Rambling With This Newfound Feeling Called Believing

After being reported for two weeks, Theo Epstein was officially named the Chicago Cubs President of Baseball Operations.

That was one of the most enjoyable sentences I have ever typed.

As he has said multiple times, and as most fans know, it is an uphill battle and a long road and every other cliché or analogy you want use about it taking some time to rebuild. However, there might not be a better person in this world for the challenge than Theo.

He will have plenty of leeway and brings with him more equity than almost anyone else.

So, with all that, let’s do some fun and positive rambling. This will be a nice change of pace!

  • I live less than a mile from that freaking Starbucks. Apparently I was in the wrong place at the wrong time.
  • You will see many references to the “Blues Brothers” in the next three or four hundred words.
  • Okay, Ricketts-haters. Time to man up and admit your faults. You were all wrong. You doubted. You hated him for not making rash decisions and moves.
  • And Theo comes in and basically says you cannot make rash moves and decisions.
  • So, if you said Ricketts was awful and that he was driving this franchise into the ground, what do you say now?
  • I am not right that often, but I was right about him. I knew he cared. And after what he has done, arguably building the best front office in baseball, it is more than obvious he cares now.
  • Theo is getting the band back together.
  • Spahn and Sain and pray for rain.
  • Johnson and Schilling and rain God willing.
  • And my new one, along with a big jinx …
  • Theo and Jed and the curse is dead!
  • We’re 90 miles from Chicago, we have a half-full farm system, a full packet of overpaid veterans, it’s dark, and we are wearing sunglasses … for day baseball.
  • HIT IT!
  • I heard Epstein is going to see Quade in Florida. If you are going to fire a guy, you do not make him come to you. You go to them.
  • They are going to be on a mission. A mission from Theo.
  • I am interested to see what the Cubs give up in terms of compensation. All signs point to Vitters at this point.
  • Apparently a lot of the ladies think Theo is “hawt.” I always took it as a compliment when people said I reminded them of him.
  • I really enjoyed how the media were having Theo pose for pictures like he is some sort of supermodel. Posing on the brick pavers … posing in the outfield …
  • On second thought, it was more likely the Cubs organization that instigated the posing, but it was still comical.
  • Did anyone else thoroughly enjoy watching the Cardinals drop multiple pop-ups last night? Great stuff.
  • Many have said it, but it was so much fun to listen to Theo say “October baseball” about a zillion times.
  • I liked how he talked about sustainability and not just making it once and then disappearing for many seasons. As a Cubs fan, I wasn’t really aware that MLB allowed teams to be good for multiple seasons.
  • It is an interesting concept that I am still trying to grasp.
  • However, I will know it when I see, and I think I can speak for all of us on this one …
  • I CANNOT WAIT to see it!

That is it for your Friday ramblings. It has been a few weeks so it is good to get one out there. Let’s hear everyone thoughts. Here’s to a great day of conversation on the CCO.

And until next time …

Stay Classy Cubs Fans!!

Quote of the Day

"Don’t ever permit the pressure to exceed the pleasure." - Joe Maddon