Ramirez Looking for Multi-Year Deal

According to a report from Bruce Levine, Aramis Ramirez is “looking for more than the one-year, $16 million option that remains on his contract” for next season.

Ramirez feels that if he hits free agency he would end up with a two or three-year contract because there will not be many third basemen on the open market this winter.

Aramis Ramirez reiterated he would like to stay with the Chicago Cubs.

Aramis Ramirez and his agent, Paul Kinzer, “are hoping to entice the Cubs to off a longer-term deal.” But with Jim Hendry no longer in the picture and the Cubs currently without a general manager, it is unclear the direction the Cubs will take this off-season.

According to Bruce Levine, Ramirez’s option for 2012 is a mutual option and the Cubs must decide if they want to pick-up his option the day after the conclusion of the World Series. If the Cubs decline the option, they would pay Ramirez the $2 million buyout. Ramirez can still decline and become a free agent.

When Ramirez re-signed with the Cubs in November of 2006, the five-year deal was reported as having a mutual option for 2012. In recent years, the mutual option has been reported as a club option that included a $2 million buyout. With the way Ramirez and his agent have discussed his future in recent months, it appears that Ramirez’s option for 2012 is indeed a mutual option.

Aramis Ramirez from ESPN Chicago.com:

“My priority has always been to stay with the Cubs. But, right now, we don’t even have a GM to make any decisions. So I hope we finish strong the next two weeks and then we’ll see what happens.”

“A one-year thing is not ideal. Every player wants to be in place for at least two or three years. But the one-year stuff, that’s kind of tough to do. But I do want to stay with the Cubs if I can.”

“I’m prepared for everything right now. Like I said before, we don’t have a GM and November is right around the corner. Hopefully the Cubs will want to keep me for a while. But this is a business so anything can happen.”

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