From the Wire … Theo Epstein Takes Over as Cubs President of Baseball Operations

According to multiple reports, Theo Epstein has resigned as the general manager of the Boston Red Sox to become the new President of Baseball Operations for the Chicago Cubs. A press conference introducing Epstein has been scheduled for Tuesday, October 25.

The two organizations have also reached an agreement regarding a process by which appropriate compensation will be determined for the Red Sox and that issue will be resolved in the near term. Out of respect for the World Series, both clubs will not have further comment until Tuesday.

This is official, Theo Epstein is the Cubs President of Baseball Operations.

Press release making the official announcement:

CHICAGO – The Boston Red Sox and the Chicago Cubs jointly announce this evening that, effective immediately, Theo Epstein has resigned from the Red Sox in order to become the new President of Baseball Operations for the Cubs. The Clubs also have reached an agreement regarding a process by which appropriate compensation will be determined for the Red Sox and that issue will be resolved in the near term.
Both the Red Sox and the Cubs intend to hold press events on Tuesday, October 25 during which the Cubs intend to announce Mr. Epstein, and the Red Sox intend to announce his successor as General Manager.

Out of respect for the World Series, both clubs have agreed to forego further comment until Tuesday, the next scheduled non-game day. Further information on each club’s media availability for Tuesday will be distributed on Monday.

Quote of the Day

"Show me a guy who’s afraid to look bad, and I’ll show you a guy you can beat every time." – Lou Brock

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  • jfish1219

    wooohooo it is finally done

    • Deeez2

      Beautiful thing! I was very skeptical this deal would get finalized seeing as sox shot the moon

  • Ripsnorter1

    Yeah. Well I wanted Friedman. And who gets him? 

    Yup. Skunked. Again. 

    • Deeez2

      Friedman will remain in Tampa no question

    • studio179

      Friedman was my first choice, too. However, I am going to give Epstein a fair chance. Let’s see what happens out in LA-LA Land. I am not so sure Friedman goes there. 

    • Tony_Hall

      Are you spreading more rumors on another GM search?

      We don’t know if Friedman was interested, interviewed, etc.  We also don’t know if he could have played pied piper, and brought in more brain power with him.  

  • Anthony

    Start guessing the Comp. My guess is a top pitching prospect and  2-3 position players at the A level.

    • cubs1967

      this is so seligstupid………who cares if they announce it tomorow…….god forbid baseball news be discussed during the baseball season…… one will watch the Series if this is announced.

      thank god uncle bud is leaving the sport he nearly ruined in 2012. 
      now we get 3 more days of every blogger, writer, media nit wit trying to outdo themselves as to who is the compensation!!

      welcome Theo!!…………see ya Z, Sori, Quade!…….hello Ryno?

      • cubs1967

        just o piss off dudBud………..all in 1 day freakin announce Theo, hire Jed, hire Jason McLeod, fire Quade, hire Ryno, trade Z, and re-assign Kenny Crane to the mailroom…………like 5 press conferences all day……yeah…that’s the ticket……….make me a bicycle you clown Selig!

      • studio179

        Is Uncle Bud really leaving? He said that last time and when millions was thrown his way he decided he would be willing to stay on.

        Let’s play wait and see first.  

    • J Daniel

      They have been guessing on compensation on here since all of this nonsense started.

  • jfish1219

    Now fire Quade

    • Baron_S

      I feel bad for Quade,,, he has always been a polite and nice fella..

      but he is in over his head…..this is the big leagues, and the manager job of a top 5 franchise in Major League baseball … .deliver or get out!! 

  • Bobby P

    It’s finally done! Well, welcome to Chicago, Theo.

  • Baron_S

    the cost of this is not just the 18.5…

    The GM is probably going to get a 3 year $2 mill per year deal too
    so its 18.5 + 6/7 — $25 million to just replace the front of baseball operations…

    to the guy that gave Dice-K $50 Mill
    Lackey $80 mill
    Crawford $142 mill
    J.D Drew $70 mill

    He is given credit for bringing up Youkilis, Pedroia and Papelbon

    Well, he did NOT draft Youkilis…

    He drafted Pedroia, Papelbon,Ellsbury and Daniel Bard — admittedly good moves

    He signed Ortiz, Schilling and Beckett..
    along with Such old cub studs as Mark Bellhorn and Bill Mueller.

    Yes, what a magnificent resume!! surely the Crawford $142 mill deal is a much more brainy move than the $136 mill Soriano got.

    • cubs1967

      how ’bout the 2 World Series???????

      just cork it; if you don’t have  a better idea; then let the rest of us enjoy this.  stop ya bitchin……….ya sound like a Basten dude!

      • Baron_S

        Mr 1967,

        Appreciate the glass-full view..

        I’m sure you’ve been a fan a lot longer than me — its just foolish for us to think of this guy as some Messiah…. 

        I do live in Basten!! I’m just saying he ain’t all ‘that’!!

        • Bobby P

          No, he’s not a Messiah. But don’t blame fans for being excited. I don’t know how old you are, but some fans have been around for a long freaking time and this is the best news they’ve ever gotten. Whether that tells you more about the ineptitude of this organization than it does about the abilities of Theo Epstein, that’s up to you. This is great news, either way you look at it.

          • Baron_S

            31 years young here Bobby..

            Man, i realllly want this team to be a lot better asap….. I will be thrilled if this works out…. I just think we have sooo many more needs than just another hypped puppet-master!!

          • Bobby P

            Fair enough. I just really hope this works out. The Cubs misery is no longer funny, nor is it sad. It just is what it is. I really hope that will change in 2-3 years.

        • Baron_S

          And if he does a good job of hoodwinking some sucker GM off even 1 or 2 of our horrendous contracts, I will eat a bowl full of crow!!

        • cubs1967

          cubs fans gotta take what we can.  i’ve ripped ricketts from day one; this is the 1st right move he’s made and by adding hoyer and mcleod plus others i would say the front office will be in it’s best shape since a very very long time.  no guarantees for sure………….but ya gotta start somewhere.

          other than friedman, i would of said theo was the best choice…..and theo has 2 rings, friedman none plus friedman has never had a budget to make big mistakes and they all do, cashman, theo, hendry, williams, etc. nor had friedman dealt w/ a media like in chicago nor a fan base that is basically near it’s “wits” end to win a world series……….

          this is good.  it could not work.  but today; these are all the right moves by ricketts.

          • Reggie

            Some people would have complained if we got Jesus Christ, Mohammed and
            Buddah in as our joint GMs.  That is the Cubs fan’s mindset, losing will
            make you pessimistic.

    • Neil

      Baron, Hoyer is expected to sign a 5-year contract.

      • Baron_S


        I’m very curious — your first thoughts??

        • Neil

          Baron, not ignoring you. Just keeping up with all the info. Will respond later tonight.

        • Neil

          I think this is a move in the right direction for an
          organization that has basically never had one. This organization is in need of
          a philosophy and a plan, two things that I don’t think have existed in my
          lifetime. It sounds like Ricketts has a plan of how he would like to build a
          winning organization and has put together a solid front office with a proven
          track record.

          • Baron_S

            my fingers are crossed Neil

          • Dorasaga

            I concur, and I’m loving the Cubs a bit more today.

  • Last_ginger

    For all that are worried Theo is now negotiating the compensation and if they cant come to terms by Tuesday Selig wilk get involved. Cubs 1 Sox 0

  • jw

    Well I feel better than I did a year ago…there is a glimmer

    I am torn between thinking that this is a guy that a very competitve franchise cherished to one that they became ambivalent about…Then again maybe working for the Boston organization and Luccino drove Theo away and it was more his choice than the Red Sox.

    Is what Theo was hired for (Sabermetircs, and fanactical analysis) less relevant today and are the Cubs just catching up to the 1990’s? Will Theo and Hoyer be able to assess MLB talent better and do as well without a $160mm payroll and seemingly endless bullets in the gun? Do they groc the fact that you need a productive farm system, exceptional MLB talent assesssment, vision, being strong up the middle (especially at catcher), rock solid pitching including a shut down closer, and fundamentally sound approach??

    Anything is better than the brutally crude approach what was there and they are both young with experience…if they have the passion to do something on the North side that has not been done in over 100 years then there is hope…I am encouraged what Schilling said that it is a great move and the Cubs will get a World Series trophy under this reign…I lift my glass of half full cool-aid once again and toast to hope. Hazah!

    Now get the business professional that renovated Fenway and throw Clown Kenney into the first outbound boxcar out of town.

    • Bobby P

      I actually believe he will do better without a huge payroll. I don’t know how much you know about Boston, but there is so much pressure around the Red Sox. Epstein is expected to make deals and despite what John Henry and Larry Lucchino might say, I have no doubt that the Crawford deal was not even 50% Epstein’s decision. He can focus much more on player development and do what he does well. He’ll deal away guys to get prospect and let others go to get draft picks, that’s how he works. And maybe he’ll sign a big contract in a year or two, but then we should have already started to build the foundation. The Red Sox survives on quality guys, both as leaders and players, like Youkilis, Pedroia, Varitek and Ellsbury. That’s why it was so surprising how they lost the clubhouse, but if you see what they said, they are not exactly happy about what happened, especially Youkilis.

      Theo will help Cubs catch up to the 21st century, not just the 1990’s. I just really hope he won’t be pressured the same way he was in Boston to sign big guys. Crane Kenney needs to stay away and let Epstein & Co make all the baseball decision, and we’ll see where it takes us. I have hope it’ll take us places, but only time will tell…

      • jw

        Thanks for the encouraging perspective!!! I think a clubhouse can be lost when you bring in players that do not fit…especially if they have the insulation of a $100m+ contract…something is amiss at the top in Boston.

        • cubtex

          Or having your starting staff drinking a six pack during a game :)

          • Tony_Hall

            That might have helped our pitchers :)

          • cubtex

            yes…you are right about that

        • Bobby P

          As bad as the Soriano contract is, at least he’s supposed to be a great clubhouse guy. I mean, that’s something…

          Of course, if you had the choice of a beer-drinking Beckett or Lester, or a good clubhouse guy like Soriano… I mean, come on. Give me Jon Lester and a 24 pack of Pabst… Uh, I mean Old Style…

          • cubtex

            I am friends with the owner of Old Style…He would appreciate you correcting yourself.

          • Bobby P

            Well, you can’t have a Cubs pitcher be drinking anything other than Old Style in the dugout.

          • Baron_S

            Soriano’s contract is the single worst call ever made in the the history of the Cubs…..

          • cubs1967

            dude…..NO……….ever heard of lou brock or how about letting a cy young 1st ballot HOF leave over $500K………some dude named Greg Maddux!

            those 2 can never be forgiven.

          • Bobby P

            Hendry wanted a 5-year deal, remember?

            Remember when Adrian Beltre had a career year in 2004? Well, the Mariners only signed him to a 5-year contract. No real precedent or anything, but it’s what Crane Kenney wanted.

            Sure, bad player, but even worse people running the contract talk. Not that it changes anything, but I like reminding people that we could have been rid of Alfonso now if it wasn’t for Mr. Crane Kenney.

  • paulcatanese

    Ok,now everyone root for the Cardinals for home team advantage in the next World Series in 2012, oh wait, thats the All Star Game. I dont know how all will turn out with Epstein, but change,any change was needed. I think first on the agenda will be when he has to go to the bathroom with the other fans, not his private one upstairs, gurantee there will be change.

    • cubtex

      I am glad this is finally done as well Paul. Despite what I have said about how overhyped and overrated he is, I am happy that Ricketts is going with his conviction that this is the guy to bring a winner to Chicago. Ricketts really wants to win and it is extremely evident. It is refreshing to have an owner that backs up what he said he would do. Let’s hope that the Hoyer/Epstein team makes wise moves so we can watch a good product over the next couple of years. 

      • paulcatanese

        I agree with you and on such a joyus night I wont mention the other guy, who should be at third.

  • studio179

    I pointed out the ‘whys’ in previous posts from day one. Theo was was not coming to Chicago as the GM, even though he still reports to Ricketts directly. His title matters. I am glad this part of restructuring is over. I am curious who the Cubs gave up. However, it does not matter in the grand scheme of things if positive changes happen to the organization. I may or may not like who went to Boston, but I am not going to lose sleep and over analize it.

  • Spoda17

    Okay ladies, this is the deal now.  I would have rather the fine gentlemen from Tampa, but we now have Theo, so we have to take him, and yes I am excited.  Now Ryno, and all is good in Chi-Town… for the next 10 minutes.. now onto rebuilding the organization.  I will give Tommy R. a good atta boy, we all were crucifying him all year for not making a move, but he pulled it off, he made a major decision, and he did it well.  So gratz Tom and Theo… don’t let us down… now onto pitching..!

  • cornerlots baseball

    I  concur. Epstein is on board. Great! Now it’s time to look at a new Cub manager and I got Sandberg at the top of my list. Congratulations Epstein. Cub fans should be getting excited.