Rambling while asking, “Is it almost over already?”

Yes, it has been a very long season for our beloved Cubs, but thankfully there are only about six weeks left in this horrible excuse of a season.

Losing two out of three to the Astros sums up the entire 2011 campaign for the Cubs. It has just been poor. In fact, that is probably an insult to the word “poor.”

No matter what, we move forward, and since it is Friday, it is time to go rambling. Let see what happens.

  • I got a text message the other night from a friend who possesses a vast knowledge of baseball. He said, “Carlos Marmol just gave up a grand slam to a guy I have never heard of.”
  • Yep. That says it all.
  • Mr. Marmol has a lot of work to do this offseason if he wants to retain the closer position.
  • A 4.02 ERA and 8 blown saves are unacceptable.
  • This team should see a slew of changes, and Mr. Marmol needs to know he may be one of them.
  • I think the people in the offices of the MLB Players Union were like, “Do we really have to file this grievance?” Really? Seriously?
  • They have a job to do, but I have to imagine they realize that this man is nothing more than a petulant child, and his actions were deplorable at best.
  • When your teammates do not defend you in anyway possible, it’s clear.
  • I remember when someone else walked out on the Cubs. He never played in blue pinstripes again. It should be the same with Zambrano.
  • 0-13 with runners in scoring position on Wednesday. I know Mr. Kaplan tweeted about this multiple times. He is dead on. That is pathetic, horrible, terrible, embarrassing and disgusting.
  • I will say this; it is nice to have a Cubs fan as the Mayor of Chicago. If you didn’t see the news on Thursday, Crain’s reported that Rahm is more willing to play ball with the Cubs in regards to providing funding for Wrigley’s rehab. That is good news. Very good news.
  • As I said last week, the Cubs deserve it.
  • Again, I know some out there do not like Ricketts, but it is hard to attack his approach to the draft. Money was not an issue with anyone the organization drafted.
  • With the expected end of Zambrano’s run with the Cubs, the team will need to look to the Free Agent market for at least one, but more likely two starting pitchers.
  • Demp and Garza will anchor the rotation. Cashner’s health is up in the air and Wells has shown many signs that ’09 might have been a fluke.
  • I think the Cubs should resign Pena. If they drop the money on Prince, I will not be happy. This team is not close. Stay away from the big contracts.
  • I am not so sure they should resign Aramis, however, I am not sure what other options are available. And he didn’t perform when it mattered. I was so wrong about him this season.
  • I will admit it. I thought he would hit for the next paycheck, but he really hasn’t. His numbers look good now, but most were put up when the season was already lost.
  • I have to say that I have never really heard of a player walking off the mound, cleaning out his locker and uttering thoughts of retirement. I never have.
  • And of course it involves the Cubs. Too funny. But it is such a blessing. If he ever pitches for the Cubs again, it will be a terrible mistake.
  • It has been very nice to see a little pop in Castro’s bat the second half of the season. I hope this is sign of things to come for him in the power department.
  • I think Tony Campana has played his way on to this team for next season. I don’t think he will ever be a starter in the Bigs, but he has surprised me. I will admit that I didn’t think it was possible.
  • If the Cubs really want to mess with their fans, Blake DeWitt will be the starting third baseman in 2012.
  • But, as the saying goes, never say never.
  • Jeff Samardzija has more wins than Matt Garza.

And that is how we will end the ramblings with that. That stat is just ridiculous as is the Cubs season. So let’s hear. What do you think? How do you feel? Let’s go.

And until next time …

Stay Classy Cubs Fans!

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