Cubs Talking with Zambrano’s Agent?

According to a report from the Chicago Tribune, Jim Hendry is in talks with Carlos Zambrano’s agent, Barry Praver, in the attempt to figure “out what Zambrano was actually thinking after walking out of the clubhouse Friday night and telling Cubs personnel he plans to retire.” Tribune sources indicated “the two sides have been in discussions and Zambrano has not filed any retirement papers.”

According to the Tribune, “if nothing is resolved by this afternoon, the Cubs are likely to place Zambrano on the restricted list indefinitely.”

Carlos Zambrano was placed on the restricted list last season after his blowup at the Cell in June.

The Tribune mentioned if Carlos Zambrano is put on the restricted list that could open a spot in the rotation for Casey Coleman.

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  • cc002600

    cubs need to cut ties with this cancer once and for all. Time to start fresh with some new blood.

  • Adinoch

    How do we get Soriano mad enough to get ejected and retire? With Z and Alfie off the squad we could sign Pujols to play third and Fielder to play first. Hey I’m a Cubs fan all I’ve got are dreams. Hahahaha

  • Matt Weaver

    Oh snap — Casey Coleman! :squeals: So exciting…

    There’s no winning for this franchise.

  • John G

    We all know that Z can be irrational, but is he so stupid that he would walk away from $18MM? (Or whatever the number is.) The sad part is that the Cubs are between a rock and a hard place. Who’s gonna take him in a trade without the Cubs eating most of that salary? If Z doesn’t file retirement papers then they are on the hook for the money, even if they put him on the restricted list (I believe). In any case, I hope we have seen the last of him in Cubbie Blue. His skill level is not at the point anymore that you can forgive his antics. He’s not a very good role model for the kids on the team. And you can probably say that about a LF and a 3rd baseman as well, although their on field efforts don’t rise (or should I say fall) to Z’s level.

    • gocubs

      John G, Im very confused by what you mean by “And you can probably say that about a LF and a 3rd baseman as well.”  

      Soriano has probably been THE model teammate and team player through his time with the Cubs…when he first joined he wanted to play CF – he wasnt very good and they asked him to play LF…he did so with ZERO complaint and actually was PLUS there with his +1.1 dWAR mainly due to his high assist totals from his highly accurate and strong throws to the plate and 2B to get guys out.  He has NEVER complained about anything on this team, he has always been HIGHLY POSITIVE in attitude and if you ask anyone on the team, he is one of the hardest workers.  Is he what we paid for? No, thats another issue entirely…his injuries have made him a shell of the player he once was, but thats not the point.  He is a model teammate.  I dont see any evidence of anything other than that.  

      I dont think Ramirez has been a bad influence and I dont really see any evidence to show that he doesn’t prepare and work hard.  These guys may not run out every fly ball, but really…does that really make you a better payer or your team better?  No, not really.  There is ZERO evidence to support that running out fly balls that are usually either home runs or pop outs makes your team any better.  

      • John G

        Maybe I was little hard on them. What I was talking about was the apparent lack of effort that either one of them appears to make at times. What kind of example is that to set for the kids. True, I am not in the clubhouse or on the field during batting practice so I’m not privy to the inner workings. I was just commenting on how it appears from the outside looking in. Of course they are not the cancer that Z is (I think I made that point) but I don’t think the Cubs are getting the value from either one of them that they should.

        • Mike1040

          Although lack of hustle is apparent for both of these millionaires, no-one seems to mention the obvious declining defensive skills of them both.
          I for one am very tired of seeing them both boot the ball around. AND, how many times have we seen Sorry go for those out of reach sliders?

        • gocubs

          (@CBSSports) After Zambrano was ejected, Soriano went into clubhouse and “went off” on Zambrano, source tells @CBSSports: 8 minutes ago
          There you go.  Another example of Soriano doing whats best for the team and trying to set Zambrono straight.  

          • paulcatanese

            That sounds good to me. I applaud Soriono for that. He (Soriono) has been the brunt of many jokes, dis-favor, and wanting him gone, myself included in that bunch. As I have said also many times that he is just getting old and his legs are no longer there. Dont think its really a lack of hustle rather his legs going rapidly. By all accounts running the bases and trying to get to fly balls are out of his scope, but as a team player, I have not seen anything that would say he is not.But he has gone up in my eyes after last night.

  • John G

    Phil Rogers made a good point,0,3408819.story

    “But it has also become clear how few friends Zambrano has on his team, which
    might be why he decided to flee the clubhouse during Friday’s game. After all,
    how come no Cubs followed Braves’ players onto the field after the
    Zambrano-Jones encounter?”

    He will not be missed. By fans, players or management.

  • cubs1967

    time for pk mccaskey to realize the cubs are a big market team, has not wona WS in over a century, and he needs to act like it.

    hire a baseball president…………why do you need a bean counter president when this patethic team had crowds of 36K plus last homestand.
    bye JH……….time to start over
    see ya Q……….ur a fool.
    bye bye Z and Sori……….realeased and relief.
    colvin and jackson…………welcome to the vines of the OF……….good luck.

    time to spend like a real team too……..150-160M payroll; not cutting it and raising tix prices.

    hello pujols or fielder or reyes or cj wilson or whoever………CC??
    time to act like the red sox or yankees………..

    time for some people on here to start asking for fielder or pujols not lahair or lamatheu or ryan flaherty……………103 yrs……..HELLOC!!

    so far ricketts has upgraded the johns and put big C on the toilet doors……….and brought in bison dogs……..yeah.

    when does the real owner show up??

    • cubtex

      Yes, but spend wisely. Do not sign Pujols to an 8 year deal where he will be declining midway thru the contract. Do not panic and spend money just to spend money. Let’s build this team the right way and add a piece here and there. Rome was not built in a day.

  • Neil
  • Neil

    Zambrano placed on disqualified list. 30 days w/o pay. Can’t be w/ team