Ramirez Looking for Multi-Year Deal

According to a report from Bruce Levine, Aramis Ramirez is “looking for more than the one-year, $16 million option that remains on his contract” for next season.

Ramirez feels that if he hits free agency he would end up with a two or three-year contract because there will not be many third basemen on the open market this winter.

Aramis Ramirez reiterated he would like to stay with the Chicago Cubs.

Aramis Ramirez and his agent, Paul Kinzer, “are hoping to entice the Cubs to off a longer-term deal.” But with Jim Hendry no longer in the picture and the Cubs currently without a general manager, it is unclear the direction the Cubs will take this off-season.

According to Bruce Levine, Ramirez’s option for 2012 is a mutual option and the Cubs must decide if they want to pick-up his option the day after the conclusion of the World Series. If the Cubs decline the option, they would pay Ramirez the $2 million buyout. Ramirez can still decline and become a free agent.

When Ramirez re-signed with the Cubs in November of 2006, the five-year deal was reported as having a mutual option for 2012. In recent years, the mutual option has been reported as a club option that included a $2 million buyout. With the way Ramirez and his agent have discussed his future in recent months, it appears that Ramirez’s option for 2012 is indeed a mutual option.

Aramis Ramirez from ESPN Chicago.com:

“My priority has always been to stay with the Cubs. But, right now, we don’t even have a GM to make any decisions. So I hope we finish strong the next two weeks and then we’ll see what happens.”

“A one-year thing is not ideal. Every player wants to be in place for at least two or three years. But the one-year stuff, that’s kind of tough to do. But I do want to stay with the Cubs if I can.”

“I’m prepared for everything right now. Like I said before, we don’t have a GM and November is right around the corner. Hopefully the Cubs will want to keep me for a while. But this is a business so anything can happen.”

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  • Lakatossteve

    Goodbye sir.its been good but time to part ways. Glad hendry is out or it would be a 6yr back loaded contract with a no trade clause

    • paulcatanese

      I agree, whether Aram stays or go’s the fact is they will not be in the World Series next year or the year after. They may make the playoffs next year because of the weak central division, but no beyond that. Save the money and get pitchers.

  • Vivid_Reality

    I’d give him 4 yrs 40mm if he could play first.

    • J Daniel

      He could play first but I wouldn’t go 4 years – 3 years max including next year, basically extending the current deal 2 years.

    • paulcatanese

      Have been saying that for over a year, they would have not needed Pena,but Aram has expressed in no uncertain terms he will not play first base.

  • gocubs

    2 yrs 28 mil with incentives for games played, HRs, All Star, etc.  There is no one else out there and hes worth the money.  Vitters may be ready in another year or 2.  

  • J Daniel

    He could play first.  I would re-sign him for a 3 year deal as there are NO internal options.  Vitters is not going to be ready for another year or so if he ever is.  Gocubs worded it best “may be ready” which also means may not be.  I would tend to lean with may not be.

    We all know there are many other needs – pitching, pitching, and more pitching.

  • Ripsnorter1

    P.K. Ricketts is hot to retain Tim Wilkens. Wilkens had great success at Toronto. But how has he fared in the Cubs’ MiL culture? Let’s look…..

    But first note that I am saying that if a player made a single appearance, he “made it” to the ML.

    Tim Wilkens 1st Cubs draft: 2005

    Prospects drafted: 50
    Prospects that made it to the ML: 0 for even 1 IP or 1 AB

    Tim Wilkens 2nd Cubs draft: 2006
    Prospects drafted: 50
    Prospects that made it to the ML: 2  
    …Colvin, drafted #1.
    …Samardzija, drafted #2, who just got his act together this year. He had a fine year. 

    Tim Wilkens 3rd Cubs draft: 2007
    Prospects drafted: 50 (Vitters #1)
    Prospects that made it to the ML: 3
    …Guyer (with FL)
    …Cashner (did not sign in 2007)
    …James Russell

    Tim Wilkens 4th Cubs draft: 2008
    Prospects drafted: 50
    Prospects made it to the ML: 4
    …Chris Carpenter 
    …Josh Harrison

    Tim Wilkens 5th Cubs draft: 2009
    Prospects drafted: 50
    Prospects made it to the ML:1 (Brett Jackson #1)
    …DJ LeMeihu

    Tim Wilkens 2010 draft:0 for 50 thus far. It is too early to tell, except I’ll say that I thinkHayden Simpson was a poor choice.

    Either Wilken forgot how to draft, or possibly more likely, the entire Cubs MiL system is shot through with incompetency. That last option is the opinion of Mr. Steve Stone. He does not blame Wilken. He points out that injuries to pitchers show that the Cubs MiL coaching is inferior.

    • J Daniel

      Does not look to good, RIP.  That is exactly why all of the talk about the prospects coming up and playing a major role makes me ill.  Say what you want about Aram but who is going to replace him?

      There are a few guys that are starting to help though as you list but needs to be a lot more.

      • paulcatanese

        Replace Aram? All they need is 1/2 a third baseman, the half that shows up the second half of the season and Aram is replaced with no loss of production.

      • cubs1967

        Wilken has blown #1 picks on simpson, colvin and vitters.  the 2nd rd pick of grant johnson when the cubs had no No 1 was bad too.

        time for a change………….

        and it’s been 103 and NO world series; so for those on here writing off 2012 and 2013; NOT acceptable.

        ricketts needs to spend……….wiht a good GM NOW……..

        hello…….would the yanks or red sox or phils write off a year??

        cubs fans deserve better and should demand it.

        tommy boy??????……….are U listening

        • cubtex

          Vitters is 22. He had a very good year at AA this year. Simpson had mono and this was basically a wasted year for him. I still think Simpson has a long way to go….but Vitters has a very good chance to be a good mlb player. He doesn’t strike out much at all and has room to improve.

          • cubs1967

            .770 OPS, 14 homers only, 4 of 14 SB, only 22 walks, and a marginal glove at 3b is not a very good year at AA.

            14 homers???????………..that’s less than 10 at the MLB level.  22 walks in 450 at-bats?? come on

            nice try…………he’s a bust!

          • cubtex

            You’re right. He’s a bust at 22. He won’t improve. Cut him…..NEXT

    • Ripsnorter1

      I have at least this problem with Wilken’s drafting techniques: He just keeps drafting middle infielders with no speed and no power. They make it to the ML as utility infielders (re: Barney, DJ LeMeheiu, Josh Harrison). Campana cannot hit a lick. Hasn’t got the power to get one to the OF.  Colvin is an exception, and Brett Jackson should be up here as an exception, too. But Colvin–ask CubTex–isn’t a ML OF. That .150 BA gives a hint that he’s having a few issues….and I want him to make it. Guyer hasn’t gotten even 70 AB yet. 

      • cubtex

        I have no problem with Campana not being able to hit the ball to the wall. He is not that type of player. You want him to hit the ball on the ground EVERY time with his speed….however, I feel he is a role player and won’t hit enough to play everyday. He is a valuable bench player and that is what he is.
        I have been saying that the outfield for next year needs to be tweeked. BJAX should be the frontrunner for cf…..but you know my thoughts on Colvin and IF the Cubs want to ever get better defensively,need to try and trade Soriano to an AL team. They need to also try and trade Byrd or keep him strictly as a 4th outfielder to give BJAX a blow against tough lefthanded pitchers.
        As far as drafting speedy middle infielders….remember they just drafted Zeke DeVoss and were trying him at 2B.

        • paulcatanese

          According to Tom U, DeVoss is very, very fast. That could work out as he should be ready in another two years and at the least be ready to take over the role that Campana plays now, that kind of player is needed for what they do.

      • Brp921

        I feel like a broken record, but at least this years issues with Colvin were brought on by last years injury and bad managing by Quade this year. My opinion is that he will be able to carry a fair average, hit for some power, play an average to above average OF and have a decent arm. I think he’s a keeper. I could be wrong, and we could have found that out this year, but Quade wouldn’t play him in the right situations for him to have a chance to excel.

    • frustrated

      I knew a man that son was drafted by the Cubs.  When his son was traded, I asked him what the biggest difference between the organizations.  No hesitation.  The Cubs coaching was inferior in all respects.

    • paulcatanese

      And Steve would know,always outspoken, but really tells it like it is.

  • J Daniel

    I would prefer to to take a flyer on LaHair next year at first, use the money to buy a starter, keep Aram, and find a new right fielder.  CF is an issue as well as Byrd is a 4th outfielder.

    • ldsteam2011

      Jackson will play center next year.  CF issue solved.  LF is more of an issue if anything. Need to get rid of Soriano.

  • Tony_Hall

    ARam will get a 2 or 3 year contract from someone.  That doesn’t mean it makes sense for that team to be the Cubs.  

    At most pick up his option, and make him walk.  If he does walk, it saves $2M.  If he accepts, we have him for only 1 year, in a year, we won’t be making World Series plans anyway, especially with his glove at 3rd, that offsets a big chunk of his offensive contribution.

    • Schwimmer

      I think it would be wise to sign ARam for a 2 year deal.  He’s still a good “clutch” hitter.  And, he still likely to hit 25 HRs and drive in 100 RBIs for the next 2 years.  And, he still plays a decent 3rd base.  I’ll bet his contract could be “re-worked” so that it is 2 years for $24 to $26 million.  He’s worth it.
      And, he wants to stay in Chicago.  Besides there is no one in the CUBS organization that can take his place.  It’s a no-brainer.  There is no intelligent GM…that is going to let ARam “walk.” And, ARam and his Agent can just wait until the World Series is over.  Because by that time, Ricketts will have picked out his new GM.There are enough other problems with the CUBS that need to addressed.

      • Tony_Hall

        What about 3 years?  

        Paul Kinzer is on the phone for you and that 2 year $26M dollar offer is now not enough.  They have 2 teams willing to go 3 years, and $40M….

        There is no “re-working” his contract.  It is like starting over if both don’t agree to the 1 year option.  That means, he will test the FA waters, and someone will offer more.

        Letting him walk is not all about saying their is someone better for 2012.  Aram will not be with this team, the next time they play in the playoffs. Sign him to 1 year, or go young or sign a 1 year stopgap.  But don’t commit to this guy for multiple years.  

        • paulcatanese

          As  have said before,Aram only plays 1/2 a year at a time, the first part of every year and spends that time looking for long underwear. As he cannot give value for the first half, dont pay him for it, that way the Cubs would only have to pay him for a year and a half on a three year deal.

        • paulcatanese

          Without the joke I posted earlier to you Tony, you are absolutly correct in wanting the Cubs to let Aram walk, if they sign him again he will do the same again for three more years, doing his spring training the first half of the season. As far as the Cubs having someone better for 2012, the good part of that would be they will get a longer opportunity to prove themselves, and not the one or two games they are given now. I agree, do not commit to multiple years with him,why get burned again for three more years, as he will never give the Cubs a complete season.

  • Dorasaga

    Very funny.

  • Griffnbell

    Here is a look at our possible lineup if ARam isn’t back. This is what we currently have and void of any trades or FA signings the GM may make. Keep in mind I’m assuming we are rebuilding  and the new GM won’t go for it all in year one.


    Not pretty. I like a few of the pieces but as much as I’d like to move on w/o Aram, where will the power come from? He’s lazy but clutch. I wouldn’t mind Wright but not at an enormous price. Wish I could see into the future and see who will be available through trades. I’d like to see guys like Kemp, Anibel Sanchez, Adam Jones, or Gordan Beckam become available. Trade Z, Soriano, Byrd, and Dempster and try to find a diamond in the rough in return. Any ideas on who may be available via trade?

  • Chipguy2030

    Why is everyone looking at Vitters to take over for Aramis?  The answer is Castro!     

    • Dorasaga

      I like that idea more now, while Castro hasn’t improved much defensively and doesn’t look too motivated by Quade and his coaches. A friend sent me this link:

      I guess this is that Greinke Situation replicated: This team sucks; I can’t stand it. The coaches pick on me and let veterans ride their pines. I wonder when I’ll get my Super 2 and raise, too.

      Anyway, the team is a mess. There’s no hurt moving around creatively. The fact is with the amount of infield prospects the Cubs have, the club can afford creative moves. There are endless possibilities.

      Want stopgap? They can even trade for Rolen with his $6.5 million and one year left. That’ll be a much better choice than ARam and his strolling to ground balls.

      • paulcatanese

        Like how you think on this, as you know I have been pushing Castro over to third base for a long time now. LeMahieu could go to second and Barney to short it will work. And Rolen is a distinct possibility,let Aram walk, period.

        • John_CC

          All of those are better options than having Aramis moping around as Castro’s “mentor” for another year!  Like Dorasaga alluded to above, Castro’s attitude is not good and Aramis does not help!  Soriano works hard and has a good attitude, he’s just not that good of a player anymore, but Aramis…man, he needs to go.  I am pretty confident that this demand will the end.

          “You guys think you’ll get multi-years and do better than the 16M$$ you’re guaranteed here on the free agent market?  Go test it, thanks for the years and good luck out there!”

    • John_CC

      I was scanning all these posts, scrolling down…I can’t believe you are the first one to bring it up! 

      Now is the time to move Starlin over. Plain and simple.  The LAST thing this team needs is 2 more years of Aramis, god save us if it were 3.  He is a dog. He drove this team into the ground the first two months. Too little, too late is his m.o. now. It has been for 3 years.

      I’d give LaHair a shot. Either move Castro to 3B and look at Reyes and start working Vitters at 1B.  Or see if they could get David Wright and leave Castro at SS.

      Long and short: There are ALWAYS options!  Here’s to hoping that the new regime can think creatively and with some forethought.

      • paulcatanese

        John, I have been bringing up that move for Castro since last fall and was continualy shot down and one of the reasons was Castro is young, he will improve and the other one was that it would have taken a move to first base by Aram which I also suggested, but then Aram has indicated there would be no move by him over there. Thus Pena was signed and It all became a moot point as an additional 10 million would have to be absorbed by the Cubs. Case closed for Castro at that time to move to third. I have always thought he would do better over there, but was also told that he didnt have the power to be there. He does now and only will get better at it. Now is the choice time for the Cubs to move him,,, If they let Aram walk. LeMahieu can now handle second base, as it looks like that is his natural position, and Barney at this time can certainly handle shortstop, his natural position, and I would venture to say that Barney and LeMahieu being where they are comfortable would increase their production with the bat. Castro can play anywhere he wants to, a natural athlete, but he needs to be in a spot where he can relax and cut down the errors. If nothing else for Castro he could keep a bag of seeds in the third base box to keep him going for the whole game.

        • John_CC

          I was on the Castro to 3B wagon at the same time you where Paul…long before it left the station!

        • cubtex

          Paul, I stated this before as well….but I would not move Castro now for Barney. Barney is not a difference maker and someone who you would want to pencil in at short for the next 5 years. Do you really think an infield of Castro,Barney and LeMahieu has enough pop from 3rd to 2nd? I pointed out Furcal’s errors early in his career. Give Castro a chance to grow at short. I agree he is frustrating at time with his lack of focus at times…but a new manager could help with his development and another year under his belt will help. He has more physical tools to handle short than Barney. More range…stronger arm etc. I think the cubs need to move Barney this offseason if they feel LeMahieu has more upside. Barney is not going to get much better than he is right now. I feel he is still below average turning double plays and is not real smooth around the bag. He is a scrappy player and I like him….but you need to look long term on what the best scenario would be up the middle.

  • paulcatanese

    I see where Z is being paid again, wonder if he has had to squeeze by until this check came in. Probably had to borrow a few mil from Aram. Ah, the problems of millionares, I’ll bet he has had to pick up his own tabs in local restaurants, things are tough.

  • roseyc

    Let Aram walk with Pena too. First of all we need start all over. I saw an interview with Castro and the persons he says he is constantly talking with are Aram and Sori …what is wrong with that picuture. I understand he relates to his countrymen but they are bad influences. You can tell with the sunflower seeds  incident Aram has a negative effect on him. Pena can’t hit lefthanded pitching and Sori need I say more. If the Cubs don’t clear the deck then sign Pujols which will be positive influence on Castro. Another thing when is Evan Longoria’s contract up? I would defintely consider him as future Cub

    • Tony_Hall

      The Rays are shrewd team.  Longoria is locked up for a long time.

      Evan Longoria 3b6 years/$17.5M (2008-13), plus 2014-16 club options6 years/17.5M (2008-13), plus 2014-16 club optionssigned extension with Tampa Bay 4/18/08
      08:$0.5M, 09:$0.55M, 10:$0.95M, 11:$2M, 12:$4.5M, 13:$6M, 14:$7.5M club option ($3M buyout), 15:$11M club option,16:$11.5M club option
      if Longoria otherwise would be arbitration-eligible
      after 2010, 2011 salary increases to $2.5Mafter 2011, buyout for 2014 option increases to $4M
      club must decide by 11/2014 whether to exercise 2015-16 options
      2016 option may increase to $14M based on rankings in MVP vote
      award bonuses: $50,000 for All Star selection, $25,000 for Gold Glovecontract purchased by Tampa Bay 4/12/08drafted 2006 (1-3) (Long Beach State)$3M signing bonusagent: Paul CohenML service: 2.170

      • Dorasaga

        This Cohen must be impersonated by the Cohen who played “Borat.” This will go down history as the best club-friendly contract of this century. The agent was comical.

        • Tony_Hall

          Yes in some ways he was, but this was signed on April 18th, 2008, 6 days after he was called up from the minors. This deal is worth over $40M, with all options.  He wouldn’t be a FA, until after the 2014 season, so this is a great example of buying out the arb years, and doing team options for the early FA years.  So the 08-10 years are in line, with controlled years.  11-13 are deals for arbitration years.  2015 and 2016 options, will be no brainers, unless he gets hurt.  It is hard for a young guy to turn down a contract that makes him set for life, at the age of 22.  He will be a FA at the age of 31.  I am sure they will either sign him to a new contract in his late 20’s, or trade him somewhere that will.  If you think they received a lot for Garza, just imagine what he would bring back.

  • paulcatanese

    Saw the lineup for tonight and whats wrong with that picture? Byrd while pushed further down in the lineup(as it should be) he is still in the lineup(as it should not be)and Johnson,Colvin,Campana,and Montanez sit. Soriono, I have to admit has been giving it his all and is right there with Pena and Aram for power and has had some clutch hits with two outs and others with the bases loaded, so I am not too upset that he’s in there is a runner needed or defense later in the game. I can see where Qua is going with this, he wants to pass the Pirates and possibly the Reds, but to what end is that? All it proves to me is that he is still thinking of Qua and not the best interest in the future of the Cubs. If the money is there, believe it, Pena and Aram will go, they will not pass the dollars up just because they say they want to stay with the Cubs. With those two money talks, and they will walk.What I fear the most is if some team wants either the Cubs will pay them more to stay, not because they want them but because they dont want anyone else to have them.

  • Tom U

    With 17 games left to go, here’s the average over the last three seasons:

    .285/23 doubles/22 HR/80 RBI/.947 fielding – 5th place finishes the last two years http://www.baseball-reference.com/players/r/ramirar01.shtml

    At 33 years of age, it is time to turn the page on Aramis Ramirez

    If you are a fan that likes reading this chapter over and over again, then, by all means, support signing Ramirez for another year. or two, or 103.

    As a fan, I would rather not be stuck in Groundhog Day

    So, who would take his place?

    It doesn’t matter, as long as it is someone from within the system.

    Platoon LeMahieu and DeWitt, at least until Flaherty can overtake DeWitt. Bring up Marwin Gonzalez and move Castro to third. Scott Moore. Greg Rohan. Anybody.

    But not Ramirez, a free agent, or trade.

    It is time as an organization, and as fans to move forward, not to mark time.

  • studio179

    Pitching and more pitching.

  • Joel

    What I’d like is for them to sign Reyes, move Castro to 3rd, and that’s it for position players. Sign/trade for a starter or two (using Marmol in a trade, ideally). Defense better. Speed better. Pitching better. I think they’d be solid. Matters not whether 1B is Pena or Lahair, RF is Colvin or Byrd or Jackson.