Rambling on the Last Day of the Cubs Season

As I walked to Wrigley Field in my one-of-a-kind CCO Cubs T-Shirt on April 1st of this year, I knew what to expect. I figured it would be a tough year, but I had no idea how rough it would be. From losing 40 percent of the pitching staff in the first week to having no choice but to fire the General Manager, the 2011 campaign was dismal at best.

And now it mercifully ends today. It’s funny because a lot has happened since Opening Day, but it does not seem so long ago. They say time flies when you are having fun, and though the last six months went by rather quickly, fun is not a word that comes close to coming to mind when I think about this year’s installment of the Cubs. So, as we head to the offseason and the hot-stove time of year, there is a lot that will be going on and a lot to pay attention to for the Faithful. So, I think it is prudent to ramble about that. What do you think? Well, it is going to happen anyway, so just jump aboard.

  • I wrote it last week, and I will write it again. The Cubs need to hire a new GM within the next three to four weeks. Tops. This must happen.
  • And according to Ken Rosenthal, that person will not be Theo Epstein. It has been a rough month for the BoSox, but Theo did win two World Series in eight years as GM. Not too shabby.
  • Here is a question for all of you, and I would like to hear your thoughts below. Please tell me the last time a homegrown everyday player gave you as much excitement as Starlin Castro. Mark Grace is one that comes to mind.
  • I think Starlin will be better.
  • And this then leads me to ask the last time the Cubs could possibly have a lot of players from their system starting at one time:
  • BJax, Castro, Colvin, Barney, LaHair, Soto/Castillo …
  • My knowledge of the Cubs farm system is decent, but not extensive. However, I really cannot think of a time that there could be up to six players from our system starting in the field at once.
  • If I am wrong, please let me know. And I mean six real starters, not stop-gaps.
  • So, Tom Ricketts is mending fences with Ryne Sandberg. Not surprised the papers were all over that one.
  • If Quade is indeed done, it will be interesting to see who the new GM hires. From most accounts, Ricketts loves Ryno and wants him to be the manager. If the new GM goes in a different direction, it will say a lot about how much autonomy he or she has been given.
  • So, here is another feedback request. If Quade is out, who do you want? Who would you like to see? I would like to see Ryno, but am open to many ideas. I just do not know who is available, and/or who would want the job.
  • According to a Chicago publication, Zambrano’s house is on the market. This could really be the end of his tenure with the Cubs. It seems to be over.
  • And while this is the biggest understatement I have made in a long time, “it is about time.”
  • I have trouble believing the Cubs can make a quick turnaround next season, but as I have said, I didn’t see the 2007 happening after the debacle of 2006.
  • And that statement is an insult to the word “debacle.”
  • However, the Cubs spent a lot of bad money after the 2006 offseason, and I would rather not see that happen. They should keep building and work from with-in.
  • I knew I would be very unhappy with the second half of Soriano’s contract, but I felt it would be worth it for his first four years of production.
  • I have been wrong about a lot of things in my life, but WOW, I was so far off on that one, it’s like I missed the water when I jumped out of a boat.
  • I had a week to think about it. CJ Wilson is not worth $100 million. I am sorry. Soriano’s contract is proof enough. A guy who plays once every five days cannot be given that kind of money.
  • It wasn’t Steve Bartman’s fault. If you still think that, please talk to someone about it.

That is it for today, the final day of the season. I cannot tell you how I will feel about next season for a few more months. Turnarounds can happen quickly in baseball. We will see if the Cubs hire the right people who are smart enough and sound enough to make it happen now.

And until next time …

Stay Classy Cubs fans!!

Quote of the Day

"Every day is a new opportunity. You can build on yesterday’s success or put its failures behind and start over again." – Bob Feller

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  • Agustinrexach

    Finally, we are here!!!! This bs ends now! Time for hope this next few weeks!!!!

    I hate the Cardinals, I hate the Cardinals, I hate the Cardinals, I hate the Cardinals, I hate the Cardinals, I hate the Cardinals, I hate the Cardinals, I hate the Cardinals

  • Tony_Hall

    Sandberg for manager!  His minor league managerial record of turning around teams, is off the charts.  He has instant credibility, with anyone in baseball.  He knows our system and its players. He won’t put up with playing the game the wrong way.  Right a wrong!

  • Tony_Hall

    I believe you are right, Castro will be better than Grace.

    • John

      How can you say that Castro fielding sucks

      • Tony_Hall

        Well just for a thought, Castro is 21 years old with 2 years under his belt already, of hitting 300 each season.  He just recorded over 200 hits at age 21, which puts him in select company.  

        Mark Grace was 25 years old after he completed 2 seasons, of which he had 144 and 160 hits.  

        Does Castro need to work on his glove…absolutely, as does any 21 year old SS.  

        Mark Grace, playing 1B, had 17 errors his rookie year.  Not exactly a gold glove coming up from the minors at 24 years old.  He followed that up with 6 errors and then 12 errors.  Castro has had 27 and 28 errors, which gets offset, by a lot of amazing plays that he makes. 

        Mark Grace was an above average player, but not a Hall of Famer.  Castro has started his career, on a path, that matches up with guys in the Hall of Fame.

    • Spoda17

      I love Castro, but Gracy is the man.  The fact he came from within; awesome.  Let’s give Castro a few more seasons… dare I say Jerome Walton…

      • Tony_Hall

        Jerome Walton’s rookie year


        That was his claim to fame and best year by far.  Even then, he didn’t hit the ball like Castro.

        Castros rookie year
        2nd season

        by the way here is Jerome’s 2nd season.

        Castro is on the upswing.  I will give Castro more time, but he sure looks like a solid major league hitter.

  • Tony_Hall

    If I were a realtor in Chicago, I would have offered to sell Zambrano’s house for no commission!

    • Spoda17

      hahahaha… best post so far…  hahahaha

  • Tony_Hall

    Very few, big money, long term deals, turn out good at the end of the deal.  Some do, but most do not.  Money should be more up front, with a signing bonus, with the second half of the contract’s annual salaries much less then the 1st half.  But in this win now times, front loading a contract, is hard to do, as it keeps you from signing someone else.  It takes a commitment from the ownership, to structure a contract more front loaded.  But it is the smart way to do it, if you do want to sign a big money contract.

  • Chuck

    Neil, first of all a big thanks for the terrific job you have done this season.  Here are some of my random thoughts as we end the season:
        *Who would have predicted the Chicago Cubs to have a better record than the Minnesota Twins?
        *  Look for Ozzie Guillen, new manager of the Florida Marlins to stick it to the Cubs by signing “Big Z” and ARam in the off season.  I think the Miami Marlins, new name in 2012, will give the Cubs a run for their money.
       *If you think Hendry gave bad contracts, Theo Epstein of the BoSox is not any better.  Think of contracts given to Carl Crawford and John Lackey.  And don’t forget Dice-K.
       *Will say that Bobby Valentine will be a manager somewhere.
       * If Ryno does become the manager, he will have given Tom Ricketts his thoughts on who the new GM should be as well as a pitching coach.
       *  Look for the Cubs Convention to be better this January with new faces for a new future.
       *Finally, the Cubs made a mistake by staying in AZ for spring training.  The new Red Sox stadium here in Fort Myers wil be ready for spring training in 2012.

    • Tony_Hall

      Saw this comment on the Tribune, IF ARam signs with the Marlins, and Big Z joins Ozzie, then we should have a buy 2 get 1 free sale, and give them Soriano for FREE.

    • Dorasaga

      I’ve been defending Epstein on the DiceK contract: It’s not a pure baseball move. It was a GREAT marketing tool.

      DiceK was the national hero of Japan since the glamorous “Koshien” high school tournaments (1998). Even now, DiceK is still popular. You can watch his commercials everywhere in Japan.

      That 51.1111111 Million fee was paid to Matsuzaka’s home team (Seibu Lions). It was a great, smart money ploy that I rarely find a uprising star in this league (in the rich world of international sports market) would afford to dream. Daisuke and his agent got ZIP from it. None, neil, zero.

      Matsuzaka actually signed a $52 M contract that made sure the Red Sox keeps him long. With him comes an abundance of sponsorship and connections opened to no one’s imagination before John Henry (owner).

      In his first two years with the Red Sox , Matsuzaka helped Boston to win a World Series and two American League championship appearances. Not that they shouldn’t count.

      Let me put it this way. The Cubs knew nothing about winning, and winning to make a fortune through baseball.

      I hope educated fans stop Cubs Think, once and for all, and Change.

      • cubtex

        What?????? How many teams had the payroll to bid on Dice K in the first place? Yankees and Red Sox. Did you see my breakdown days ago on the Red Sox payroll since 2001? You are applauding Theo for signing Dice K? OK…let’s see you defend the John Lackey signing, JD Drew, Carl Crawford, Matt Clement etc. They were 9 games up on Sept 2nd and they are now in a dead tie with the Rays on Sept 28. They are in the midst of the biggest collapse and choke job in baseball history. Great job Theo! Keep it up!

        • Dorasaga

          As said, the DiceK move was not a pure baseball decision. The marketing factor was huge there. It’s the content. It’s like the Queen of England inviting General Eisenhower to her staff to fight Communism. A popular, national hero (in Japan) shall save this part of the world (Redsox Nation).

          The JD Drew signing was what it is: market price. He helped the Red Sox both defensively and in half of his years, offensively, but the point is…

          Both signings got the Red Sox where they wanted: A World Series and plenty of postseason appearances. That’s money on the flow, I must say. The Cubs had zero wins in that same span. I won’t complain if I’m from Boston, not at all.

          By the way, I don’t believe the owners of the Rays or the Cubs don’t have the money. They do. They just don’t wanna spend because they were not sure of their fiscal return, penny to penny. Why you thought the owner of the Nats* pushed for the historically biggest signing bonus on Strasburg and Harper? Because he believed that both kids will become Hall of Famers? No, because they also want the media attention. They want to be respectable in baseball.

          Think this way: You need to dare for dreaming big. John Henry did. He’s now a tycoon in sports worldwide. Redsox sells.

          *I once checked. He’s big in real estates, but not as rich as the Ricketts family and that Wallstreet guy who owned Tampa.

          • cubtex

            Anyone can win with a top 3 payroll for a decade straight. They should have won 4 or 5 WS with that payroll. Refresh my memory…….didn’t the Red Sox win a blind bid to just be able to negotiate with Dice K? What was the winning bid? The Cubs at that time were struggling with payroll and trying to field a competitive team. Would that have been a smart investment at the time? As I said….maybe the Red Sox,Yankees and Angels could have gotten him. That’s it. I think Theo has done a terrible job and it is showing this year. I honestly believe Jim Hendry would have won just as many world series titles as Theo had he been the Red Sox GM. That says it all right there.

          • Dorasaga

            If you hate big money, if you find Epstein inferior, well, if you don’t care about the World Series, then that’s how this goes. You know, I was simply defending the Matsuzaka case, nothing less, nothing more. It’s a good case for business study and social psychology. Otherwise, I don’t care how the Ricketts do to get to the World Series.

            They can spend crazy, but remember: even the Red Sox and Yankees developed great talents when they won their recent World Series. And what did the Cubs farm produce before the Ricketts bought this miserable team? Ryan Theriot and Carlos Marmol.

          • cubtex

            I understand what you are saying….but I am for a salary cap for baseball. Let all these teams play on a level playing field. IMO…..If you have a top 3 payroll…you SHOULD be in the playoffs.

          • Tony_Hall

            With that philosophy (Top 3 payroll for a decade straight), then a couple of teams should win 4 or 5 WS every 10 years…yet they don’t.

          • cubtex

            If the same teams are in the top 3 payrolls for a decade….do the math. Can’t be 4 or 5 WS for a decade. I want parity and a level playing field. Salary cap.

          • Dorasaga

            Frankly, I’m against the salary cap because that’s unAmerican. I believe capitalism and free market need to be monitored to prevent — you know the example, the Black Sox. I thought the salary cap will do good for the Pirates, and so on. Then again, since these owners haven’t cared much about winning, why not form a new “league” and relegate bad teams?:


          • Tony_Hall

            That was my point!  The Yankees and Red Sox have been in the Top 3 for seemingly ever.  Yet they don’t win 4 or 5 WS every decade.  Actually when the Yankees won 4 in a row, they didn’t have a monster payroll. ($20M ended up at $41M and were not even in the Top 5 for 2 of the 4 years. They were never #1 until 1994, when they started rewarding their own home grown players for winning the World Series)

            Take this year.

            1. Yankees 
            2. Phillies
            3. Red Sox
            4. Angels
            5. White Sox
            6. Cubs  
            7. Mets 
            8. Giants
            9. Twins
            10. Tigers

            Let’s see, the Yankees and Phillies made the playoffs, and could see each other in the World Series.  But what about the rest of the Top 10.  Red Sox  no, Angels, no, WSox no, Cubs no, Mets no, Giants no, Twins no, Tigers yes.  Wow, 7 of the Top 10 payrolls missed the PLAYOFFS.  Sure doens’t seem like you can spend your way to even the playoffs.

            Payrolls are out of whack.  I agree with you.  I think it sucks that a team like Milwaukee can’t keep good players.  But there are other ways to control spending. New York needed a 3rd team, maybe a 4th team.  That would have helped.  They needed better revenue sharing, as no team makes their money all on their own.  But a salary cap isn’t necessary, but maybe more luxury taxes.  Raise the luxury tax rate even higher.  Make the teams that cross the line start to realize that, adding that $25M salary is $50 million, then maybe they won’t do it.    

            There is parity in baseball.  The NL has very good parity.  Division aren’t won by the same team every year.  The AL, needs help with it, as except for a bump in the road, the Yankees and Red Sox are in the playoffs.  Except when a team like the Rays, trade off aces, yet still make the playoffs :)  Sorry had to throw that in :)

            I’m ready for the off season, and the beginning of the building of a competitive Cubs team for years to come.

  • Chuck

    One more thought:  Ozzie Guillen is not a new face to the Marlins.  Ozzie was the 3rd base coach for the Marlins in 2003.  The Marlins were the 2003 WS Champs.  One will never forget Game 6.  And who was the manager of that team?  None other then the present manager, Jack McKeon.  Who played 1st base for the Marlins?  Of course, it was Derreck Lee.

    • Dorasaga

      To be honest, I missed DLee. He was a positive influence.

    • studio179

      There are other connections you can add. 

      Andre Dawson was (still is) a Special Assistant in the front office for the Marlins. Not only Lee, but Hollandsworth, Pierre and Fox are a few players I can think of that eventually came to the Cubs from that Marlin team…with mixed results. If you want to take it this far, Len Kasper was the broadcaster for Marlin games that year.

      • studio179

        Almost forgot, the once Cub Dontrelle Willis was on that Marlin team.

        • Boots

          Dont forget that trade brought us 6 finger Alfonseca, and more importantly, Matt Clement

  • jw

    Nice work as always Brian.. really enjoyed the rants…not that you should become a servant to your success but could you work one more really impassioned one up like the finale of a fireworks show…need something to get me through February.

    If they hire the right guy the Cubs will win a world series in the next 100 years… I guarantee it.

    This is a big game tonight a potential swing of 5 draft positions…come on Cubs… line up all the resources of the organization to do what you have perfected…LOSE!!!

  • Griffnbell

    Sandberg as manager without a doubt. I don’t see anyone else available I’d want over Ryno. He will make Castro so much better in my opinion. I would like to see Mike Maddux or another established pitching coach from outside the organization. If the Marlins get Aram I think they will be very good next year. He doesn’t have to be the man there when you have Stanton, Hanley, Sanchez, and Morrison. I look for the Marlins to be very good. I wish I could say that about us but I’ll have a better understanding once we FINALLY hire a GM. Hopefully with a few moves and a few kids performing we can compete in 2-3 years. 

  • Rico Santo

    The Iron Pigs never were over .500 Until Now, the Iron Pigs never made the playoffs until now !!. The scouts are amazed what Ryno did with that team with hardly any good prospects. Hendry put the nail in his own coffin by hiring his buddy The QBALL.This is our last chance to get a good young manager that can teach and motivate. Alan Trammel told Brenly before the season that the DBacks will lose 100 games. Look what a good motivating manager and a few changes can do.We need Ryno to be our manager for many years to come like Sciosia,Gardenhire etc.

  • Dorasaga

    The Cubs 2010-2011 sucked to no end. As Neil said, “They found another way to lose.”

    Good we can find distraction now from the Winter Stove, instead of distractions from Zambrano’s fist* and the GM’s lies that didn’t match anything a Ricketts said!

    *It was never Z’s fault that the season was lost, btw. Z wasn’t the cause of any overpriced contracts that the Cubs handed out to no avail. Cubs Think was. And Cubs Think must go. The new GM needs to show it to the door!

  • Kingdomusa

    Would it be nice if at midnight tonight Tom Ricketts will announce that Mike quade will not return to the Cubs organization in any capacity. the easy solution is hire Ryno as Manager very soon & take rick Hahn because he wants Ryno anyway. Release riggins along with him. This was the worst manager-pitching coach duo ever in MLB. Hendry hired his controlable friends & was definitely afraid of Ryno’s popularity. 

  • Joblotguy

    Next Cub manager?   A present coach under Mike Sciosia……….

    • cubtex

      I would go for that

  • Chuck

    Add Ryan Dempster as a former Marlin to the list.

  • cubtex

    How many on here would have taken 26 HR’s and 88 RBI out of Soriano at the beginning of the year??? I know I would have. Yes, his average and OBP are low, but he is what he is. I think there will be some takers for him this offseason if the Cubs pick up enough of his salary.

    • Ripsnorter1

      Yeah, a Funko type deal, where the new team pays less than $1 million per year, and Soriano is gone.

      I just don’t believe P.K. Ricketts is going to do that.

      Who is going to play LF?

      Tyler Colvin?  LOL I know you don’t want that.

      How about LaHair? But wait…both you and I know he’s not an OF of any sort.

      Campana? Can’t hit the ball out of the infield. NO WAY.

      Brett Jackson? Nope. Strikes out way, way, way too much.

      Reed Johnson? Nope. He’s going to take his Social Security and retire.

      That leaves us only Jeff Baker and Blake DeWitt to platoon out there. BUT WAIT!: Blake DeWitt is your new starting 3B because Aram is going to FL with Ozzie to support the communist dictator of Venezuela, and Jeff Baker is your new 1B.

      So I guess we’ll keep Sorry-oh-no after all……

      • cubtex

        Soriano is worth more than 1 mil to a team.  If you were an AL team and you needed a DH….don’t you think Soriano would be worth at least 5 mil per? The Cubs need to get better defensively and that is why now is the time to move him. They can pick up a stop gap left fielder in a trade or sign a Josh Willingham for left. Brett Jackson will play one of the outfield spots next year imo.  But now is the time to move Soriano since he had really good power numbers this year.

      • cubtex

        How would Logan Morrison look in left for next year?

        • Ripsnorter1

          How are you going to get him? He’belongs to FL.

          And his offensive stats are at the Sorry-oh-no level. NO SPEED. SAME BA. Same power and RBI levels…..and get this: he’s a HORRIBLE GLOVE. LOL  
          What on earth are you doing? Recruiting a younger Sorry-oh-no to take his place????   LOL

          Don’t get me wrong….I’d take him, esp. considering his upside. But the way he’s played this year, he’s a Little Alfonso clone.  LOL

          • cubtex

            You know the Marlins are going to dump him after all those LOMO tweets and he filed a grievance against them when they sent him to the minors. He’s 24 years old with a lot of power. If you can get him cheap…he would replace Soriano’s power numbers.

  • bpot92

    That Steve Bartman documentary was really well done. Even though I had already changed my mind that it wasn’t his fault a couple years ago, that show really made it hard for anyone not to feel sorry for him. Wrong place at the wrong time… 

    • John G


      And I loved the minister’s historical definition of a scapegoat from the Old Testament. It really dovetailed nicely into the story. The fans had to vent their displaced anger on someone or something. My respect for Bartman has grown over the years for his handling the situation as he has. But my heart aches for the guy. He can’t live a normal life, unless he changes his name. Poor guy can’t even use a credit card.

      You wound up feeling sorry for Bartman and Bill Buckner. But less so for Buckner. After all, it was his job to field that grounder. But neither one of them was ultimately to blame. Even if Alou catches the ball and the inning progresses on as it did, the Cubs still lose the game. Even if Buckner fields the grounder, the game is still tied. Who knows what would have happened after that?

      It was a better film than I expected.

      • cubs1967

        it was horrible………NO interview w/ alex gonzalez…….whose REAL fault that loss should be blamed on plus dusty, prior, the pen and game 7 on wood, the pen, etc………but if we must have a Buckner goat or a Leon Durham goat…….it’s Gonzalez………where the hell was he??

        that alone ruined it for me……..plus why relive it……..all the more reasons after 103 yrs this joke of a team needs to end it!!

        • bpot92

          i felt like an AGon interview as well as a Dusty baker interview would have helped, but overall i thought it did a good job describing how Bartman’s life was ruined by this.

  • paulcatanese

    If and only if Qua is gone will the Cubs see any sort of success next year. This man in my way of thinking caused at least 30% of losse’s, if he is not gone the pitching will be as dismal as it was this year, the lineups will be as bad, worse if the little power they had this year is also gone(Aram,Pena,Soriono) They should be gone but thats beside the point, where will the Cubs pick up the slack of 75-80 home runs for the year? Also around 250 RBI’s? Qua’s influence will be around to destroy the Cubs again. Even it they pick up front line pitchers they will be mis-used by Qua again and again.
    I had said before Spring training of this year it would not be a successful season and it wasnt as we all saw. This year was a disaster waiting to happen and said so when Qua was named manager.
    Rip was right about the bigger contracts, and I believe that was one of the major causes for the season of Marmol and that did cost the Cubs,dearly. Injuries happen every year and teams survive, but that would have taken a manager and simply put the Cubs didnt have one.
    The idea with the lineups that were made using the platoon system was doomed from the first day Qua installed it as his Bible. His constant playing of Aram and Pena back to back in the lineup was certainly reminisant of Lee and Aram. Any manager that waits as long as he and Pinella did to come around was a totally blind trust of veterans.
    His Qua’s untrusting of the small ball to advance runners and hit and run were to prove devastating to their record.
    The one bright spot was when they brought Campana up as a pinch runner, all of a sudden speed caught on and spread to Castro as they both were stealing bases. It was the one time this season that some sort of fear was put on opposing teams defense.

    Not done yet have to take my wife for and appointment.

    • paulcatanese

      The biggest mistake of the year was when Qua decided to voice and show his preference for veteran players. He made every effort to make that clear. If that didnt cause dissention among the team I dont  what would.
       Followed by his mis handleing of the pitching staff, as Qua was very clear that he would leave pitchers in for a minimum of six innings regardless of getting put behind in the score. when he changed pitchers from the bullpen they were not warmed up properly or not even told to do so until the game was out of reach. Then he would use the bullpen with as many as he could run out there as if the score were tied or we were ahead.
      This is where the Marmol saga comes in. When Marmol was failing and blowing games, pressure forced Qua to take him out as closer. How long did that last two-three days and Marmol was back as closer again, and being overused to boot. The mechanical problems that Marmol was having are still not addressed and he is still having problems.
      How often has Qua kept a pitcher in and let him hit for himself and then pull him the next inning after one hit? Too often.
      the real danger of Qua coming back is that Ricketts should have nipped this in the bud earlier in the year and some sense could have been had for the season. Proper management would have made the difference and I believe they would have ended the season ahead of the Reds as well as the Pirates, and maybe close on the Cards.

      The failure of Ricketts is just that a failure. He knew or should have known what this franchise was capable of well before the purchase of the Cubs.
      Again with the demise of this season Ricketts should have demanded that Qua play the prospects  here at the end, not only for the fans but for him as well to see what could be in next years plans. That didnt happen, and the Cubs are behind again in their plans to move forward.

      I dont think there is anyway that they will be competetive next year with Qua coming back, and dont think thats a done deal that he will be gone.
      Ricketts has dragged his heels on too many issues to make me believe that he will do the proper thing and fire Qua. Hope I am completly wrong here, but this was an invitation to rant and I have. Hope it all turns out the opposite.

  • Dorasaga

    Whenever people say: The Cubs don’t have that money like the Yankees and Red Sox.

    Think about how much money 38,000 Cubs fans paid in 3 hours at Wrigley Field, times 81. Think about the big Toyota signs, the Underarmor signs, and all those Cubs-ads you see around Chicago. Think about the broadcasting rights. Think about the tax reduction.

    They have the money. If the Ricketts want to be respectable. They should do WHATEVER they can to garner a World Series at Chicago. I don’t care how. But they are not respectable now.

  • Dqr89

    The Cubs 2012 manager has been sitting in the broadcast booth all this time! 

    • John G

      Keith Moreland??

  • datdude

    Bryan LaHair isn’t home grown. He was once a Mariner. 

  • John G

    Typical Cardinal Fan.

    I know it’s old. But it’s still funny.

  • http://chicagocubsonline.com/ Neil

    From Jon Heyman: Cubs reached out to andrew friedman at some point. while he is working w/o contract, most see him staying in tb

  • Lomach

    Sandberg for manager. Maddux for GM.