bavarian State a few years ago, visited all the major historical sites around Munchen. Took a few hundred photos with good old films.

          Thanks for sharing. This must be the “Linderhof Palace” from Oberamegau. I needed to google-map this one to find out its exact name. Oberamegau is closer to Austria’s border. I fancied going there but was running out of time (and cash). This brought back good memories.

    • J Daniel

      Thank goodness.  That was a big pile of mess last year.  Just watch the replays of the games you recorded.  Can’t come soon enough.  There will be a huge improvement next year.

      • paul catanese

        The games I taped included the youngsters, I erased all the others. Lets just say they were not used properly, but still enjoy watching the kids.

  • Glenn R.

    If Ryno does not  get a major league managing job, would Theo reconsider and bring him on as a bench coach or some in other capacity. It would be a darn right shame he is not working in the Cubs system in the majors. I hate to see him across the field in a St. Louis jersey or another.

  • paul catanese

    Aram wins the Silver Slugger Award? What does he get 1/2 a bat?

    • cubtex

      Good one!

      • paul catanese

        Thanks, Aram is an amazing guy, couldnt let that one go.

  • paul catanese

    to Dorasaga, this is thje same place behind me, taken by a teamate.

    • Dorasaga

      The stares… I have the feeling you confused the women around you. Haha. Nice shot. Got to say you had some talent, or aura.

  • Aaron

    Dale Sveum, Cubs new manager… it!….of course, like my Quade prediction, I could be wrong, but it sure seems like that is how they might be leaning at this point.

    “4 to 5 candidates”…that likely means it is: Sveum, Hale, Bogar, Mackanin, and Mike Maddux…

    I think we can eliminate Mackanin due to age. According to reports, we can also probably eliminate Hale, as he’s reportedly not very close to Theo are high on his list.

    That means it’s between Sveum, Bogar, and Maddux. Sveum is known to be high on Boston’s list, so my thought is that Theo is competitive enough to try to swipe him out from underneath the Red Sox.

    Maddux would be tough to get, as he’s under contract as the Rangers pitching coach, and they’re far and away the more superior team to the Cubs. Unless he could bring his brother Greg on as pitching coach, you can forget about it.

    I’d like to see Bogar, for the reasons I mentioned with his track record of success in the minors, which is even better than Sandberg’s, and I really would’ve liked to see him in the manager’s seat next year, but whatever…

    I also understand Dave Martinez has been linked to the position, but he has no ties whatsoever to the Red Sox, and while they didn’t specifically say that was a qualifier, I believe that’s precisely what these guys want…and there’s really nothing wrong with that, as most upper management teams in any industry try to hire people they’re familiar with.

    And while Martinez is the understudy of a wildly successful Maddon, I just don’t think they’d go with him….it’s got to be a Red Sox guy they go with.

  • RICK

    I can see it now the Cardinals sign Sandberg and the Cardinals win the World Series again. That would be hilarious.