Team Epstein Taking Shape … Hoyer and McLeod Next Up for the Cubs

With Theo Epstein officially taking over as President of Baseball Operations for the Chicago Cubs, several changes and additions will take place over the coming weeks.

The Cubs were granted permission to interview Jed Hoyer and Jason McLeod soon after the Epstein announcement was made Friday night. Both are expected to join the Cubs’ front office a couple of days after Epstein’s press conference on Tuesday. Hoyer will reportedly sign a five-year deal to become the new GM of the Cubs and McLeod is expected to serve as Hoyer’s assistant general manager.

According to multiple reports Friday night, the Cubs and Padres have a pre-agreed list of players in the Cubs system as compensation for Jed Hoyer. The compensation is expected to be a lower level minor leaguer. As for the compensation for Epstein, the Red Sox are expected to receive two to three minor leaguers … more than likely a top level prospect and two mid to lower level prospects. Theo Epstein will negotiate his own compensation with his former assistant GM, Ben Cherington.

According to a report from the Sun-Times, another piece of Boston’s front office could be on his way to Chicago with Epstein … current VP of Baseball Operations, Brian O’Halloran. Epstein is also looking to bring in head trainer Mike Reinhold. If Epstein is able to bring both O’Halloran and Reinhold in that could impact the final compensation package the Red Sox receive.

Once ‘Team Epstein‘ is in place they are expected to address the status of Mike Quade and his coaching staff. It is unknown at this time what direction Epstein and Hoyer will take in regards to the Cubs’ managerial position. Names have been thrown around but it is all speculation at this point.

Now that Tom Ricketts has a baseball guy to watch his baseball guys, it is up to ‘Team Epstein‘ to build a winning organization … one that can contend year after year.

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