Rambling while asking, “Is it almost over already?”

Yes, it has been a very long season for our beloved Cubs, but thankfully there are only about six weeks left in this horrible excuse of a season.

Losing two out of three to the Astros sums up the entire 2011 campaign for the Cubs. It has just been poor. In fact, that is probably an insult to the word “poor.”

No matter what, we move forward, and since it is Friday, it is time to go rambling. Let see what happens.

  • I got a text message the other night from a friend who possesses a vast knowledge of baseball. He said, “Carlos Marmol just gave up a grand slam to a guy I have never heard of.”
  • Yep. That says it all.
  • Mr. Marmol has a lot of work to do this offseason if he wants to retain the closer position.
  • A 4.02 ERA and 8 blown saves are unacceptable.
  • This team should see a slew of changes, and Mr. Marmol needs to know he may be one of them.
  • I think the people in the offices of the MLB Players Union were like, “Do we really have to file this grievance?” Really? Seriously?
  • They have a job to do, but I have to imagine they realize that this man is nothing more than a petulant child, and his actions were deplorable at best.
  • When your teammates do not defend you in anyway possible, it’s clear.
  • I remember when someone else walked out on the Cubs. He never played in blue pinstripes again. It should be the same with Zambrano.
  • 0-13 with runners in scoring position on Wednesday. I know Mr. Kaplan tweeted about this multiple times. He is dead on. That is pathetic, horrible, terrible, embarrassing and disgusting.
  • I will say this; it is nice to have a Cubs fan as the Mayor of Chicago. If you didn’t see the news on Thursday, Crain’s reported that Rahm is more willing to play ball with the Cubs in regards to providing funding for Wrigley’s rehab. That is good news. Very good news.
  • As I said last week, the Cubs deserve it.
  • Again, I know some out there do not like Ricketts, but it is hard to attack his approach to the draft. Money was not an issue with anyone the organization drafted.
  • With the expected end of Zambrano’s run with the Cubs, the team will need to look to the Free Agent market for at least one, but more likely two starting pitchers.
  • Demp and Garza will anchor the rotation. Cashner’s health is up in the air and Wells has shown many signs that ’09 might have been a fluke.
  • I think the Cubs should resign Pena. If they drop the money on Prince, I will not be happy. This team is not close. Stay away from the big contracts.
  • I am not so sure they should resign Aramis, however, I am not sure what other options are available. And he didn’t perform when it mattered. I was so wrong about him this season.
  • I will admit it. I thought he would hit for the next paycheck, but he really hasn’t. His numbers look good now, but most were put up when the season was already lost.
  • I have to say that I have never really heard of a player walking off the mound, cleaning out his locker and uttering thoughts of retirement. I never have.
  • And of course it involves the Cubs. Too funny. But it is such a blessing. If he ever pitches for the Cubs again, it will be a terrible mistake.
  • It has been very nice to see a little pop in Castro’s bat the second half of the season. I hope this is sign of things to come for him in the power department.
  • I think Tony Campana has played his way on to this team for next season. I don’t think he will ever be a starter in the Bigs, but he has surprised me. I will admit that I didn’t think it was possible.
  • If the Cubs really want to mess with their fans, Blake DeWitt will be the starting third baseman in 2012.
  • But, as the saying goes, never say never.
  • Jeff Samardzija has more wins than Matt Garza.

And that is how we will end the ramblings with that. That stat is just ridiculous as is the Cubs season. So let’s hear. What do you think? How do you feel? Let’s go.

And until next time …

Stay Classy Cubs Fans!

Quote of the Day

"Never let the fear of striking out get in your way of playing the game." – Babe Ruth

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  • paulcatanese

    To get this started, why is it that Qua has said players have to “earn” their way into the lineup? Why does he not say players “earn” their way OUT of the lineup. To further Byrd has “earned ” his way out of the lineup and should ride the pine for a while.

    • Ripsnorter1

      Interesting point, Paul. How can you “earn” playing time while riding on the bench?

      So you want to bust Byrd back to private, eh? Why? Too many double play balls for your delicate digestive system? Yeah, me too. And I’ve got a cast iron stomach. 

  • Tony Spumoni

    I’m beginning to wish this team had been bought by someone who could afford it.
    The Cubs need to look for three top of the rotation starters.  
    Carlos Marmol should not close again until he demonstrates an ability to pitch effectively at the major league level.
    I’d like to see more playing time for Tony Campana, less for Marlon Byrd, and much less for Alfonso Soriano.
    I am not in favor of taxpayer support for the Ricketts’ privately owned ball park. If individual Cubs fans (and players) want to chip in and pay for the restoration, I’m OK with that.  At the very least, local taxpayers should earn a discounted ticket price in return for taxpayer supports.

    • Ripsnorter1

      What a post!! Lots to talk about in that post! Good job!

      1. “I’m beginning to wish this team had been bought by someone who could afford it.”

      Mr. Ricketts could have afforded the Cubs if he hadn’t OVERPAID by about $500 million. Remember, he’s a Cub fan, too, and we all know that every real Cub fan is a Kool-Aid-aholic. He must of been hitting the sauce pretty hard when he signed the deal.

      Add in the fact that Ricketts is probably an average Cub fan: he doesn’t know anything about baseball. How else could he keep Jim Qlueless, Crane Kennedy, and Mike QQuade around? You’ve got a real recipe for disaster brewing. Now if he can somehow manage to really tick off the mayor, …..

      2. “The Cubs need 3 [count ’em, THREE!] top of the rotation starters.”
      I’ll have my wife pick some up at the grocery store when she does her shopping. 

      That’s a pretty big shopping list! I completely agree with you, (except to say that we may need four, not three, top of the rotation starters). Let’s see….Z, who Mr. Qlueless considered to be a top of the rotation starter when he signed him, got $91.5 million for five years. 3 X $91.5 million is a mere $274.5 million. Divide that figure by five years, and it only adds $55 million per year to payroll for three players. I’m sure we have the payroll flexibility for that….after all, dollars are coming off the payroll this time around: Aram, our only bat in the lineup now that the season is completely lost; Silva/Milton Bradley money….don’t forget Funko….but do add in $5 million for Mr. .196, because he gets a check in January against the 2012 payroll. But those guys between them didn’t earn $55 million per year. I dunno…….

      Don’t forget that this Spring the Cubs dealt away Gorzelanny, a #6 starter in case someone went down, for nothing in order to save about $1.8 million.

      3. I COMPLETELY agree that taxpayers should not pay for ball parks for billionaire owners and millionaire ballplayers. America should return to the principle that EVERYBODY–and I mean, EVERYBODY–earns their own keep and pays their own bills. Welfare of any and every type is destroying our nation. In fact, every republic (that’s the type of government we have) in world history has died the same kind of death: bankruptcy of the government treasury. I would not want that to happen here. Mr. Ricketts, fix your own ballpark.

      • Richard Hood

        Hey Rip how many baseball teams have stadiums that do not have any public money in them? I will tell you if you do not know. JUST THE CUBS and that area pays the highest amusement taxes in the country to fund everything else for the municipal area. Just thought you should know that before you say that. No one is in favor of new taxes they are talking about giving something back to Wrigley that the fans have already paid for in full 3 or 4 times over in the last 30 years.

        • Ripsnorter1

          Doesn’t matter, Rich. All the other teams should not have been given the money to build ball parks. Let the billionaire owners and the millionaire players find a way to build their own ballparks without SOCIALISM.

          Just in case you don’t know what SOCIALISM is, it is a system of government that allows people to have private property, but the voters (whether representatives or referendums among the people) vote to tell you what you can do with your own stuff. In this case a group of people vote to take your money to build for themselves a ball park. It is wrong.

          Everybody in the USA is looking for a way for someone else to pay for their stuff. I want to tax you to pay for my kid’s education. I want to tax you to pay for my mother’s old age health care. I want to tax you to pay for my medical care.  And on and on it goes. UNTIL THE SYSTEM FINALLY COLLAPSES. And it will collapse.

    • Richard Hood

      Tony the local tax payers already pay the highest Amusement Taxes in the country at13% and all that money went to fund the White Sox ,Bears, Bull, and Blackhawks. I think that it is just fair that the Cubs fans should get return on there beloved home for being absolutely held hostage of any improvements to the park or surrounding neighborhood for over 3 decades. Enough of Reinstorf being able to use the city of Chicago as his personal slush fund any time one of his teams need a new coat of paint on there homes.

  • Ripsnorter1

    Adam Dudd: is 2nd  for the lowest SLUGGING percentage in all of MLB.

    Mr. Dudd is slugging .298. I haven’t figured out how a man “earns” a job slugging only his weight [Mr. Dudd weighs 285]. 

    Chris Getz, KC’s starting 2B, is lower than Mr. Dudd with a .284 figure. Getz, who is also hitting .256, has 6 2B, 2 3B and 0 HR in 352 AB. He is also out RBI-ing Funko with 24 (Funko hit a game winning 3B last night, driving in his 20 run for the season). 

    It could be noted that Getz has 352 AB, and Mr. Dudd the exact same number. Mr. Dudd is hitting .168 vs. Getz’s .256.

    AND ONE MORE THING: Mr. Dudd’s OnBasePercentage is .298, and his slugging is .298; yet he has 11 taters, plus other extra base hits, and he does walk on occasion. You’d think his slugging would be higher…..

  • Ripsnorter1

    Good morning, Brian. Let’s take a look at what’s happening in ChiCubsWorld:

    1. You must be wrong. Garza has fewer wins than Samardzija. Garza’s going to win 17 in Chicago this year. Remember, he went from the great AL East to the NL Central, the weak sisters of MLB. 17 is a lock. Shoot, he’ll probably win 20 in 2011.  I think you need to go back and check your stats. 

    Oh, I am not on your case. I am just pointing out to whoever overdosed on Kool-Aid when they traded for Garza, that he was traded TO the Chicago Cubs, not FROM the Chicago Cubs.

    2. Zambrano: yeah, Little Milty was dealt away when he walked out the door. Pouting is so passe. I want the six year old crybaby out of my life, too. But I have a hard time seeing any of these scenarios happening:

    A. Z retires and walks away from millions of dollars. His agent won’t let him, let alone his wife. 

    B. Z is released. HAH! Mr. Ricketts flushing millions and millions of dollars away without receiving anything in services? I can’t see it.

    C. Z is traded. WE have the dumbest GM in all of MLB. Mr. Qlueless would have to find someone dumber than he to get the job done. Is that even possible?

    Over the length of his contract, Zambrano averages more money per year than Barry Zito ($18.3mm vs. $18.0mm). http://newyork.mets.mlb.com/news/article.jsp?ymd=20070817&content_id=2153723&vkey=news_chc&fext=.jsp&c_id=chc

    How many people want Barry Zito?

    • woody34

      I think there might be a dumber one, Mr. Qlueless did find someone to take Bradley.  And if any GM takes a flyer on him this offseason when he hits free agency, you would have to add them to that list as well.  

    • cubtex

      If you are honest with yourself….Garza should be right on pace to win 15 this year IF the bullpen had not pissed away 5 of his games that he was in line to win. You mentioned the Cubs need 3 starters for next year……Can you imagine where they would be going into next year if they hadn’t traded for Garza???? If you hadn’t looked in awhile….the great Chris Archer has a 1.53 Whip and has walked 75 batters in 130IP. No….that is not a misprint.

      • Ripsnorter1

        Oh, I agree Garza has pitched better than 5-9. Look at my post again: read it carefully. I said, ” Oh, I am not on your case. I am just pointing out to whoever overdosed on Kool-Aid when they traded for Garza, that he was traded TO the Chicago Cubs, not FROM the Chicago Cubs.”

        Let me intrepret: The team around him, in this case, the Chicago Cubs, is so bad that his record did not attain the 17-20 wins predicted by the overly optimistic Cubs’ fans.

        See?  : )

      • Ryan7

        That’s right, Garza should have the most wins on the team. The team don’t put up runs the pitcher don’t get wins. If the bullpin sucks after he is out of the game to where he has keep them in it to win, well then he don’t get the win. If people can’t see that JH made a great trade with getting Garza then u don’t know what your talking about. Garza isn’t losing the games its the men behind him on the field and in the pin.

    • John_CC

      Rip, I am not a Kool – Aid drinker.  I know that a long time ago during the more heated Garza discussions I made the claim that by the end of the season Garza would have the best pitcher-stat line of anyone in the rotation.  Wins are NOT a meaningful pitcher-stat. This is such a line of bunk coming from you.  You know damn well that he has pitched far better than his W-L record.  Wins and Losses do not mean anything about how well a pitcher pitches.  Nothing.  And you know it, or should.

      • Ripsnorter1


        Read this carefully:

        Oh, I agree Garza has pitched better than 5-9. Look at my post again: read it carefully. I said, ” Oh, I am not on your case. I am just pointing out to whoever overdosed on Kool-Aid when they traded for Garza, that he was traded TO the Chicago Cubs, not FROM the Chicago Cubs.”

        Let me intrepret: The team around him, in this case, the Chicago Cubs, is so bad that his record did not attain the 17-20 wins predicted by the overly optimistic Cubs’ fans.

        See?  : )

        • John_CC

          Thanks for the interpretation, because I did not understand that statement at all. 

          My point was and still is that you always throw out the records and then make judgements about a pitcher based on Wins.  It doesn’t work.

  • Jdarby

    When is someone in the Chicago media going to ask Ricketts, what is the point of investing money in the draft when you don’t play minor leaguers anyway?

  • Adam88johnson

    Tony Campana in the bigs next year??? oh come on..please say you are not one of the Cubs fans who love him now

    • woody34

      That speed and defense coming off the bench is a “requirement” for a major league team.  He is a player who knows his role, and I would agree with Brian that he actually excels in it.  He leads the entire team in stolen bases in a limited role. 

  • Richard Hood

    Holy Smokes !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was just telling my GF that it was weird for the club to shut down the club house so early in the day before a huge game. If there is any truth to this story the Cubs fans all over the planet are going to go nuts.

  • Ira Rosenberg

    If your friend with vast knowledge of baseball has never heard of Bogusevic……he isn’t paying that close attention.

  • Rico Santo

    I think Samardza can start, he would be better than Wells and Coleman.He now has 4 pitches and has had as good year.His arm is sound and I dont think he will get injured.

    • Richard Hood

      I think that ship has sailed but right now I am in favor anything that helps me not see Wells again in a Cubs uniform. I would like to see Shark be the long man out of the Bullpen first though to see if he can work more than one inning and still be effective.

  • John_CC

    It sounds good to say that Marmol’s job is in jeopardy, Brian, but the fact is that it is NOT.  No way.  Remember how good he was last year?  Same reason Byrd is still a starter, remember how good he was LAST year.  Remember how good Soto was…three years ago…

    Marmol will keep his job.  He really should be traded to the Yankees, pronto. He could setup for Mo who could mentor him and teach him how to throw the cutter. 

  • http://chicagocubsonline.com/ Neil

    From Dave Kaplan: Exclusive: Jim Hendry out as Cubs GM.
    Announcement to come later. More to come.

    • John_CC


    • woody34

      What was that article last week about Hendry remaining as GM?  Smoke and mirrors?  Hope more to come includes the other clowns

  • studio179

    Kaplan tweeting HENDRY OUT!

  • studio179

    Kaplan reporting HENDRY IS OUT!

  • studio179

    That means Quade IS OUT! 

  • Tony Spumoni

    Hendry’s out?  Great.  Who’s in?

  • woody34

    This Mr. Ricketts guy is slowly growing on me.  Maybe he does have a master plan!!!  Spending where he said he would.  Accountability will be proven when Quad and Clown are gone and Z is not brought back.  Hire some real baseball guys now and keep it going Tom.