Is Pat Gillick on the Cubs Radar?

Ken Rosenthal mentioned the Ricketts family possible interest in Pat Gillick early Tuesday … and the Score’s David Schuster confirmed Tom Ricketts has spoken to Pat Gillick as recently as last week on Tuesday afternoon.

So could changes to the Cubs front office be on the horizon with Pat Gillick being in the mix to be a consultant to the owner or team president?

Both reports from Ken Rosenthal and David Schuster mentioned even if the Ricketts family hires Pat Gillick that Jim Hendry could remain with the team.

Ken Rosenthal reported Tuesday that “speculation persists that owner Tom Ricketts might hire Hall of Fame inductee Pat Gillick as club president. In theory, Gillick could retain Hendry, and the two could work together to fix the club.”

Schuster reported that he “could only confirm that conversations have been had” between Tom Ricketts and Pat Gillick. Schuster was quick to point out not to jump to any conclusions. And just like Rosenthal, Schuster reported if Gillick were to be hired, it wouldn’t necessarily mean that Jim Hendry would no longer be with the organization.

Pat Gillick and Jim Hendry have a relationship and have gotten “along famously in the past and there is a framework for a business relationship there” according to Schuster.

Gillick is being inducted into Baseball’s Hall of Fame this weekend and has recently said he no longer wants a full time job.

Earlier in the season, Tom Ricketts said he had no plans to hire a baseball person to watch his baseball people … but maybe all of the bad baseball has forced him to change his mind.

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  • Ryan7_21_05

    I don’t want him if JH will still be there. He has to leave and fast. And he could take his friend Quade with him to what ever team that would want them. The O’s may take them i mean they took McDumby. So there’s a taker lol

    • Tony_Hall

      Why would you not want Pat Gillick, if they don’t fire JH first?  Pat Gillick would be stripping JH of head of baseball operations title.  That is huge! JH would have to get approval for everything, immediately.  I much prefer that JH goes, but the first step is bringing in someone like a Pat Gillick, and let him evaluate the baseball operations and decide who stays and who goes.

      We also don’t need to find a taker for a GM and Manager, you just fire them.

      • John_CC

        Absolutely right, Tony. 

        Hendry has done some (a lot) of dumb things, but it’s because he has been given free reign, he is basically the top of the organization as far as personnel decisions go.  He has also proven that he can get shrewd deals done (Aramis & Lofton, Lilly). So with a true baseball guy to answer to, I could actually live with Hendry for another year. 

        This would be a fantastic start for rebuilding this stinking heap of garbage team.

        • Richard Hood

          Weather you like McPhail or not when Hendry was answering to him JH was at his best. So bring in a baseball guy even at a consultant level and take away the HOBO title from Hendry would be a step in the right direction.

      • Ryan7_21_05


        • Tony_Hall

          Boy, your posts are so hard to read.  

          Reserve – I assume is “deserve”

          All caps makes it hard to read and your posts are mostly just a rambling on and on.  You have good points, but your message doesn’t always come across.

          I want JH to be gone.  If you have been a reader for the last few years, you would know that most everyone on hear, wants JH gone.  But if Tommy Boy is not going to fire him, then the first step is to hire a senior statesman, to be in the position of President, VP Baseball Operations, etc to come in and evaluate the baseball operations, and evaluate the staff.  It shouldn’t take long before a new GM and manager would be in place, if this happens.

    • ghostofelvis

      while at it, Maybe JH can take Koyie Hill with him.


    replace Jim Hendry

    • Ryan7_21_05


  • Kojak Osborne Jr.

    Someone need to be on the Cubs radar to fix this mess .

  • Cloycub13

    This is the first positive sign I have seen all season, with the exception of Castro and Barney.
    I have said it before…
    Step1-Hire a baseball genius to oversee operations
    Step2-Let said genius look at the job Hendry and Quade have done
    Step3-will take care of itself!!!!!!!!

  • Brp921

    Something needs to be done and Gillick has experienced success. Hire Gillick and take away the final decision making from JH. JH has made some very bad talent evaluations, but has seemed to negotiate well. Let Gillick decide who to get rid of and who to go after and let Hendry negotiate the deal. I would rather see him gone to but this would be a step in the right direction. Hopefully Gillick would insist on bringing in a new manager as well.

  • Ripsnorter1

    Mr. Ricketts, 
    Let’s consider some stats before you hastily remove Mr. Jim Hendry.

    1. The White Sox need a 3 game winning streak to reach .500.
    2. The Cubs need a 20 game winning streak to reach .500.
    3. The Astros need a 33 game winning streak to reach .500.

    So why wouldn’t you try to hire the Astros’ GM instead?
    He’d fit so much better with the likes of Jim Hendry, Dave Littlefield, and Tim Wilken, not to mention Mike Quade. They all have the same philosophy: losing!
    And we could continue our drafting philosophy of drafting middle infielders with no power whatsoever, without missing a beat. Furthermore, the Astros’ GM is “a good clubhouse guy.”

  • roguesqr09

    MLB Trade Rumors reported yesterday that Cashman’s contract with the yankees is over at the end of the year. Rosenthal says “even some of Cashman’s friends in the industry think he might be ready to bolt.”

    I’d go for a Cashman.

  • diehardcubfan

    Everyone please remember at this point bringing on Pat Gillick is only speculation and it would likely not be full time.  I agree with Tony Hall’s observation that Pat would need to evaluate the organization if brought on board. I do not think though his observations will change JH status. 

    Given JH has not been fired yet and there have been no rumblings to suggest that will happen this winter I think we are stuck with him. 

    I think Pat will mainly be brought on to serve as a consultant but we will have to see. 

    • T_Leise

      Unfortunately, I think you may be right.

  • Dorasaga

    Firing Hendry will mean that Tom Ricketts lose millions of obligated money for the GM’s contract that only ends the offseason of 2012.

    The Cubs owner is unwilling to spend like the Big Boys, if that’s what it takes to quickly change this loser’s mentality, or Cub Think. We need to acknowledge so.

    • cubtex

      He spent 845 mil to buy the team. He inherited a mess. Cut him a little slack. I believe he will replace Hendry anf Quade at end of year.

      • Ripsnorter1

        Again, let’s have a friendly wager here. Nothing for winning, but I’ll say this: 

        QUADE STAYS.
        You want the other side of this bet?

        • cc002600

          hate to say it, but I agree

          I think they stay. They have 1 more year on their contracts, Tommy boy ain’t eating that coin.

        • cubtex

          Ok. I definately say Q gone 100%. With the Gillick talk….I can see a scenario where Hendry is retained in a lesser capacity. Either way…he will not be the GM. So yes…I will take that bet.

      • Bryan

        Sure, let’s cut the owner some slack.  A “smart businessman”, which Ricketts proclaims to be, would never have allowed a second rate (being generous here) manager to be hired, and allowed the shenanigans around the treatment (legitimate playing time) of youngsters and double standards with vets. The smart owner would have looked at the numerous disaster trades by his GM, and said “if I buy this team that’s the last guy I want to stay by”.  But instead we have “Mr. Rogers” hanging out in the bleachers and dumping Cubs marketing smooze on any fan that will listen.  The franchise is a mess throughout, with no evidence that Ricketts has a plan, nor that he will hold accountability to his leadership team.  Sorry, I respect your individual view, but this long time fan isn’t cutting any slack to this owner. 

        • cubtex

          He is the owner….not general manager or manager. You delegate authority as an owner. We do not have George Steinbrenner here…..nor should we.

      • Aaron

        you are FAR too optimistic. What in the world gives you the impression he’ll actually make a move?!?

        • cubtex

          I am sure he knows the fans are frustrated and unhappy. He has a huge financial interest in this. Supposedly, he has already talked to Gillick. Others are reporting Hendry and Q are both gone when season ends. I really think he knows it will be financial suicide if he doesn’t make a change. Attendance will decrease even more for next year.

      • Dorasaga

        I’m sure that wasn’t a problem for Steinbrenner and John Henry.

        If winning was ever a priority, the Ricketts would be ON TO IT NOW.

  • studio179

    Up to now, Cub ownership has not felt another baseball guy is needed in the front office. Now ownership might be willing to hire another baseball person in the front office. That would be a much needed move. 

    Since Gillick and Hendry are friends. The big question is if Gillick came in part time, would he be willing to replace Hendry or let his friend stay. I believe the report above that Hendry could stay…thus Hendry’s friend Quade stays. Gillick or anyone might use his first year ‘getting to know’ the Cub organization. Ownership would slowly transfer baseball operations power away from Kenney and allow Hendry and Quade next year to try and be competitive. If the team performs like this year or is not very competitive, then ownership simply allows Hendry and Quade’s contracts run out, while moving Kenney completely away from baseball operations by that time. If the team performs well enough (whatever standard ownership deems ‘well enough’), Hendry would be retained with a new contract. I would do it different, but that is my early guess.          

    • Mike1040

      HMMMMMMMM let me see, I want a baseball guy in the front office. Should I hire a guy from the worst team in baseball or one of the best teams in baseball HMMMMMMMMMM

      • studio179

        Gillick is going in the HOF. Gillick was the GM when the Blue Jays won it all in ’92 & ’93 and the GM when the Phillies won it all in ’08. I am not going to lay the 1 1/2 years he has been associated with the Stros on him. They were bad way before he got there. Granted, he is very old school. I will take his HOF leadership because he knows how to build a franchise to win. While Gillick might not be young and there are other good choices as well. I will take an old Pat Gillick over the current team president Crane Kenney in a nano second…no contest, no comparison. Just like I would take an old Jack McKeon over our current manager Mike Quade in a nano second…no contest, no comparison.      

  • cc002600

    by the way, when you watch Garza in press conferences and everywhere else, its really hard not to like this guy. 

    I love his attitude. He seems like a real team player to me….he makes no excuses, and never criticizes a teammate, never whines…..and is always on the top step of the dugout rooting his team on when he’s not pitching.

    we need more guys like him…..

    • paulcatanese

      Absolutly agree. As I had posted last year, I was against this trade citing temper issues with Garza. If his temper was based on similar management before he got to the Cubs, I certainly understand it now under Quade. I am surprised that he has held his cool so long with this masterpiece of a manager. Well I imagine Quade is about to lose the support from Garza as he has from Dempster and Z dosent recognize Quade at all.

      I agree with youre point, Garza is hard not to like and everything about him says team player, a good guy. Never thought I would be saying that, but he has proven me wrong.

    • cubtex

      I agree. He is competitive and truly cares. He doesn’t show up his team like John Lackey and I would like to see the Cubs lock this guy up for the next 5 years.

      • Dorasaga

        Lackey is a competitive guy. So, Dempster showed up Quade. He’s now a badass? Com’on. These are competitive athletes. I’ll rather have winners who can “show it” and perform than underachievers who didn’t try their best.

        I’ve been saying that we can observe Ricketts. We should see how Garza performs. Guess what. Garza did in the past three and a half month. Ricketts did not, and it’s Year Three now.

        • cubtex

          Where did I mention Dempster? Have you followed Lackey’s career? He makes faces when teammates don’t make plays that HE thinks should be made. He is not a goid teammate and many former teammates back that up! That was never the case with Garza.

  • BosephHeyden

    Time to save these idiot sports writers their excuse and give it to them:  “Durrr…Jim Hendry has been handcuffed and having a president he knows means he’ll be able to do better!”

    No, he won’t.  At all.  His accomplishments have been outweighed by his failures (five good trades and three postseason appearances vs. multiple bad trades, signings, prospects ruined, eight non-postseason appearances, and, most importantly, ZERO World Series titles).  Get rid of Hendry.  No fifth chances, no new management to work under, none of that.  He stays, a lot of us go, end of story.