From the Wire … Hendry Out as Cubs GM

According to multiple reports, the Cubs have fired GM Jim Hendry.

Jim Hendry has officially been removed as the General Manager of the Chicago Cubs. All reports have been confirmed. The move is effective immediately and Hendry met with the team this morning to make the announcement.

From Tom Ricketts: It is time for a fresh approach for the organization and the search for a new GM will begin immediately. Jim Hendry was told by Tom Ricketts on July 22 that he was out as the GM of the Chicago Cubs.

Randy Bush has been named interim GM of the Chicago Cubs.

Stay Tuned. Details are breaking … will update

Quote of the Day

"Every day is a new opportunity. You can build on yesterday’s success or put its failures behind and start over again." – Bob Feller

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  • Richard Hood

    Now lets raise a glass to leadership. Next step is Kenny there TR!!!!

    • studio179

      I agree 100%. Replacing Hendry and Quade are not the only moves needed. A team president that is a baseball person would do wonders. 

  • Richard Hood

    Anyone who says that the national writers are better than the local guys just took beating

  • Stu_studdly


  • studio179

    The air seems fresher and food tastes better.

    Hendry gone, Quade is done. Get Kenney out as well. Go for it Mr. Ricketts.

  • jiba11


  • Tony Spumoni

    Ahhhhh.  That feels good!

  • Last_ginger


  • Nathan

    I was walking out of the shower when I found out and started dancing naked!!

    • paulcatanese

      Glad I missed that one Nathan, but understand the feeling, Wow !!!!!

  • Tony_Hall


    The caption in the Tribune yesterday, said “Why is Jim Hendry smiling?”

    Now we know why, he knew it was all coming to end anyway.

  • studio179

    Today is my dad’s birthday and he is not a Cub fan, so I get the present.

    No returns.

    • Tony_Hall

      Happy Birthday to your dad!

      Tomorrow is my birthday and my father’s (who passed away 11 years ago) as well.  It is definitely an early birthday present.

      • studio179

        Oh, wow. That must be a good day and tough day to celebrate.

        Happy early birthday! You get a present! 

        • Tony_Hall

          It can be tough.  I try to think of all the years we shared a birthday.  It never seemed special or different, but it does now.

          • studio179

            I am sure it can be tough. Maybe your dad got you involved with baseball, like mine, like millions of others. No matter, whatever good times you both had, those are the moments to smile about and that can never be taken away.  

  • Tony_Hall

    Is Quade going with him???

    There is absolutely no reason for Q to still be here if JH is gone!

  • Jdarby

    On behalf of all of us who doubted you, thank you Tom Ricketts.  This news has been a long time coming, but we understand the need to go through the process, gather the facts and make an informed decision.  Today is a great day for the Cubs organization and its fans and truly the start of a new era!   

  • daverj

    Ding dong the witch is dead …

  • Neil

    For those wanting to watch Hendry’s press conference live:

  • Bredstik

    YES!!!!  Happy Friday, CCO!!!!

  • jfish1219


  • John_CC

    Hendry on 670 live right now.  he’s all choked up…

    • paulcatanese

      Yes John, somebody should have choked him up, and they did.

  • roseyc

    Ricketts finally grew a pair

  • cubtex

    Yes!!!!!!!!!! I am liking Ricketts more and more! He is making changes Cub fans.

  • Tony_Hall

    Now let’s move out some aging vets!

  • cubtex

    More crow to be eaten by many of you!!!!!!!!

    • Tony_Hall

      Why?  Jim needed to go, it should of happened sooner.

      Ricketts couldn’t ignore it any longer.

      • cubtex

        Tony….Do you not read these posts daily? Countless people saying Hendry will be back next year….Quade will be back next year. Ricketts is too cheap to fire Hendry..blah blah blah. That is why I stated….More crow to be eaten

        • Tony_Hall

          For all the times he should have been fired, it is hard to be optimistic that this was the year, that they would finally do it this year, with money left on the table.  

          I totally believe that Ricketts, realized that the Cub faithful, were starting to not care what was happening at Clark and Addison, that is why he made the move.

          • cubtex

            I thought all along Ricketts would hire a new gm. No one likes to lose money! It is obvious watching this team that he was going to make a change. I mentioned before in an interview with Hendry on the mlb channel on how Hendry was choosing his words carefully. He said the Cubs and not….we… Ricketts invested 900 million in the Cubs and he didn’t do it to lose money. It was obvious to me that he would make changes as proactive as he has been.

    • paulcatanese

      Yes, and if I was one of them, gladly. Would have liked to see Qua and the blood draining out of his face. Cant be too comfortable for him today, he better make the correct moves.

      • cubtex

        100% chance Q is done after this year….if not sooner. Good day to be a Cubs fan.

      • studio179

        I would have loved to see Quade’s face, too. I have to believe he knew before today though. It is wonderful knowing Quade is one and done.

    • studio179

      Crow? What does that mean? I knew Hendry was gone. Felt it in my bones. No way he comes back. Ha! Wrong. I was 99% sure the regime stayed intact next year. So if that is the crow you are referring to, then yes, I will take my fair share. :)

  • John_CC

    Ricketts told him July 22!  Damn.  He stayed to sign the draftees.  He is a big man (not just physically).

  • Redlarczykg

    Halleluiah!  Now fire the dummy manager!

  • paulcatanese

    Ricketts may very well walk to his box for todays game amid a standing ovation.

  • Neil

    Everyone should check out the Twitter feed

  • Neil

    Tweeting highlights of the press conference

  • Tony_Hall

    I don’t know about everyone else, but I feel a lot better about the future of this team.  

    Now let’s get the right baseball operations structure set-up.

    Oh yeah, and fire Quade too.

    • cubtex

      Of course Quade is done! That’s a given.

      • Tony_Hall

        Today would be nice.  It would be good to actually play the kids down the stretch, unlike what he did last year.

    • John_CC

      There should be little doubt now that the front office will be cleaned out.  Kenney won’t last. He can’t.

      Quade is a lame quack.  He’s gone!

      Stoney coming on live on the Score…

      • John_CC

        Stoney is confident that Ricketts will revamp the entire front office. He see a combo of a young GM, guys with the sabermetric smarts and “computer” skills plus older baseball guys with old school scouting smarts.  I wonder if Stone would interview for club president?

  • Demitri

    I don’t believe it! Wow Ricketts is doing work! He might be the one to lead us to the promise land! (Me believing this just because we fired a GM)

  • Tony_Hall

    No matter what anyone thinks of JH, he has always been a guy who will stand their and talk about what is going on.  You (and I) may disagree with his style, but he just talked and laid it all out there for all to hear.

    Good Luck to Jim Hendry in whatever he does next.  

    • John_CC

      It’s easy to see that he respected reputation is well-deserved.

  • Brentcarmona

    got pretty choked up when talked about letting the kids know he was gone. sorry hendry. its for the best.

  • John_CC

    Wow.  I just still cannot believe this.  That was a good press conference.

    • Neil

      I agree John, very good press conference.

  • Neil

    Here are some of the CCO’s Tweets: 

    From Tom Ricketts: It’s time for a fresh approach for the organization. The search for a new GM will begin immediately.

    Hendry: Very emotional during press conference. Said “Friends made here
    will last a lifetime.” Said will leave feeling gratefulness.

    Tom Ricketts informed Jim Hendry on July 22 that he would no longer be the GM of the Chicago Cubs.

    Jim Hendry did not make more trades before deadline because he had
    already lost his job as GM. Did not want to just “clear the deck.”

    Dave Kaplan: Give Hendry a lot of credit. He stayed on to help the team until today. His connections helped get some of the picks signed.

    Hendry: All knew if it was a bad year then changes would be made.
    Wishes Ricketts family owned team when going good in ’07 & ’08

    As Hendry left the room said, “Tell Bushy to go hug Albert for me.”

    • John_CC

      As Hendry left the room said, “Tell Bushy to go hug Albert for me.”

      Touche!!  Good one, Jimbo!!

    • Cheryl

      Hendry took an awful lot between the day he was fired and now. He deserves credit for staying on to help get some of the picks signed as Kaplan says. He also guided the cubs through the initial Z situation and otherwise made it a smooth transition.

      • Richard Hood

        I wonder how much Hendry and Ricketts were laughing talking to each other after that stupid Nightingale tweet for the last 2 weeks.

        • Cheryl

          Probably. But the announcement of his being out happened on a Friday, which when you think about it major decisions like this in business usually happen at the end of the week, not the beginning of the week. I imagine that on Monday they’ll try to shift gears and focus on where they go from here. Someone wrote that they were beginning to ask permission to talk to people in regard to the position. If that’s true they were probably afraid of leaks and coudn’t wait any longer to make the announcement. I wish him luck in the future. He seems like a real classy guy.

  • Neil

    Hendry extremely complimentary of everyone in the organization … not a single mention of Crane Kenney

    • Richard Hood

      As others have mentioned I do not think that Hendry was accountable to Kenny so why would he even mention a guy that he probably never talked to.

      • studio179

        While Hendry did report to Ricketts, Kenney has his hands in moves made over there, trust me. How many times is there a Trib or Times picture with Kenney talking to Hendry at the winter meetings or clips online (like a couple days ago) showing Hendry talking to Ricketts and Kenney. Plus, don’t forget Kenney was the Trib chaiman and boss of the team president (McDounough), especially during Zell’s ownership. Hendry and Kenney talked often.   

    • studio179

      I caught that, too. No surprise.

  • Aaron

    A great day for cubs nation ….will comment more later. I will say this though….the guy was way over his head with the old school approach nonsense…ultimately his undoing was the “untouchables” list of Baker, Byrd, Johnson, etc. And showed how out of touch he really is…at least in my opinion.

    • Richard Hood

      Aaron you didn’t hear that JH was actually let go back on July 22. That was before all that untouchable crap came out. He did that because he felt that he didn’t want to gut the team before the next guy. In that case I can understand his moves……….. almost.

    • cubtex

      Aaron…what are going do now with Hendry gone? No more…I want to punch that guy in the face quotes….or I want to vommit…..or…..well you get my point. You are probably the happiest guy in town and I am sure your blood pressure might have dropped significantly. 😉

      • Aaron

        Yes Cubtex …bp is way down…but not completely….Quade needs to be gone asap…Kenney needs to go too but i’m not as concerned about that…..he actually needs to switch titles to vp of business development and let Rockets hire a president of baseball ops or something.

        But Quade should follow immediately considering he refuses to move on and look to the future by playing rookies while the Cubs are completely out of contention

        • cubtex

          I am sure you believe like me that there is zero chance Quade would be retained by the new gm. Hopefully, Ricketts will hire a gm who has a plan to benefit the Cubs in the long run.

    • Tno13

      Don’t bother commenting further. Richard is right, you’ve got your facts wrong already.

      • Aaron

        Not really sure how since he mentioned that even before that time if you read back at comments and look at articles dating back to the end of June where Hendry said the same things…though Byrd wasn’t mentioned to my knowledge at that time.

        • Tno13

          “Ultimately his undoing was the “untouchables” list…. You can’t really believe that was the ultimate tipping point in his undoing.

  • woody34

    Think they announced it today so he could go out with a “winning record”??

  • Ken Hubbs

         Neil, you scooped the Tribune online.  People in Crested Butte, Colorado were probably wondering why I was dancing in the street in nothing but my robe.
    Impressive too, that your faithful readers had about sixty responses within the first hour of the post.  Not the time to knock Hendry.  Enjoy the well-earned euphoria, all of you long-suffering posters.
         Will post again with speculation on next year’s payroll, and what it all will mean for Soriano, Ramirez, Pena, new starting pitchers, Prince…
         But for now, indulge in the relief, hope, and optimism.

  • studio179

    Kudos to Hendry for his classy speech. I do agree he needed to be replaced a long time ago, but I have no dislike toward him as a person. I wish him well. 

  • Chronister Brian

    Wait, wait, wait. Why the he’ll would you let a guy you fired on July 22 stay around through the trade deadline,arguably a GM’s most important time of the year???? No wonder we didn’t move anyone besides Fuk. Glad he’s gone but not “dancing naked” just yet cuz Ricketts showed even when he does something right he screws it up. Now let’s see who we hire.

    • John_CC

      Chronister, getting the top 15 draft picks signed was far more important for the future of the Cubs than trading Byrd and Pena for mediocre prospects.  It was smartly played by Tom Ricketts and Hendry was a big man and acted selfless to stay and work to help the future of the team. 

      The new GM will come in and clean house as seen needed.  It is going to be very fun following the Cubs this winter!

      • Gary J

        Was going to comment myself, but I couldn’t have said it any better so bravo John

  • John_CC

    Sounds like Tom like Crane Kenney.  “He runs the business aspect…blah blah blah…and does a good job…”

  • Neil

    Tweets from Tom Ricketts:

    Ricketts: New GM will decide Mike Quade’s future. New GM will be responsible for all baseball decisions.

    Ricketts says Crane Kenney doing ‘a good job’ on business side. But GM is his responsibility.

    Ricketts: Criteria for New GM: 1) Share Commitment on player development 2) Sabermetrics, important but just a piece 3) From a winning culture, bring over those lessons

    Ricketts: Jim’s hands were not tied at the trade deadline. Nothing was all that compelling.

    Ricketts: It was Hendry’s decision to place Zambrano on the disqualified list. Close communication throughout the process.

    Ricketts: Called Zambrano’s behavior “unacceptable.”

  • paulcatanese

    Maybe, just maybe Qua gets it now and plays for the future as his may be a short one .

    • Ripsnorter1

      I would have to see it to believe it.

  • diehardcubfan

    Yes, firing JH was the right thing to do and I applaud Mr. Ricketts for doing what is best for the organization.  I will have to admit though JH did give us a very good team in 2007 and 2008.  The thing I remain most frustrated about though is what little was done to the team after the 2008 meltdown.  That is when change really needed to occur. 

    It will be a long road ahead though to rebuild this team.  Our expectations need to be realistic on the progress that will be made over the next couple of years. 

    Many tough decisions now need to be made and what direction this team will take.

    As studio179 noted, I have no ill feelings toward JH and wish him the best and hope the Cubs management finds the right person for the job.     

  • Zonk

    It was certainly time for Jim Hendry, but to say he sucked as a GM ignores the facts.

    His early tenure was marked by 2 playoff appearances, and a host of good moves.  He acquired Derrek Lee, A-Ram for almost nothing.  He managed to move Todd Hundley and Milton Bradley for players that actually could play.  The Nomar acquisition didn’t work out due to injury, but was a well-done trade.  Only the Juan Pierre trade early-on was a black mark.  But on balance, his early record was excellent.

    Hendry’s biggest mistakes were the long-term contracts with no-trade clauses.  Some FA signings worked well (Lilly, Demp).  The Soriano signing of course is now an anchor, and at the time I didn’t like it, but keep in mind he was signed in an era when sluggers routinely performed into their 40s.  

    Hendy inherited a disastrous farm system.  It’s still not there, but better than when he got here.  We made the playoffs twice, and I thought assembled a great rotation in ’04 that was unfortunately derailed by injuries.  I never doubted his passion and effort; signing Ted Lilly while having a mild heart attack is all you need to know about his effort.

    It’s time for a fresh approach, but second-guessing GMs is easy sport.  Any GM over time will have a record of bad decisions, because baseball is so unpredictable, and hindsight is 20-20.

    Whoever is in place, I’m sure that unless we win the world series, we will see calls for his/her firing on this forum in about 2 years, or maybe less.  That’s life as a GM.

    • Aaron

      That was not a very accurate take on Hendry …sorry, but he had a major part in building the failed system. Most of his good trades were also part of firesales/cost-cutting moves by other teams

  • John G

    A truly happy day in Cubs Nation. However, I just don’t get the timing. If the decision was made almost a month ago, why the delay considering the trade deadline and all? There was probably a lot of missed opportunity.

    Or Not!

    In any case, this is the first day of the rest of our lives.

  • Chuck

    It is nice having Christmas presents so early/

  • Chuck

    Bring in Ned Colletti from the Dodgers.  He is a local guy, knows baseball, and can mold a winning team.

  • Ryan7

    I told everyone, give Rickettes the time to make there moves. Let them get closer to the time that the crappy contracts fall off the books and the rickettes would then be able to do what they said that they would. They couldn’t do any thing until they got through with what the tribune left them. Now it the rickettes turn to do what they want. Think about it. They started with the players development then started with fixing the spring training crap then they fixed up wrigley a little. That set them up so they can do what they have to do now. Everyone put them down. That’s crap right there.every cub fan new that the rickettes bought the tribune screwed cubs. All the rickettes could do is to wait till the mess they left was gone. Why put the rickettes down for not being able to do anything. They fix what they could and that was the stuff that didn’t have a large contact. They picked high in the draft as they said they were going to. They said things needed to change but couldn’t pull the trigger until now. Give the rickettes some credit for playing it smart. Even if that means waste a season like this one to be able to fix it. This had to happen know matter what. THEY HAVE MADDUX IN THERE OFFICE THEY HAVE TO KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING. CHANGE IS HERE AND EVERYTHING IS GOING TO CHANGE EVERYTHING. I JUST HOPE THAT MEANS THEY CAN CHANGE THE LOOK OF THE UNIFORMS ITS TIME FOR A NEW LOOK TO OUR NEW AGE CUBBIES.

    • Tony_Hall

      They have wasted 2 seasons at the major league level, that didn’t have to happen like they did.  They could have traded or just cut the dead weight, and done it on day 1, then moved on, with their plans.

  • AbnerDoubleday

    The guys on the TV pre-game show have it right. The next GM HAS to understand the Cubs’ culture. We’ve seen too many guys come in and become awed because the culture in Cubbieland is so different — Piniella, Baylor, and on and on. Colletti grew up with the Cubs as a kid and worked in the PR Department and front office. He’s been a winner in San Francisco and done a great job in LA working for an owner who tied his wrists. Colletti is the perfect guy to finally turn things around for the Cubs.

    • John_CC

      I disagree.  The idea, I hope, is to create a new “culture”. You know, the kind that expects winning, not bad luck and self pitty.

    • Aaron

      Ummmmmm. No!

      The same thing was said about Quade and look how disastrous he’s been.

      The point is just because you understand the culture doesn’t mean you’ll do well.

      You have to be successful to begin with like a Girardi or Sandberg (circa 2011 where he’s shown he can be successful with an otherwise terrible team in Lehigh …and his legacy is further cemented by how Iowa did last year vs this year with almost the exact same team for a majority of the season)

      Coletti would be a Hendry-esque move

  • Tom U

    Sorry I’m commenting so late, I just got home from work.

    It is never cause for celebration when some one loses their job. However, enough time was given to determine whether his philosophy (or lack of one) would produce a winner. I believe the record speaks for itself.

    As a Cub fan, I hope that the lesson learned is that unless you have unlimited revenue streams, constant player development is the only way to produce a winner in baseball.

    However, for those who a looking for a new punching bag, I offer these:

    Bruce Levine
    Bruce Miles
    Paul Sullivan
    Phil Rogers
    Bob Nightengale
    Patrick Mooney

    and any others that I fail to remember, that have aided an abetted for the past 12 years.

    • Jdarby

      Don’t forget Gordon Wittenmyer from the Sun Times, who a month or so ago wrote a column proclaiming the reasons why Hendry should keep his job.  I’m sure he’s depressed today.

  • Mike1040

    They’re dancing in the streets in Wrigleyville.

  • Jimmy

    I’m no more of a Hendry fan than any of the rest of you, but I did find a little respect for the guy today.  He had known for a month that he was not coming back, and still stayed cool, worked the draft, and even handled the Zambrano debacle in stride.  He also interviewed well today, took blame for the problems, and even found good words to say about the Ricketts and the Cubs.  Plus, in a few years whenever about 3/4 of our starting lineup is comprised of guys he drafted, we might think a little differently.  Plus, he is the only guy in Cubs history to be GM for three playoff teams.  He might not have been right for the job, but he is a stand up guy and I personally wish him the best. 

  • Dmschultz6

    Suggestion for new GM: Dan Duquette. Peel back the onion on how the Red Sox won a World Series after 86 years and you’ll find that Dan played a major role in making that happen. Hard to find a better talent guy. 

  • For Aslan