Zambrano Out for the Remainder of the Season

According to multiple reports, Carlos Zambrano will not pitch for the Chicago Cubs for the remainder of this season. The team announced Friday that they would pay Zambrano for the rest of the season beginning on September 12 when he was eligible to return from the disqualified list.

The team said there was not efficient time to get Zambrano ready to pitch again this year. Zambrano will reportedly receive $1.7 million from the club over the last two-plus weeks of the season.

Whether Carlos Zambrano will ever pitch again for the Chicago Cubs again is unknown at this point, but the feeling is that Zambrano has thrown his last pitch in a Cubs uniform.

According to the Tribune, the Cubs would like to negotiate a settlement to end the relationship and possibly save a little money on the $18 million Zambrano is owed for 2012.

The Tribune also reported that “Zambrano’s grievance against the Cubs still has not been heard and apparently won’t be until after the season ends.”

According to a report from Bruce Levine, the Cubs will try to trade Zambrano over the winter … and the weak free agent market could make Zambrano tradeable.

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