Rambling from the Precipice of a New Beginning

I am catching everyone a bit off-guard here on Thursday, but it is always good to change things up a little bit, right? Just like the Cubs are going to need to change things up more than a little bit when it comes to their 2012 roster.

So, in that vain, the CCO proudly brings you a Thursday edition of Ramblings. However, we ask you not to get confused and pull a Dwight K. Schrute. It is only Thursday. Don’t go thinking tomorrow is Saturday because you got drunk with your laser-tag buddies last night.

And if you do not watch The Office, I apologize for the brain-cramp that paragraph just induced.

So, let’s get going and starting rambling, and maybe even start talking about next year a little bit.

  • The 2012 schedule was released Wednesday. It looks like MLB is getting even more creative as we play the American League Central and the Red Sox. Hmmm.
  • There is normally a deviation for the Sox, just a different color of hose.
  • Sorry, that joke was a lot better in my head.
  • Bryan LaHair should get some playing time next year. And he should also get some playing time this month. I think we can all agree on that.
  • He is still not the first-bagger of the future.
  • .309 average with 192 hits, 21 SB’s, 9 homers and 60+ RBI.
  • Man, those numbers get me excited. It is almost so good, it cannot be fake, right? Please tell me he is for real. PLEASE!
  • Tony Campana is averaging a stolen base for every six at bats. Based on a full-time top of the order hitter, that projects to over 100 swipes in a season. Man, if he could only hit.
  • That is still darn impressive speed. I will say it. I was wrong. Give me the crow, and a whole wheelbarrow of salt.
  • It really appears that Carlos Zambrano is gone forever. For reals gone. Forever ever. For EVA EVA!!
  • Is anyone else going to laugh when Aram’s new team expects a .300 average, 10+ homers, and 40 RBI’s by June? Yea, that should be fun to watch unfold.
  • Don’t get me wrong, I will always like Aramis. However, his 2011 year-end numbers are so ridiculously misleading.
  • Hey Geo, you better starting learning how to pull the splinters out of your rear because unless something drastic happens, you are looking at back-up status for quite some time.
  • For Tyler’s sake, I think Camp Colvin should add a whole lot more batting practice than years past.
  • Keep pumping those muscles, but big muscles don’t do all that good if you cannot connect with the ball.
  • I will be curious to see if Jeff Samardzija is given a shot at the starting rotation. He has given up less than 60 hits in over 80 innings of work, yielding a batting average under .200. I would say he has had a very nice comeback year.
  • Hey, can you guys help me out, I cannot see too well, is that the 2009 Randy Wells over there?
  • It sure is amazing what happens when games do not matter. It really is.
  • One year, $1 million for another go with Kerry is fine by me.
  • Walt Jocketty? No, thanks.
  • Is Billy Beane going to ride into Chicago with a high-paying job and on the heels of a Hollywood success? I hope not.
  • And, to clarify, I have nothing against the new movie.
  • So, with all that said, I am sure every one of you has even more to say. So, let’s hear it. Put it out. Let’s get it going.

Mercifully, there are only a few more weeks left. It is almost over. And then it will be on to 2012. And, with that, even so much more to discuss.

Until next time …

Stay Classy Cubs Fans!!

Quote of the Day

"When you play, play hard; when you work, don’t play at all." – Theodore Roosevelt