Checking In on the Cubs Rumor Mill

The countdown has begun to the July 31 non-waiver trade deadline, will the Cubs’ GM be ‘Trader Jim‘ or ‘Stand-Pat Hendry‘?

According to a report from Comcast SportsNet, Jim Hendry sees a turnaround for the Cubs by 2012. Hendry “believes in the strength of the organization, that the scouting and player development departments are building a pipeline that will flow more and more talent into Wrigley Field” and he doesn’t see the Cubs “as a long-term rebuilding project.”

According to Comcast SportsNet, the Cubs “will hold onto the pieces they believe will help make them a contender in 2012.”

Teams are rumored to be calling on the availability on several of the players on the Cubs roster. Here is the update from the mill …

Carlos Pena
According to Jim Bowden, the Cubs need to trade Carlos Pena and his remaining salary in order to use that money toward making a run at either Prince Fielder or Albert Pujols in the off-season. Bowden’s opinion aside, the Diamondbacks, Pirates and Angels have had conversations with the Cubs about Pena.

According to Bowden, the Cubs are reluctant to move him but Bowden feels the Cubs will trade him if a team offers the right prospect in return.

Jon Heyman tweeted Monday that Pena “will almost surely be moved” and he’s heard Arizona is interested as well.

According to the Sun-Times, “there’s a growing sense that the Cubs might consider Pena an option for first base next year.”

Jeff Baker
Several reports have indicated that Jeff Baker is one of the untouchables on the Cubs roster and Jim Hendry has no desire to trade him because he figures into the Cubs’ plans for 2012. Jim Bowden acknowledged the fact the Cubs are telling teams he’s unavailable but Bowden believes every player is available at the right price … and Baker’s versatility could help a lot of teams.

According to the Sun-Times, the Red Sox and Phillies have shown interest in trading for Jeff Baker.

Aramis Ramirez
According to Bruce Levine, Ramirez and Jim Hendry recently met about Ramirez waiving his 10-and-5 rights. Ramirez said he did not want to leave the Cubs and would not approve a trade. According to Levine, Aramis Ramirez is off the market.

Marlon Byrd
According to Jim Bowden, too many teams need outfield help and Marlon Byrd could help a lot of them.

Kosuke Fukudome
Bruce Levine reported Sunday that at least four teams are zeroing in on Fukudome … with the Indians being hot on his trail. Jim Bowden mentioned the Red Sox have shown interest in Fukudome as well. Bowden said Boston sounds willing to give up a mid-level prospect for Fukudome. The Giants have also been linked to Fukudome.

Ryan Dempster and Kerry Wood
Both Ryan Dempster and Kerry Wood will stay with the team for the remainder of the season. Dempster has 10-and-5 rights and Jim Hendry has told teams that he is not going to trade Ryan Dempster. As for Wood, the one-year deal the former ‘Kid K‘ signed in the off-season included a full no-trade clause. Wood will not be traded this season.

Sean Marshall
The Cubs have said Marshall is not available as well but Jim Bowden is convinced that if he was, teams like the Rangers, Red Sox and Yankees would be interested.

John Grabow
The high-priced mop-up reliever has a contract that would make him hard to deal according to Jon Heyman. John Grabow signed a two-year, $7.5 million contract in the winter of 2009 and is being paid $4.8 million this season.

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Well, there’s the update … and I’m sticking to it.

Quote of the Day

"Show me a guy who’s afraid to look bad, and I’ll show you a guy you can beat every time." – Lou Brock

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  • Jim_Tinley_Park

    At the moment the cubs are 3 players away from contending in 2012, they are:

    * The Father
    * The Son
    * The Holy Spirit.

    • Scott McMeekan

      Ah yes, Jim, but remembering your theology that would actually only be one player with three tools.  ; )

    • Aaron

      very clever….and I LOVED it

    • roseyc

      This is so funny thanks for making my day

    • Brentcarmona

      i read this two hours ago. and im still laughing. keep it up.

    • diehardcubfan

      Amen, brother.

  • Tony_Hall

    What else would JH say, except that they are close?  You know beating up on the Astros, can give anybody the confidence they need, to break out that line.

    Pena – Trade him now.  If JH really wants him for 2012, he is a FA after this year.  But this at least gives you something for him.  

    Baker – Just further establishing his Cluelessness.

    Aramis – He has been great the last 2 months, and would give the Cubs a nice return.  I still believe he will be traded in August.  Once again, he will waive the 2012 option, and be a FA, and JH could bring him back, if he really wants to.

    Byrd, Fukudome and Grabow- Trade them all.  They are not a part of the future.

    Dempster and Wood – Don’t see them going anywhere

    Marshall – I would keep.

    With all of these players, their pay is already budgeted, so pay as much as needed, to get a better player(s) back.

    The one with no rumors, Soriano.  Could he please start hitting the ball, so that an AL team will take a chance on him for a small portion of his salary.  Or as I have been saying for the last couple of years, just cut him and move on.  The money has already been spent.

    This team will not compete in 2012, with this cast of characters.  Time to start over, but as long as JH is in charge, this team will always be close to competing, in his eyes. I am pretty sure he needs to get his eyes checked, as the product on the field is one of the worst teams in baseball.  Injuries only helped to the bottom instead of the mediocre area.  In no way was this team, a championship contender, fully healthy.  Of course, all teams, have injuries.  The teams in the playoffs, will say, that it improved their depth, teams that miss the playoffs, will say that was the difference.  Teams fighting for the 1st pick in the draft, shouldn’t even speak about it, it just makes you sound ignorant.

    Time to clear the deck and give some of the kids, some playing time, to see what they have, if they are ready, to start contributing at the major league level.  I would actually trade off more players, than are listed above, as I don’t believe this team will be competitive in 2012, by bringing these guys back, so it’s time for a rebuilding.  This can be done, while being respectable.  Let’s face it, if someone would have told you, this team would be in the bottom couple spots this year, wouldn’t you have at least accepted it, if they had developed some more players, that would actually help turn this team around, instead of playing guys, who were a part of the problem still?  

    • Jdarby

      Great post Tony.  This organization is a total embarrassment and the more I hear Hendry say “we’re just a couple of moves away, this isn’t a major rebuilding job” every year, the more I want to vomit.

      • Mark

        I totally agree!  You and I know damn well that nothing is going to get done July 31 to satisfy and to dump some of these guys who cannot play together to contend, or to free up $ to sign a huge name like Pujols or Fielder.  You already have Ramirez saying he’ll exercise  his right for a no trade, Soriano who is a complete CLOWN out in left and has NO business playing the field will probably do the same.  This whole team needs to be dismantled and their needs to be new faces on the field and in the front office.  In 1 year with a new owner, a multi million $ franchise is turing to complete SHIT.

  • studio179

    Since 2011 is turning out to be a huge success, I can understand why Hendry would want to keep a good portion of the roster for a 2012 run. Yikes!

    Ofcourse, there are guys he can’t trade due to 10/5 rights and NTCs (that he gave them in the first place) or they are flat out bad and no one wants them. It is hard to get excited about the trade deadline knowing several will be here.

  • J Daniel

    Yesterdays Tribune article said all that is needed – “not many players drawing interest”.  My question would be realistically, why would they?  If they were any good wouldn’t the team be better?  This team is not good, we see that daily.  So if I am an opposing general manager please tell me why I would want any of them?  

    Pena – rental, low avg., = low prospect.

    Aram – not going anywhere, enough said.

    Soriano – even if the Cubs pay 54 million (ha ha) of the remaining salary why would I want him?  He is broken down and I can find cheaper options that will give better effort.

    Byrd = low level prospect.

    Fuko + with cash = low level prospect – how many rbi’s haha that is what I want on my team trying to push for a playoff.  Not as a corner outfielder.  Maybe as a center fielder those numbers are acceptable.

    Sota may have some value and should be moved if something decent can be brought back.

    • Ripsnorter1

      I agree with your assessmentsm, with the possible exception of Byrd. He might fetch us a little more since he would fill in nicely for a stretch run for any team needing OF help.

       I have instituted the “Funko Watch” as he chases a ML record for fewest RBIs by any player to have 502 PA. This can be his claim to the HOF.
      Currently Funko needs a mere 163 PA to reach the coveted 502 PA. He is currently on a pace to get another 199 AB. The Cubs have played 102 games; he has played in 85, 71 as a starter. He is averaging 3.32 PA per Cubs game for the year, thus the 199 more PA projected. And of course there is the September call ups, so it will likely be fairly close.

      Soto: don’t let anyone kid you–Soto has some value. ML catchers are not an easy commodity to find, esp. one that can hit. He has had an off year so far, but he has started to hit more lately, and I’m looking for him to turn it up in August/Sept and finish with decent numbers.

      • Richard Hood

        There was rumblings yesterday from Sabean from SF that they talked about Soto and his asking price was in the same range as Beltran. To this I say good for Hendry trade if you get blown away. If you do not look at it again in the off season. I know that a lot of people think that Soto should be traded and Castillo moved to the big club. I think he will get the call in September any way if you move Hill then before.

        • roguesqr09

          Castillo will get the call to the big club in Sept, but then he’ll sit the bench…..same as last year.

      • Dorasaga

        Nice “trivia.” It’s weird to think like this, but Fukudome wasn’t good enough to earn 3.32 PA per Cubs game for the past two year. Two things happened, me thinks:

        The youth movement stalled–a struggling Colvin sent down while the Cubs management reluctant to commit fully to outfield prospects such as Flaherty to play, yet.

        Fuk was hitting better in June. The Cubs need to showcase him for a trade (mainly for the salary relief).

  • Ripsnorter1

    Soto has hit .292 over the last 28 days.
    He has hit .364 since the All-Star break.

    Soto has killed LHP–.305 avg, with 4 HR in just 58 AB. IF he faced just LHP, he’d be a 40 HR catcher.

    He hits RHP at a .228 clip thus far in 2011. Career he’s a .243 vs RHP; .309 vs LHP. Okay, so the breaking stuff gives him a problem.

    They need to stop starting K.Hill against LHP and let Soto mash the ball instead. K. Hill is hitting just .056 vs. LHP. See what I mean? That’s even below Mario Mendoza’s line vs. LHP of .225 (Mendoza hit RHP at a .209 rate). Career wise, K. Hill hit LHP at a .209 clip, BUT…BUT…. all 8 of K. Hill’s career HRs have come as a RHB vs. LHP. That’s why Quade plays him vs LHP.

    Koyie Hill is 15-10 as a starter. Soto is 27-46. Okay, so I do believe that K. Hill calls a better game. So why not just let him call the games from the bench?

    Back to K. Hill’s RBI performance….
    105 PA, he’s had 75 runners on base at that time, has 8 RBI….

  • Ripsnorter1

    I’d say that if K. Hill starts tonight, the Cubs will beat the Brewers for a 4 game winning streak. However, Accuscore gives the Cubs only a 32% chance of winning.

  • Ripsnorter1

    OKay, since Little ALfonso isn’t in any trade rumors, it must therefore be time for us to check in on his stats for 2011…..

    Little Alfonso has 3 yrs remaining on his contract. Here’s what a buying club could expect to receive from him:
    1. An aging OF with bad legs that can no longer steal a base. He is 1 for 2 in SB attempts in 2011.

    2. He can still kill LHP: 71 AB, 5 HR, .306 BA, and get this: 5 BB!!! He’s fanned 17 times though.

    3. Vs. RHP, he is still susceptible vs. the slider (he sees more sliders per AB than any other player in all of MLB). Here’s his line:233 PA with only 11 BB and 61 K. 
    .418 slugging is right where Soto is now, and about where the avg. ML player is.
    .689 OPS is terrible. There’s just no way to sugar coat it. It’s awful.

    4. Alfonso has made 6 errors thus far in 2011. He’s on a pace for 11.

  • Aaron

    Hendry is in full-on CYA mode right now. Not only is he delusional, but the past 3 years, all we’ve heard is “we’re 2-3 solid moves away from making some noise”. 

    The fact that he hasn’t even come close to expectations should tell you all you need to know about the new ownership. In the words of Forrest Gump, they’re “like peas and carrots” together. If Hendry has GM duties removed, he’ll be in the organization as an executive…he’s not leaving, and the family has given absolutely no indication they’ll hold anyone accountable for this mess. Bottom line is, NOTHING will change.

    Prospects will continue to be blocked, while Hendry keeps going into CYA mode year after year, signing aging veterans because they’re “proven” commodities, and he doesn’t want to risk it with prospects.

    Rip said it best when he said Theriot would still be with this team, and Castro in the minors, if he hadn’t taken the Cubs to arbitration. That is an undeniable truth right there….Castro would be languishing in AAA right now, waiting for an injury to happen just to get a bench spot (remember, they do NOT like promoting rookies to full-time action, even with injuries…remember Soto’s injury?)

    Baker as “untouchable” is worthy of firing…..Ever since trading DeRosa, Hendry has been trying to find DeRosa Jr., and it just ain’t happening. 

    If he’d just look in the minors, he’d see Flaherty, LeMahieu, and Gonzalez that literally can play EVERY position DeRosa did. Baker can play 1B, 2B, 3B, LF, RF, while those three can play SS, and in Gonzalez’s case, he can play CF.

    I just don’t get the love affair with a roster full of 30-somethings.

    And the fact that Hendry uses the improved system as an excuse to keep him on board is absolutely laughable.

    If that were the case, then he’d stop messing around with veterans like Johnson, Baker, Hill, etc., and bring up Jackson, LeMahieu, Flaherty, Castillo, etc. But he won’t, and if he does, they rot on the bench. How’s that for “improved player development”? Sounds like same old Cubbery to me

    • Ripsnorter1

      Yeah, Jim Clueless just has one rule that cannot be violated and a player still stay on the team: DON’T TAKE ME TO ARBITRATION. You can come to camp out of shape; you can be a Milton Bradley bum; you can drop flyballs and sleep in the bullpen during games; you can hit .106 and you can have an ERA of 7.38. It’s all good But don’t you ever dare to take Mr. Jim Clueless to arbitration! For if you do, you’re gone! And he doesn’t care if he gets nothing in return, either (just ask Blake DeWitt). 

  • paulcatanese

    After reading the above synopsis on Hendry it cannot be thought of in any other way but ridiculous. He has backed himself into oblivioun with the contracts he has on the books. It is clear that a new path must be taken. Several changes need to happen with the pitching staff as I see only Marshall and Garza to build around.As far as people to improve this staff, I dont know, you must have something to trade for good people, they do not have that. Hendry will have to try and trade his staff plus prospects to get anything at all resembling top pitchers.

    The outfield needs to go, all three of them. Again where do you get replacements without trading prospects and cash. And they must use the prospects as JH does not put any stock in his system to begin with, he has no faith that they can do the job.He proves that when they are brought up to sit the bench and then sent back down.

    The infield, well thats another story. Pena needs to go, but where do they pick up the power numbers and glove that he has? Prospects and cash, again. Barney? He is an unknown quantity at this point and as many have said, may mature into a top bench replacement. Ah then we get to Castro, a great hitter, to be, not yet though.
    He is going to spend a lot of time developing into a top shortstop, too many mental and physical errors to be a force on a winning team. Need another position,3b,OF, anywhere where he can relax and play the game. Aram still has some use, limited though but still can hit the ball. And Soto well, hard to find a catcher that can hit the ball, face it not a lot of catchers out their.

    So I face it, no top players to trade for a good return, deplete the minor system of good prospects and spend a lot of cash, and will they have a good team then?I dont think so with the present management in force, A bleak future.

    • Ripsnorter1

      Our pitching staff is responsible for many of our problems. 

      Last year we were #2 in MLB in quality starts; this year we are #30. 

      The only differences are–in the starting staff:
      1. Silva, and 2. Gorzelanny, and 3. Lilly were subtracted, and 1. Garza and 2. Cashner and 3. Coleman, Davis, Lopez and Russell were added.

      Now think about that for a moment . . . .
      1. You got no pitching for Lilly. No pitcher of his quality was added.

      2. Silva was a head case as well as an anomaly. He was just put in a new league and it took a few games for the NL to adjust to him. And once they adjusted, the party was over. Still he pitched well in the first half.

      3. Gorzelanny was dumped for nothing and Coleman, Davis, and Russell could not do as good a job. Gorzelanny had 11 QS in 23 starts; Davis had 2 QS in 9; Coleman had 1 QS in 9 starts; Russell 0 for 5 starts. That puts those guys with 3 QS in 23 starts. HORRIBLE. Lopez has 3 QS in 5 starts. (I heard ChiChi Lopez say that his hero is Greg Maddux and he spends some time every week watching him pitch on tape–studying his starts–great reason to drop him from the rotation). 

      4. Garza has not been quite as good as either Silva or Lilly. 
      PROOF–Garza has 11 QS in 19 starts.2010–Lilly had 12 QS in 18 Cub starts.Silva had 13 QS in 21 starts.

      MY POINT: Jim CLueless wrecked the starting staff and destroyed our chances for any kind of success in 2011 by his deals.

      MY 2nd POINT: 2010 bullpen was 40 saves for 54 chances.The 2011 bullpen is 22 saves for 38 chances.

      1. Marmol has fallen way off. I blame the loss of Rothschild. Ya’ll can scream at me if you wish. Just remember: that dummy Cashman and that failed manager Giardi wanted him on that unsuccessful team called the Yankees. They don’t know talent over there, do they? OF COURSE THEY DO! IF I AM A DUMMY, THEY ARE DUMMIES, TOO!

      2. Russell has been great out of the pen. Record: 1-0. ERA = 1.34 BAA=.205  0 SB, 3 CS. SLugging .308 against him. GREAT!

      3. Wood–Mr. Clutch-less– WHIP = 1.500 AWFUL. 1-5 record. 31 IP–5 HBP and 18 BB=23 free passes. AWFUL. 29 K is less than 1 K per inning, but close. .246 BAA. OBP=.364 AWFUL. .396 slugging is not good. Has given up 19 RBI in 31 IP. NOT GOOD.

      4. Marshall is not quite as good as ya’ll think. 
      3 saves in 6 opportunities..254 BAA47 IP, 50 K, 10 BB, 46 H means his WHIP is much better than Wood’s.He’s good–very good–but he hasn’t been totally great this year. I like him and want to keep him.

      • cubtex

        Last year the Cubs had a fluke 1st half out of Silva. Dempster pitched much better and Lilly had a good 1st half. Just like the Pirates pitchers are doing now. Lilly has a 5.08 ERA this year so give me a break saying he is better than Garza. Do you honestly think if the Cubs made no moves last year and had a staff of Z, Dempster, Lilly, Silva and Gorzo that they would be in contention this year? That staff listed above is brutal!

        • Ripsnorter1

          You need to re-read my post. I said that Lilly last year was better than Garza this year. There was some drop off. I also gave proof. 

          I never said that Hendry should have stood pat after last season. Better read my post again, Cubtex.

          • cubtex

            Ok. I did notice that…so you are right. I do remember that you were one who was against the Garza deal citing that starting pitching wan’t the Cubs problem. Correct? Starting pitching always needs to be addressed. People were on the Casey Coleman bandwagon assuming he was going to win 15 games this year because of a small sample of starts last September. The Garza trade looks even more critical now with the shape of their rotation. Imagine having Coleman, Gorzo, Z, Demp and Wells going into next year?

      • paulcatanese

        Good response Rip, and I think you made my point that the Cubs really dont have anything to trade for improvement except prospects and cash. Thats not going to return much in the hope of going all the way. All of this is caused by internal management and thats what is frustrating, that its not any quick fix and I dont believe it will be. Youre post is very good and I agree with it. Its too bad that the people that can actually do something about it don’t.

  • Ripsnorter1

    I see where Keeeennnny Williams is threatening to blow up the White Sox. 

    He’s a windbag like Ozzie. 
    The REAL problem with the White Sox is Keeeennnny Williams! 
    1. HE got Alex Rios & his $70 million contract.
    2. HE got Adam Dudd for $56 million.
    3. HE traded away some good pitching for Jake “I’m Always Injured” Peavy and
    his $52 million dollar contract.
    4. HE recruited Juan Pierre right out of the nursing home & his  $44 million.
    5. HE was the person who thought his 8th inning setup guy, Thorton, could handle the closers role.6. HE dumped Jenx as his closer and didn’t acquire a new one.7. HE gave Teahen $14  million dollars to play bench.
    8. HE resigned Pierzynski, the worst fielding catcher in all of MLB, who also cannot take a walk and has declining skills in every facet of his game, instead of seeking a real ML catcher.
    9. HE decided that his team could handle a non-hitting 3B, Morel, just like HE decided that they could handle on non-hitting CF in Brian Anderson. Both times it has killed his offense and plummeted the team in the standings. 

    Take away Keeeennnny’s big contract moves, and suddenly the White Sox have a good team. 

  • roseyc

    Boy Hendry needs to go back to the padded room. An he needs to adjust the blue in his sky because if he believes the Cubs will be contenders after a 3 game winning streak ….wow. Jeff Baker joins Koyie Hill who has pictures of Hendry and Quade. This is more than a menage’ a trois there must be some bodies down state. Why trade anyone Jim we are  1 game out of first aren’t we Jim.Shhhhh! don’t tell him Wake up we are not buyers good thing they adjusted your meds…I keep telling myself why am I a cub fan…it’s like the black hole Is Ricketts this dumb?

  • cubtex

    I still believe Hendry will not be GM in 2012 but I totally believe it is not unrealistic to believe they can compete in 2012. This is the NL Central people! The Pirates are in 1st place on 7/26! This is not the AL East where you have to win close to 100 games. They will shed a lot of payroll in the offseason and need alot of moves to HIT, primarily in the starting rotation. Look at the Pirates staff for example…Correra,Morton and Karstens are all having career years. That is why they r where they r at. You do not have to go in full blown rebuilding mode to comlete in this division. The Brewers will be weaker next year, the Pirates pitchers I mentioned above will more than likely not repeat what they are doing this year, the Cardinals will not have any money to spend after the sign Pujols and their pitching(primarily the bullpen) needs a lot of help and the Reds have a weak starting staff and have not played well this year. So my logic is not who the Cubs currently have…..but more of what the other teams do not have and their flaws.

    • Ripsnorter1

      Cubtex’s viewpoint:

      “The Cubs don’t have to get any better; the other teams in the division just have to get a little bit worse.”  

      • Richard Hood

        Actually that I think he means we can retool on the fly and be competitive in the Central next season. There is no need to trade every veteran and start kids when you can do 3 or 4 smart trades and add 2 or 3 free agents and be as good as anyone in the division.

        I am not saying that we shouldn’t be playing the kids this year. I am saying that we can see what needs we have this after the rest of this season. Be smart with our money and be right in the hunt for the division next year. Not ready to tackle the Phillies or Giants but definitely able to keep up with STL and Milwakee.

        Then again most of my idea’s have been to be both sellers and buyers and upgrade our pitching and RF right now but then I would hear how Hendry always blocks the kids.

      • cubtex

        Never said the Cubs didn’t need to get better. Of course the do…..but this division is not strong Rip. You don’t need to have the Red Sox starting 8 to win the division. You can compete in this division next year with some doable upgrades.

  • roguesqr09

    From mlbtraderumors: An executive who spoke with the Cubs says the level of interest in first basemanCarlos Pena has been exaggerated.  That’s pretty damning, since publicly the level of interest has always appeared tepid.  Also, Stark says the Cubs believe Pena could get through waivers in August.  I disagree with the notion that there will be a lot less money left on Pena’s contract at that point, since half of the $10MM is to be paid in January.Kosuke Fukudome might be the one Cub dealt at the July deadline.  We still haven’t heard which teams are on his partial no-trade list, however.

    I will be hard pressed to still route for this team if the only deal we make is fukudome gone by the end of the year.

    • Ripsnorter1

      I am not even sure that Funko will be gone, either. He’s on a pace for the HOF: fewest RBI by any positon player with 502+ PA of all time. Would you want him on your team? For $18 million?

      I don’t think other GMs are quite as dumb as this one. Most of them, anyway, have a little more on the ball than this guy.

  • Darrenmcculloch

    Why does Jim Hendry think Jeff Baker is so valuable?  He has a player in AAA that can do everything Baker can, but better in D.J. LeMahieu

    • cmschube

      Because in the heat of the fierce pennant race we’re in, we absolutely need to stick with the proven veteran (one that can only hit left-handers, mind you). We can’t risk losing any games due to an unproven rookie, or we risk falling out of contention!

      In all reality, though, I have absolutely no idea! Someone above said something about Hendry trying to find his DeRosa, Jr. Which, I think, come hell or high water, is how Hendry is going to make Baker look. It certainly would be shameful, and it never happens that a player doesn’t turn out the way you want. And when that happens, you have to hold on to them to make it look like you know what you’re doing.

      • roseyc

        It’s just beyond patethic…no other sense to make of it

  • Tom U

    Be on the lookout for some minor league roster moves. Both Tennessee and Daytona have not listed starters for today. Tennessee just placed Dallas Beeler on the DL and Daytona demoted IF Dustin Harrington.

  • Cheryl

    We might want trades, but how realistic is the possibility of major trades? Hendry looked at our current crop of minor leaguers in Iowa.. He may be thinking of a package to induce other teams to take some players we don’t want.