From the Wire … Aramis Ramirez Declines 2012 Mutual Option

According to multiple reports late Sunday night, the Cubs exercised their part of the mutual option for Aramis Ramirez for 2012. As expected, Ramirez has reportedly informed the Cubs he will decline his part of the option and test free agency. Ramirez has until Tuesday night to make his decision official.

With the move, the Cubs will not be on the hook for the $2 million buyout and will receive draft pick compensation if Ramirez signs with another team. Early Elias Rankings have Ramirez listed as a Type-B free agent, which would net the Cubs a supplemental round pick (between the first and second round) of the 2012 draft.

Aramis Ramirez had a solid but misleading 2011 season. In 149 games, Ramirez put together a .306/.361/.510/.871 line with 35 doubles and 26 home runs. A majority of his production came well after the Cubs were cemented in fifth place in the NL Central.

Ramirez re-signed with the Cubs in November of 2006 after opting out of his first contract with the Cubs. Ramirez inked a five-year deal at the time worth $75 million that included a $16 million mutual option for 2012 … and was the first of the big contracts handed out by Jim Hendry over one calendar year (November 2006 – November 2007).

The Cubs are on Ramirez’s short-list of teams but reportedly Ramirez is looking for a three to four year deal worth around $15 million per year. And according to the Tribune, it is doubtful he will return to the Cubs.

The off-season news picked up Sunday … click on the links below for the updates.

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  • Anonymous47701

    Smart Move.

  • Ryan7

    So do the cubs still have to pay the 16million, I know they don’t have to pay the 2million, But what about the 16million

    • Calicub

      If I read it right… the cubs and Aram have a mutual contract for 2012 for $16 million.

      If arqmis ramirez picked up his option he would be owed 16 million by the cubs for 2012.

      If he picked up the option but the cubs declined it then the cubs would owe him a two million dollar buyout.

      Because they picked it up and he declined it, the cubs are off the hook for the buy out off the hook for the. $16 million and in the running for compensation.

      Pretty sweet deal if you ask me. Hopefully he gets upgraded over the course of the off season

    • Tony_Hall

      If one side says no to a mutual option, there is no deal.  No contract.  

    • Neil

      Ryan, no the Cubs do not have to pay Ramirez the $16 million and by picking up their part of the option and him declining his part, the Cubs are not responsible for the $2 million buyout.

      • JimBo_C

        Is an arbitration offer a prerequisite for receiving draft pick compensation?

        • Neil

          That is a technicality at this point, the Cubs are expected to formally offer Ramirez arbitration. With him opting out it is more than a safe bet he will decline arbitration and they will receive the draft pick.

  • paulcatanese

    He should have taken it, other teams must know he is not worth what he is seeking, as stated above by Neil, his stats a mis-leading. Not worth half of what he’s is asking on defense alone, and I think he has proven that he no longer can provide a full season of production. I hope he does go somewhere else, but even more that he dosent get the offers he is seeking and comes back at his true worth about half of what he’s asking, and not a long term deal.

    • J Daniel

      He will not get the $16 million annual salary but he will probably get a 3 year $30 million.  Therefore, he will be getting more money.  

      I guess he could have taken the $16 and then tried to get a 3 year $30 after?

      • Tony_Hall

        Unfortunately, I think he will get more than $30M for 3 years.  

        • J Daniel

          I was trying to play the low end of the deal.  I agree that he will get more but time will tell.  It is probably the right thing for him to do.  He probably only has 1 more shot at a multi year deal so he needs to get to it sooner rather than wait another year in which his production could decline.

          And from the Cubs side, this is the right way to go imo.  I have been a huge fan of his but did not like how he handled the year.  With new management it helps them progress the house cleaning.  His $16 million can now be used to buy 2-3 mid level guys on short term deals as this is the way they have to go with nobody in the system ready.

          Or they can move Castro there, play Barney or the likes at short, and use the money to buy out Soriano.  Either way, depending on what he does this off season, they will have huge money avail next year.

  • Tony_Hall

    By the way Neil, when do you take your break…

    5 stories in 2 days, sounds like you are still in mid-season form!

    • J Daniel

      If I recall, when the season ended Neil said he would be taking a break.  Neil – I don’t think you are going to get much of a break here as I believe there will be continual news this off season.

      GO CUBS! 

      • Tony_Hall

        He says he is going to take a break every year, but is always right there when news is breaking.  Other websites on the Cubs, take days off every week, during the season, and might give an update once a week during the off-season.  

        That is why this is the only place to go, to stay up to date on the ALL of the activities going on with the Cubs.

        • Reggie


        • Neil

          Thank guys and that is exactly what my wife was wondering … all kidding aside, I am glad there is news and rumors to report.

          I think ‘break time’ is over.

  • J Daniel

    Question now is what to do with Dempster?  Is it feasible to land a top starter, keep Z, and have a rotation of:

    Top starter to be named?
    Zambrano (as #3)
    Dempster (as #4)
    Smarj – Cashner (one of these guys as #5)

    This is a solid rotation and could be good depending on the top guy.  There is only additional money put into the new guy.  The rest of the focus is on lf, rf, 1b, 3b (which I know is a lot).  Then let things play out a bit more and try to make moves with Z and Demp at the deadline hoping for more good prospects??

    Or, are they better moving Dempster (not sure what he could bring)?

    • daverj

      The Cubs aren’t going to be adding a top starter this offseason because of the cost in dollars and years.  It doesn’t make sense to do that during a rebuilding year.  Theo will likely see what’s left over after the big names sign and try to pick up a veteran or two on a short term contract.  Maybe a guy like Oswalt if he’s willing to look at a 1 or 2 year deal.

  • Neil

    Tony LaRussa is announcing his retirement as I type this.

    • Calicub

      Well say good bye to albert and the cards dominance of the central this past decade.

    • MikeT_2008

      Hey Neil I’m sitting in class and have only seen that he’s retiring, any word on his staff ie Duncan?

      • Neil

        No official word yet but Duncan is under contract for one more year. Duncan’s wife has been very ill and many are wondering if he will step

        • MikeT_2008

          Ok thanks Neil, was just wondering and wishful thinking

        • paulcatanese

          Agree Neil, as I mentioned earlier, where one goes, the other will follow, they are very close,a situation to be envied by other teams.Duncan has given a lot, and I feel at this point family would come first.

          LaRussa has said more than once he would never come to The Cubs and I believe Duncan would honor those wishes.

    • John G

      An opening for Quade to interview for.

    • Tony_Hall

      Wow! What a great ending to a great career.

      • texcubnut

        Tony, don’t be so sure about  Larussa’s career ending. I guarantee it isn’t over. He has another chapter to write in his book. Maybe with the Cubs!!!

        • Tony_Hall

          Zero chance with the Cubs.

          • J Daniel

            Maybe he retiredf because he knows Theo is going to dominate and Albert is leaving.

      • paulcatanese

        Agree Tony, go out while he is on top, and even though Duncan has a contract for another year, I think the Cards will let him out of it.

    • studio179

      Addition by subtraction. The Cubs offseason keeps getting better.

      • studio179

        Interesting. I did not know LaRussa is the only manager to retire after winning a World Series. 

        • Tony_Hall

          MLB Network just showed a list of 6 managers that won a World Series, then retired.

          But I just heard someone else say if was the first. So maybe the list I saw on MLB was 6 managers who managed in the World Series then retired, and Larussa was the first to win.

          I am trying to find the list MLB showed, but no luck yet.

      • Reggie

        I totally agree, this guy has made a career out of padding his numbers, he can do that at another place.  We need to build for the future, he is not part of it.

  • John_CC

    Isn’t great to know that there in not a GM working out a ridiculous contract of too many years for 33 year old Aramis on the downside of his career, full of “no-trades” and player options right now? 

  • Neil

    Cubs will introduce Hoyer and McLeod at 3 p.m. Tuesday with Wrigley Field press conference.

  • Neil

    Cubs to decline Samardzija option, re-sign at lower salary; Jed’s p.c. at 3 p.m. Tuesday; Quade in limbo.

    • Tony_Hall

      Smart move, save about 600k…JH would have never even have known he could do this move.