Zambrano Placed on Disqualified List

According to multiple reports, the Cubs have placed Carlos Zambrano on the disqualified list without pay for 30 days. Zambrano cannot have any contact with the team and the Cubs will use the next 30 days to discuss what comes next with the pitcher.

According to a report from Ken Rosenthal, the Players’ Union will file grievance with the Cubs challenging the decision to place Zambrano on the disqualified list without pay. Jon Heyman brought up the fact that he does not see the Union allowing the Cubs to fine Zambrano around $3 million … which is basically what the Cubs owe him for the remainder of the season.

The Sun-Times is reporting that Jim Hendry took the most stringent action he could short of releasing Carlos Zambrano. From the official press release: During this time, Major League Baseball and the Major League Baseball Players Association will discuss recent statements attributed to Zambrano regarding his baseball future.

According to reports, Jim Hendry has not spoken with Carlos Zambrano since the incident on Friday. Zambrano’s agent told Hendry that Zambrano is not in the retirement mode. Hendry called Zambrano’s actions “intolerable” and also apologized to the Braves for spoiling Bobby Cox’s night.

According to a report from CBS Sports, Alfonso Soriano confronted Zambrano after his ejection on Friday night. After the two finished exchanging words, Zambrano packed his stuff and left the clubhouse.

If the 30-day suspension is upheld the likelihood of Zambrano pitching again this season is slim at best. Zambrano would not be able to return until September 12. The Cubs play their final game of the year in San Diego on September 28.

Several outlets are speculating that Carlos Zambrano has thrown his last pitch for the Chicago Cubs. Zambrano is still owed $18 million for the 2012 season … the last guaranteed year of his contract. Zambrano has a vesting option for 2013 worth $19.25 million that according to reports over the last 24 hours has pretty large buyout attached to it.

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  • Rbmercer

    If Soriano did confront him, that would be a welcome surprise to me. I didnt think he had it in him.

    This would be about the only positive moment in a while for Soriano in my eyes.

    • paulcatanese

      Only Soriono knows what he said to Z, but it may have put Z out the door,
      as in “Where’s your’e head? if you cant take it,,,quit”. Soriono is one of the “elder statesman” on the team and getting Z’s face may have done it.

      • Richard Hood

        Actually there have been a lot of people saying that Soriano is too nice and too much of a great guy to be that kind of leader. It does not matter what was said if Soriano confronted Z about anything. It is a huge deal.

    • J Daniel

      I don’t understand how you can make a statement like that!  We all know that he has never performed to the level of his contract but to make a statement regarding something you don’t know about, what goes on behind the scenes, is the kind of nonsense that really is wrong.

      • Ken Hubbs

             I read it differently.  I think that Richard was saying that it was significant the Soriano ‘confronted’ Z, regardless of what was said.  That’s the way that I am taking it.

  • Neil

    From the Trib, more on Soriano confronting Zambrano: “He’s been doing a lot of things, not once or twice. Gotta think a little bit more.Big man, but mentally he’s weak.”

  • Ripsnorter1

    The Players Union is another fine example of what’s wrong with the USA. They want to ensure that this head case gets paid for not showing up to work. 

    • Richard Hood

      No the players Union wants to make sure the Cubs do not end up fining Z 3 million dollars. Which is what a 6 week go home without pay would be liking to.

    • Gramps

      The idea that they call themselves a union makes me sick. What union has members who all have individual personal agents? What union is composed of almost all millionaires? To quit on a team the way Zambrano did is inexcusable and probably inexcusable to most of the guys in his own union. I hope management takes a tough stance and fights any litigation that Zambrano and his agent bring up. I know I would not want him to be working with me. When the going gets tough, the tough get going…….not quitting!

  • John_CC

    Neil, thanks for all the good coverage. 

  • cubs1967

    here’s what a real team and owner does: Released!

    screw the union…………off the team.

    too bad cubs fans have a panzy owner that makes mike mccaskey look like the terminator!

    • Scott

      I actually like this move MUCH better than just releasing him.  If the Cubs release him, they must pay him every single penny for the rest of this year and next.  I doubt Zambrano suits up for the Cubs again (this smells a lot like what the Cubs did to Milton Bradley), but this way, they make a strong statement by fining him roughly 3 million dollars.

      • Henry

        I agree!  if you release him you are still on the hook for his salary.  He then gets to negotiate a deal with another team and can resurrect his career.  Since we are paying his salary anyway, I would put him on the suspended list and never let him see the field again.  That would spell the end of his career.  If another team wants him then make them pay most or all of his salary.  Why should Zambrano come out the winner of this mess?  Let him rot on the suspended list.

  • Memobandit

    Zambrano receives 2013 player option if 1) he is
    first or second in 2011 Cy Young vote or if he finishes in top 4 in 2012 Cy
    Young vote and 2) he is healthy at end of 2012