Is Pat Gillick on the Cubs Radar?

Ken Rosenthal mentioned the Ricketts family possible interest in Pat Gillick early Tuesday … and the Score’s David Schuster confirmed Tom Ricketts has spoken to Pat Gillick as recently as last week on Tuesday afternoon.

So could changes to the Cubs front office be on the horizon with Pat Gillick being in the mix to be a consultant to the owner or team president?

Both reports from Ken Rosenthal and David Schuster mentioned even if the Ricketts family hires Pat Gillick that Jim Hendry could remain with the team.

Ken Rosenthal reported Tuesday that “speculation persists that owner Tom Ricketts might hire Hall of Fame inductee Pat Gillick as club president. In theory, Gillick could retain Hendry, and the two could work together to fix the club.”

Schuster reported that he “could only confirm that conversations have been had” between Tom Ricketts and Pat Gillick. Schuster was quick to point out not to jump to any conclusions. And just like Rosenthal, Schuster reported if Gillick were to be hired, it wouldn’t necessarily mean that Jim Hendry would no longer be with the organization.

Pat Gillick and Jim Hendry have a relationship and have gotten “along famously in the past and there is a framework for a business relationship there” according to Schuster.

Gillick is being inducted into Baseball’s Hall of Fame this weekend and has recently said he no longer wants a full time job.

Earlier in the season, Tom Ricketts said he had no plans to hire a baseball person to watch his baseball people … but maybe all of the bad baseball has forced him to change his mind.

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