Cubs Quiet and Stand Pat at Trading Deadline

The MLB non-waiver trade deadline came and went on Sunday afternoon with the Cubs not making any deals. The Cubs made only one change (Kosuke Fukudome) to a team that is on track for a 100-loss season.

Sunday was an extremely quiet day on the Cubs front … with little to no news or rumors. The week leading up to the deadline, Jim Hendry said he would not be blowing up his roster or making many changes, if any at all.

Players such as Marlon Byrd, Kerry Wood, Carlos Pena, Reed Johnson and Carlos Marmol reportedly received interest from other teams but Jim Hendry decided to hold on to all of their players.

The Cubs lone change to their roster happened Thursday when Kosuke Fukudome and $3.9 million were sent to the Cleveland Indians for minor leaguers Abner Abreu (Class-A Outfielder) and Carlton Smith (Triple-A RHP).

The Cubs can still make trades but those players, as well as players that the Cubs could receive in return, must clear waivers.

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Quote of the Day

"Never let the fear of striking out get in your way of playing the game." – Babe Ruth

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  • Mark

    One big happy losing family huh?  Is that what Hendrey wants to do is keep these guys?  WE SUCK and can’t pay together!  I don’t care if a person is nice and good in the clubhouse.  Your job is to WIN, and we are not.  How much brains do you need to know that you need to mix this team up and save this franchise because it’s starting to fold, quickly.  Pena has to go because we only have him for the remainder of the year, Soriano is a clown in LF nd has shown that he, Ramirez and Soto cannot score runs.  Grabow is horrible BUT lefty and some stupid team will jump on that because he is lefty.   Marmol is losing it and better get some decent talent for him before he really sucks.  You GAVE Fukudome away for nothing, still paying for his million $ contract and now we are hoping praying for a Chicago Cub prospect which has had his chance to develop but will be a waste because he’s just like ALL the other prospects who amount to nothing.  I can go on and on but it makes me sick.    

    • PeteM

      The correct term baseball people use is “We stinks”

  • BosephHeyden

    After this pathetic attempt to “make the team better”, I’ll just say it:  if Ricketts doesn’t fire Kenney, Hendry, and Quade after this season, I’m done with this team.  Because, between the poor minor league makeup they have and inability to take any sort of accountability,  as well as their, simply put, disconnection with reality, I doubt this team can do anything in the future without a major shakeup.

    • JW

      Dear JQ – 

      I just wanted to send you a quick note, congratulating you on keeping this championship team intact. I know the blogs have been pushing hard to get some young talent for all out major players but you stayed strong. I know its been a down year, but the parts we have in place should contend next if we are healthy.

      Your party in crime (and fellow baseball man)


      PS Go Cubs

      • JW

        woops party was supposed to be partner

        • Ripsnorter1

          Perhaps it is a party. Drug party? Booze? There has to be some explanation for this insanity.

  • Brp921

    The Cubs have apparently decided that they can get better without completely rebuilding since they have not blown up the team, or even traded anyone. I don’t see where they can improve offensively through free agency, without going for Fielder or Pujols, which since they are holding onto Pena it doesn’t seem like they will. I don’t see any offensive game changers besides those two out there. The Cubs don’t have the prospects to trade for game changing offensive talent. Theres only a couple starting free agent pitchers to go for. Unless they go for Fielder or Pujols, or unload all of the best of their talent in their minor league system, if they even have enouph, I don’t see them getting back into contention next year. As good a player as Ramirez has been for the Cubs, and he has been a good player for us, he has never been able to carry the offense by himself. Pena is great defensively and has decent power, but will not help us get over the hump. If they can sign a starting pitcher like the guy from Texas and maybe trade for another then their starting pitching would be credible. Their outfield though will still be bad and again there not much free agent talent out there except maybe to improve them defensively. I think it’s a stretch to say Jackson is ready to play everyday. The Cubs say they have a plan, but no matter how I roll things around , I can’t figure what it could be.

  • Griffnbell

    I hope that there is a serious change in the offseason. I WILL NOT watch another year with Byrd, Pena, Soriano, Soto, Z, Dempster, Wells, and Dewitt in the lineup. It doesn’t work period. New GM, Manager, coaching staff, attitude, culture, and fundamentals is a must or I feel die hards like me will turn away and stop coming to the park and tuning in on WGN. Mr. Rickets please show me you have a plan and it doesn’t involve Hendry and his dumba$$ comments. Look around and see how other GM’s do business and see the big picture and unload good players before they they have no value and how to structure contracts that don’t give the player all the power or contract’s that that we have to pay after the player suits up in a new jersey. Disgusted and pissed.

    • JW

      Well said… it’s just one of those things where we either believe that Hendry is right and all the other GMs and analysts in baseball are wrong or he is truly Jim Qlueless

  • Aaron

    I don’t even know what to say, other than………I told you all so!!!!!!!!!!!!!….before the season even began.

    Like I’ve always said, it’s NOT that hard to predict the Cubs under Hendry’s watch….it really isn’t. 

    One thing is for certain though….if you get the right manager in there, he could actually win with mostly crappy players.

    It has been well documented that Quade has lost at least 10 games with his poor decision-making this year. You put in a manager that actually knows what he’s doing, and the Cubs might only be 5 games under .500 at the moment.

    The problem is, this team is going nowhere, and in a year in which they could actually start over, and the fan-base would COMPLETELY understand the growing pains and such, and be completely on board with a youth movement, Hendry decides that he’s going to name just about everyone on the team as untouchable……

    So, with that in mind, expect the Cubs to have this lineup next year:

    Colvin/Johnson/Baker-RF (days when Johnson starts, he’ll be leading off, which Castro going 2 hole and Barney in the 8 hole…and against lefties, basically the same thing, with Baker in there)

    bench: Hill, Johnson, Baker, DeWitt (gotta have that “big lefty bat” off the bench, right?), Campana

    ? (Cashner if he’s healthy)

    ? (name some crappy veteran…or he’ll probably re-sign Grabow to a 2 yr, $10 million deal with a NTC)

    Here’s probably what Hendry will say:
    “I honestly believe that we are just 2-3 solid moves away from this thing. Did you see the Central this year? There wasn’t much separation between 4 teams, so we definitely feel like we can get back in this thing. I count having Cashner back as being like acquiring a top-of-the-rotation starter, and we have big hopes for Carpenter, who didn’t start the year with the team….Obviously, we’re looking for Pena to be better adjusted now with the day games, and start out of the gate better, so that’s like another acquisition right there, and we’re looking for Wells to come back strong from a disappointing season in which he was injured. That’s actually 4 solid moves right there…more than we needed, right?”

    ….then a reporter (if he actually has balls, which it appears NONE of them do this year) points out to Hendry that he didn’t actually make any moves outside of the personnel he already has, and he goes…

    “Well, look, we dealt with some pretty difficult injuries this year that most teams wouldn’t be able to overcome. We just found that with the free agent market and asking price in trades, that we had the makings of a solid nucleus already, and we wanted to give them another year to mesh together. I mean, I don’t think you could find anyone like Cashner, Carpenter, Pena, or Wells on the market right now…it’s just not possible, and so to have those guys back, and healthy, that’ll be HUGE for us.”

    ….reporter just gives up, and walks away

    • carmelo

      Since you say you go to spring training, this will allow you to back up your words and punch Hendry in the face. Or are you just all talk?

    • Kojak Osborne Jr.

      I view the rotation
      1. Garza
      2. Dempster
      3. Zambrano
      4. Samardrija
      5. Cashner , if he become a reliever then Jay Jackson.

      • Vivid_Reality

        Shark will never sniff the Cubs rotation again.

        • Kojak Osborne Jr.

          How Well pitching he has a shot anyone has a shot in the rotation they will probably be two openings if Cashner goes to the bullpen.

          • Vivid_Reality

            Im sorry but his stats this year wont translate well to starting. He has been getting fairly lucky (.255 BABIP) with a B/9 approaching 6. I would rather just let him develop as a mid reliever where he might actually develop dominating stuff. Flip flopping him between a rotation spot and the bullpen will not help things. Take a flier on a Bruce Chen type or Scott Kazmir in F/A to fill the last spot.

    • Brp921

      I would not only be acceptable to completely rebuilding, but be 100% for it..

  • Ripsnorter1

    I’m not surprised in the least. It was the wrong move, of course, but we have the wrong guy making wrong moves as a matter of course. So who should be shocked?

    • Kojak Osborne Jr.

      Well I guess we should be happy that we got rid of Fukodome

  • J-Train

    I was in the “official website” and it was talking about teams being interested in some players that the Cubs considered untouchables like Marshall and Baker.  In what world is Jeff Baker an untouchable player.  This is a guy who couldn’t buy a contract a couple of years ago, and has done zip for the Cubs.  I think if anyone offered a bucket of balls for that guy you would jump on it. 

    I’m just sorry that i’m not a great baseball mind like Jim Hendry because then I would be able to understand how much sense all of this makes and how it is going to put us on the right track.

  • jw