Guillen Has Reached Out to Zambrano

One of the many storylines to keep an eye on this off-season is where will Carlos Zambrano pitch in next year? Zambrano is owed $18 million for 2012 in the last guaranteed season of the contract extension he signed in August of 2007 (Zambrano has a vesting option for 2013 worth $19.25 million).

Prior to Ozzie Guillen taking over in Miami last week, many thought Zambrano would end up on the South Side but with Guillen now the Marlins’ skipper the thought is Zambrano will waive his no trade clause (and Ten-and-Five rights) and join Guillen in Miami.

According to a report from Carrie Muskat, Ozzie Guillen has reached out to Carlos Zambrano and Guillen wants to bring him to Miami

Carrie Muskat quoted a report from Ignacio Serrano in the Venezuelan newspaper, El Nacional, as the source indicating Guillen has reached out to Zambrano … but here is the interesting part.

According to the report, the Marlins would pay the $18 million to Zambrano in deferred payments. If that ends up being the case, the Cubs would likely not receive a decent return for Zambrano but they would be able to save money toward next season’s budget.

Toward the end of the season, Tom Ricketts said he did not see a scenario in which Zambrano would return to the team. Without a GM in place, Ricketts might have to take another decision away from the new general manager.

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  • paulcatanese

    The whole point here would be that Zambrano would be gone, period. Also the fact that the Cubs would save the money offsets any hope of a return of players for him. What Ozzie will get is a delayed time bomb, and Aram too? Between the three of them they could destroy any sunshine out there.

  • Suzy S.

    Actually, I like that idea…as it stands right now…the Cubs are not likely to get much for Carlos anyway….since everyone else on the planet knows the Cubs don’t want him anymore….free up the budget and sign a free agent…Give them Soriano as well…and then we can really start with youth…Hire back Popeye as GM…Dick Williams, (now in heaven or the other place),  would be a better choice for president then Crane Kenney…Hand out cigars to all the pitchers and have Luis Tiant (El Tiante) coach the pitchers.
    Ricketts might not win…but I guarantee the Cubs would really put on a show!!!
    Happy offseason to all…and Neil, thanks for a great job!

    • Neil

      Suzy, thank you and good to hear from you.

    • Jim_Tinley_Park

      Sorry about the Bosox :( Maybe we coud get Theo.

      • Suzy S

        Thanks for the Sympathy Card Jim. It is tough being both a Cubs and Red Sox fan just now…But oh well, we have the Bulls (Ooops) to look forward to.

  • jfish1219

    Neil Mlbtr says the cubs will cut him and they will be on the hook for 18 mil. in deferred payments not the marlins

  • Tony_Hall

    There is no way, the Cubs will be able to trade Zambrano to the Marlins, and the  Marlins will pay his salary.  Zambrano has a no-trade clause, and can say, I will only be traded to the Marlins, or I will see you at spring training.  Which I think he will do.

    The Cubs have zero leverage, want him gone, and owe a lot of money. The Marlins will give a couple of low level prospects for Zambrano, and the Cubs will pay a majority of his contract, maybe with a deferred payment plan.

    • Henry

      If they are not going to get anything for Zambrano and still have to pay all or most of his salary I would rather they keep him – IF:  there was a way of telling him to stay home and we will pay you.  Is there a way to suspend or put him on an unable to perform list?  If we give him away he is a winner!  Why?  Because he potentially could resurrect his career somewhere else at the Cubs expense.  I would prefer to see him sitting at home getting fat and lazy.  A year off might mean he never comes back to haunt the Cubs. He is going to get the money anyway.

      • Tony_Hall

        It really has come time to part ways.  If the Cubs can get the Marlins to pay some his salary, and they can Zambrano to allow for deferred payments for the rest, it will be a win for the Cubs.

        Paying him to sit at home, really doesn’t do anyone, any good.  Zambrano, for all his faults, was a very good pitcher for us, for many years.  This isn’t about winning, just ask Charlie Sheen, there are no winners, when things go bad, but both can keep losing.  

        Part ways, make the most of it and move on.

        • Henry

          I agree Tony.  My point, which I may have not made very well is, I would be against making him go away if all of the 18 million was paid by the Cubs.  If it came to that I would rather see him rot at home.  He was good for us early in his career but the last 3 have been a nightmare.  He has done nothing but make a bad situation worse.

        • paulcatanese

          I have to agree with you Tony as you are sane and offer the right decision, on the other hand I am not and would opt to keep him and pay him every month in rolls of pennys and mail it to him C.O.D.

  • bpot92

    What would be considered tampering?

    • Neil

      It the Cubs wanted to push it, probably. They want to move Zambrano and if could find a taker would probably be willing to overlook it. Remember since they Zambrano and Guillen are friends, they can get around the tampering rules and just deny they discussed baseball.

      • bpot92

        ok thanks, i was just wondering if they could get compensation or null the contract because of tampering.

        • Neil

          If the Cubs were to prove that Guillen tampered, then yes they would receive compensation (draft pick) but they would not be able to void Zambrano’s contract.

        • studio179

          Just like the Marlins and Guillen ‘did not talk’ before Guillen asked to be released from his contract.

          Guillen and Zambrano would provide highlight clips all year.

    • Aaron

      This is a classic case of tampering. You CANNOT….even as a manager, talk to another player about joining your team if they are under contract.

      Therefore, if that story is true (and you can rest assured it is true knowing Guillen), then the Cubs will be able to get compensated no matter what if he eventually goes to the Marlins. Tampering charges (and compensation) are more common in the NFL than MLB. Most recently, it was the Bears getting compensated for the Lance Briggs situation a few years ago.

      I also saw the MLBTR news of Z to the Marlins, and I read it just as jfish did with the Cubs being on the hook for his salary.

      My thoughts on Z are, unless the Cubs are getting salary relief with at least half (meaning $9 million+), then they’d be better off keeping him, especially if it’s a team in the NL. Why? Because for the amount mediocre pitchers are being signed to these days, and innings-eater like Zambrano is at least worth $8-9 million in my opinion, and he’s likely to haunt them if he’s still in the NL. 

      I completely disagree with the notion that you have to cut him just to cut him. I would rather hang onto him all season, putting him on suspended list, or whatever you have to do, than just give him away for nothing. 

      I believe you’d find a team…..really a lot of teams like the Giants (Zito), Mets (Santana), Red Sox (Lackey or Dice-K), etc. that would be willing to exchange bad contracts, so it’s COMPLETELY unnecessary to just outright release him.

      And with the Marlins….if Guillen really wants him, and we already know Morrison has issues with Marlins management, there should be a a fit there for a trade, even if the Cubs have to pay half his contract and maybe kick in another player (maybe even Colvin if necessary) to get a deal done.

      • cubtex

        No!!!!!!! Not Colvin…He is an untouchable. There aren’t many .147 hitters in the majors as beloved as he

        • Aaron

          LOL…I knew someone would comment…no, he is not good…he’s a reclamation project for anyone

          • J Daniel

            Colvin is not good.  Also, with Z, I would NOT trade him if paying a majority of his contract is required.  Why?  Because, unless he is in the top 4 for Cy Young it will be his last year on the contract.  What does that mean?  He will have a great year as he wants another contract.

            How bad do you want him now, Ozzie?  Pay up or fold!

      • cubs1967

        yep…….Ricketts has to hammer Loria……….show what a clown act Guillen is.  becuz of this, Marlins should have to pay 1/2 his salary, moving Colvin is perfect and we get Morrison, to take over LF.  great idea.  plus saves 9M to put towards moving Sori out of town.

      • Henry

        Well said.  We do not have to act desperate! there may be more of a market than we think!

  • Jim_Tinley_Park

    A few thoughts…….

    * Too bad Guillen isn’t amigos with Soriano.
    * Z plus salary relief for Logan Morrison sounds good.
    * Too bad Guillen and Koyie Hill aren’t friends.
    * Why is Q still manager?

    • Aaron

      very good thoughts….

      what scares me, is I think the Ricketts are dumb enough to keep Quade, Riggins, Hill, Baker, etc., and run off good GM candidates for that reason. 

      Also, I don’t believe any GM candidate would cry about them resigning one of their only good players (ARAM) before he hits free agency, as he IS the best 3B on the market right now, bar none. As it stands now, what we seem to be hearing is that the Ricketts like Pena, Baker, and haven’t even come out and said they were disappointed in Quade for that matter.

      What’s hilarious is Sullivan’s assertion that Baker could be an option at 3B, based solely on his stats against lefties….yeah, I’m sure anyone who hits .269/.302/.383 with 54 hits, 12 doubles, 1 triple, 3 hr, 23 RBI, and 10 walks vs 46 K’s in 201 AB’s is a hot commodity….even if you gave him the benefit of the doubt with 600 AB’s, and triple his stats, he wouldn’t come close to the stats required of a starting 3B in MLB.

      If they’re interested in saving money, then fine, just give the new GM a clean slate, and allow him to get rid of all the albatross contracts on the team….but do NOT make him bring back expensive perennial bench players like Baker, Johnson, Hill, etc. at the same time. 

      • jfish1219

        Do you think 2 yrs 24 mill would be a good offer for ARAM. 

        • Aaron

          I think it’d be a tremendous offer from the Cubs, and it’d certainly test ARAM’s supposed desire to stay in Chicago, as he’d likely get more elsewhere, just as he would’ve the first time he signed on to stay.

      • paulcatanese

        You think you are scared? I’m thinking the same as you that Qua may be back, and for this reason. Ricketts may have in the back of his mind that Qua did a good job with what he was given to work with and deserves another chance at it. And without a GM early enough in the fold Ricketts may not want to saddle the new GM with looking for a manager on top of what he has to do in a limited time upon arriving on the scene. As you,I think that these guys will be back including Pena.

  • Ripsnorter1

    All the Marlins have to do is just sit tight and they can have the 300 lb Cry baby for free. Why? Because Ricketts says, “He ain’t coming back.” But the Cubs still have to pay him. So what will the Cubs do? Release him? Marlins get him free. DFA him? Nobody wants that salary, so the Marlins can get him for basically nothing. Keep him? Cubs will pay him $18 million to terrorize their own team. 


  • Ripsnorter1

    Speaking of Zambrano’s bad judgement…..

    His house is for sale, but then, he owns two houses in Chicago.The one he is trying to sell for $969,000–he bought it for $1.2 million dollars to begin with.But then, money comes easy to Carlos……

    • jfish1219

      Ok that is just a dumb comment to make. The reason he is taking a hit like that is due to the housing market and economy, not his bad judgement. There are plenty of things to rail on the guy for but that is not one of them

      • Ripsnorter1

        Dumb comment?

        Well, do you need two houses? I live in just one….And how can you say that losing $230,000k+ is good judgement?

        Besides, my real aim in posting this is that Zambrano has two houses, and just because he is selling one doesn’t mean that he’s moving away–as has been commonly reported.

        • jfish1219

          I am not debating that it is illogical to own 2 houses but like I said taking that hit has nothing to do with him, that is a bi-product of the housing crises, to be honest he will be lucky to even get what he is asking for. It is not good or bad judgement, it is just realty. Also you don’t really set a price for your house it is more or less dictated to you by your Realtor… sorry for that long winded reply and yes I agree just because he is selling one house does not mean he is going anywhere 

          • Dorasaga

            I feel sad for so many good Americans who lost everything due to the downfall of the house market. I think next time ripsnorter comments he can blame Z for not pulling out our boys of Iraq.

  • cubtex

    Hearing the recent talk that Theo “Boy Wonder” has interest in the Cubs GM job peaked my curiousity to look at some of the RedSox blogs like Wow! Take a look for yourselves. There won’t be any tears shed if he bolts. Many fans want him gone asking if he can take Lackey and Crawford with him. Ripping him about how many bad free agents he signed.  Please stay with Boston Theo!

    • J Daniel

      What a great point.  Probably most teams want the GM gone due to bad free agent signings.  Heck, probably most of them are bad and not limited to just JH.  

      I asked the question the other day, who do we want?  Probably the best choice is Freidman as he is doing it low budget.  But I believe that the Cub job is completely different pressure wise and requires someone who will not chase a bad mistake and compound it by another.  The thing with Theo is that he has won it in a very similar situation – but he does have a huge payroll.  Can he do it on an $80 million payroll?

      • Tony_Hall

        Who has only an $80M payroll?  Don’t see it happening, due to a budget limitation for the Cubs.  It might happen due to lack of enough talented people on the roster, and available in FA, but not because that is all that is available to spend.

      • cubtex

        Did you not see my post with Boston’s payroll over the last 10 years? Any GM could have won 2 world series with that payroll. That is the point! He has wasted millions in absolutely terrible contracts. If you think Soriano and Z were bad..imagine being stuck with Lackey, Dice K, Beckett(who until this year has been a huge waste of salary) JD Drew, Carl Crawford. Lackey and Crawford are pretty much immovable now. They will have to eat the majority of Lackey’s contract and unless Crawford somehow regains his legs and gets much better over the next couple of years…same with him. I don’t blame “boy wonder” for wanting to jump ship on his own mess he created!

        • Aaron

          And given that justification, ALL of the Cubs teams under Hendry should’ve made the playoffs given their payrolls, which consistently ranked near the top of the league. I believe a few of those years, the Cubs outranked the Red Sox in spending, so your justification goes out the window. I’ve been saying that about Hendry FOREVER….that ANY GM in the league could’ve made the playoffs with his payrolls.

          I think the Red Sox have made some questionable signings, but you have to remember, teams like the Yankees and Red Sox are bound to make bad signings, considering their profits, demands from their fan-bases, and their successes in the World Series. But the one thing those teams have in common, is GM’s that are willing to trade guys…both current players and prospects at the right times. 

          Hendry didn’t have a clue how to do that, and ALSO had one of the top payrolls in the game for almost his entire tenure. 

          I really don’t understand your argument, so you might have to justify it more. Let’s also keep in mind that Epstein assembled one of the best scouting teams in a long time, having drafted or developed the following players up through their system:
          ….among others

          Aside from Reddick and Lowrie, who both have a ways to go to prove themselves, all those other guys are impact players.

          All Hendry could brag about was Starlin Castro….that’s pretty pathetic if you ask me. You could’ve added Wood and Prior, but both of their careers have been sidetracked my injuries. 

          Just sayin’….

          • cubtex

            Since 2001 the Cubs have only been ahead of the Red Sox in payroll one time…2009. Cubs had 141 Mil and Red Sox were right behind at 140 mil. In 2005 and 06..there was a big difference in salaries. Do you think if JH had an additional 20 to 30 mil to spend each year to go to draft development or to sign a couple of pieces to get them over the top….they could have done the same thing? Money covers a hell of alot of errors! And god knows…….Theo has made a ton of errors! You mention Lowrie and Bard and Reddick but you don’t give credit for Geo Soto who was Rookie of Year?
            I think you need to look back and compare payrolls from the Red Sox and Cubs since 2001. I think you will be surprised. Boy Wonder is way overrated and I want no part of him. Theo’s payrolls blew away Hendry’s

          • Tony_Hall

            Any GM who is spending on big money contracts, is going to have bad deals.  Most of the big money deals, end up being bad deals, so that makes it almost a given, that the higher the payroll, the more bad deals.  But let’s keep score where it counts – in the World Series.   I believe Theo is a little ahead in that area.  

            I’m also not getting where Josh Beckett has been a huge waste of salary. Take away 2010 and his WHIP is lower than the great Matt Garza, every single year.  

            2006 – 5.01 – 1.295 – 16-11
            2007 – 3.27 – 1.141 – 20-7
            2008 – 4.03 – 1.189 – 12-10
            2009 – 3.86 – 1.192 – 17-6
            2010 – 5.78 – 1.535 – 6-6 (21 starts and injured)
            2011 – 2.89 – 1.026 – 13-7

            All of this while in that AL EAST, pitching in all the big games.  

            Matsuzaka pitched well for 2 years, before getting injured.  His 2nd season  he was 18-3 – 2.90 ERA – WHIP of 1.324.

            Before you call Crawford a bust, look at what Granderson did for the Yankees, after he settled in.  It’s different in NY and Boston.  It can take players a little while to get comfortable, and no amount of money can overcome that.

            John Lackey was a great pitcher for the Angels, just couldn’t stay healthy all year, his last 2 years in Anaheim.  A change of scenary for Lackey, could help him out.

            JD Drew – I’ve never understood the hype either.  Maybe it’s his Cardinal years, that made me feel that way, but I don’t like the guy.

            You can not like Theo, but it sure seems like he could be our guy soon, and I will look at him with his World Series rings and say Welcome!  He is a still very young, very bright, and has already had life’s lessons as a GM. 

          • cubtex

            Thanks for getting me started today Tony :) Are you saying that Beckett has earned his salary and you would be happy to have his contract? I know you are a WHIP guy…but I look at other factors besides WHIP. Beckett is fragile and he (imo) can’t throw 200 innings anymore nor should he. He is signed for 15,750 Mil for 2012,2013 and 2014. Would you roll the dice on that salary for the next 3 year? I would take Garza right now over him any day of the week for the next 3 year. I will bet that Garza will throw more innings, not miss as many starts and be a more valuable pitcher than Beckett. Now, if you say 120 IP by Beckett with a lower WHIP is more valuable than 200 IP…..we will never agree. The Red Sox choked away a 9 game lead on September 3rd due his ineptness. He choked.

            On Lackey, his stats were brutal at Fenway when he was with the Angels and Boy Wonder still signed him. I believe he had a career 5 plus ERA at Fenway….but Boy Wonder overlooked that and now they are screwed with him. Again, I don’t blame Boy Wonder for wanting to jump ship because no GM would want to be stuck with those immovable contracts he has got!

          • Tony_Hall

            No one truly earns these enormous salaries.

            Beckett made 30 starts and pitched 193 innings.  And yes, his last 2 starts were bad.   Garza is 4 years younger, so looking forward the next 3-4 years, a many teams would pick Garza over Beckett, especially when you factor in payroll.  But if I am trying to win in 2012, I will take Beckett over Garza (I already know you won’t agree)

            I had Beckett this year in fantasy baseball, and he was a true ACE for most of the season, but I bet he wasn’t 100% those last few starts, but was trying to go anyway.  

            Lackey needs a change of scenary and if made available for swapping a similar bad contract, I would take a chance on him. (Not sure whose contract would be most similar to exchange, but if Theo comes here, he may figure it out.)

            Sorry for getting you started, and for not being available to discuss, but it looks like you had a pretty active day anyway.

          • cubtex

            It was a Monday……

        • Tony_Hall

          There is no way you can guarantee a World Series victory, regardless of payroll.  

          Look at the Yankees.  

          They spent how much money from 2001 – 2008 to try and buy a World Series.  In 2001, their payroll was $112M.  By 2008 it was up to $208M.  

          Total $1.377 Billion dollars.  That’s BILLION with a B.

          That doesn’t even count the money they also committed to, for 2009 and beyond.  

          Yet they went 8 years without winning a World Series.

          They only made 2 World Series appearances – 2001 and 2003, while still on the lower end of their payrolls.

          A high payroll should buy you an opportunity, every year, to contend for the playoffs, but it can’t win the World Series for you. Otherwise, why play the games.

  • paulcatanese

    I would be for Pena(if he stays) taking Colvin under his wing and teach him how to just take strikes when he comes to bat and swing on just one plane and never chase a pitch, that strains your’e back.Just take three in a row as no one if the Cub dugout seems to mind when Pena does it at least one third of his strikeouts. are that way. And by not swinging you get more walks that way and at least raise his average to .196.

  • paulcatanese

    By the way, if anyone was watching the Cards and Phils tonite what about the 300 million dollar player Pujols, on third no out, groundball to pitcher he takes off for home, bad move. Then later he’s on first no out and takes off on a steal (run and hit) with Berkman up and its a strikeout throwout double play. Two bonehead plays that could have cost the game for the Cards.

    • Tony_Hall

      Paul – from having a business partner who is a Cardinal fan, I can tell you that Albert is a well above average base runner.  

      Both plays, he may have been told to go on contact from 3rd (yes he should of at least made sure it got by the pitcher, but if you truly go on contact, you will be moving towards home), and the hit and run, I have to believe was called by Larussa as well.

      • paulcatanese

        You are right Tony, he is an above average baserunner and has made some good choices on the bases. Maybe LaRussa in his mind letting out the rumor that Pujols has a sore heel that it would have been a surprise, the first one from third, no way LaRussa would have called that, go on contact, but the second one with Berkman at the plate, left handed I will give youre friend that one as LaRussa may have wanted to stay out of the double play. so far Pujols is struggling a bit and may have been trying to make things happen. I dont believe even Camapana with his speed would have tried the first one, and if he did,he should be on the bench(Campana)not Pujols.

        • paulcatanese

          One other point Tony, since it is Pujols and it has been mentioned several times that he is one of the smartest baserunners out there, I would believe he has the green light on everything when he is on the bases. I do not see LaRussa( who is a very logical and precise manager) giving Pujols any kind of sign either way and he was on his own. The only call from LaRussa if made on the first one with Pujols on third is if it was a squeeze play and the hitter missed the sign.

          • Tony_Hall

            Good assessment, you may be right, that Pujols is given the green light to run the bases, as he sees fit.  

            Everyone has faults, and he makes so few mistakes, that they stand out.

            I am rooting for the Brewers and Cardinals to face each other in the NLCS, just so, all these people that say the Central is so easy, can eat a little crow.

            Of course, it wouldn’t break my heart if the Cardinals lost.

            My partner is going the game on Tuesday night.  He and a buddy got tickets into a luxury box, includes drinks and food for $130.  Didn’t seem like too bad of a deal.

          • paulcatanese

            Thanks for coming back to the site. Your’e buddy got a hell of a deal,I would have expected about 3-4 hundred for the same. Hope he enjoys it.

          • Tony_Hall

            Never really left.  During the baseball season, between work, running a couple of business’s, running a 13U baseball team my son plays on, keeps me busy.   We still have 3 games left in our fall season, ending on October 12th.  I always find it ironic that we are still playing even after MLB eliminates teams from the playoffs.  

            Plus my work computer, that I have with me during the day, blocks out sites that have “social networking”, so I can’t post from it to the CCO, but can read.  Of course reading and not be able to post is very hard to do.

            I am sure he will have a good time.  

  • Neil
  • Chuck

    Wow!  I can see some of the readers here have short memories.  Ozzie Guillen is well-known to Marlins management.  Ozzie was the Marlins 3rd base coach when the Marlins won the 2003 World Series.  I know Cub fans want to erase the playoffs from their memory.  Ozzie will stick it to the Cubs anyway he can.  Before living in Fort Myers, I lived in Miami from 1995 – 1999.  I even had season tickets to the Marlins.  Going to baseball games in Miami is much different than going to a game in Chicago.  The music that is played, a high Latino population gives the spectator the feeling they are in Latin America watching a game. 

    • studio179

      Most do remember Guillen was the 3rd base coach with the Marlins. Before that, he was a coach under Bobby Cox. I agree he would stick to the Cubs every chance. If taking Zambrano and some of his salary is sticking it to the Cubs, then I am in favor.

      What was the average draw the year(s) you were a season ticket holder? Even with the ’97 WS, I don’t recall attendance being that well in Miami.

  • Tony Spumoni

    Ozzie would be a fool not to take Big Z with him, if he possibly could.  And Carlos Zambrano would be a fool not to go along.  

    Isn’t Miami said to be the capitol of Latin America?  Sounds like fun to me!
    And yes, let’s make them pay for “tampering”.

  • ghostofelvis

    They can always trade us Logan Morrison for Z.

  • ghostofelvis

    Tell you what Red Sox-Ill trade you Sorry OHNo for Lackey. You get a RH pull hitter, I get a pitcher who seems to need to get out of Boston pronto.

  • cornerlots baseball

    It would be good for the Cubs if Zambrano goes south and joins the Marlins with Ozzie Guillen. It will free up some cash for better players and create less tension on the Cub team.